Effective Ways To Increase Conversion Rate Of Ecommerce Store

Increase conversion rate of ecommerce store

Are you worried about the conversion rate of your online store? You should treat 3% as the baseline to measure the conversion rate in your store. It means three out of every hundred visits on a page should translate into a sale. Anything less than 3% should get you worried. 

Most store owners believe that increased traffic directly translates to more sales. You may have engaged a PPC management agency to increase qualified traffic to your store but that won’t necessarily translate into higher sales. It is the experience users have with your online store that decides success. 

To deal with the paradox of increased traffic and low conversions you need to focus on CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization. A professional internet marketing agency would tell you it is the process of optimizing the landing pages to better user experience and increase conversion on your online store.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Here are six things you need to do to increase conversion on your website.

  1. Landing Page Design
    Does your landing page turn away your visitors? The poor landing page design can result in low conversions. Your landing page should encourage users to buy your products. Aesthetically designed landing pages result in higher conversions. Make sure the landing page is clutter-free and appears equally appealing on small and large screens.

    Visitors must easily find their desired outcomes and be able to digest the specs and features of the product. Make it graphically rich with product images. Most users scroll through the pages, and you have a few seconds to motivate them.
  2. Page Speed
    Ask any user about what irritates them most while browsing the Internet. Slow speed would be the answer among most of the users. One in four visitors abandon a page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. You should target a page load speed of 1-2 seconds where anything below 1 second is brilliant and can increase your conversion rate exponentially.

    Studies have shown that a one-second delay in page speed can lead to 11% lesser traffic and a 16% drop in customer satisfaction. Optimizing the design elements of your store and choosing premium hosting options can help you increase your conversions.
  3. Site Structure & Navigation
    Site structure and navigation are key to success in online commerce. A logical site structure helps users find the products they are looking for easily. For instance, if you sell books online, you should create a structure where customers can easily find books based on genres, languages, subjects, and authors.

    The structure and navigation of the store must be intuitive where you have logical category and sub-category pages. Users should be able to navigate from one product page/section to another product page/section without having to leave the store and need to use Google search.
  4. Crisp Content
    As a WordPress web design agency, we know the importance of content on web pages. The same holds for your online store. Every product page should have content describing the products and their USPs must be highlighted. Include spec, features, and other content that help customers in decision-making. Include reviews of past customers as part of your content as social proof acts as a convincing tool in eCommerce.
  5. Call To Action
    Did you know 70% of small businesses suffer due to poor CTA elements on their online store? There is nothing worst than losing a matured lead due to a poor Call to Action element in the store. Strong and crisp CTA can increase your conversions phenomenally. Keep it short and sweet such as “Add to Cart”, “Buy Now”, Subscribe Now” etc. CTAs should be prominently placed on your landing page and have a distinct color. Use larger fonts and brighter colors to grab attention at once.
  6. Checkout Process

This is the final step in the CRO process and often the most ignored one. It is important to make the checkout process easy and efficient for your customers. Here are a few things you should focus on while optimizing the checkout process

  • Keep it smart and simple and don’t have unnecessary elements on the checkout page
  • Let customers add or remove products from the cart before the final checkout step
  • Enable guest checkout or let customers login with Facebook or Google ids
  • Add a visual progress indicator as this gives customers a sense of progress

Wrapping Up

To sum up, when you optimize these six elements on your online store, you will achieve a higher conversion rate. CRO helps businesses understand their customers better and cater to their aspirations. As a merchant, you need to keep your customers happy and make the online shopping experience a cakewalk for them. Focusing on UX would go a long way in putting you ahead of your competitors. 

If you are looking for experts in Conversion Rate Optimization, SoftTrix Tech Solutions can help. We are a full-service internet marketing agency offering end-to-end solutions. From web design to SEO and PPC to CRO, we optimize your online presence and increase your sales. Book a free consultation by writing to us at marketing@softtrix.com and we shall put your online store in the right orbit.

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