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400% Increase in Organic Revenue

How does the idea of generating revenue from FREE organic traffic sound to you? For one of our clients, this has become a reality. Within 6 months of working with us, the Video Invitation Business Industry generated more than 400% organic revenue. 

We helped our client have an eCommerce website with SEO results on a limited budget and expand their online strategies. Learn how we helped this ecommerce website.

Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website


Increased Organic Revenue

Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website


Rise in Organic Conversions

Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website


Rise in Traffic

Boosted Organic Revenue for Video Invitation

About our Ecommerce Client

Our client has digital invitations like short films, with music and animation that will delight and excite your friends and family. They offer high-quality, customizable video invitations.

The Challenge

We had to face several challenges while improving our client’s rankings in the SERPs. Our main goal was to gain relevant traffic that converts visitors into people who shop Invitations through organic search. Our client’s website was relatively new, which made the situation even more challenging. No SEO work had been done on the website and they received only minimal traffic. Before investing in SEO, the client received a majority of their traffic through social channels. They wanted to stop being so dependent on these sources of traffic and approached us to grow their organic traffic.

Results we Achieved

To grow our client’s website traffic, we outlined a new SEO strategy, focusing on extensive keyword research, on-page optimization, powerful content planning, and more.

Our SEO strategy structure was as follows:

  • Present Status Analysis 
  • Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis 
  • Technical SEO 
  • Content Brief Creation & Content Creation 
  • Link Building

As a result, we achieved a more than 280% hike in organic searches and generated $5,578.65 revenue.

Working with us, they’ve seen:

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    How did we Achieve The Results?

    To achieve our aims, we decided to adopt a targeted category-by-category approach to our SEO and content marketing efforts to improve efficiency, focus our tactics, and ultimately achieve our goals.

    Here are the most common issues that we improved when it comes to technical SEO:

    • Slow loading time
    • Website was not responsive
    • Removed spammy links
    • Cannibalization
    • Added value to the user by improving content on the webpages
    • Over-optimized pages and blog posts (i.e. mentioning the target keyword too often and making the text unreadable)
    • Worked on Internal linking and Broken links

    We support approaching digital marketing holistically. It’s critical to improve every aspect of a company’s internet visibility. So get in touch with us immediately for a consultation if your company requires responsive site design, strategic SEO, or social media management!

    Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website
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