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Softtrix is a full-service digital marketing agency that runs high ROAS Facebook Ads campaigns to reach your audience and increase brand awareness. We recognize the potential of Facebook ads and strategize your Facebook PPC campaigns to get the most returns. Facebook ads can enhance online visibility, leading to high conversions and a reasonable click-through rate. 

Experience a Facebook PPC expert team that promises real-time growth with advanced services. Talk to one of our experts and get your journey to a successful eCommerce business started.

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Scale your business with the World’s most Extensive Social Media Network

Facebook is a social pay-per-click advertising channel on which you’ll be paying every time someone clicks on your ads. Softtrix Facebook PPC master plans help you generate profit-yielding leads. Backed by social media experts and creative designers, we develop and implement Facebook ads that drive results. With its advanced targeting options, massive reach, and endless ad categories, Facebook marketing can generate profits like no other marketing tool. However easy this might sound, tapping into benefits from Facebook ads requires a lot of experience and planning.

Our social media experts and creative designers devise a plan of action based on your needs. We aim to provide practical strategies for your marketing goals. Our talented team works round the clock to create the perfect combination of strategies compatible with your brand. Our advanced Facebook PPC Management services will take your eCommerce business into the high-growth zone. 

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Why Facebook Ads Marketing?

With over 2.8 billion users and average daily retention of 40 mins per person, Facebook has become the world’s biggest social media network. Facebook’s massive reach and fandom enabled it to capture the markets easily.

Facebook Ads Services
Benefits of using Facebook ads for your business
Greater Reachability

Facebook, the most active social media platform, has a massive audience base and hence the most market for your business. 


Facebook’s intelligent AI targets your ads to people near you or even with similar searches. That’s how intelligent the AI is!

Competitive CPC

CPC or Cost-Per-Click is the cost incurred with every click. Facebook provides a sizable budget option to cater to the needs of every segment.

Pocket-friendly Advertising

Opting for Facebook ads for your marketing campaigns can be inexpensive, and you can create a single ad to run on multiple platforms, saving substantial advertising costs.

Built-in Analytics

Facebook provides simple, customer-friendly reports on your PPC campaign progress. Ascertain your ads performance or modify design or placement options anytime, anywhere. 

Technological Benefits

By introducing your business to Facebook ads, you can access the most efficient technology and intelligent AI to reach your targeted audience.


Facebook offers advertising solutions for every level of expertise. You don’t need to be a professional to create and run Facebook ads. The platform’s simplicity allows everyone to use and create ads for their brands.

Services we offer in our
Facebook PPC Management

Softtrix is your one-stop solution for everything related to Facebook advertising. We provide you with customized advertising services based on your specific campaign needs. Our Facebook ads experts help you create, monitor, and expand your reachability.

Competitor analysis and research

Don’t only concentrate on your brand. You should also be aware of what your rivals are doing, the kinds of advertisements they are running, and the efficacy of their tactics. All of it is done on your behalf by us.

Creating Unique Ad Copies

With strategic planning and constant tweaks, our experts devise unique, compelling ad copies focused on your advertisement requirements, target audience, and business goals. 

Ad creatives and designs

To capture the interest of and compel clicks from the target user, you also need creatives and designs. Our team of creative branding strategists will make sure your advertisements are top-notch.

Data-driven Ads Campaign

We follow numbers. Our experts analyze the numbers to create effective Facebook ads that yield results. Everything included in your ad campaign plan is a product of careful strategy and A/B testing.

Creating Engaging Organic Ads Campaign

We at Softtrix know what it takes to create a t organic ad campaign and apply every possible strategy to take your business to a higher level. Our Facebook PPC experts plan the entire campaign from your customers’ perspective to get the desired numbers.

Audience Analysis

We filter your audience through a comprehensive analytical approach to target the right audience interested in your products or similar products to achieve a better click-through rate. 

Remarketing strategies

The ability to design remarketing campaigns that follow potential consumers throughout the internet after they click one of your advertisements is one of the most effective features of Facebook PPC advertising. In order to ensure that users see the same advertisement, we’ll set up your new ad account with the necessary Facebook pixel and make sure it’s functioning properly. This will maximise the impact of your sponsored advertising.

Why Choose Softrix?

Some of these include
Why choose Softtrix
Tailor-Made PPC Plans

We customize Facebook PPC plans based on your unique business needs. Whether you are running a B2B or B2C business, eCommerce, or SaaS company, our team will provide you with the most appropriate campaign plans.

Why choose Softtrix
Data-Driven PPC plans

Data is the driving force of all our content strategy. Our data experts scrutinize all possible aspects and develop an ads plan to achieve higher retention and user interaction with your brand. Descriptive data gives promising results.

Why choose Softtrix
Thorough Competitor Research

Research is our strength. Understanding your business requires understanding your competitors as well. With extensive research, our team generates a SWOT analysis report of your business to help achieve targeted results.

Why choose Softtrix
Real-time Campaign Progress Insights

You can leave the monitoring hassles with us. We provide monthly campaign progress reports, including parameters like user retention, click-through rate, engagement rate, audience reach, etc.

Why choose Softtrix
Expert Guidance on your Ad Performance

A dedicated account manager will be assigned to guide you through every step.

Facebook Ads Manager
An ad management tool for paid Facebook Campaigns

Facebook Ads Manager is the starting point for all your Facebook advertising. This unique platform allows you to create, monitor, and manage your Facebook ads anytime, anywhere. With Facebook’s all-in-one Ads Manager tool, you can now create ads, manage budgets, and schedule and monitor every ad’s performance. 

We know how laborious it is to manage a business. Leave the hassles of marketing to us and focus on other tedious tasks. We at Softtrix provide the advanced expertise required to create and implement effective Facebook PPC management services. Our services include more than just setting a campaign plan. We make consistent and targeted efforts to develop the most accurate Facebook PPC plan that drives revenue and ROI. With strategic know-how, our team fashions the best content route for your ads. 

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Softtrix Client Testimonial
The workflow was outstanding, and they were very much active to respond to any of my inquiries.
Ada Damsel, Chief - AD international

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