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eCommerce PPC Marketing: A Step in the Right Direction

eCommerce PPC companies are slugging it out in the middle to capture a significant share of the PPC marketing in the eCommerce world. eCommerce PPC Marketing being a niche service, it is better left to expert agencies and companies. Softtrix is one such firm that offers customized plans so that you achieve your goals. Moreover, we offer the best, most reliable, proven, and tested eCommerce PPC Marketing strategies.

Therefore, let’s analyze the world of PPC Marketing in the eCommerce world.

PPC Basics

PPC or pay-per-click marketing is type of online advertising where the advertisers pay a fixed sum of money when users click on their ads. Advertisers bid on type of audience and keywords. These two factors are matched by search engines to user queries as well as predefined lists, after which ads are displayed.


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eCommerce PPC Marketing is used for a plethora of campaign goals, such as:

  •      Increase in sales
  •     Higher generation of leads
  •     Promotion of brand awareness

Through both account structure and targeting settings, advertisers are able to run successful eCommerce PPC campaigns, with relevance being of paramount importance. Softtrix comes to the rescue of businesses who are struggling to establish a foothold in the eCommerce world. Our strategies are proven to be successful and have withstood the test of time.

Fast & Result Oriented PPC Campaign

Softtrix is a leading and prominent eCommerce PPC Agency. We are renowned in the industry for our extremely professional approach and top-class services. What’s more, the prices are extremely affordable, making us a premier and first-rate agency in the highly-competitive world of digital agencies. Therefore, if you own a small or medium-sized business (SMB) and don’t know how to optimize your profits, get in touch with us and we will be happy to offer you our bespoke services. Therefore, hurry.

PPC for eCommerce

A majority of PPC campaigns for eCommerce portals are larger in scale. The focus lies on “long tail” keywords. The campaigns are driven by extremely real and granular in a landscape that is highly complex. Because we are one of the best Indian firms offering crème-de-la-crème services in the world of PPC marketing, we assure you that you will have excellent value for your money. Our Google-certified PPC Account Managers will assist and guide you in defining and reaching your PPC goals taking into account proven eCommerce principles.

Why Us?

To start your PPC campaign for your eCommerce portal, we undertake the following expert tasks. Our USP is setting up of various types of ads across a whole gamut of social media sites. Therefore, this is the right time to invest in our agency, if you own an eCommerce portal. With tangible results that can be seen and felt, our agency offers discounted plans that go easy on the wallet. Make that all-important decision to choose Softtrix Web Solutions. Make the most of our services, now.

  • Remarketing Setup
  • Management of Bids
  • Setup of Conversion Tracking
  • Optimization of Landing Page
  • Copywriting of Advertisements
  • Keyword Research
  • Setup of Seller Ratings
  • Optimization of Shopping Feed
  • Setup of Facebook Ads
  • Setup of Twitter Ads
  • Setup of LinkedIn Ads
  • Setup of Bing Ads
  • PPC Audit
  • PPC Strategy

What We Do?

Our bespoke services include a highly-dedicated Account Team, which agree your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with you from the beginning. We then work in close tandem with you for improving results, while simultaneously keeping you informed through custom reporting, which is tailormade to suit your actual needs.

If you are looking to increase revenue or acquire new customers, our extremely friendly and vastly-experienced team is always there to serve you in ways more than one.

Need PPC for Your Ecommerce website?

Google, Facebook and BING are the major players when it comes to PPC or Paid Marketing .

Google Shopping and Search ads, Facebook Product ads and Bing Products ads where the ROI is high. You may come across quite a few other portals where you can advertise your products but then ROI will not as high in comparison with  Google Shopping Ads, Facebook Products ads and Bing Product ads.

You need to be smart while making any business investment.

Why Online Ecommerce Shopping is growing?

1) Time Saving Through Online Shopping, it will save your time to go to stores and then buy the products.

2) Easy To Compare Price – Google and Bing will show the prices of same products which makes it easy to compare and helps to make your decision accordingly.

3) More Variety – In Ecommerce store it gives you thousands of variety with the price tags, images, features, which is not possible in physical shopping stores.

4) Less Prices – You can buy the products directly through suppliers not from vendors which help to get the product at low prices.

5) Less Taxes – Online taxes are less as compare to buy the things from physical stores.

6) No Crowd – You can feel that you are only the person in the store.

7) Delivery Time – As big companies like Amazon, Flipkart or Ebay, delivery time is not more than 7 days. In some areas it is 2nd day delivery.

8) Easy Option to Refund – Online ecommerce store easily replace/refund the money on your products, if you are not satisfied. But in real store you need to go to store to refund but in online ecommerce store everything is picked up from your office or home.

9) Heavy Discount – TO attract more customers online store gives heavy discount to their users from time to time.

10) Payment Options – The payment options is user friendly.

How SOFTTRIX WEB SOLUTIONS can help to increase online Sales?

Softtrix is in the field of Pay Per Click advertising from the last 10 years and have thorough professionals with extra ordinary skill sets when it comes to Pay Per Click. They can set up the best possible campaign within your budget and manage the campaigns for highest possible ROI. They manage wide range of client budgets ranging from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. If you search PPC Expert India on Google you will find Softtrix is ranked 1st . Google also considers Softtrix as one of the best ppc experts in India. It is a Google Adwords certified company.

In PPC, Softtrix develops their own strategies to increase the sales for respective clients. The team tweaks the campaigns on daily basis based on actual data and strategize updates for next day. Softtrix offers guaranteed conversion rate of 5% for businesses across the board.

Their offers include FREE competitor analysis and Google Adwords account Audit.

All you have to do is, share the Website URL and Competitor website URL we will let you know what are the keywords your competitor is targeting and how much is his daily budget in terms of paid advertisements.

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