An Insolvency Agency increased organic Search traffic
90% by investing in SEO

At Softtrix, we are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients. We take pride in helping them navigate the intricacies of the insolvency process, providing advice and assistance as needed. We strive to provide the most comprehensive and reliable service to our clients, ensuring that their financial and legal needs are met. We also strive to ensure that our clients are informed about the process and their rights and obligations throughout the process. Learn how we were able to significantly improve the website’s performance and user experience. 

Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website


Organic Search traffic

Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website


Organic Active Users

Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website


Rise in Clicks

SEO Case Study of Insolvency Australia

About our Ecommerce Client

Insolvency Australia is the only Marketplace for Insolvency Solutions. They are the first and only online insolvency platform featuring the country’s ASIC Registered Liquidators and AFSA Registered Bankruptcy Trustees. They offer a range of insolvency services to individuals and businesses in financial distress, including Bankruptcy, Personal Insolvency Agreements, Voluntary Administration, and Liquidation Services. Insolvency Australia provides an easy way to compare and select the right insolvency solution for your circumstances. Their services are designed to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate and affordable debt solution.

The Challenge

To start off, we identified and fixed the canonicalization, page titles, meta descriptions, and page speed elements that were affecting our search engine rankings. We then optimized the page layouts and content structure by including relevant keywords and phrases.

We also began to create and update content regularly to ensure that our site contained the most up-to-date information. We also implemented social media campaigns to reach more customers.

With all the technical issues addressed, we started to focus on link building strategies. We created content that was optimized with the right keywords and placed them on high-authority websites to increase the visibility of our website. We also implemented an internal link building strategy, ensuring that each page was linked to relevant pages on our website. Finally, we used tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to track our progress and make sure that we were meeting our goals. By implementing these strategies, we were able to improve our SEO rankings, increase our visibility and increase organic search traffic.

Results we Achieved

We are thrilled to see such a significant increase in organic active users and an even greater percentage of improvement in the quality of the traffic. The 50% rise in impressions and 68% rise in clicks alongside the 90% increase in first-time users suggest that our efforts to optimize our organic search engine results have paid off. We will continue to monitor and analyze the performance of our organic search engine results to ensure we maintain this trend.

This could be attributed to the improved website usability, increased loading times, and improved SEO. These improvements have made it easier for potential clients to find the insolvency company online, and research their services, resulting in more conversions. Additionally, the improved website design may have made the company appear more professional, and trustworthy, resulting in more potential clients being willing to use the company’s services.

There is a 83% increase in the number of web pages the users saw and found relevant to their requirement or search query. We also got repeated views of a single page.

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    The workflow was outstanding, and they were very much active to respond to any of my inquiries.
    Insolvency Australia
    Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website

    How Did We Achieve the Results?

    We researched and implemented keyword targeting to increase organic search engine rankings and drive more website traffic. We optimize your website for mobile devices and improved page speeds. We conducted competitor analysis to better understand their SEO strategies and optimized your website for local searches. We created and distributed quality content to engage with potential customers, showcase your expertise and build a strong online presence.

    We ensured your website is technically sound and has the right structure. We also identified and fixed any broken links or redirects. We optimized your website’s meta tags, titles and descriptions. We created XML sitemaps and submitted them to search engines.

    We ensure your insolvency firm is listed in quality and authoritative directories. We built quality backlinks to your website to improve its authority and rankings. We used social media to reach out to potential customers and engage with them. We monitored and reported on the performance of our SEO efforts to ensure they are working.

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