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Leverage the Amazon platform to grow your business and reduce Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) with our custom-made, result-driven Amazon PPC Services. Softtrix is a name you can trust for all things Amazon Marketing. We provide Amazon advertising services focused on profit over traffic to yield the maximum returns. Boost your business potential and ROI with our avant-garde marketing tools and expert-led strategic approaches. 

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Magnify your Sales and Reduce your ACoS with Expert-led Amazon PPC Services

Experience a high-growth business journey with our Expert-Led Amazon PPC Services.

With expertise in Amazon advertising Services, we provide custom-built strategies for your business that ensure your advertising budget gets allocated to the most profitable areas and yields the maximum business profitability. Increase your eCommerce sales with Softtrix’s Ads management services for Amazon. 


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Advertise on Amazon and Increase your eCommerce Sales

Start generating more profits with an eCommerce sales boost. With an experience of more than ten years of providing leading advertising services for Amazon and boosting sales, Softtrix guarantees more revenue from Amazon sponsored ads. We provide your products to the right customers at the right time to generate meaningful sales. 


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What is Amazon PPC Service?

Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce platform. With over 100 million registered Indian users and more than 168 million products, Amazon has become synonymous with online shopping. Amazon sells Over 4000 products per minute- imagine the expanse of customer base Amazon has. 

Let’s focus on defining Amazon PPC Services. Amazon PPC is pay-per-click advertising through Amazon Advertising, Amazon’s ad platform. With PPC, you only pay when a user clicks on the ad versus when a user sees the ad. 

Advertising on Amazon has immense benefits for your business. From increasing sales to generating profits, Amazon PPC services meet all your marketing goals. Besides being an eCommerce platform, Amazon has emerged as the second biggest advertising platform after Google Ads. Over 60% of product searches now start from Amazon.

With a strategically planned Amazon PPC Campaign and the industry’s best tools and techniques, Amazon can deliver profits like no other advertising platform. Make this advantageous performance-driven platform a part of your ads campaign and witness the magic of ‘growth’ happening.

Make Amazon PPC your business’s best friend! 

What's all included in our
PPC Services for Amazon?

Our Amazon services consider your product’s profitability and availability to the right customers at the right time. We devise effective Amazon SEO strategies based on comprehensive research and proven methods. Effective amazon strategies monetize your product, create high-profit margins, expand the product line, launch in new territories, cut wasted spend, and grow brand awareness through the platform.

Some of our advanced strategies include
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Minimized Waste Spend

Our team continuously monitors the search words and targets the most profitable keywords. We plan the entire PPC campaign, keeping in mind “your” business goals, budgets, and marketing needs. 

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Dedicated Team of Experts

We provide experienced personnel with expertise in Amazon Advertising Services. Our team offers unmatched customer satisfaction. We know how to benefit from Amazon Ads and center your PPC campaigns around strategic planning and advanced marketing tools to maximize your returns.

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Comprehensive Keywords Research

Keywords are like magnets to attract the target audience.
With the latest marketing tools and in-depth research, our team compiles a list of high-value keywords and provides 30 unique keywords per product for your PPC campaign.

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Competitive Analysis

We investigate your competitors regularly, identify new ways to advertise your products, and suggest strategic changes to make your PPC campaign more targeted and updated. This renders your campaign a competitive edge in the market.

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Coupons and Deals Management

We manage your lightning deals, coupons, and promotions so that you can focus on profitable Sale-Day. 

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Ads Positioning

Your ad’s position plays a significant role in the success of your PPC Campaign. This ensures your Ad rank higher on different platforms like Google and Amazon. We fashion your ad position with planning to achieve maximum Click-thru-Rate. 

What makes Softtrix
Amazon PPC Services Unique?

PPC has proven to be one of the best ways to increase website traffic, sales, and leads. With expertise in providing PPC services for all three types of Ads campaigns, we ensure result-oriented approaches.

Some of our proven Amazon PPC strategies to maximize your returns include:

organic SEO Service
Amazon Sponsored Brands Campaign

Your dedicated Amazon PPC Campaign manager will create and sponsor brands, each ad containing up to 3 products. Appearing at the top of Organic Search results, Sponsored Brand campaigns contain your brand’s logo, product headline, and three products to target relevant customers.

organic SEO Service
Amazon Sponsored Product Ads Campaign

This type of Ads campaign is triggered by keywords. Our PPC experts create, sponsor, and manage each Product ad to maximize the returns. The ads appear next in line or next to search results. 

organic SEO Service
Amazon Display Product Ads Campaign

This type of Ads campaign focuses on displaying product ads for one product with targets to reach its intended customers and is shown on product details, reviews, and search result pages. Our team will provide you with the relevant ideas to promote your product cleverly on Amazon.

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