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Paid Search campaigns are offering rich dividend for business across industries. The rewards have been such big that every small and large business wants to start with Pay Per Click campaign to boost sales of products and services. This has led to thousands of individuals and agencies to declare them as PPC experts and this is where the danger lies. If you aren’t able to find the right PPC account management you would see thousands of dollars going waste without any tangible rewards. At SoftTrix we have more than a decade experience in PPC management and make every dollar of your ad spend count. We let you hire AdWords managers certified by Google who can fructify your paid search campaign.


Why PPC?

Attract more customers

Be it traffic on the website or be it online sales, PPC works wonders for you because it keeps the customers coming back for more.

Right people at right time

Your business gets featured on Google, when your potential customers are searching for the products or services you offer.

Local and global advertisements

From specific countries to specific cities or area, you can target the audience globally or within the area of your business while you’re having a coffee sitting in front of your desktop.

No click, no fee

You only pay when someone clicks or visits your website from your ad.

Start with any budget

You can start with budget as low as 1000 per day. Most businesses are good to go with this figure.

Do you want most value from your PPC campaign?

We offer the most trusted PPC consulting so that you may offer to the interested customers who are out there searching for your products and services

Here are a few factors to support our claim of being the most reliable pay per click campaign

Top Performer

Our track record speaks volumes about or skills and expertise with PPC. We have been the top performers with all campaigns that we have managed and a high client retention rate is a testimony to our success. We don’t offer you excuses and only believe in delivering results that are visible to your eyes.

Dedicated Account Manager

We let you hire a dedicated PPC AdWords account manager who will manage your existing PPC campaign or start afresh. From researching on your potential keywords to bidding for them and optimizing your campaign he/she would take care of all aspects of your campaign. If your existing campaign has failed to meet your desired goals we shall optimize it to earn rewards.

Multi-Lingual Services

If you are looking for Spanish, French, German or Dutch PPC management team you are on the right place. We understand the importance of local search and those in the native language and have a team of native Spanish, French, German and Dutch speakers who handle your PPC project with ease and keep you updated on the progress.


Monthly Reports

We offer you detailed monthly reports that highlight the task accomplished as well as the progress of the campaign. This allows you to analyze the success of your campaign and also to judge if the campaign is meeting your desired goals.



As your PPC accounts partner our experts work in tandem with your in-house marketing team to ensure that the campaign complements other digital marketing endeavors. Our experts can be called upon to offer consultancy services to your internal team members.

Why PPC account management or Adwords Account Management needed?

Anyone can create a Adwords account and person who have basic knowledge of PPC can run the ads. But many people try to setup the account themselves and try to manage it but 95% of them fail to get any kind of ROI. And then think that the PPC space is not for them and they just shut down everything. To get the maximum output from the Adwords campaign you need to build the quality score of the keywords and that takes time, along with the campaigns needs to be set up using the Best PPC practices, so that we can get maximum bang for the bucks we are spending. In Adwords Quality Score varies from 1 to 10. Normal person can easily get the quality score of 3-4 on the keywords, If you use the best PPC practices to set up and manage the PPC campaigns we are attain a high quality score in the range of 6-10 which usually means lesser cost per click that we have to pay to Google.

To maximize the ROI from the Adwords campaigns you need to attain quality score of 7 to 10 which help you to get lesser CPC (cost per click) on keywords and you can get maximum click from the same budget that you spend in the campaigns. In Adwords there are many technical aspects, like A/B Testing, Dynamic Keywords Insertion, Use of Call only Ads and make the best use of ETA’s (Extended text ads), adding negative keywords, Call Extensions, correctly implementing conversion tracking script and much more. These tasks only can handle by an Professional PPC Account Manager.

Why SoftTrix for Adwords or PPC Account Management?

When you need to grow your audience base and web traffic, and you don’t have the luxury of time, we have powerful solutions for you. We help you attract authentic prospects and get your online sales to increase by featuring you in front of more people and at a faster rate. We streamline your current campaign and increase clicks through by effectively targeting right audience in the right neighborhoods and communities and feature your business on a global level. Through our campaign management skills, we target the right demographics on the right time at which they are most likely to search for your products/services. Optimum performance is focused upon by controlling the ad spend by setting budgets and other limits. We know when and how to reach the mobile audience.


Easiest way to get customers!

Softtrix offers optimum services to manage pay-per-click campaigns so that you can be sure of getting customers to your business and grow traffic on your website. By leveraging these AdWords, we make sure you get featured in the front of right audience that is interested in your product or the services you offer. With us, it just isn’t about pay it and forget it kind of strategy but it requires updates on daily basis and constant optimization. We make sure you get the most out of your investment. We know you’ve tried about everything but not getting the desired results leaves you wondering about more options. At Softtrix, we offer the most trusted consulting and campaign management so that the moment your customer searches for your brand, you’re up and running.


Here’s how we help you!

01. PPC keyword research

We find and use the keywords that produce the most leads and the best quantifiable profit (ROI). We will research about your industry and your objective and clients’ needs and will decide the best keywords to achieve your target.

02. PPC optimization

By enhancing your cost-per-click and bid positioning, for the most elevated monetary profits, requires an unending cycle of master testing and, implementation in competition with other advertisers. We will persistently advance your landing pages, the content of your advertisements, and track the execution to continue enhancing the nature of site activity and expanding the quantity of new clients in like manner.

03. PPC audit

We find new opportunities and limit overspending by investigating your past or current campaigns. We will frequently review your campaign execution with a specific end goal to guarantee that we’re making the most of each penny.

04. PPC ad copy and design

You just have a few moments to get attention with AdWord copy; however, you likewise need to think past of the advertisement. Our writers and designers will make extraordinary advertisement copy and streamlined landing pages to increase conversions.

05. PPC consulting and reporting

While we manage pay-per-click campaigns, we make sure to provide a detailed analysis and report on how your campaign is performing.

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    Do you want
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    We are determined to make your business a success. Are you ready to experience the change?