Doubled Facebook Ad Campaigns ROAS – Facebook Ads Case Study

Doubled Facebook Ad Campaigns ROAS - Facebook Ads Case Study

When it comes to digital advertising, Facebook is undoubtedly a beast – delivering an average click-through rate (CTR) of 0.90% and an average conversion rate of 9.21%. The below image indicates the average CTR of Facebook Ads across all industries:

So, if you want to leverage Facebook Ads and reach 2.08 billion people, here is a Facebook Ads case study of how an eCommerce company doubled its Facebook Ad campaign ROAS. Let’s get started.

Key highlights of the Facebook ad campaign case study:

  • Earned 4.75x the Return on Advertising Spend
  • Results within 3 months of kick-starting the ad campaign

About the Company

The case study is about an eCommerce store that provides car window covers. It is based out of the USA, targeting audiences in the U.S. market only. To drive increased sales and ROI for their online business, the company hired an experienced digital advertising & SEO agency. After thoroughly evaluating the business and its target market, the agency employed Google AdWords. The advertising campaign was generating a decent amount of ROI for the eCommerce company.

The company also proposed Facebook Ads for eCommerce to increase brand awareness, reach out to more audiences and drive higher sales. Earlier, the eCommerce store had run a Facebook Ads campaign, but unsuccessfully. It was managed by the website owner on his own but due to a lack of knowledge, expertise, and resources, the results weren’t impressive. So, the digital advertising agency proposed a result-driven Facebook Ads campaign with the objective to drive increased ROI.

Key Challenges

On evaluating the eCommerce website and its earlier Facebook Ads campaign, the digital advertising agency identified several challenges as discussed herewith:

  • Poor campaign structure and audience targeting
  • Lack of proven optimization strategies
  • No split testing or A/B testing
  • Poor conversion rate optimization  
  • Lower return on investment

Facebook Ads Scaling Strategy 2023 for Ecommerce

Based on the challenges, the SEO agency focused on structuring and optimizing Facebook Ads for eCommerce, devising proven strategies that deliver quality results.

1. Using Discount Coupons to Attract More Website Visitors

As a part of the Facebook Ads campaign, the agency recommended the eCommerce website offer discount coupons that can help attract more website visitors and higher sales.

It is important to understand here that contests or giveaways on Facebook need not focus on driving sales solely. Coupons like these, or other high-value prizes, can be used to build strong brand awareness. This will pay off in the future by adding qualified leads to your conversion funnel.

2. Retargeting    

Retargeting your Facebook Ads is one of the most effective ways to reach out to audiences who are already aware of your brand, have interacted on your website, or made a purchase earlier. Here’s how retargeting works:

  • Advertise to reach audiences who have engaged with your business – visited your eCommerce store, viewed products, or even added items to the cart but did not make a purchase
  • Use dynamic Facebook ads to personalise the content and automatically show products in which they have shown interest
  • Establish brand loyalty and get your existing customers coming back by advertising new products

In this Facebook ad campaign case study, the discount coupon was used as a part of the retargeting strategy. It was used to target both new and existing customers who were genuinely looking for car window covers.

Facebook Ads Case Study – Campaign Result

Facebook giveaways and the retargeting strategy clicked with the customers, and within 30 days of implementing the campaign, the eCommerce store witnessed better ROI. Within the first month, the Facebook Ads campaign garnered sales of $18,111.17 with an average ROAS of 2.71.

The digital marketing agency was rigorous with the ad campaign. And by the next month, the eCommerce store saw sales of around $24,729. The ROAS also jumped to 3.19. The ROAS continued to grow on a daily basis, and in just 3 months, the eCommerce website generated 4.75x the ROAS. It garnered sales of $36,568 at the end of three months.         

So, with Facebook Ads best practices in place, the digital advertising agency was able to turn around things for the eCommerce store and drive higher sales.

How to Scale Facebook Ads in 2023?

After reviewing the Facebook video ads case study, let’s have a sneak peek into some valuable tips to build an effective ad campaign.

1. Structure Your Facebook Ad Properly

How you structure your Facebook ad plays an integral role in its success. Using the right structure, you can control your target audiences, ad content and budget. Typically, a Facebook ad comprises three primary elements – Campaign, Ad Set and the Ad.

The below image will help you understand how to properly structure your Facebook ad:

2. Narrow Down Your Audience Using Facebook Targeting

Facebook provides excellent targeting options that allow you to set up your ads only for those who you wish to target – Core Audiences, Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences. While Facebook automatically shows the ads to the most relevant audiences, you can further narrow down your audience targeting using a wide range of selection tools. Right audience targeting can maximise your potential reach significantly (refer to the image below):

Facebook Targeting

3. Ad Copies with Visuals Get More Attention

Indeed, visual stimulation works better than plain text, especially when it comes to advertising on a platform like Facebook. So, adding images or videos is a must.

But at the same time, the image or video must be relevant to the ad you post. If the ad copy and the image do not match, it will leave your audience wondering what the ad is all about. Hence, they will be less likely to click and your ad spend will get wasted.

4. Use Simple Language that is Easy to Comprehend

Copywriting for your Facebook ad does not have to be high in literature. Exaggerating the message or making it too flowery will essentially muddle what you want to convey. Facebook wants advertisers to write in simple language that people can easily understand. The message should be clear:

  • What you offer
  • How it can add value to the audience
  • What to do next

5. Set a Clear Call-to-Action

In addition to having a clear message, it is important to have a clear goal too. What’s the Facebook ad for? Do you want to boost brand awareness, generate leads or want to sell a product? Based on your goal, use a clear call-to-action that directs Facebook users to what you expect from them or what you want them to do.

Make sure you A/B test multiple ad copies and calls to action to determine what’s working best for your audiences.


Facebook Ads are one of the most effective ways to drive qualified leads and boost eCommerce sales – only if it is done right. Hire a professional Facebook Ads agency that devises and scales a successful ad campaign, and achieves proven results.

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Impressive Facebook Ads case study! Doubling the ROAS is a remarkable achievement. It’s great to see how strategic optimization can lead to such positive results. Kudos to your team for sharing valuable insights! 💪👏

This Facebook Ads case study highlights the remarkable success of an eCommerce company that doubled its ROAS within just three months. By strategically employing discount coupons and retargeting, they achieved impressive results, demonstrating the power of effective Facebook advertising. The provided tips for structuring Facebook ads and targeting the right audience are valuable insights for anyone looking to scale their ad campaigns in 2023. It’s a clear testament to the potential of Facebook Ads when executed with precision and expertise.

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