PPC For Furniture Stores – How Much Does It Cost To Generate Sales?

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically transformed the way people engage with brands today. Now, an increasing number of people prefer to shop online, resulting in exponential growth of the ecommerce industry.

The furniture ecommerce market is also booming, with average revenue estimated to reach $252 billion in 2023. The market is also projected to grow by 8 – 10% annually (CAGR) from 2023-2027.

As the competition gets cut-throat, how can your ecommerce furniture store stand ahead and get more customers quickly?

The Answer – Is PPC Marketing!

Now, as an online furniture store owner, you will start to wonder:

  • How much does PPC cost to generate sales for your furniture store?
  • How much advertising budget should you start with?
  • What are the most effective channels to drive sales for your business?

Let’s understand these with real case studies, facts, and statistics.

How Effective Is PPC For Ecommerce Furniture Stores?

Today, it is no secret that ‘Google Shopping Ads’ are one of the best ways to promote your ecommerce business. When optimized correctly, PPC marketing through Google Ads can help your business earn an average of $2 for every $1 you spend.

Paid campaigns utilize Google shopping, search, displays, and video ad campaigns, which can be significantly profitable for ecommerce furniture stores.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a proven and cost-effective way for ecommerce furniture stores to boost business visibility, target new customers, and generate more sales.

And, guess what?

PPC delivers the results starting from the first month! It’s not based upon the philosophy but the results we have delivered for our furniture store clients.

When it comes to targeting the right audience, the first thing is to target Intent based keywords rather than the keywords with high search volume. The more the keywords are intent based & focusing on business, the better you will target the right audience.


For detailed info on PPC for furniture stores, check out this YouTube video:

PPC platforms such as Google Ads enable furniture stores to set up the right bidding strategies, create compelling ad copy, and use laser-precision targeting to reach thousands of potential customers in no time.

According to a report, the average click-through rate (CTR) in Google Ads is 6.11%, wherein the furniture industry holds 6.19% CTR in 2023.

Below Is The Average Click-through Rate By Industry In 2023

Average click-through-rate-by-industry

The Average Advertising Benchmarks – 2023


Effective PPC marketing can bring new leads and drive more sales for your online furniture store.

But at the same time, you should consider ecommerce furniture store PPC pricing to determine if it is the right marketing option for you. It is also crucial to compare the pricing with the sales and ROI you can generate.

Are You Struggling To Generate Sales?
Let Paid Advertising Turn Your Woes To Business Triumphs!

  • Attract targeted potential audience
  • High conversion rate
  • Boost in Return On Investment (ROI)

    Now the question is how much you will have to pay for a click for those relevant keywords and sales?

    Cost-Per-Click (CPC) of Top Relevant Furniture Store Keywords

    KeywordAvg. monthly searchesCompetitionTop of page bid (low range)Top of page bid (high range)
    Black Dining Table18100High$0.65$2.45
    Buy Leather Sofa210High$1.08$3.95
    Buy Chairs Online90High$0.95$2.97
    Furnitures Online12100High$1.56$5.83
    Buy Modern Furniture Online20High$3.47$9.42
    Buy Office Furniture Online40High$4.26$17.29
    Buy Living Room Furniture110High$1.20$3.96
    Online Furniture Stores22200High$1.55$5.21
    Home Furniture Online260High$1.26$6.42
    Black Dining Table and Chairs390High$0.83$2.49

    As per the data from the above keywords table, the average Cost-per-Click (CPC) for showing the ads on top of the page would be around $2 – $6 on the search network. That means, if you are spending around $1000 on Google ads, then you can expect around 166 – 500 visitors to your website.

    Now, if you are getting 166 – 500 visitors, what should be the expected results?

    This question is obvious for most furniture store business owners, how much revenue you can generate after spending $1000 on Ads spend?

    Well, the usual marketing conversion rate stays around 2%, According to the bench marketing conversion rate, if you spend $1000 then your business can expect 166 – 500 visitors with a 2% – 4% Conversion rate, which results in around 3-10 conversions.

    The next question can be – how much revenue you will make with 3-10 conversions?

    It depends on the average ticket size of products. The average ticket size of furniture usually stays around $300 to $500. 5 conversions indicate a Revenue of $2500 and an ROAS of 2.5X for the first month.

    Note: The above results can be achieved only if you are using the best PPC practices. Your business should have a well-designed & responsive website, a blueprint for effective PPC strategies, and a professional PPC marketing team to do the job professionally.

    What Is The Best Campaign For Ecommerce Furniture Store?

    The simple answer – Google Shopping!

    furniture-google -shopping-ads

    When looking to promote products online, you may have considered running Google Ads or Google Shopping Ads.

    Shopping ads are leading the market compared to other search ads. Google Shopping ads appear at the top of the search results on a dedicated tab. It works 98% for ecommerce furniture stores.

    You won’t be able to bid on specific keywords but by submitting an optimized feed with accurate titles & descriptions, you can get in-depth info about users finding your ads.

    Google Shopping usually has a lower CPC as compared to the search network. If Google search is costing $2 – $6 for a click then Google shopping will cost you 20% less CPC, in most cases.


    Why Shopping Ad Is The Best Way To Boost Your Conversion Rate?

    •  Your products come under Google’s shopping spotlight, which means increased product visibility. 
    • Being highlighted on Google, shopping Ads attributes to improved brand recognition.
    • People searching for products like yours can easily see your product prices and images, which helps them make an informed decision thus converting them into potential sale prospects, which in turn yields a better ROI. 
    • Google Shopping Ad campaigns have the maximum potential to appear more than once for a single query entered, which means you can reach to a broader audience base.

    How Do We Improve Conversion Rate For Your Furniture Store Business?

    Retargeting is always important for any ecommerce store, especially for the furniture business. It is one of the most powerful strategies for ecommerce companies to attract and retain customers.

    While it’s a great idea to attract potential customers with social media posts and online ads, a comprehensive ecommerce strategy should include retargeting campaigns, too.

    Retargeting can cost you around $0.10 to $0.50 CPC for most business niches. It’s one of the affordable methods to get clicks from interested users, increasing your conversions and building your brand’s image in users’ minds.

    Softtrix built various remarketing campaigns for clients and they work incredibly well with astounding results.

    Monthly Management Fees for Furniture Store Google Ads Campaigns

    The cost of handling Google Ads campaigns for the ecommerce furniture business starts from $300 and goes up to $10,000 depending on the campaign budget and client requirements. Most marketing agencies charge 20% of the campaign’s overall budget.

    But, it completely depends on the project requirement, budget, and campaign setup. It will be decided upfront and there will be no hidden costs.

    How Much Budget Do You Need for PPC Campaigns?

    As a furniture store business owner, if you want to try PPC campaigns, then you can start with a $2000 Budget ($1500 Advertisement Cost + $500 Service Charges).

    Total budget of $2000 is sufficient to execute the PPC campaign and get some great results.

    Here is what you can expect in the first 6 Months from PPC campaigns

    TimeExpected ROASBudgetExpected Sales
    Month 1                   1.5X $5000$7500
    Month 2                 2X $5000$10000
    Month 3                  2X to 4X  $5000$11000 to $20000
    Month 4                  4X to 6X $5000$21000 to $30000
    Month 5                  6X to 8X $5000$31000 to $40000
    Month 6                  8X to 10X+ $5000$41000 to $50000+

    Note: The above results can be achieved only if you are using the best PPC practices. Your business should have a well-designed & responsive website, a blueprint for effective PPC strategies, and a professional PPC marketing team to do the job professionally.

    PPC management is a time-consuming process and the campaigns should run continuously for consistent results.

    The results will gradually improve.

    Strategic optimization and implementation of PPC concepts is necessary to make sure you spend on converting campaigns and not waste your spending.

    Optimizations include:

    • Review campaign performance timely
    • Optimize campaigns for superb performance through keyword research, ad copy, test ads, and more.
    • Optimize keywords by reviewing better performing & non-performing keywords.
    • Optimize Bid settings – Ongoing Adjustments based on performance
    • Competitive Analysis – Ongoing competitive research
    • A/B split testing
    • Compile reports – Review data with the client. Adjust ads & budget as needed based on RESULTS.

    Top Performing Furniture Store Products

    Based on our case studies and successful marketing campaigns, the top performing products are


    Dining Tables


    Dining Chairs


    Bar Stools



    Furniture Adwords Case Study #1

    Generated £233K Sales With 21.49X ROAS For Brick-and-Mortar Furniture Store

    This Google Ads PPC case study is about a brick-and-mortar furniture business that did not have a website and sold products only through its physical store.

    However, when they came to know that having an online presence can help expand their business and generate more sales, they partnered with a reputable PPC agency.

    Key Challenges

    The furniture brand did not have any web presence. Hence, they were operating locally and customers only had the option to visit their physical store to make a purchase. The business reach and scope were limited. And this resulted in a few store visitors – the sales figure was not as per their expectations.


    The PPC agency took a comprehensive approach to build a holistic brand presence, boost visibility, and get more customers onboard – thereby increasing sales and ROI.

    Research and Brainstorming

    The PPC agency performed an in-depth analysis of the furniture store, target audience, location, product range, and pricing.

    They analyzed buying behavior, budget, and demographic target by the business. Plus, the experts also conducted competitor research to understand their product range, pricing, and whether they have a website and marketing strategies in place. Based on their analysis, a result-driven PPC plan was created.

    Website Design and Development

    To maximize the reach of the furniture store, the PPC agency first designed and built a visually-appealing website. It was developed as a fully-featured ecommerce storefront that allows easily adding and managing furniture products to the online store, facilitated with shipping and payment capabilities.

    Formulating a PPC Strategy

    Once the ecommerce furniture store was up and running, the PPC agency set up targeted shopping ads and remarketing ads for shopping cart abandoners.

    Initially, the client was reluctant about spending money on PPC ads as they were not sure of the results.

    Therefore, the PPC budget was set at around £1,000. Over the years, the furniture store increased its ad budget, and presently they are spending around £85,000 per month.

    Campaign Optimization and Restructuring

    PPC advertising does not generate results overnight.

    Therefore, the PPC agency performed A/B testing to check the performance of different campaigns and ad creatives.

    Additionally, they continuously optimized and restructured the campaigns keeping in mind changing consumer behavior, search engine algorithm changes, and the latest trends in the furniture industry.


    Initially, when the client invested only around £1,000 in PPC advertising, the conversion value (sales) was approximately 7.9K.

    However, As the client increased their budget, The PPC agency could set up a better bidding strategy and hence, the conversion rates increased over time.

    Below is an outline of the results achieved through dedicated PPC campaigns against the cost

    furniture-google-ads -results
    KPI’sFirst MonthAfter 8 Months
    Spend £974£10,842.78
    Conversion Rate
    CPC £0.79£0.23

    These are the Real Results of how our PPC Experts at Softtrix helped generate sales and ROI for the furniture store. By spending £10,842.78 with a cost per conversion of £7.9, the furniture store was able to increase its sales to 233K with a ROAS of 21.49X.

    Furniture Adwords Case Study #2

    Generated $40,000 In Sales With 20X ROAS For a Furniture Store That Sells Chairs and Stools

    Here is another case study of a furniture store that sells chairs, stools, and tables. They have a broad range of product options under this category.

    Key Challenges

    The biggest challenge was that the furniture company only had a physical store, with no web presence. Their entire sales were generated through customers visiting their brick-and-mortar store. And therefore, the business was mostly localized.


    The furniture company had an online store but was aware of the impact of digital marketing. Therefore, they approached a reputable digital marketing agency for proven, ROI-driven solutions.

    Website Design and Development

    After thoroughly analyzing the furniture business, its target audiences, products, pricing, and competitors, the digital marketing agency focused on building an exceptional website with eye-catchy designs, easy navigation, and compelling UX. Optimum shopping cart and payment gateway solutions were integrated into the site to facilitate online purchases.

    Setting up PPC Ad Campaigns

    The digital marketing agency set up PPC campaigns using Google Ads, particularly Google Shopping Ad campaigns. These ads are most popular among ecommerce furniture websites, helping drive increased traffic and better conversions. Additionally, they also set up YouTube and display ad campaigns for better brand exposure. To drive improved ROI for the advertising budget, they create unique Google Shopping campaigns for each of their product types.

    Campaign Analysis and Optimization

    The digital marketing agency identified the top-performing products and created search campaigns for each of these. The objective was to maximize the search impression and conversion value for the products. They continuously monitored ad performance, analyzed the data, and optimized the ads to drive better results.


    After running the PPC campaigns for a few months, the following results were achieved:

    furniture-ppc-ads -results
    Conversion Rate
    CPC $0.65

    Furniture Adwords Case Study #3

    Generated $81K with a ROAS of 5X+ for an ecommerce furniture Store

    This PPC advertising case study is about an ecommerce furniture store that specializes in selling bed sheets, pillow covers, and other products online. They already had a website and were running Google Ads PPC campaigns.

    Key Challenges

    Despite the company having an online presence and running a PPC ad campaign, the results were unimpressive and the business became stagnant after a few months. They were unable to drive the value for the money spent on PPC advertising.


    The company was not happy with the PPC ad results and wanted to drive increased sales. Therefore, they hired another PPC agency that took the following approach:

    PPC audit The PPC

    agency started with a complete audit of the company, its business, product range, target audiences, competitors, and existing PPC ad campaigns.

    Setting up fresh PPC campaigns

    After a thorough analysis, they set up Google Shopping campaigns to help drive maximum visibility and sales for the furniture store.

    The agency created two unique and ROI-driven campaigns for each of the earlier campaigns. The first campaign was focused on the top-selling products to help drive increased sales and revenues. The other campaign was designed for non-performing products to drive sales but at a lower budget.

    Feed optimization

    The PPC agency also optimized product feeds by integral supplemental feeds. It means including search terms with high conversion potential to maximize the visibility of the ads and get more traffic.


    By focusing more on the best-converting products and efficiently managing the ad spend on low-performing ones, the furniture store was able to increase their sales within the first 1 or 2 months.


    As of May 2023, the company was able to increase its sales and drive revenue of $81,000 by spending approximately $15,000 a month.

    Spend £15,489.56
    Conversion Rate
    CPC £0.76

    Wrapping Up!

    There you have it! Now you have detailed information on how much ecommerce furniture PPC marketing costs and how much should you spend and what results you can expect.

    In addition to your ad budget, PPC agencies will bill you for a service charge to manage your PPC campaigns and deliver results. Normally, it is 10-15% of the campaign budget.

    So, suppose you are spending $10,000 on furniture PPC marketing, then the service charge may start from around $1,000.

    However, you need to compare the quality results and value you get for your investment.

    How Our Agency Can Generate More Traffic & Sales For You!

    • SEO: Maximize traffic with top-notch SEO Services. Watch real results!​
    • PPC: Ignite instant lead generation with my team of PPC experts.
    • Content Marketing: Unleash my team of storytellers who craft share-worthy content, attract traffic, and pull in valuable links.

    So, what are you waiting for? Hire a professional PPC marketing agency for your furniture store and treat your business with astounding success.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, if you want a cost-effective solution to enhance your furniture business, then hiring digital marketing services would be the best bet to generate maximum ROI for your brand.

    Google Shopping!

    When looking to promote products online, you may have considered running Google Ads or Google Shopping Ads.

    Shopping ads are leading the market compared to other search ads. Google Shopping ads appear at the top of the search results on a dedicated tab. It works 98% for ecommerce furniture stores.

    As a furniture store business owner, if you want to try PPC campaigns, then you can start with a $2000 Budget ($1500 Advertisement Cost + $500 Service Charges).

    Total budget of $2000 is sufficient to execute the PPC campaign and get some great results.

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