Top 10 White Label Digital Marketing Service Providers in Mumbai, India

Top 10 White Label Digital Marketing Service Providers in Mumbai

White label digital marketing is exceptionally in demand – and for good reasons. By partnering with a white-label company, digital marketing agencies can provide a full-suite of services to clients while reducing costs and freeing up more time. The model also allows businesses to drive additional revenue streams by providing a new service to the clients, without hiring resources.

Choosing a white label digital marketing agency makes sense when you have insufficient expertise in one or more fields, lack funds and technologies, or handling too many things at a time. By serving your clients timely with top-notch services, you can create a strong brand presence, drive customer satisfaction, and improve your ROI.

So, if you are looking for the best white label digital marketing agency in Mumbai, here are your 10 best options.   

Best White Label Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai

1. Softtrix

With over 14 years of experience, Softtrix is a leading and award-winning Mumbai digital marketing agency. They provide a full-suite of white-label digital marketing services to businesses, agencies, and individual consultants. Having a team of dedicated and skillful internet marketing experts enables them to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique marketing goals and requirements of the clients.

When it comes to digital marketing white label services, they leave no stone unturned to provide the best value to the clients, maintain 100% confidentiality, and improve your bottom line. Over the years, they have helped individual businesses achieve 78% growth in revenues by generating 51,069+ sales leads.

Established in2009
ServicesSEO, PPC advertising, website design and development, ORM  
ClientsOnCall Solutions, Stanton Optical, Coretech Security, Enterprise DNA  

2. ValueHits

ValueHits is one of the top digital marketing firms in Mumbai that tops our list of white-label service providers. They offer end-to-end digital marketing services, so you can focus on your core skills while outsourcing the solution you need. They have the experience and expertise to help improve your client’s online visibility, drive qualified leads, and generate sales.

ValueHits focuses on delivering ‘value’ by staying ahead of the latest marketing trends, technologies, and tools. This enables them to provide the most up-to-date digital marketing services you need. With 12+ years of experience and delivering 600+ projects, they are a Google Certified Company.

Established in2010
ServicesSEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, app development 
ClientsAzure Power, MMRC, MileageSpot, Gandhi Ashram, Wockhardt Foundation, RuPay, BHIM

3. BrandStory

BrandStory is a white label digital marketing company in India, serving businesses and agencies in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. It also provides comprehensive white-label solutions to clients in the USA and Australia. They use modern technologies and industry best practices to help improve brand awareness and drive increased ROI for your clients. They specialize in digital marketing reseller services for small-and-medium businesses, freelancers, and startup companies who lack the time, expertise, and resources to provide end-to-end solutions to their clients.

They have a dedicated team of in-house digital marketing experts who can handle all aspects of providing tailored solutions, performance tracking, analytics, and reporting.

Established inN/A
ServicesSEO, PPC advertising, content writing, social media marketing, email marketing, video production, website design & development
ClientsAngadi Galleria, Vymo, Longitude, Planet Education  

4. Digital Strategy Consultants

Digital Strategy Consultants is a 360° digital transformation company that has years of experience building powerful digital ecosystems based on full-stack digital marketing solutions, website & software development, IT consulting, and multi-channel ad strategies. As a top digital marketing agency in Mumbai, they focus on targeting the entire customer journey, thereby, delivering proven performance, growth, and sustainability.

They are a hybrid digital marketing agency offering reliable white-label services, helping agencies drive brand awareness, quality leads, online sales, and business growth for their clients. The digital marketing services they provide are performance-focused and help build an omnichannel presence, generating sustainable ROI for the clients.

CompanyDigital Strategy Consultants 
Established inN/A
ServicesSEO, eCommerce SEO, Google Ads PPC advertising, social media marketing, digital marketing, eCommerce marketing, website design & development
ClientsPR Realty, BYOP, Zevaroz, Sterling, Study Visa Point, Harmony Home Medical  

5. White Mint Media

White Mint Media is one of the best white label digital marketing companies that provide full-service digital marketing solutions to businesses in the fields of real estate, eCommerce, consumer products, and non-profit organizations. Their objective is to help drive increased sales and ROI for your clients while establishing your brand as a reliable digital marketing agency. Through continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest trends, they have the ability to transform your client’s online marketing investments into increased leads and higher sales.

CompanyWhite Mint Media
Established in2011
ServicesSEO, paid media marketing, website development, social media marketing 
ClientsDo Solar, E-Waste Recycling India, Aceware, Calci Infra, Golden Art Jewellery  

6. Rank My Business

Rank My Business is a trusted digital marketing agency in Mumbai that is focused on designing solutions that deliver measurable business results. No two businesses are the same, neither are their marketing needs. Therefore, they take a unique approach to provide a tailored strategy for each client, giving an edge to the business. They serve clients spanning Mumbai, Lucknow, and Melbourne.

Rank My Business provides white label search engine optimization services, helping SEO agencies establish their brand presence minus the effort, time, and resources required to provide dedicated SEO services to clients.

CompanyRank My Business
Established in2015
ServicesDigital strategy, branding, web design, SEO, SEM, and SMO
ClientsDosa Hut, Bearcat, Western Specialist Centre, Bajwa Immigration, Home Bars  

7. Skovian

Skovian is a full-service digital marketing company in Pune, also serving clients in Mumbai, Bangalore, and other cities in India. Their objective is to help businesses achieve tangible growth through website development, performance marketing, and lead generation. With over 10 years of experience, they have successfully delivered 1000+ projects for 700+ clients in India and globally. Their team is focused on attracting the most relevant and targeted users for your clients through comprehensive white-label digital marketing services.

CompanySkovian Ventures
Established in2011
ServicesOnline lead generation, SEO, eCommerce advertising, website development, PPC advertising
ClientsMercedes-Benz, Jaguar, VTP Realty, Kundan Spaces  

8. Puretech Digital

Puretech Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency in Mumbai, helping businesses leverage the power of digital to build successful brands, reach more people, boost sales, and drive improved customer engagement. They have a dedicated team of marketers, strategists, technologists, and communicators who can collaborate with your clients and devise tactics and strategies to help them achieve proven business results. They have expertise in providing a full suite of digital marketing solutions in the fields of healthcare, media, fintech, banking & finance, lifestyle, retail, technology, etc.

CompanyPuretech Digital
Established in2001
ServicesStrategic campaign planning, paid search marketing, search engine optimization, online media marketing, social media management, online reputation management
ClientsBrand Factory, Vogue, DBS, Conde Nast, CFA Institute, The Art of Living, British Council  

9. Mirum India

Mirum India is one of the best digital marketing agencies with a strong footprint across India and globally. They have a team of 300+ storytellers, creators, digital marketers, and technologists who specialize in the fields of advertising, digital communication, and technology. They also have expertise in the fields of eCommerce and marketing automation. Their team stays abreast with the latest internet marketing trends and practices and employs proven tools and tactics to help businesses achieve marketing and sales goals.

They are an award-winning company that has over 12 years of experience providing reliable services to clients.

CompanyMirum India
Established in2009
ServicesBrand strategy, creative service, media planning & buying, ORM, marketing automation, healthcare marketing
ClientsNissan, Force Motors, DBS, Kotak, Sanofi, Globus, Raymond, Skechers  

10. BC Web Wise

BC Web Wise is a 360° full-service digital marketing company based out of Mumbai. As the world is walking the path of digital transformation, the company provides end-to-end digital marketing services, including ATL and BTL marketing. They claim to be the only Mumbai digital marketing agency following the philosophy of FishSense. It enables them to provide more streamlined services using all the collective expertise and experience they have to help clients achieve their marketing goals.

CompanyBC Web Wise
Established in2000
ServicesSearch marketing, media planning & buying, social media marketing, video production, eCommerce development, ORM, digital branding, analytics, etc.
ClientsHero, Bharat Benz, Liberty General Insurance, Linc, Samsonite, Ecofy  

Frequently Asked Questions

Softtrix is an award-winning digital marketing company in India, catering to clients pan India and in the USA.  They have 14+ years of experience in digital marketing, providing value-driven and robust digital transformation services spanning  SEO, PPC, and website design and development. 

Softtrix is a leading-edge best white label digital marketing agency in Mumbai, with the expertise, tools, and strategies to cater to businesses of all sizes and industries. They have a dedicated team of digital marketing experts who can understand unique client requirements and provide the most innovative and scalable solutions to global clients.  

When it comes to choosing the #1 digital marketing agency in India, Softtrix is a name you can count upon for performance-based, ROI-driven solutions that help achieve your business goals. 

White label digital marketing is a business model wherein agencies, individual consultants, and businesses outsource digital marketing services that they can resell under their brand name. White-label agencies maintain 100% confidentiality and discreteness, allowing agencies to establish their brand presence without the time, expertise, and tools required to cater to clients’ needs.  You can hire a white label agency for one-off projects or to outsource a full-suite of services.

Experienced digital marketing managers in Mumbai may expect a salary between ₹3.4 lakhs and ₹21.0 lakhs per annum.

The estimated average salary of a digital marketer having over 5 years of experience is approximately ₹6.4 Lakhs per year in India. 

In India, the highest-paid job position in the field of digital marketing is the digital marketing manager. They are followed by other job positions such as that of an eCommerce Specialist, Social Media Marketer, Brand Marketing Expert, etc.

India is rapidly progressing toward digital transformation. Adding to it are fast-paced technology advancements, numerous web-based companies, and a booming Internet-savvy population that makes India one of the best countries for digital marketing jobs.  

To become a high-paying digital marketer, you must complete your bachelor’s degree along with pursuing knowledge in digital marketing. You can participate in certification programs, training courses, and boot camps that can help gain more proficiency. To progress further in your career, it is important to get a master’s degree in digital marketing.

Digital marketing has its challenges too. Some of the limitations are:

  • Fast-growing competition
  • A time-consuming process that requires in-depth knowledge of digital marketing practices, tools, and technologies
  • Privacy and security concerns  
  • The cost of creating and maintaining your brand presence digitally can be high
  • Finding a good digital marketing agency can be intimidating

Mumbai is the hub of a large number of businesses, entertainment, and media industries. This has created a high demand for professional digital marketing services.

Digital marketing holds immense potential for growth, completely transforming the way consumers engage with brands today. The progress of ChatGPT, IoT and other technologies is further driving customer engagement. Hence, the future is bright, providing lucrative growth opportunities for businesses.

The demand for digital marketing is increasing rapidly. To pursue a career in this field, you should start early by getting knowledge and specialized training from around 14-18 years.

Here are some valuable tips to start your digital marketing business in India:

  • Gain knowledge and skills in digital marketing
  • Build a website with an effective brand name, host it through a reliable provider, and complete all legal and taxation procedures
  • Define your niche and service specialization
  • Market your brand
  • Get projects, manage clients, and deliver timely

The average hourly salary of an experienced digital marketing expert is ₹ 190 per hour in India.

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