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At SoftTrix we live and breathe Digital Marketing!

As a steadfast digital agency, we offer the best SEO services to clients across the world. Don’t worry if you are in the most competitive industry or have never optimized your website in past. When you are looking to excel on the search engines, we shall make it happen for you.  

Grow Your Traffic with Proactive SEO Services

There are two approaches to SEO. First where a set of standard practices are executed or the ‘cookie-cutter approach’ and secondly tailored SEO strategies that focus on your challenges, leverage opportunities, and keep you ahead of the competition. At SoftTrix, we specialize in the latter and power your brand to newer heights.

Our approach to SEO is simple – we understand your business, identify your audience, and study the competition. With this knowledge, we create a bridge in the search engines between your users and the brand.  

We run tailored SEO campaigns employing the best practices of on-page SEO and off-page SEO to ensure your brand becomes discoverable and relatable to your audience. Traffic isn’t our only goal as we focus on creating meaningful interaction points between the brand and its audience.

A Good Website Isn’t Enough!

A website isn’t the end of digital marketing but the first step towards success. You may have invested time, money, and effort into building an exceptional website. The UX and UI may be the talk of the town. That doesn’t guarantee you success till your website is DISCOVERABLE. All your strategies and plans can fall flat when your website stays ranked at the bottom of the search results.

More than 85% of the traffic comes through the search engines and that’s where we SoftTrix can help.  We offer you top-of-the-line SEO services backed by detailed know-how on digital marketing best practices. Our team turns your website into the most potent marketing tool for your business. Bring us your website and we shall take you to the world

The Search Engine Optimization Strategy We Follow!



It is important to know where your website stands before it is optimized. We carry out a 360-degree audit for the project that includes a Website Audit, Competition Analysis, and Market Analysis. This step often skipped by SEO agencies serves as a bedrock of our success. From identifying the technical issues on your website to spotting the chink in the armor of your competitors, we carry out a complete SWOT Analysis that includes testing more than 100 factors that affect search engine rankings.



Your business is different from your nearest competitors and so are your goals. The kind of competition you face is unique, and you might be on a tight marketing budget. Our team wears the planning hat to chalk out a tailored plan for your campaign. We discuss the deliverables with you and set a turnaround time. From content creation to fixing issues on the landing page, we prioritize tasks and engage experts across different domains to take care of the project.



Our team executes the project with surgical precision where different strategies of the SEO plan are implemented meticulously. We prioritize tasks based on the unique requirements of your project where the web development, content creation, and marketing team work in tandem to deliver results. We collaborate in-house and with your team while implementing the strategies to meet and exceed performance goals.   



We aren’t perfect and neither do we claim to be one. Generating relevant traffic and sales for your business is our primary goal. Not every strategy that we employ delivers equal results and hence they require content review and testing. Our team uses top-notch analytics tools to review the performance of the campaign and share results with you. Opportunities identified in the campaign are worked on immediately and weaknesses fixed.  



Search Engine Optimization isn’t a one-time exercise but a long-term strategy where your campaign needs to be run to outdo the competition and attract new audiences. There are moments where the campaign requires additional thrust, and we do the needful. We come up with creative ideas to grow your website’s traffic and ranking continuously.

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Your Journey to #1 Starts Here

The #1 position on search engine results is the most coveted trophy in Search Engine Optimization. It guarantees maximum traffic and creates innumerable growth opportunities. For a brand that is determined to grab the #1 spot on the search engines, you have your perfect partner in SoftTrix.
We help brands obtain optimum performance in popular search engines like Google with tailored strategies. Our team stays updated with the latest trends and best practices in the world of SEO and implements those on your projects.

We bring the perfect combination of creativity, technical know-how, and marketing acumen to deliver results. Each project is unique and has its own set of challenges. We take it in our stride to offer you measurable success. When you are aiming for the top ranks on Google our performance-driven SEO plans fit into your bill perfectly. Whether you are a local business or have your footprint across multiple geographies, we shall put you on the top of the search engine results with our steadfast SEO solutions.

Why Choose SoftTrix as Your SEO Partner?


We have been in the game for more than 10 years and know the drills. We have built a team of 200+ professionals driven by the passion to succeed.


We don’t make empty promises but share honest insights on every campaign. What we promise, we have always delivered.


Google and other search engines penalize malpractices. We stick to best practices and adhere to the latest algorithmic updates.

Track Record

You like paying for results and we come with a proven track record. We deliver results and make no excuses.

Value for Money

Our services aren’t ‘cheap’ but we offer you the best value for money. We guarantee high ROI for every campaign apart from brand visibility and recognition.


We don’t have a ‘secret formula’ and rather believe in 100% transparency. We share complete knowledge of the campaign with our clients

Ready to fly high on the search engines? Get in touch with our team and we shall discuss the possibilities.

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Customer Feedbacks

Why Hire Us?
Hear It From Our Clients

“ “Was looking for a Facebook marketing expert, a friend recommended SoftTrix. They are a wonderful team and very talented and did justice to the tight budget I sat for them. My page engagement saw a boost in a couple of months and my sales have increased. Great job guys and more power to you. ”


David J.Martin

Executive, React JS

“ “I had bad experiences with SEO and digital marketing services, till I found the team at SoftTrix. Our website has seen a significant rise in traffic and rankings. The process is one and I am sure with their expertise in web SEO services, they will get us where we want to be. This team is highly recommended. ”


David G. Mullins

CEO, Pranklin Agency

“ “Had hired SoftTrix for PPC advertising and I must say the team delivered above our expectations. The team is responsive and worked closely with our team despite the time difference. The team knows its stuff and it has been a great journey for us. They top it all up with competitive pricing. ”


Jordan D. Nelson

CEO, Pranklin Agency

“ “We were looking for affordable web design, but SoftTrix’s quote put us in doubt as it was nearly less than what others had quoted. We took the risk, and it was worth it. They impressed us with both UI and UX design of the website and now we have hired them for SEO and PPC services. What has impressed me the most about the team is the fact that they always come up with creative ideas. ”


Chester V. Buentello

CEO, Pranklin Agency

“ Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks grove right at the coast ”


Robin C. Miller

CEO, Pranklin Agency

A great website won’t help your business unless it is visible to your target audience. The majority of customers search for products and services on search engines and the bulk of the traffic to any website comes through the search engines. SEO helps your website and landing pages rank high on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). This helps in improving brand recognition and taking your message to the intended audience.

At SoftTrix we have been in this trade for more than 10 years and bring a proven track record. We employ White Hat SEO strategies to ensure steady and sustained growth. We stand behind our work and have helped our clients improve visibility and conversions. Our team stays abreast with the latest trends in SEO and other digital marketing strategies to meet and exceed your expectations. 

White Hat SEO refers to legitimate strategies and techniques that are employed to increase your website’s rankings on the search engines. This involved adopting the best practices as per the latest search engine algorithms. We take pride in implementing White Hat strategies and staying away from illegitimate techniques such as keyword stuffing, link spamming and plagiarized content. White Hat SEO techniques prevent your website from being penalized by the search engines.

Black hat or gray hat SEO may offer early success (though this has diminished with the latest algorithmic updates on major search engines) but it can have severe consequences. The latest algorithms don’t offer much leverage to these techniques. In the worst case, your website may be blacklisted which is like a death warrant and it is nearly impossible to recover once search engines remove it from their index.

The cost of an SEO campaign depends on several factors, and these include the SEO strategy employed, the duration of the campaign, and the team that you are working with. On average you will need to spend anywhere between $500 and $5000 per month for a well-run SEO campaign.

No, SEO isn’t a one-time gig but a long journey. Your website requires constant optimization to stay ahead of the competition. You may not need to run a high-thrust campaign, but your SEO strategy will have to be reviewed regularly and tweaked to show results. New keywords will have to be targeted and fresh content posted on your website regularly. 

Yes, and this explains why SEO is at the heart of your digital marketing campaign. SEO brings more traffic to your website and results in more engagement with your target audience. This can directly translate into more conversion and sales for your business.

An SEO site audit is a basic health check of your website. We conduct a detailed audit of your website before optimization. This allows us to evaluate your website’s current SEO readiness and map it against the best practices in the industry. We assess several factors that affect the ranking of your website including link structure, content quality, site load speed, link health, meta descriptions, broken links, robots.txt, page titles, etc. The basic purpose of an SEO audit is to identify foundational problems that can restrict your website’s organic growth on the search engines.

On-page SEO is a set of tasks and processes aimed at optimizing elements within your website for better results. These include optimizing the Website Structure, Title Tags, HTML Code, Internal Links. Landing Page Content, URL, Images, and User Experience (UX) on your website.

Off-page SEO is a set of tasks executed outside the website to improve its visibility on the search engine. These include strategies such as Creating Backlinks, Social Media Marketing, Guest Posting, Forum Posting, Article Submission, Influencer Marketing, etc.

The time taken to optimize a website is relative and depends on several factors. SEO involves site audit, and on-page and off-page optimization as we have mentioned earlier. The number of pages on your website, tasks required in terms of content creation, creating sitemaps, fixing metadata, codes, etc. decide the time required to optimize your website. On average, our team takes about 2 weeks to optimize a website from scratch.

SEO isn’t a magic bullet, and you need to be patient to see the results. The strategies that we employ in any campaign take time to fructify and deliver results. Several factors decide the speed at which the SEO campaign starts showing results. These include the industry you are in, the level of competition you face, and the budget you have for the campaign. Two months is the minimum time you need to wait for early signs of growth in traffic and rankings and it can take six months to see desired results.

Technically you can run your campaign. However, SEO is no cakewalk and requires you to understand how the search engines work and what your customers search on Google and other search engines. It requires expertise, staying abreast with the best practices, and creativity. You can leave it to us and dedicate this time to the core areas of your business.

Yes, we can help if your traffic has fallen or showing signs of stagnation. Our expert team would audit your website and its performance on the search engines to identify the reasons behind the drop in traffic. Once your weakness is known, we shall implement the right strategies for your campaign.          

We share regular updates on the progress of your campaign. We send detailed reports with measurable KPIs that lets you measure the success of your campaign. 

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