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Not Getting Enough Sales For Your Electronics Business Online?
Not Sure Where Exactly You Went Wrong?

Your consumers are going online more frequently than ever before. But you seem to be stuck in a limbo. Your electronics business has not been able to cash in on the internet revolution that caught a lot of speed, especially after the pandemic. This is quite upsetting. You want to change things but don’t know how. If you look at the recent statistics coming out of the US and the UK, online shoppers are all over the place. 

Around 53% of online shoppers make electronics purchases at least 4 times a year. Also, nearly 26% of online shoppers shop at least once every 2 months. And yes, over 20% of online consumers make a purchase at least once a month which is a very positive trend.

According to an independent survey done in 2022, the revenue in the electronics market in the US alone is expected to cross the $131 billion mark by the end of this year. The annual growth rate is expected to be 4.82%. Also, the entire market volume of this industry is set to cross the $158 billion mark by 2027. Electronics businesses, retailers, and branded agencies are expected to make the entire online shopping customer base jump to 240.4 million users by 2027. 

But what seems to be driving this growth? The two primary factors that customers are looking at are comfort and availability. The availability of electronic devices at a much cheaper price in online marketplaces and dedicated brand agencies working on the internet is crucial to this trend. If a regular consumer wishes to purchase the same item at a retail store or perhaps from the brand store online, he usually has to pay a premium price which is quite surprising as well.

So yes, in the current scenario, if you are an agency of a popular electronics brand, you stand to gain tremendously from the online ecommerce trend.

There is no stopping online purchases of electronics because, despite the many geo-political headwinds, the market continues to grow. Do you know that in 2015, E-Commerce and electronics business online was only 7.4% of the global retail statistic? In 2022 alone, more than 2 billion people purchased goods on the Internet and the sales numbers crossed $4.2 trillion which made this industry stand at 17.8% of global retail sales. Overall, the share of eCommerce is expected to reach 24.5% by 2025.

Where Does Your Electronics Business Stand In These Sales Statistics?

We are going to address your pain points in this blog and also find out how Google ads in conjunction with other marketing tactics can bring your electronics business to the forefront. Let’s get you the sales numbers you deserve before 2023 comes to a conclusion.

What Are The Top Selling Electronics Right Now?

At the moment, the product category that leads the way globally is the smartphone. Tablets and gaming consoles are also very popular. But according to recent studies, mobile phones with over 96% of consumers already owning the product lead the numbers. Interestingly, mobile phones are also one of the most frequently used devices to access marketplaces and electronics agencies to buy electronic products. The next most popular electronic device is a smart tablet with a 34% consumer share in online electronic sales globally. Next in line are: 

  • Smartwatches and digital wristbands with a customer share of 28.7% 
  • Gaming consoles with a share of 20.3% 
  • TV streaming devices with a share of 15.9% 
  • Smartphone devices and connectivity peripherals with a share of 15.2% 
  • Feature phones with a share of 7.7%

In this trend, you will also find virtual reality devices that have taken the last spot with only 5.4% of consumers choosing this device.

Despite the low percentage, the sales globally have risen to an astounding amount over the past few years. The number of people who now own virtual reality devices has grown by 14.9% in the past year. This has made this the fastest-growing electronic product category right now.

Relevant Keywords - How To Pick Them For Your Business?

Knowing the most suitable keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business online is critical. It helps you identify the most used words that your users and prospects type in the search bar to search for your products and services on the internet. Without performing proper keyword research, it will become practically impossible for you to target your ideal customers.

Are You Struggling To Generate Sales?
Let Paid Advertising Turn Your Woes To Business Triumphs!

  • Attract targeted potential audience
  • High conversion rate
  • Boost in Return On Investment (ROI)

    Are Google Ads Effective For Your Electronics Business? Let’s Discover!

    google Ads

    The simplest and the most definitive answer to this question is YES. When you are trying to market your E-Commerce business or specifically your electronics business on the internet, Google ads are going to prove highly effective. You will be surprised by the incredible results they can produce. With nearly 5.6 billion search queries being performed every single day, if you are not using Google shopping ads or Google search ads, you are in for a huge loss. So yes, if this is a mistake you are making, rectify it immediately! 

    Google ads are online ads that are managed by Google. They help online shoppers which means your prospective consumers looking for your product to find them easily. In other words, when you use Google ads to market your products, your offerings get highlighted in front of the people who want to make a purchase. 

     Once you have bid on a particular and highly relevant keyword or search term, your ads can be displayed: 

    • On the top of Google results pages 
    • On the bottom of the Google results pages 
    • On the side of the search page 
    • Embedded into relevant YouTube content 
    • Embedded between content on relevant web pages

     Now let’s explain to you just how exactly Google ads are effective for your online electronics business/online electronics agency:

    1. Get Super Fast Results And Highly Optimized Campaigns

    This is the biggest benefit of using Google Ads. You can combine this marketing strategy with all your other digital marketing strategies. Run them simultaneously to get the most awesome results. Google ads in particular improve your website rankings tremendously. If you want to drive more traffic to your website, Google ads are hands down your best option. They reveal your website to your prospects faster and more easily. Because you will not be competing with organic search results anymore, the traction you get with your target market is unrivaled.

    2. Reach Out To The Most Responsive Audience

    It is the easiest and the most practical way to reach out to a responsive audience. You can target them using their location, the language they use, specific keywords, their interests, and a lot more. You can also target the consumer demographic that has already shown interest in your offerings. Based on their search history and the particular pages that they have visited, you can target them quite easily.

    3. Take Your Brand Recognition And Awareness To The Top

    Paid advertising puts your brand in the limelight. Remember, Google is always the first place where your potential consumers are going to conduct research. This is why Google ads focus on enhancing your online presence. It ensures that your brand is visible to the most relevant audience increasing its recognition and awareness among your target demographic. Remember, exposure is the key to getting you more leads, better conversions, and loyal customers.

    4. Stay Connected With Customers And Potential Leads

    Now that you are already on the track of creating and nurturing leads, it is always better to stay connected with them. Google ads let you do that very easily. By creating retargeting ads, you can constantly nurture the leads that have shown interest in your product pages but did not or could not make the purchase. You can also create an impact using video ads and images and stay in their minds much longer. Even when they are not actively searching for your electronics, you will be in their memory constantly.

    5. Measure, Track, Monitor, And Optimize Campaign Performance

    Google Ads also come with detailed analytical tools. Once you have created an ad campaign, you can measure the clicks, impressions, traffic you have been able to generate, the conversions you have been able to record, and a lot more. Google ads also allow you to trace where your leads have been coming from. You will also be able to understand which category of Google ads has benefited your ad campaign the most. It is very easy for you to outperform the ads that have been posted by your competitors in the market. Google Ads also gives you the feature to examine and analyze what keywords they have bid for so that you can get at least two steps ahead of them in targeting a larger market share.

    6. Maximize Return On Investment Every Step Of The Way

    It is very easy to maximize your return on investment when you are using this marketing strategy. For instance, narrowing down your target audience is easy. This improves your conversions significantly. You can also break down the ad campaign costs to understand which of your ads are actually effective and this allows you to eliminate the ads that do not yield any results.

    7. Get Complete Control Over Your Campaign Budget

    Fine-tuning your ad campaign on Google is also incredibly simple. This is considered a major advantage of this marketing platform. Targeting specific keywords and choosing a bidding strategy that is suitable for your business is easy. You can refrain from overspending on any marketing campaign if it is not yielding any results as mentioned above. It also allows you to pause your ad campaigns at any time if you think that the cost is too high or if you want to edit or modify any of your ad content.

    The Best Types Of Google Ads For Your Electronics E-commerce Business - What Are They?

    Yes, there are categories and types of Google Ads as well for your electronics business online. The primary categories that are going to work wonders to increase your conversion rate and help you reach your every sales target are explained below: 

    • Search Ads

    This is the most common category of Google Ads. It can be divided into 2 categories as follows:

    Responsive Search Ads

    Responsive search ads can customize your ad copy according to the specific search queries being performed by your prospects. They also have more options for headlines and descriptions. This allows you to get greater reach across your target demographic. Google usually tries different combinations of headlines and descriptions until it identifies the most efficient combination.

    Dynamic Search Ads

    These search ads use a dynamic approach to populate ads with the content that is picked from your website. You would want to run these ads within search campaigns and they work very well with a nicely developed website that has clear categories and relevant content. If you have a large inventory of products, dynamic search ads are going to be very useful. 

    • Display Ads

    Have you heard about the Google Display Network? This is where your display ads run efficiently. These are also called image ads and they show up on Gmail, Google Finance, and YouTube as well. Google has the liberty to choose where and when to show these ads on specific websites to target your particular audience base. These can be either static or animated as per your preferences. 

    • Shopping Ads


    There is no better way to convince your target market to purchase your product. Shopping ads are going to show your product images clearly along with the title and the price. The link to your online store is also going to be there. Shopping ads are visible on the Google Search Network and Google Images as well. So this gives you a lot of exposure which translates into more conversions and higher sales every time. Remember to use a highly efficient and consumer-friendly shopping cart on your website if you want this ad to be a success.

    • Remarketing Ads

    One of the most feature-packed Google ads is these. They allow you to perform remarketing easily. The Google remarketing code goes into a tiny pixel or tag of an image. This goes on to your website so that every visitor coming to your web page gets added to your remarketing audience group. Browser cookies play a very important role in this strategy.

    • Performance Max

    Performance Campaign is one campaign to rule them all – it seamlessly enhances your keyword-based Search campaigns across all of Google’s advertising channels. Thanks to Google’s machine learning, you can maximize your business reach without the hassle of managing multiple platforms for a single campaign. You can easily connect with potential customers at multiple touchpoints within just one campaign, significantly boosting your chances of converting them into valuable leads. 

    Moving Up The SERP List - How Many Clicks to Expect From Google Search Ads?

    If you have an online store that sells electronics and want more people to find it on Google, we can show you how many clicks your ads might get. Now the average CPC (Cost-per-Click) for showing your ecommerce electronics business ads on top of the page is around $1-$2. So this means, you can easily generate 800-1000 visitors to your website, by investing $2000 on Google Ads. Knowing this will easily help you increase your online sales and become more successful in the world of online shopping!

    Pro Tip: To achieve these outcomes, it’s crucial to implement top-notch PPC strategies. Your business needs a well-crafted, mobile-friendly website, a solid plan for effective PPC tactics, and a reliable digital marketing agency to handle the job with expertise.

    Why Are Google Shopping Campaigns The First Choice For A Business Today?

    Google Shopping Campaigns are the go-to for businesses today, and a key reason is their powerful Click Through Rate (CTR). With high-quality product visuals and details right in the ad, potential customers are more likely to click, giving you a better chance to convert them. The average CTR for Google Shopping Ads is 0.86%. Whereas the average Click Through Rate for the Computers and Technology sector is 0.55%. This high CTR means you’re not just reaching more people, but you’re reaching the right people who are genuinely interested in your products. It’s like a direct highway to eager shoppers, making Google Shopping Campaigns the ultimate choice for your business.

    The following are the reasons why everybody is growing extremely fond of them:

    Skyrocket Your Click-Through Rates

    Google shopping ads solve this problem for good. Because they are located right at the top of the search result page, it improves your click-through rate significantly. There is a very big chance that your customers are going to click on your ad looking at its relevance and informative ad copy. But for this, you have to do extensive keyword research and make sure that your ad is attractive and leads directly to your shopping page.

    Stay Connected With All Customers

    Whether it is your potential customers or existing consumers, Google shopping ads allow you to stay connected with them throughout. When served with a shopping ad, the purchase intention gets materialized. Your consumers are able to reach your product faster even when they are in their surf mode. It is highly likely that they would add your product to their shopping cart or their shopping list for future purchases.

    Show Up Several Times On The Internet

    Google shopping ad campaigns put your brand under the radar of your customers. You pop up more frequently. It is a complete marketing tool that allows you to gain more traction with your audience. You will be seen by your customers multiple times which increases the chances of you making a sale with your prospects much faster.

    Generate More Website Visitors

    When you combine Google shopping ad campaigns with your organic SEO marketing strategies, you pull in a considerable amount of traffic to your website. Usually, the shopper is expected to land on your webpage as soon as he clicks on the shopping ad. So yes, it obviously increases your web traffic.

    What Results To Expect From Google Shopping Ad Campaigns For Electronics Business Stores?

    Ad Campaigns For Electronics Business

    When it comes to your Google Shopping Ad campaign, the ultimate measure of success is your Conversion Rate. A high Conversion Rate means that the people who click on your ads are not just browsing; they’re buying. This translates to real, tangible results – more sales, increased revenue, and a healthier bottom line. So, if you’re wondering what to expect from your Google Shopping Ad campaign, keep a close eye on that Conversion Rate, which in terms of Google Shopping Ads is 1.91%, and in the Computers and Technology industry is 2.20%. Other than this, you reap the following fruits:  

    • You will be able to attain and enjoy amazing and long-lasting visibility for all your products. This increases your exposure with your target market and ensures increased web traffic for every page that you want to link to your Google shopping ads.
    • It is also easier to ensure a greater advertising return on investment because the ads are highly targeted. You get more relevant clicks and better chances of sale within a very short span of time and with considerably less marketing expense.
    • Your brand is also going to enjoy a much broader reach for your every product ad. This leads you to target different age and consumer demographics that you never thought would be interested in your offerings. It automatically increases your sales numbers.
    • Do you know that Google shopping ad campaigns allow you to create mobile-friendly advertising campaigns? When your ads become friendlier on mobile devices, your consumer is 60% more likely to make a purchase with your electronics business.

    What Is The Cost Of Remarketing Your Ad Campaigns?

    Remarketing ad campaigns are the digital marketing boon that keeps on giving. By targeting users who’ve already interacted with your electronics store website or app, they offer a second chance to re-engage and convert potential customers. These campaigns magnify brand recall, foster trust, and significantly boost conversion rates by tailoring your ads to suit their interests and past interactions, making them a cornerstone of effective advertising strategy.

    On average, you will find that Google’s remarketing cost is very low. If you choose a top PPC agency like Softtrix, the entire cost might prove to be even more affordable. The average minimum cost is close to somewhere between $0.66 and $1.23 per click.

    What’s The Minimum Advertising Cost To Achieve Measurable Results For Your Electronics Business?

    The minimum advertising cost of your PPC campaign or Google ads campaign to achieve measurable results for your business is going to be subjected to several factors. The kind of competition that you face in your industry will be the primary factor here among many others that have been explained in the following section. Apart from this, your business goals and the type of audience that you want to target are also going to determine the cost of your PPC campaign. 

    The key to a successful PPC campaign lies in your budget. Simply put, the more you invest, the better your outcomes are likely to be. Starting as low as $1,000 can already bring in quality leads, but remember that some PPC professionals might charge extra for various services. 

    However, PPC experts at Softtrix can trim your advertising expenses while delivering high-quality results at affordable prices, with a minimum starting cost of $350, swiftly boosting lead generation and business profits as your investment increases.

    What Is The Monthly PPC Campaign Management Fee For Your Business?

    PPC campaign management is where PPC professionals like us, handle your online advertising efforts. They optimize your ads, monitor their performance, and adjust strategies to get the best results. The monthly fee for this service varies depending on the agency or expert you choose and the scope of your campaign. It can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Investing in effective management can significantly improve your ROI, ensuring that your ecommerce electronics store gets the most value out of your advertising budget.

    Typically, the monthly fee for PPC campaign management begins at $500. Nevertheless, when you collaborate with Softtrix on your digital journey, you receive FREE $500 in Google Ads credits for your new account, effectively reducing your monthly PPC account management costs to zero.

    Some clear factors that determine the Google Ad pricing strategy of any agency include the following factors: 

    • Level of expertise and experience of the digital marketing/PPC campaign/Google ads campaign consultant
    • Competition on the keyword and search terms that you want to include in your Google ads marketing campaign
    • Number of ad campaigns that you want to run simultaneously on every product that you sell is also going to determine this cost
    • Types of ad campaigns that you want to invest in will also impact the monthly PPC campaign management fee 
    • Number of ad platforms and the quality of Google ads are also important factors

    Other than these factors, there are numerous services that you will be utilizing such as ad copywriting, bid management, landing page design, strategy creation, campaign planning, tracking and reporting of every ad that you run, PPC competitor analysis, and a lot more.

    Why Does Your Business Need Continuous PPC Campaign Management?

    Yes, that brings us to a very important question. What is the need for continuous PPC campaign management? The following reasons will shed light on this:

    • When you are in the flow, it is easier to set up and monitor your PPC campaign whenever you want. You cannot afford to pause PPC campaign management and then start monitoring where you left it off.
    • Constantly managing your campaign ensures a better return on your investment. Because you are able to get instant feedback on all your ad campaigns and the ability to gauge their effectiveness in real-time, getting more return on your ad spending becomes possible.
    • You will be able to get more conversions on each one of your PPC ads because you will be constantly monitoring their effectiveness. This allows you to make changes to ad campaigns to create high-quality marketing copy for your prospects.
    • The customer enjoys a very fulfilling and satisfying experience when you have your PPC campaigns running smoothly and continuously. You are able to stay on their minds and constantly encourage them to make purchases with you. This allows you to develop a better connection with them and become a part of their shopping patterns.

    Google Ads By Softtrix - What ROI Can You Expect With Us?

    This is highly subjective and depends on what kind of Google ad campaigns you want to run. As per Google, you should be able to get at least $2 for every $1 that you spend on Google ads on average. Which means that the return on investment is 100%. If you choose a highly skilled, experienced, and dependable PPC ad campaign management company, you could also get a return of $5 or more for your ad spend.

    With the Google Ads average conversion rate dancing between 2-4%, you can easily score a ballpark of 30-50 conversions for your website after splurging around $2000

    Now, let’s talk about real revenue impact. It’s a rollercoaster, and the size of your product price tag plays the thrill factor.

    For electronics businesses, the ticket price is a game-changer, swinging from $200 to $2000+ based on market vibes, services offered, consumer cravings, and location jazz. Imagine a minimum of 30 conversions at a $200 ticket—the register rings at $6000 in sales, painting a vibrant 3X ROAS for the debut month. But, keep this in neon lights: this ROI groove only rocks if you jam to the best practice beat with a top digital marketing agency leading the orchestra. Time to cue your search for the crème de la crème and let the results serenade you!  

    Case Study: Google Ads For Electronics Business

    How your particular Google ad campaign generates revenue for your business will depend on several factors. The type of customers you want and the different targeting methods you use will be accountable for this outcome. For example, in the following case study, you can see that the business in question was able to achieve sales worth 345,000 Pounds with a conversion cost of 19.35 Pounds. You can emulate the success of this business too by choosing somebody who understands your business and your industry well enough.

    Why Pick The Best Google Ads Services Only?

    Choosing the best Google Ads services can make all the difference in your digital journey. It’s like picking the perfect wingman for your business as you navigate the vast and competitive realm of online advertising. The right service can unlock the full potential of Google Ads, ensuring your investment translates into impactful results and maximum ROI.

    Apart from the best PPC and Google ads practices, you get the highest degree of professionalism, a deep understanding of your industry, and result-oriented marketing approaches. If you want to go for a Google ads service provider, you should always choose the best in the industry. The following reasons will be enough to encourage you to do the same:

    • They would always prefer to go by data and analytics only. The best agencies usually make use of critical numbers and statistics to work on your ad campaigns. They understand essential PPC metrics and marketing trends very well.
    • These agencies are able to predict the buying behavior of your audience based on the extensive database and first-party insights that they have collected over the years. They also partner with leading social media platforms to give your ad campaigns more exposure.
    • The best agencies usually have ample knowledge about local searches and this allows them to put your business on the top of the search results. Do you know that 76% of these local searches lead to an in-store visit within 24 hours?
    • You will also enjoy strong mobile optimization for each one of your Google ads. And remember, more than half which is somewhere around 53% of the clicks usually happen on mobile devices. So yes, you can expect mobile-optimized display ads for each one of your ad campaigns.
    • Unmatched keyword research is essential for the success of your Google ads or PPC campaign. They have access to the best keyword research tools and they come up with the most highly customized keyword research strategies as well. 

    Are You Struggling To Generate Sales?
    Let Paid Advertising Turn Your Woes To Business Triumphs!

    • Attract targeted potential audience
    • High conversion rate
    • Boost in Return On Investment (ROI)

      Why Your Google Ads Aren’t Showing Results? [And How to Fix Them]
      • Keywords Gone Rogue: If your Google Ads aren’t delivering, it might be due to irrelevant keywords or mismatched search terms – a quick keyword makeover can work wonders.
      • Landing Page Lethargy: Lackluster landing pages can be the culprits. Revamp them with persuasive content and seamless user experiences for a potent ad conversion boost.
      • Budget Bungles: Tight budgets might be holding you back. Review and adjust your spending strategy to ensure your ads stay competitive and visible.
      • Ad Creativity Crisis: Ad fatigue is real. Infuse fresh creativity into your ad copy and design to rekindle user interest and reinvigorate your campaign’s performance.
      • Quality Score Quandary: A low Quality Score can stifle your ads’ performance. Check your ad quality and relevance to boost this score, which, in turn, will help improve your ad rankings and visibility for better results.

      Time To Wrap Things Up!

      After this discussion, let’s put everything in perspective for you. Google ads are important for the success of your electronics business online. If you haven’t started your PPC campaign yet, we at Softtrix can help you out. There is no fee for initial consultation. And there is no reason for you to delay more sales and thicker profit margins. 

      Connect with us today to launch your ad campaign today! 


      If you are able to secure a 5.31% conversion rate, it is decent enough. If you can go something a little higher than that, you have a very well-optimized conversion rate for your Google ads campaign. However, it is possible to achieve an even higher conversion rate if you go for the best digital marketing agency for your company.

      Yes. Google ads work for all E-Commerce businesses out there whether it is a construction company or an electronics business. You have numerous targeting options and many categories of Google ads that you can invest in.

      • You can increase expansion by using proper keyword research tools 
      • Remember to target specific audiences using remarketing lists 
      • It is always better to match the search intent of the user with your call to action 
      • Always focus on spending money to convert location-specific leads
      • Do away with all negative keywords

      Google ads do drive sales to your electronics business online. Google shopping ad campaigns in particular can generate more than 85% of all your clicks. This generates enough sales numbers for any eCommerce business regardless of the industry.

      Ask your digital marketing services provider to do that for you. You can test your Google ads by changing the ad copy a little bit or making changes to the headline. You can keep the rest of the copy similar. This will help you test new versions of your Google ads.

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