Grow Your Construction Business with PPC Advertising: Cost-Effective Ways

Grow Your Construction Business with PPC Advertising Cost Effective Ways

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As the construction industry continues to grow and evolve, so does the competition. To stand out in this crowded market and hold the Top Position in the Market PPC advertising can be a revolution for your Construction business. Whether you’re a small or large construction company, PPC advertising can help you to reach your potential customers more precisely and boost your Leads.

In Paid Advertising, platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your site or calls your business. If no one clicks on your Google Ad, you won’t be charged. It is a very powerful versatile advertising platform that can be used to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to websites, generate leads, and make sales.

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform that allows businesses to display their ads above organic search results on Google’s search engine results pages and other Google properties, such as YouTube and Gmail.

Let’s find out all the details related to PPC advertising for construction business in detail.

Cost of running Paid Advertisement for Construction Business

Traditionally, construction businesses relied on word-of-mouth and their reputation to attract customers. But in today’s digital age, more and more people are turning to the internet to find construction professionals. With paid advertising, you can reach potential customers who are searching for your services online, no matter where they live.

You’re probably wondering how much it will cost to run paid advertisements for your construction business. Well, the actual cost of running paid advertisements for a construction business will depend on various factors such as:

  • Competition
  • Targeted Audience
  • Cost Per Click
  • Competition

The Competition in the construction business is very high and rising progressively. However the Competition size may vary with the various factors such as Location and services offered. By analysing the activities of our competitors we can target our Audience more efficiently and stay ahead of our Competitors.

  • Target Audience & Location

Target Audience is the intended demographic that the construction firm wants to connect with and engage through its advertising campaigns. When you define your target audience, you are essentially creating a profile of your ideal customer. A predefined audience can help you increase your Conversion rate and ultimately save more money on paid advertisements.

The Cost of Paid advertisement also varies as per the target Location.

  • Cost Per Click

Cost per Click is a key metric that represents how much an advertiser pays each time someone clicks on their Ads. The Cost per clicks varies with the Geographic Location, keyword competition and Ads format. We can reduce the Cost per clicks by using long tail keywords, bidding strategy, adding more and more negative keywords and choosing the right Campaign budget.

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  • What is the Right Budget for Your Campaigns?

In today’s competitive market, a strong marketing presence is essential for any construction company. A well-executed marketing campaign can help you attract new customers and close more deals. Opting for the right budget for your PPC Campaigns will allow you to achieve marketing goals and get a better Conversion rate.

Now the question arises here is that – How much should be the initial Budget?

This can be better explained with an example.

Suppose your Monthly Ads budget is $300. We are using these Keywords:  


Avg. Cost Per Click


Monthly Search Volume

general contractors near me




home renovation contractors




bathroom remodeling services




If the Avg. Cost Per Click for these keywords is $7 then we will get around 40-45  Clicks in a month. We need to be mindful that clicks alone don’t guarantee conversions. With a lower budget like $300 your Ads may not become fully eligible to reach your target audience. The appropriate budget can unlock new opportunities, generate enough leads and help you stay ahead of your competition. Your marketing budget is one of the most important factors in determining the success of your marketing campaigns. Regular monitoring and optimization are key to maximising the effectiveness of your advertising budget for your construction business.

How much an Agency Charge for Paid Advertisement?

Hiring an agency can help you create and execute effective marketing strategies to reach your target audience and boost Leads. They can save you time and money by handling all aspects of your marketing. The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, and so are the ways that agencies charge for their services. Other companies are charging unreasonable rates for paid marketing but we believe that the pricing structure should be transparent, genuine and based on the specific needs of your business.

Softtrix offers competitive and fair rates to fit your budget. We are experts in creating cost-effective marketing strategies that deliver results. Softtrix has a team of experienced marketers who are dedicated to helping you achieve your marketing goals with a cost-effective approach.

Our agency typically charges a flat fee for specific services or projects. This is the most common pricing model we use.

Suppose you are investing $1500 per month in Paid advertising, then there will be an initial setup investment of $400 during the first month. Post-setup, we offer ongoing optimization at a reduced monthly rate of $300, ensuring your campaigns achieve their full potential.

What’s included in our Management Fee:

  • Strategy Development
  • Keyword Research
  • Ads Copy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Campaign Setup
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Regular Optimization

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  • Attract targeted potential audience
  • High conversion rate
  • Boost in Return On Investment (ROI)

    How to start the Paid advertisement Journey ?

    Softtrix is a digital marketing agency that specialises in paid advertising with over 10 years of experience and counting. With our expertise and experience, we can help businesses of all sizes achieve their marketing goals. Click on the link below and contact us now.

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      Wrapping Up !

      PPC Advertising for construction business can prove to be an ultimate investment for your business. It will open floodgates of new leads and more conversions.  You can always get in touch with Softttrix who have been breathing the PPC market inside-out for years.  We know the latest market trends and the secrets that can make your PPC advertising campaign a success.   So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to book an appointment with us today and we would be happy to send you the free audit report of your business.

      Frequently Asked Questions About PPC Advertising for Construction Company

      The success of your PPC advertising campaign for your construction company is largely dependent on how well your PPC campaigns are set-up and launched. Your PPC partner will set up your campaign after conducting a thorough analysis of your industry and your market.  Then he will use an accurate bid amount, write a compelling ad copy and ask you to provide some recommendations for the landing page so that maximum results can be achieved. These are some ways using which maximum results can be reaped for PPC advertising on your construction company.

      Your answer will determine how much you want to spend on ads.  In an ideal circumstance, you need to spend at least $1000-$3000  per month to get a good number of leads for your health club business.

      The ideal definition of success in PPC advertising for the construction business is when you are able to get high returns on your investments.  Just getting enough clicks on your PPC ad is not what we meant as ‘success’.  But a significant amount of  customers coming through those clicks should also convert.  That is how you measure the success of your PPC advertising for your construction business.

      You should always make it to the point to review your PPC ad copies after every 3 days.  Not reviewing your ad copies for a longer period of time can result in overspending. A good PPC expert will continuously review PPC ad copies to find out which keywords are performing good and resulting in good clicks. However, removing keywords that are not garnering any clicks or conversions should also be a part of the reviewal process.

      You can find your PPC for your construction industry next to organic search results.  Not just this, your ads can also be visible on a huge network of sites across the internet. If you are not able to see your PPC ads, it could be possible because of various reasons such as geographical limitations, relevancy, frequency caps and more.

      Chances are, your PPC ads may show below your competitors. This could be because the quality score of your ad copies might be lower than your competitors.  One way to fix this issue to keep increasing the keyword bids until you show up above your competitors.  However, it is also worth noting that ranking on the top results does not necessarily mean more clicks. Your ultimate goal should be to rank high in the organic search results.

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