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People can’t buy from you online if they can’t find you! Softtrix helps e-commerce brands to reach people who are looking for the products you are selling and help them to make a purchase using SEO techniques. We provide the technical base required for your business to generate online traffic and helps you accelerate your earnings through the web.

Softtrix is providing SEO services for ecommerce websites while driving growth, generating organic traffic, increasing conversion and boosting sales. We have helped many large ecommerce brands to boost organic search results and revenue via our ecommerce SEO services.

eCommerce SEO Service

Grow Your Organic Traffic on your e-Store with eCommerce SEO Practices

Make your online store more visible and accelerate revenue with ecommerce SEO service. Softtrix helps rank your online businesses higher on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) by carefully targeting the audience with similar keyword searches which lead to more qualified traffic, conversions, and revenue. We understand how people search for what you sell, then create strategy and optimize pages to rank for those terms. Sofftrix provides tailor-made solutions to all your e-commerce SEO needs.

Our multi-faceted ecommerce SEO services include:

1. Ecommerce SEO Audits

Website Audit helps our dedicated SEO expert to track the issues, discover areas of improvement, as well as opportunities for your SEO strategy.

2. Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO for ecommerce stores helps us to understand the issue and we use advanced SEO techniques to resolve the issues relating to faceted navigation, cart abandonment issues and many more.

3. Ecommerce Keyword Research

For eCommerce stores, Keyword Research  is based on the approach to understand buyer intent. This step helps us to find out intent based keywords such as informational & Commercial keywords.

4. Optimize Product Pages

To help visitors better understand the page, we add unique descriptions to the page, optimize images and encourage customers to leave reviews by sending automated messages whenever they purchase.

5. Schema Implementation

With schema markup, search engines show more information about specific items like product, review, product availability, video and price.

6. Content Creation and Promotion

To avoid the amount of duplication on your site in product descriptions and other areas, we rewrite unique descriptions for each page.

7. Ecommerce Link Building

With high quality links, internal backlinks and social media sharing improve SERP rankings and improve traffic.

8. Monthly Keyword, Traffic & Transaction Reporting

We keep on testing everything, make continual improvements and report it to our clients.

SEO Case Studies

clothing seo case study

Generated Revenue for Clothing Website


Increased Revenue

SEO case study - Organic revenue with SEO Service

Boosted Organic Revenue for Video Invitation


Increased Organic Revenue

SEO case study of insolvency - Organic SEO Service

SEO Case Study of Insolvency Australia


Organic Search traffic

rise in traffic retention rate

12k & 35k Rise in Traffic & Retention Rate


Website Traffic

SEO for Ecommerce is Different

Optimizing an eCommerce website for major search engines today is much different than optimizing any other type of website. We start by following Google’s specific guidelines for quality raters when it comes to eCommerce websites.

eCommerce product page
Product Page

Google qualifies those websites that have a very high quality of main content and provide information about the product to the user and then to enable the user to buy it. Google quality guidelines includes that the webpage that has maximum best quality reviews, appears to be trustworthy and receives the highest rating.

eCommerce category page
Category Page

Google qualifies those websites that have a valuable information in the main content about the merchant and the expertise that merchant has in the product gives the page enormous amounts of trust and credibility.

eCommerce checkout page
Checkout Page

Google qualifies web pages that are optimized for mobile screens, have a fast checkout process with as few steps as possible, without distractions on the checkout page itself and multiple payment methods.

SEO progress indication

Key indicators of Ecommerce SEO progress

We show the value SEO brings to your business by using the KPIs that measure your ecommerce SEO performance.

  • Organic website transactions and revenue
  • Organic assisted conversions
  • Organic conversion rate
  • Insight from tracking organic new vs returning customers

Why choose Softtrix for ecommerce SEO services?

At Softtrix, we are passionate about delivering results such as


  • Increasing targeted keyword rankings
  • Drive relevant organic users to your site
  • Grow your overall sales and revenue
Decades of Experience

With more than 10 years, our team of eCommerce SEO consultants have experience working on eCommerce projects and applying different marketing strategies to make your eCommerce SEO campaign successful.

Personalized SEO Strategies

We focus on customized strategies,so we have affordable eCommerce SEO plans that fit your budget and give the desired result for your business of ranking on the first page which generates more sales and leads for the company.

Ecommerce SEO Real Results

With our performance-driven strategies, we’ve generated real results in terms of organic traffic, leads, conversions and sales for our clients.

Ready to make your eCommerce store more visible online?

With Softtrix, you can achieve your goals. Softtrix works with you to create an SEO strategy best suited for your business. Reach out to us for eCommerce SEO services that increase online sales. Contact us for professional and strategic know-how to boost sales and convert more of your customers into actual, paying customers.