5 SEO Tips And Tricks To Rank Your Website Higher

5 SEO Tips And Tricks To Rank Your Website Higher

Did you know that approximately 70% of total clicks in Google search results go to organic? And that isn’t all. The #1 organic result in Google SERP (search engine result page) has an average click-through rate (CTR) of 27.6%. The below chart shows a breakdown of Google organic search CTR by ranking or position:

Google organic search CTR

The statistics clearly indicate that top ranking in search results matters.

And this is where Search Engine Optimisation comes into the picture. It is essentially the art & science of using certain on-page and off-page techniques to boost your rankings on SERPs and get more traffic. This matters because 75% of searchers never scroll past the first search engine result page.   

You’d be wondering what’s the hype all about. Why it is important to rank high in search engine results?

Being featured in the top search engine results means that Google considers you as a genuine, useful, and reliable source of content or information related to your niche. This can benefit you in several ways:

  • Increases business credibility and authority
  • Higher CTR would mean more traffic
  • Drive quality backlinks as high-authority websites want to connect to sites that rank top in SERPs
  • Organic traffic results in reduced costs than paid ads

So, now let’s understand how to do SEO for websites and improve search rankings.

How to Improve SEO Rankings?

Discussed here are 5 SEO tips and tricks to rank higher:

1. Choose the Right Set of Keywords

Using the right keywords is an integral part of determining your website rankings. However, keyword strategy for SEO has undergone sea changes today. It isn’t about stuffing as many keywords as possible to make the page or site rank in Google. In fact, this can make the content appear spammy and your website can ultimately get penalized by the search engine. Find what people are typing when searching for content, products, or services related to yours. Choose only the most relevant keywords and use them strategically throughout the content. You can use a free or paid keyword research tool to identify a wide variety of keywords, their search volume, and their competition. It is one of the best SEO Tips and Tricks to Rank Higher

Using long-tail keywords is one of the best ways to drive relevant and quality traffic to your site. But most importantly, Google loves them!

Once you discover a set of keywords, use them in the right place – at least once in your webpage URL, page title, meta description, first 100 words of your content, H1 H2 titles, and in the last para. You can also include keywords in Calls-to-Action (CTA), alt tag, and image tag of your content.

2. Deliver an Improved User Experience

Page experience is a vital Google ranking factor. In addition to great content and quality backlinks, the search engine also gives importance to the user experience on your website. So, if you are thinking about how to rank higher on Google, work on improving your website’s UX/UI.

Here are some effective tips for you:

  • Optimize and improve your page speed
  • Include catchy and well-written headlines
  • Use internal links and site maps to ensure ease of navigation, both for your users and Google bot
  • Use media content, such as images and videos, wisely
  • Fix your 404 errors
  • The website design should be mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Use catchy calls to action

Good user experience can help drive higher engagement levels and reduce your bounce rate/

3. Improve Your Website Loading Speed

Though your website loading speed isn’t directly associated with SEO, it can help improve your search rankings. As Google prioritizes UX as an important ranking factor, page speed plays an integral role in shaping your user experience.

The average attention span of an online user is just 8 seconds. If your website fails to load in less than 3 seconds, it can significantly impact user experience and bounce rates can be high. Here’s how bounce rates increase with every second that your website takes to load:

Therefore, your focus should be to optimize and fix on-page technical elements that might be affecting your website loading speed.

  • Optimize and compress your images
  • Enable browser caching
  • Minimize redirects
  • Cut down upon HTML, JavaScript, and CSS elements as much as possible
  • Cache your website pages
  • Choose a good website hosting solution with a high uptime guarantee

At the same time, ensure you have a responsive website design that loads fast and delivers the same user experience across all devices and Internet networks.

4. Create a Responsive Website Design in First Place

Taking a cue from the earlier points, your website must have a responsive design. By responsive we mean that your website must render the same look, feel, and user experience across all screen sizes and devices. Merely building a website for viewing on desktops will not suffice today. This is because mobile devices account for almost half of the web traffic globally.

In the 2022 second quarter, mobile phones (excluding tablets) garnered 58.99% of global website traffic. So, if your website is not catering to the mobile traffic, it can impact your user experience – and your rankings eventually. Viewing and navigating the desktop version of a website on a mobile device can be intimidating. Even Google does not like it!

So, you have two options:

  • Build separate desktop and mobile versions of your website (which can be costlier and difficult to maintain).  
  • Create a responsive website design – a single design that works equally well on all devices, regardless of screen size, resolution, or specifications.

This will help drive better user engagement and also boost your search engine rankings.

5. Improve Your Website Security 

This is another important tip if you are struggling with how to improve SEO rankings – website security. And a key step to improving your website security is to get an SSL certificate.  

An SSL certificate allows websites to move from http to https. This ‘s’ is a mark of security and helps instill a sense of trust when users visit your website. Using an SSL certificate keeps your user data highly secure, helps verify website ownership, and prevents malicious attackers from creating a fake website version.

An “https” gives Google the impression that the website is trustworthy, and secure and prioritizes user experience. These are some crucial factors that can help improve your rankings.

The Final Words

So, here are the best 5 SEO tips and tricks to rank higher, drive quality traffic and boost your conversions. If you are just getting started with SEO or have been struggling to get to the top of SERPs, work with an experienced SEO agency that can deliver proven results. They will thoroughly review your website, target market, and competitors, and devise a definitive SEO strategy for consistently higher rankings.  

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Informative read! These 5 SEO tips and tricks offer valuable insights for boosting website rankings. A must-read for anyone aiming to enhance their online presence. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for sharing these valuable SEO tips and tricks! SEO is crucial to building a successful online presence, and your article provides excellent guidance for website owners and digital marketers.

Thank you for your feedback on the SEO tips and tricks provided. SEO is indeed essential for establishing a solid online presence, and the article offers valuable guidance for website owners and digital marketers.

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