Generated Revenue to $31K Organically for
Clothing & Gifting Ecommerce Website

Wanting to maximize eCommerce SEO results on a limited budget and expand their online strategies, the client turned to Softtrix. Learn how we helped this ecommerce website.

Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website


Increased Revenue

Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website


Organic Clicks

Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website


Organic Visitors

Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website

About our Ecommerce Client

Our client is a fastest growing marketplace portal for Indians in the USA, striving to bring Indian culture and tradition no matter where they stay. Their products are hand made, and artisans have curated the products with ethnic touch and a classy tone. They have a one-stop destination for all the Indian home decor, ethnic wear, wall decor, return gifts, and much more real and authentic handmade items that reflect craft and creativity in every move. 

The Challenge

Pragathi offers various Indian clothing and decor items. Their target audience come to the site not only to look for products, but also gain a variety of information related to Indian culture and latest trends.

Initially, they were focussed on generating traffic organically. When they partnered with us to expand their digital presence with SEO, we helped them implement new strategies to drive even more online revenue. These guys have marketplace portal for Indians in USA and it comes under the most competitive niche i.e. Clothing & Gifting and they had less presence on Google due to which they were lacking organic traffic.

Another thing is that 

  • they hadn’t relevant content, 
  • they hadn’t optimized the website 
  • and the third they were not having organic links which will be really useful for the growth that they were about to hit.

Results we Achieved

Since partnering with Softtrix, Pragathi sees most website visitors coming from organic search, and they’ve increased revenue. Working with us, they’ve seen

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Organic Search
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    Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website

    How Did We Achieve the Results?

    We worked closely with the client on the website having very little content on their product pages and picked targets together. We went out and we did some deep Keyword research that we found really interesting and useful as they had a decent amount of volume and weren’t too competitive. We also found some killer keywords where we could write long articles about.

    Optimize Product Pages

    We made it sure that all the product pages match the search intent of the queries. So, we added keywords, detailed, keyword-rich descriptions, calls to action and testimonials. We created a content calendar and posted the content twice in a week, sharing how-to pieces and answering FAQs.

    Technical SEO

    In this part, we optimized the full website, added Schema Markups to Help Google and Users Understand Content. We removed scripts that are slowing down load times, compressed files and optimized images.


    There were a few links that had gone to the homepage so we needed more authority. We started by making sure that there should be internal backlinks. We used social signal and shared published blogs on social channels and a few days after those posts could get significant growth. We made sure to have a relevant outbound link to something like very well recognized website for this specific space.

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