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White Label PPC Services

Softtrix can scale your agency with transparent white-label PPC services. With expertise in Google AdWords and a professional team, we are here to provide ROI-focused PPC services to serve all your digital advertising needs. Outsource your PPC campaigns to an experienced PPC reseller like us. Take your business to new heights with our expert-led white-label PPC services and get your clients qualified clicks, maximum conversions, and business growth with Softtrix’s proactive white-label PPC services.

White Label PPC services

What are White-label PPC Services?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click services is a digital advertising model that allows you to pay only when a user clicks the ad. PPC services are superior to any other digital advertising tool because of the targeted visits to the website or the landing page. White-label PPC is a type of pay-per-click management outsourced to a specialized PPC team. The professional expertise allows accurate targeting of customers and boosting online traffic, resulting in higher conversions. 

Backed by a professional team, Softtrix is your one-stop destination for all digital marketing needs. As a white-label PPC service provider, we make consistent and targeted efforts to yield growing results for your PPC campaigns. With a competent team and proficient strategies, our Google AdWords expert leaves no strategy unused in helping you achieve the desired online reach. For professional PPC assistance, contact our certified white-label PPC experts.

Services included in our White-Label PPC

The first step of the PPC campaign is to set up all the crucial elements of Google AdWords. From setting up Google tag manager, call recording, monitoring, and conversion tracking, to setting up a custom reporting dashboard, our team handles everything for you. 

Setting up the campaign is one of the most crucial steps. It begins with researching your business’s needs, clients, advertising goals, and target audience; this step marks the beginning of the entire campaign. From keyword analysis to competition research, search engine optimization strategies, and creating compelling ad copies, our PPC experts ensure that your every demand is fulfilled and achieved.

We will help you manage your entire PPC campaign by keeping everything needed for your campaign’s success handy. Our experts work diligently to keep track of the weekly AdWords management checklist, split testing the landing page, reviewing negative keywords, etc. 

Thorough analysis of your PPC campaign is done at regular intervals to ensure smooth running and profit-yielding results. Our professionals monitor and analyze the effects of your PPC strategies and keep them updated.

Softtrix provides clear, precise, and timely reports of your PPC campaigns with advanced PPC reporting, conversion tracking, and campaign click-through rate for you to access the results. 

PPC Platforms Available Through Our Transparent White Label PPC Management

Google AdWords

White label management of Google Ads services with an emphasis on ROI to digital agencies in need of help. We have been a trusted white label Google Adwords partner of many agencies.

Google Shopping

Our conversion focused white label Google shopping management for an e-commerce client to drive leads and sales for your clients.

Bing Ads

Get your clients’ Bing Ads account managed by certified account managers. Our White Label PPC expert team controls ad content and strategy and makes the most out of Bing with our advertising tactics.


Our White Label PPC expert team will plan and execute a remarketing strategy to show ads to your past website visitors and bring them back. Visitors to your website are close to making a purchase. Our remarketing services ensure to make up for lost ad revenue.

Facebook Ads

Scale your agency and focus your time and energy on sales by using White Label Facebook Ads. Drive qualified sales and leads with our white label Facebook Ads management reseller service.

Display Advertising

As a white label display advertising agency, we create visually appealing display ads to capture the attention of your target audience for agencies who want to scale their ROI.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertising is cost-effective, highly targeted, attention-gainer, and much more. Expand your client’s ad reach using our advanced white label campaign management solutions. We promote your client’s businesses on YouTube

Why Outsource PPC Services?

Outsourcing services to the experts increase your focus on other marketing aspects. Our PPC maestro focuses on the details and minutely captures the essence of our marketing campaign to yield promising results. Leave your PPC worries to us so you can focus on other things. Softtrix implies tailor-made strategies according to your client’s demands to deliver desired click-through rate. We don’t generate leads but sales. 

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Business Growth

Add advanced PPC services and Google AdWords to your agency’s portfolio and gain a competitive edge over your and your client’s business.

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Keep Track of your Metrics

Outsourcing PPC services to certified PPC experts drive plenty of traffic to the targeted website, thereby increasing the ROI. This gives you full authority to track the metrics and conversions.

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Certified AdWords Experts

Give your business a sales boost with expert strategies and a competent workforce. With best-in-class PPC talent providing exceptional strategic know-how, give your client’s business a dose of Softtrix!

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Increased ROI

All the campaign strategies come down to one thing, an increase in sales. A result-yielding strategy is obviously what every client desires. Lean on our professionals for white-label PPC services and increase ROI.

Why Choose Softtrix for White Label PPC Services?

What Makes Us Better?
White Label PPC Services
White Label

We provide you with the services for your clients. We do not maintain any contact with your clients. Confidentiality is one of our core Moto in maintaining your reputation in front of your clients. So, keep the worries aside and partner with us for hassle-free and professional PPC services.

White Label PPC Services
Expert Supervision
for PPC Services

Our team of PPC experts, having experience of more than ten years, provide advanced technical strategies and keep track of every detail of your PPC campaign to make it a huge success.

White Label PPC Services

We offer the best services for the most affordable prices. Customer satisfaction is our main concern, and we strive to deliver what is promised.

White Label PPC Services
One Portal
for all your Needs

Access all your work from one dashboard anytime, anywhere—ownership of all your content pieces in one place with our super-advanced AI.

Drive more Online Traffic and Generate Sales with our Expert-Led White-Label PPC Services

Expand the credibility and reach of your PPC campaigns with Softtrix’s professional white-label PPC services.

Need professional help to manage your client’s PPC campaigns?