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E-commerce is providing opportunities for numerous business owners as consumers rely more and more on internet shopping. Maximize your ROAS, drive instant traffic and stay at the top of search results with eCommerce pay-per-click management services. Our team of Ecommerce PPC experts, create sales-driven shopping campaigns for startups and large companies who are looking to connect their brand with the right potential customers. To learn how we improve your eCommerce PPC campaigns, request a free Ecommerce PPC proposal!

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How eCommerce PPC Management Services Boost Revenue

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How does PPC for ecommerce work?

PPC is also known as search engine marketing (SEM) in which we target those potential customers who are searching for your product or service on platforms such as Google or Bing. There are a number of elements that make up a successful Google search engine marketing (SEM) ad. Let’s break down the steps we take to create paid search ads for the ecommerce brand.

Before creating your account, we thoroughly research your business, optimize it, update the time zone in the account settings, and get it verified. We optimize your GMC settings, install ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics and link your account to the shared email.

Effective product feed optimization will involve improving the quality of the feed, the source of the data and adding value to your data feeds. We ensure that we create high quality product listings which contain all the information related to products such as category, brand, quantities, sizes, colors, materials, and more. For its search engine results pages, Google Shopping Ads and Display Ads immediately extract this data. We provide custom product feed content to feed requirements of each channel like Google shopping, Facebook or Amazon.

We begin with analysis of market, target audience, competitors and search trends, to choose the industry relevant keywords. Our dedicated ecommerce PPC consultant optimize your PPC campaigns include creation of a captivating ad copy, landing page updation, adding keywords, negating irrelevant terms, and adjusting your bids. For targeted groups of keywords, we create specific ad copy containing headlines, a few lines of ad copy, image and landing page that will capture the attention of potential audience instantly and encourage them to click. The next step is to launch the advertising campaign and ensure effective bid management so that your ad budget is strategically used by optimising every keyword bid and your daily budget.

To get the most out of the PPC campaigns, we continually track, optimize and review PPC data daily, weekly, or monthly to see how your metrics improve. Our ecommerce PPC professionals continually analyse and tweak the keywords, landing page optimisation, split testing ad creatives and bid optimisation.

As a marketer, we track every metric of your PPC campaigns that includes Campaign performance, Channel performance and Landing page performance. Some of our key metrics include Ad spend, Bounce Rate, Cost per Click, click through rate and the checkout behavior of the visitors. By optimising the click to cost ratio, we are able to respond to the market requirements and make the necessary changes to the campaign well in advance. This helps us assess the quality of your PPC ad campaigns.

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Drive More Revenue from PPC Campaign Management Services

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When it comes to ecommerce PPC management,there are many different types of ad placements for a different purpose. With Softtrix, you will find various ad type services such as:
Google Shopping

With Google Shopping PPC campaigns, we reach the shoppers who matter most, grow click-through rates and sell more products. We set up highly-converting Google Shopping ads that can grow revenue, profits and ultimately your business. Our dedicated Softtrix account manager will take care of developing, creating, launching, and managing your Google Shopping ads.

Google Search Ads

With Google, we run search ads to jumpstart your eCommerce traffic and sales. Ecommerce Google Ads campaigns are able to reach the right potential shoppers at the right time. Our expert PPC campaign managers advertise your brand and products to create brand awareness and increase sales. At Softtrix, we manage more than 500 client campaigns.

Remarketing Ad Campaigns

Remarketing is a PPC ad strategy in which we try to re-engage potential customers who have already visited the website and showed an interest in a company or product. It includes dropping a tracking pixel in a prospect’s pocket and showing a display ad when they surf around. With this technique, we focus on increasing the odds of conversion without pushing prospects away by overdoing it. 

Display Ads

Google shows display ads on other websites which includes images. We use display ads to ensure new customers don’t drop off the sales funnel as well as bring back returning customers. Using Google’s dynamic remarketing, we display ads to retarget the prospects as they convert very well and have a great ROI.

Youtube Ads

Video marketing is a superior way for online retailers to reach new audiences. Youtube is a part of an effective eCommerce strategy, driving both awareness and re-engagement. Our Video Team creates professional, relevant video ads representing your brand, services, and products.

Bing ADs

Our ecommerce PPC services produce results in terms of sales, revenue, and brand recognition using Bing Ads or Microsoft Advertising. We can easily import an existing campaign from Google Ads or Facebook Ads into Microsoft Advertising if you already use those services.

Social Media Ads

Social Media platforms have the ability to create deeper engagement with the user. As a part of a broad campaign, we provide social media PPC services to make sure to target specific groups based on demographics, interests, and other factors.

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Why choose Softtrix to invest in ecommerce PPC services?

Save Time

At Softtrix, you can entrust an experienced and dedicated account manager who will be responsible to manage your campaign, scale your business fast and save you an immense amount of time.

PPC Expertise

Working with Softtrix ecommerce PPC professionals ensures that your campaign is up to date with the latest changes and digital marketing trends. 

Earn Prime Spot in Search Results

Search ads offer the top positions in search results to stay ahead of competitors and helps you capture future market share by focusing on users in earlier stages of the digital marketing buying funnel.


As an advertising agency, we maintain the transparency in actual PPC spend and the fees that are simply associated with managing the PPC account. We take on the role of password gatekeeper as well as security answer holder.

We’ve been helping ecommerce businesses or online stores to grow online for nearly a decade—and we’re here to help you, too!