Top 10 White Label Google Ads Management Agencies in Bangalore, India

The digital marketing arena is ever-competitive. As a PPC agency, you need to establish your expertise in creating ROI-driven ad campaigns and generating value for your clients. So, working with a white label digital marketing agency can be the best way to leverage the skills of a professional in building and managing proven Google Ads campaigns. Partnering with a white-label agency is also a good idea if you have too many things on your plate and strict deadlines to follow. 

However, there are a large number of Google AdWords agencies in Bangalore, providing 100% confidential and reliable white-label PPC services. With so many options available, choosing the right one for your digital marketing agency can be tricky. To guide you better, here’s our pick of the top 10 white-label Google Ads management companies in Bangalore.

1. Softtrix

Softtrix is one of the top white label digital marketing companies in Bangalore, helping your agency boost conversions for your clients and maximize your earnings minus the effort and hassles. They are a Google Certified Partner that provides high-quality and reliable white-label PPC reseller services by being 100% discreet.

They have a team of dedicated Google Ads management experts who can work as an extension of your brand. Softtrix combines its decades of PPC experience with the latest trends, industry best practices, and up-to-date knowledge to ensure proven Google Ads campaign performance for your clients.

Their white-label Google Ads management services encompass:

  • Shopping Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Google Local Services Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Google Remarketing Ads

So, you can rest assured that your client’s Google Ads campaigns are in capable hands.

Company name:Softtrix
Established in:2009
Services:Shopping Ads, Search Ads, Display Ads, Google Local Services Ads, Video Ads, Google Remarketing Ads
Clients:OnCall Solutions, Stanton Optical, Coretech Security, Enterprise DNA
Email:[email protected]

2. BrandStory

BrandStory is a digital marketing white label company in Bangalore that provides time-tested Google Ads management services. They provide PPC reseller services to small-and-medium businesses, startup agencies, and freelancers who do not have the resources, expertise, or time to create and run extensive Google Ads campaigns.

They have an in-house team of experienced ad copywriters and PPC specialists who can handle all aspects of bidding, setting up and scheduling a campaign, tracking campaign performance, and analytics. The services are tailored to meet your unique Google Ads management requirements.

In addition to custom white label PPC management proposals, they also provide easy-to-comprehend reporting structures to help your agency track the clients’ campaign performance. They complete all the projects 100% under the white label program.

Company name:BrandStory 
Established in:N/A
Services:SEO, PPC, SMM, Email Marketing, Content Writing, Website Design and Development, Video Production
Clients:Angadi Galleria, Vymo, Longitude, Planet Education
Email:[email protected]

3. Xtreme Ads

Xtreme Ads is a Google Ads white label agency that has over 13 years of experience providing dedicated services to digital marketing agencies of all sizes. To manage the projects, they provide a dedicated PPC team that offers end-to-end support – from understanding your needs to defining the project goals, setting up a campaign, A/B testing, tracking, analytics, and reporting.

They provide affordable PPC reseller services to freelancers, startups, and digital marketing agencies. The objective is to deliver high-quality Google Ads management services that can help build your brand image and drive growth. Xtreme Ads also guarantees data ownership and privacy.

Their white-label Google Ads management services comprise:

  • Client onboarding
  • Dedicated account management
  • Prompt support round-the-clock
  • White label reporting

Company name:Xtreme Ads 
Established in:2010
Services:Client onboarding, Dedicated account management, Prompt support round-the-clock, White label reporting
Clients:Supertech, Mahagun, Cube Soft, Fashion Naari, Crypto Cipher
Contact:+9111 7156 4557
Email: N/A

4. Skovian Ventures

Skovian is a white-label PPC company, offering Google Ads reseller services to digital marketing agencies and freelancers in Bangalore. They take a holistic approach to providing white label Google Ads management services, helping you navigate through the stages of research, onboarding, tracking leads, and reporting.

Their team is focused on driving targeted and relevant users for your clients from PPC ads that are strategically placed on various platforms. They also provide comprehensive reports that include new proposals, performance analysis, and audits that enable you to remain proactive with the clients, while Skovian takes care of driving results.

With over 10+ years of experience, they have been catering to PPC resellers and wholesalers with a broad range of services.

Company name:Skovian Ventures
Established in:2011
Services:Research, Onboarding, Tracking Leads, Reporting
Clients:Jaguar, Kundan Spaces, VTP Realty, Mercedes-Benz
Email: [email protected]

5. Monaqo

Monaqo is a Google AdWords company in Bangalore that provides comprehensive PPC services to small businesses, franchises, entrepreneurs, and eCommerce-based businesses. Understanding the needs of your clients, they can create strategic PPC campaigns that help improve brand recognition, drive qualified leads, and achieve their business goals.

They have the knowledge and expertise to create powerful pay-per-click ads and run them across the Google Display Network. Depending on the client’s PPC budget and requirement, Google Ads can appear anywhere across 2 million websites, apps, and videos. Based on the clients’ PPC objectives, they will set the campaign metrics and create a PPC strategy to attract new leads and cut down on their PPC expenses.

Their PPC services include:

  • Keyword research
  • Ad creation
  • Landing page development
  • Account setup
  • Tracking installation and testing
  • Campaign launch
  • Monitor performance
  • Campaign assessment

Company name:Monaqo
Established in:2017
Services:Keyword research, Ad creation, Landing page development, Account setup, Tracking installation and testing, Campaign launch
Clients:Nimbus Holidays, Touchstone, Brabbu, Storica, Crisp Idea
Contact:+91 7996 585956
Email: [email protected]

6. WhiteDigital

WhiteDigital makes it to our list of the top white label digital marketing agencies owing to their high-quality and reliable white label PPC services. They are a Google Premier Partner that provides 100% white label Google Ads management services. With over 15 years of experience, they have been providing dedicated services to Fortune 500 companies, web design companies, consultants, digital marketing companies, and social media markets.

They have a team of Google engineers who work together with your team to bring the latest industry trends, tools, and customer persona to drive new leads for your clients. In addition to setting up and running an ad campaign, White Digital will also provide valuable insights, white label proposals, and free PPC audits.

They provide end-to-end PPC services that include:

  • PPC set up
  • Creating a bidding strategy
  • Free  PPC campaign audits and market research data
  • Actionable reports
  • Pre sales support

Company name:White Digital
Established in:N/A
Services:PPC setup, Creating a bidding strategy, Free PPC campaign audits and market research data, Actionable reports, Pre-sales support
Clients:SRL Diagnostics, 3D Bricks, Party Supplies Now, Astro Number
Contact:+91 94 980 999 71
Email: [email protected]

7. Percoyo


Percoyo is another reputable Google AdWords agency in Bangalore that provides ROI-focused PPC management services. They have a team of Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified professionals with over 7 years of experience, creating pay-per-click campaigns that deliver proven results. The agency claims to have generated 30,000+ targeted leads for clients across the world.    

They are one of the top PPC agencies n Bangalore and may provide white label services to digital marketing companies of all sizes. Leveraging their expertise in pay-per-click advertising, especially Google Ads, they can create powerful ad campaigns that can help maximize your clients’ brand presence across the entire Google Display Network.

Their focus on in-depth research and analysis of the campaigns, Google algorithm changes, the latest market trends, and cutting-edge tools enables them to derive higher ROI for the clients.

Company name:Percoyo
Established in:2010
Services:Google Search, Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Facebook Leads Ads, Google AdWords
Clients:Sagar Health Seva, Hema Jewellers, IZ Repairs, Simplisafe, United Walls
Email: [email protected]

8. WebHopers

WebHopers is a trusted digital marketing company in Bangalore that might provide white label PPC services. They have over 6 years of experience catering to diverse Google Ads management needs of global clients. WebHopers has a team of Google Ads-certified PPC professionals who have in-depth knowledge of setting up, running, and managing a pay-per-click ad campaign on Google Display Network.

Their focus is to create PPC marketing campaigns based on high Click-through Rate (CTR) and low Cost Per Click (CPC). To achieve this, they will ensure the website has attractive landing pages and a 10/10 quality score. The agency also provides weekly and monthly progress reports.

WebHopers provides a broad range of PPC services that include:

  • Business keyword research
  • Negative keyword research
  • Keyword optimization
  • Creating ad groups and continuously optimizing them for improved performance
  • Landing page optimization to drive better conversions

Company name:WebHopers
Established in:2017
Services:Business keyword research, Negative keyword research, Keyword optimization, Creating ad groups and continuously optimizing them for improved performance, Landing page optimization to drive better conversions
Clients:Nutrition, Modloft, Sparkzon, Medrix Pharma
Contact:+91 9056855559
Email: [email protected]

9. Webomindapps

Webomindapps is a digital marketing company in Bangalore that offers varied digital solutions under one roof. While they are not an outright white label PPC service provider, you can trust them with your client’s campaigns because they have years of experience in Google Ads management. There is an official Google Partner Agency, providing dedicated solutions that can help maximize business reach, get more leads, and boost conversions.

In addition to PPC, they also provide full-suite digital marketing services that include:

  • Brand building
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media optimization
  • Google My Business
  • Email marketing
  • Website design
  • Call-to-action marketing
  • Content development

Company name:Webomindapps
Established in:2013
Services:Brand building, Search engine optimization, Social media optimization, Google My Business, Email marketing, Website design, Call-to-action marketing, Content development
Clients:TCL, British Council, Kosher, Prestige Group, Aster Pharmacy
Contact:+91 935 33 70 081
Email: [email protected]

10. Softscotch

Softscotch is a full-service marketing agency in Bangalore that can help businesses drive organic traffic and increase ROAS on their paid marketing campaigns. While they may not provide white-label Google Ads management services outright, they do have agency pricing plans that may be suitable for your digital marketing company.

Some of the top search platforms they work with are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They also have expertise in creating PPC campaigns for popular advertising channels such as Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, Amazon, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and more. When you visit their website, you will come across a lot of numbers and case studies that they claim to be the results they have generated for their clients.

Till date, they have successfully launched 27+ PPC projects, helping businesses get more leads and increased conversions. With them as your PPC partner, you can be assured of:

  • Premium pay-per-click tools
  • Ethical and transparent services
  • Dedicated team of 20+ of combined experience
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Fast implementation

Company name:Softscotch
Established in:N/A
Services:Google AdWords PPC management
Clients:upGrad, Baby Pavilion, World of Dates, Simplified, Lodha
Contact:+91 8971068646
Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Softtrix is one of the best digital marketing agencies in India, offering comprehensive services across Delhi NCR, Bangalore, other parts of India, and the USA. They have years of experience in this field and provide end-to-end services that include SEO, PPC, and website design and development.

Catering to businesses of all sizes and industries, Softtrix is one of the top digital marketing companies in Bangalore. They have a team of strategists, innovators, and analysts who can deliver the most creative, flexible, and innovative solutions to drive potential customers.

While there are several premier digital marketing companies in India, Softtrix is a name you can trust for high-quality, ROI-driven services at affordable prices.

A white label digital marketing agency is one that provides complete marketing services that you can resell under your brand name. Digital marketing reseller service is a preferred choice when you lack the time, expertise, or resources to provide end-to-end services your clients need. White label agencies maintain complete anonymity and discreteness, and you can resell the service and reports under your branding.

The highest salary of experienced digital marketers in Bangalore is around ₹ 10.5 Lakhs.

A digital marketer with 4-9 years of experience may expect an average salary of ₹6.4 Lakhs per year in India.

The position of a Digital Marketing Manager is the highest paid in India, followed by Ecommerce Specialist, Brand Marketing Expert, Visual Designer & Digital Artist, and Social Media Marketer.

India, with its fast-paced technology advancements and lucrative marketing opportunities, is considered the best option for digital marketers.

To become a high-paying digital marketer, you need to hone your skills and gain experience in SEO, analytics, content marketing, social media, copywriting, marketing automation, and email marketing.

Check out the top challenges of digital marketing –

  • Increased competition
  • High dependability on modern technologies
  • Privacy and security issues
  • Has a steep learning curve
  • Unorganized strategies and tactics may be time-consuming

With numerous top-notch web-based companies and a diversified talent base, Bangalore is the best city to kickstart your digital marketing career.

The significance of digital marketing in today’s business environment is growing at an astounding pace. Rapid technology advancements are further fueling the growth. With immense potential and opportunities to explore, it will definitely change the business scenario in years to come.

With lucrative career opportunities in the field of digital marketing, it is always a good idea to start learning digital marketing from a young age, say 14-18 years.

Here are some quick tips to start a digital marketing business:

  • Choose a service/s that you specialize in
  • Pick a niche/s
  • Market yourself and find clients
  • Start off with service delivery

The average digital marketing salary is $10-$15 per hour.  

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