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Grabbing the Attention of People through E-Commerce

E-Commerce management is an online store can sell anything and everything. Softtrix is the best web solution to manage all your marketing products and also we plan your business strategy. We guide you how to market your products and also we maintain your website. We plan your business with an E-Commerce site with catalog, shopping cart, and processing capabilities. You can use –Commerce solutions from us .we are more affordable in the long run than building a site yourself and having to obtain all those features.

Top Internet Marketing Methods for your Business: E-Commerce PPC Management Services are the highly effective search engine for your website or business. We develop and manage the PPC campaign with our best efficient team and best marketing plan. We provide the advertising exposure to the clients. We take the time to plan for your business and give value to the customers. We provide E-Commerce PPC campaign for the growth of your business and the visibility of your products.

Benefits of Outsourcing E-Commerce PPC Services


Speed: Softrix is top-notch firm comprising of specialists with immense technical resources at their beck and call. We have the ability to carry out the most complex and important campaigns at a swift pace. What’s more, we offer a brief increase in seasonal activity without the need to acquire new recruits.


Insight: A competent agency like Softtrix is familiar with the ins and outs of search engines. Organizations might try to equip their employees with all the knowledge; however, this would consume immense effort and time.


Accountability: In case of improper handling of campaigns, the marketing agency will take complete responsibility in getting things back on track. With outsourced eCommerce PPC campaigns carried out by Softtrix.com, such a situation has never arisen.


Flexibility: Search engine tasks can get boring and repetitive, especially if you have employees with poor motivation. At Softtrix.com no work is dull or repetitive. Our employees are go-getters and self-starters with a can-do attitude.


Dependability: At Softtrix, we offer you phenomenal output speed and impeccable quality, which will not vary on the basis of illnesses and vacations because all tasks are properly planned. Moreover, adequate training facilities are in place to equip new employees with skills related to eCommerce PPC marketing.

PPC strategy to drive traffic for your eCommerce website

We research your product value in the market and with ongoing analysis, we provide eCommerce PPC Management Services to clients. Create direction for every facet of your business operations. Look to technology to simplify tasks of your business with the database software. Getting potential customers to notice your business is the most important goal in enabling your business to grow, expand and succeed. Using the E-Commerce service is an excellent way to get many people to notice your business. Publicity is getting coverage in the media. Keep an updated database of your marketing and you will get to know the requirements of the customers.

Total Revenue Generated


Accelerate ROI with

+1.5 Billion

Leads Generated


Doing Efforts with

140 Experts

Our Success Path For Ecommerce Google Ads!

If your eCommerce business has to achieve success, you need to comprehend the importance of advertising and sale of all products featured in your catalogue, and not just the best-sellers. We, Softtrix Tech Solutions, one of the leading agencies in eCommerce AdWords Marketing take your eCommerce business to the next level through proven techniques and strategies. Therefore, give us a buzz, and we will acquaint you with our core functions and roles.
Every AdWords advertiser at some point in time finds it challenging to improve the performance of a particular account. By providing an extra set of eyes, you can efficiently get out of the slump.

Need PPC for Your Ecommerce website?

Google, Facebook and BING are the major players when it comes to PPC or Paid Marketing .
Google Shopping and Search ads, Facebook Product ads and Bing Products ads where the ROI is high. You may come across quite a few other portals where you can advertise your products but then ROI will not as high in comparison with Google Shopping Ads, Facebook Products ads and Bing Product ads.
You need to be smart while making any business investment.

Why Online Ecommerce Shopping is growing?

Time Saving

Through Online Shopping, it will save your time to go to stores and then buy the products.

Easy To Compare Price

Google and Bing will show the prices of same products which makes it easy to compare and helps to make your decision accordingly.

More Variety

In Ecommerce store it gives you thousands of variety with the price tags, images, features, which is not possible in physical shopping stores.

Less Prices

You can buy the products directly through suppliers not from vendors which help to get the product at low prices.

Delivery Time

As big companies like Amazon, Flipkart or Ebay, delivery time is not more than 7 days. In some areas it is 2nd day delivery.

Heavy Discount

TO attract more customers online store gives heavy discount to their users from time to time.

Fast & Result Oriented PPC Campaign

Softtrix is a leading and prominent eCommerce PPC Agency. We are renowned in the industry for our extremely professional approach and top-class services. What’s more, the prices are extremely affordable, making us a premier and first-rate agency in the highly-competitive world of digital agencies. Therefore, if you own a small or medium-sized business (SMB) and don’t know how to optimize your profits, get in touch with us and we will be happy to offer you our bespoke services. Therefore, hurry.

PPC for eCommerce

A majority of PPC campaigns for eCommerce portals are larger in scale. The focus lies on “long tail” keywords. The campaigns are driven by extremely real and granular in a landscape that is highly complex. Because we are one of the best Indian firms offering crème-de-la-crème services in the world of PPC marketing, we assure you that you will have excellent value for your money. Our Google-certified PPC Account Managers will assist and guide you in defining and reaching your PPC goals taking into account proven eCommerce principles.

E-Commerce PPC Management Services

When you first start your business, an important aspect in your marketing plans is to develop a profile of your ideal customers, their likes, dislikes and what they basically expect from your business.

Your marketing strategy basically targets these prospects, but as your customer base expands, you may need to consider modifying the marketing plan to include other customers, while ready to adjust your business offerings to the changing needs of your trustworthy customers. The best offering is the E-commerce management, where you can grow your marketing to the next realm in the digital world.

Grow your Profit and Take the Initiative for your Website

Without customers a business cannot exist. Customer is the king for the growth of your business. Thus, getting and keeping customers is not only essential to your profits, it is also vital to the continued existence and the future of your business. Practicing customer relationship management requires your dedicated commitment to showing customers that you care about them and quality of the work your business provides. Therefore Softtrix would understand the value of your business and will take you to the height of success through the Pay Per Click management service. There is always an economic factor. It takes less effort and money to satisfy existing customers than to prospect for new ones, a fact that will affect your profit margin and growth.

Grow with Smart Customers Responses: A majority of sales depends on the marketing potentials or impress potential customers to determine the quality of the products. Today, in this technological world marketing online plays a vital role to traffic your website more. You can attract more buyers for your products through online marketing. We believe to give you the best website business. Our strong portfolio will give you a clear idea of our strength and complete work. The first priority of our service is to understand the relevant audience of your business. Then we plan the marketing, according to your business.

How Softtrix Tech Solutions can help to increase online Sales?

Softtrix is in the field of Pay Per Click advertising from the last 10 years and have thorough professionals with extraordinary skill sets when it comes to Pay Per Click. They can set up the best possible campaign within your budget and manage the campaigns for highest possible ROI. They manage wide range of client budgets ranging from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. If you search PPC Expert India on Google you will find Softtrix is ranked 1st . Google also considers Softtrix as one of the best ppc experts in India. It is a Google Adwords certified company. In PPC, Softtrix develops their own strategies to increase the sales for respective clients. The team tweaks the campaigns on daily basis based on actual data and strategize updates for next day. Softtrix offers guaranteed conversion rate of 5% for businesses across the board. Their offers include FREE competitor analysis and Google Adwords account Audit. All you have to do is, share the Website URL and Competitor website URL we will let you know what are the keywords your competitor is targeting and how much is his daily budget in terms of paid advertisements.

Our PPC Reseller Program Include

Regular campaign supervising and modifications

Bid management techniques to make sure ROI

Click hoax monitoring

Keyword analyzing

A/B Split-testing of ad copy

Negative match keyword monitoring

Complete phone and e-mail support

Performance and conversion tracking

What We Do?

Our bespoke services include a highly-dedicated Account Team, which agree your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with you from the beginning. We then work in close tandem with you for improving results, while simultaneously keeping you informed through custom reporting, which is tailored to suit your actual needs.If you are looking to increase revenue or acquire new customers, our extremely friendly and vastly-experienced team is always there to serve you in ways more than one.

Ready to fly high on the search engines? Get in touch with our team and we shall discuss the possibilities.

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“ “Was looking for a Facebook marketing expert, a friend recommended SoftTrix. They are a wonderful team and very talented and did justice to the tight budget I sat for them. My page engagement saw a boost in a couple of months and my sales have increased. Great job guys and more power to you. ”


David J.Martin

Executive, React JS

“ “I had bad experiences with SEO and digital marketing services, till I found the team at SoftTrix. Our website has seen a significant rise in traffic and rankings. The process is one and I am sure with their expertise in web SEO services, they will get us where we want to be. This team is highly recommended. ”


David G. Mullins

CEO, Pranklin Agency

“ “Had hired SoftTrix for PPC advertising and I must say the team delivered above our expectations. The team is responsive and worked closely with our team despite the time difference. The team knows its stuff and it has been a great journey for us. They top it all up with competitive pricing. ”


Jordan D. Nelson

CEO, Pranklin Agency

“ “We were looking for affordable web design, but SoftTrix’s quote put us in doubt as it was nearly less than what others had quoted. We took the risk, and it was worth it. They impressed us with both UI and UX design of the website and now we have hired them for SEO and PPC services. What has impressed me the most about the team is the fact that they always come up with creative ideas. ”


Chester V. Buentello

CEO, Pranklin Agency

“ Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks grove right at the coast ”


Robin C. Miller

CEO, Pranklin Agency

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