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Amazon PPC Product Ads Setup & Amazon PPC Services

The advent of ecommerce has changed the way people shop for necessities as well as luxury goods. Gone are the days when one would visit a local brick and mortar store to shop for everything from books to consumer electronics. All these are now available at fingertips and also coupled with amazing deals thanks to the ecommerce revolution. A lot of this credit definitely goes to Amazon the largest and the biggest ecommerce platform on earth that has redefined online commerce. It sells millions of products ranging from toiletries and tools to smartphones and apparels. It has turned the go-to place for all needs with over 300 million active customers worldwide transacting more than $100 billion annually. An estimated 186 million unique users visit the site every month and this translates into billions of dollars in monthly sales.

This enormous potential and opportunity has attracted hundreds of thousands of small and large sellers alike. It has allowed traditional brick and mortar businesses to partake in the mega digital revolution and not lose their customers to young rivals. On the hindsight only a fraction of these sellers tend to make an impact on Amazon. The success for these lucky few can’t be attributed to better products or more attractive pricing but a well-groomed marketing strategy.

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Get Discovered Always

All digital marketing campaigns have the same goal – to improve discoverability and reach out to intended audience and that’s what we are good at. Our Amazon PPC Services are aimed at taking your products and store to the right audience instead of you having to wait for them to visit you. We bring in a rigorous data-driven approach while managing your ad campaign and creating the perfect synergy between technical knowhow and marketing acumen. This helps in building awareness around your brand and new products that help increase sale figures. Our team identifies the trends and opportunities and reacts quickly to positive and as well as negative impact of the campaign.

Welcome to the world of Amazon PPC that would put you ahead of your rivals. Like Search Engine Optimization is to your website Amazon PPC marketing helps improve your visibility and thus improving your odds.  At SoftTrix Web Solutions we have been at the forefront of Amazon Pay Per Click marketing and have helped small and large sellers create a stronger foothold in world’s most competitive marketplace.

Stay on Top with Sponsored Product Ads

Are you witnessing your rivals laugh their way to the bank? Don’t worry we would bring a bright smile on your face. The problem isn’t with your products or their price, but just that you haven’t yet explored the possibilities with Sponsored Products. With Amazon becoming the biggest and most visited online marketplace in the world, the competition has intensified in the last few years. In such a scenario Sponsored ads have become the cornerstone for success. Small and large brands that have stepped into this territory have found the traction they have always looked for. It allows sellers to have an upper hand for related search queries and we help you tide over your competition using smart strategy that pays immediate dividends.

Cash on Amazon PPC Product Ads

Many sellers often tend to see Sponsored Products and Amazon PPC Product Ads as the same. However they are miles apart and in true sense ‘chalk and cheese’. While Amazon Sponsored Ads would send the traffic to your product page within Amazon’s own platform, Amazon PPC Ads guide the traffic to your website or blog. While the former merely helps in increasing sales the latter helps in establishing a strong and distinguished brand identity. As a team full of seasoned marketing professionals we help you maximize the returns from both these marketing strategies.

Million Searches and Million Opportunities

Millions of people visit Amazon and its country specific subsidiaries every day to shop for their favorite products. As the leading ecommerce platform they provide the most accurate results to their users based on specific search queries. To make the platform more vibrant Amazon also sells out some of its web real estate to the highest bidder much like Google does for its search queries. This presents you with an opportunity to showcase your products right in front of the users. Thereby your products are showcased ahead of your rivals thus creating an unmatched opportunity to convert leads into a sale. To put it in simple terms running an Amazon Pay Per Click Campaign improves your odds exponentially and allows you to stay ahead of your rivals.

Numbers At Your Fingertips

Ecommerce is all about numbers; the more you know the better you perform in the competitive ecosystems. At SoftTrix Web Solutions we help you stay on top of the numbers. As a team we believe in openness with our strategy and our team of experts not only optimize your campaign but offer you deep insights into the numbers. We send you periodic reports with details of all performance metrics that allows you to have a bird’s eye view of your campaign. Our reports are more detailed and calibrated than the ones you are used to downloading from Seller Central Campaign Manager. These let you gauge the opportunities we create and also further streamlines the campaign for best results.

Why Hire Us?

  • Seasoned Campaigners – As pioneers of Amazon Paid Marketing in India we have built a team of seasoned campaigners who are driven and motivated by results. Our team has been handpicked and groomed by expert marketers to ensure you enjoy maximum reach for every dollar spent in creating and running a PPC campaign on Amazon.
  • Tailored Campaigns – We are yet to unearth a secret formula for success with Amazon PPC. We safely presume there is none! Your goals as a seller are unique and so is your competition and hence we design a campaign that is tailored to your needs. We start with deep research and groundwork that allows us to build a campaign that takes care of your goals and is sustainable in the long run. This approach has helped us offer more value to your campaign.
  • Sailing With The Tide – The dynamics of Amazon PPC management is changing and so are we. As a team we stay updated with the latest market strategies that offer dividends and implement it in our campaign. Our team is always looking to learn the new tricks in the trade and the results we offer bears testimony to this approach.
  • Value for Money – There is one thing that clients always look for while hiring a PPC service provider – ‘value for money’ and that’s where we have edged past competition. Irrespective of your budget we would create a tailored campaign that would offer you maximum ROI. We don’t tie you up in long term contracts and rather believe in a fostering relationship that results from mutual benefits.

At SoftTrix Web Solutions we are guided by a simple goal – to create opportunities and offer you maximum ROI with our Amazon PPC services. If you are interested in knowing about the possibilities get in touch with us today. Give us a call and we would help you derive maximum out of your presence on Amazon.

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