The Ultimate Guide To Automotive PPC Ads With Softtrix

The Ultimate Guide To Automotive PPC Ads With Softtrix

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In today’s fast-paced world, people are often pressed for time and patience, making them less inclined to wait for public transportation to reach their destinations. Consequently, many individuals now prefer to own their vehicles. 

People have a strong attachment to their automobiles, and are often seeking ways to enhance their performance or address the issues when they arise. When a component of their vehicle requires attention, they turn to search engines to find the exact part they need.

Instances like these could make you understand that establishing a strong online presence for your automotive business is imperative.  However, in a landscape where numerous competitors are already attracting a substantial consumer base and experiencing a rise in sales, merely having an online presence is not sufficient.

To truly distinguish yourself, consider implementing an effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaign. According to a report, 50% of users who interact with PPC ads ultimately convert into loyal customers.

This strategic approach ensures that your website’s advertisements appear prominently when prospective buyers are actively researching the products you offer. As a result, you can expect a boost in website traffic and an increase in conversions.

What Is Automotive PPC Advertising?

Automotive PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a digital marketing strategy in which you, as an advertiser, pay to have your automobile websites appear at the top of search engine results for specific keywords related to the products you offer. With this strategy, you pay a fee to Google every time a user clicks on one of your ads, hence the name Pay-Per-Click.

How Can PPC Help You Boost Your Automotive Business Sales?

PPC campaigns are built around keywords relevant to your business. By bidding on the right keywords, you can connect with users who are actively searching for the products you offer, increasing the likelihood of your products being purchased.

Furthermore, PPC allows you to target your desired audience based on demographics, geographical location, and even specific optimal times for displaying your ads. This empowers you to reach the right people at the right moment, helping you avoid clicks that lead to no conversions.

After learning about the impact of PPC advertising on your business, you might be wondering about its cost. We will break down the cost in the later part of the article. 

PPC marketing utilizes various platforms to display ads, including Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Whether your goal is to drive more website visitors, boost sales, or enhance your online brand visibility, these PPC advertising options can be instrumental in achieving your objectives.

Are You Struggling To Generate Sales?
Let Paid Advertising Turn Your Woes To Business Triumphs!

  • Attract targeted potential audience
  • High conversion rate
  • Boost in Return On Investment (ROI)

    Top Performing Auto Parts Sold Online

    Based on our case studies and highly effective marketing campaign, the best-performing products are as follows:

    Car Radiator

    Car Radiator

    Catalytic Convertor

    Fuel - Pump

    Car Engine Sensor

    How Much Should You Invest In PPC Advertising To Maximize Revenue?

    It is hard to tell you the exact price but here is an estimate on how much you should invest on Paid ad campaigns.

    Some of the most relevant keywords related to your business are in the table below. Google’s free Keyword Planner helps you check the exact cost of a specific keyword, and you can also review the search volume of that keyword.

    KeywordAvg. monthly searchesCompetitionTop of page bid (low range)Top of page bid (high range)
    auto car parts online18100High0.252.37
    car parts online18100High0.252.37
    Buy car parts online1600high0.512.64
    Car parts online store1000high0.512.42
    Online spare parts170medium0.583.67
    car spare parts online70Medium0.62.7
    automobile spare parts online70Medium0.62.7
    buy car spare parts online10High0.992.28
    buy car spare parts10High11.66

    Targeting intent-based keywords, rather than high-search-volume keywords, can bring you more relevant clicks and help you better target the right audience. 

    As indicated in the table above, the average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) for targeting these keywords in your ad campaign would be approximately $0.5 to $2.5. This means that if you spend around $1000 on your Google ads, you can expect to receive roughly 400 to 2000 visitors to your website.

    However, it is important to note that not all of these visitors will make a purchase.

    So how much revenue can you generate after spending $1000 on ad spend?

    If you are planning to spend $1000 on advertising and your industry typically has a conversion rate between 1% to 2%, we can use this information to estimate your potential revenue.

    Conversion rate is calculated as follows: 

    Conversion Rate = (Total conversion / Total clicks) * 100

    So, with a $1000 ad spend, you will likely get between 4 to 8 people to make a purchase from your website, given the conversion rate in your industry.

    Now, to estimate revenue, you need to know your average order value or the amount each person spends on your website when they make a purchase. If you have that information, you can multiply it by the number of expected conversions to get an estimate of your revenue.

    For example, if your average order value is $350, and you get 4 to 8 conversions, your revenue would be 4 * $350 = $1400 on the lower end. On the higher end, if you get 8 conversions, your revenue would be 8 * $350 = $2800.

    So, your estimated revenue from a $1000 ad spend could range from $1400 to $2800, depending on the number of people who convert and your average order value. 

    Remember, these are estimates, and actual results may vary based on various factors like ad targeting, ad creative, and the quality of your website and products.

    To get a clear picture of how much you should invest, please check out how we helped a client boost their auto parts business using a PPC campaign. Look at how much money they put in and what they achieved in return.

    Generated $87,000 In Revenue With A Remarkable ROAS Of 9X!

    This case study is about an automated product retailer.

    Initial Challenges

    Our client initially encountered difficulties in achieving favorable results. Their sales were not going anywhere, and their brand visibility was low. It was during this struggle that they came across one of our videos on YouTube, which prompted them to seek our expertise.

    A Comprehensive Audit

    Upon engaging with the client, we conducted a thorough audit of their advertising efforts. The audit revealed a range of opportunities for improvement, with one of the most pressing challenges being poor Return on Investment (ROI), low sales figures, and weak branding.

    Strategic Focus on Shopping Ads

    To address these challenges, our primary focus was directed towards shopping ads. We recognized the immense potential of shopping ads to drive significant sales. Subsequently, we developed a specialized PMAX campaign designed exclusively for the shopping network, ensuring relevance and precise targeting.

    Crafting Compelling Ad Copy and Visuals

    Our next step involved crafting highly relevant ad copy and visuals. We emphasized the cost-effectiveness of our client’s products in comparison to competitors, compelling potential buyers to consider their offerings. This approach was supported by diligent keyword research and precise audience targeting, ensuring our ads reached individuals genuinely interested in auto parts.

    Utilizing Ad Extensions and Sitelinks

    Enhancing ad visibility and providing additional information were paramount. We incorporated ad extensions such as sitelinks and callout extensions. These additions directed users to specific landing page sections, highlighting product features, customer reviews, and purchase options, thereby improving the overall user experience.

    Effective Remarketing Strategy

    One of our most successful strategies involved remarketing campaigns aimed at visitors who had previously explored the website but abandoned their shopping carts. To entice them back, we offered an extra 5% discount using a specific open coupon code. This approach yielded exceptional results, boosting sales by almost 25% solely through this strategy.


    Our comprehensive PPC strategy, including shopping ads, strategic ad extensions, and effective retargeting, transformed our client’s business. We not only boosted their sales significantly but also improved their ROAS, strengthening their brand presence in the highly competitive auto parts market.

    Month 12.8X$2,500$7,000
    Month 25X$4,000$20,000
    Month 36.93X$7,500$52,000
    Month 49X$9,600$87,000

    Over the course of four months, the performance of the advertising campaign showed impressive growth and results. 

    In the first month, the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) reached 2.8X, with a budget of $2,500 generating $7,000 in sales. This marked the beginning of a positive trend, as in the second month, the ROAS improved significantly to 5X, with a higher budget of $4,000 resulting in $20,000 in sales.

    Month three continued this upward trajectory with a remarkable ROAS of 6.93X, fueled by a budget of $7,500, and an impressive $52,000 in sales. Finally, in the fourth month, the campaign achieved its peak performance with a ROAS of 9X, driven by a $9,600 budget, which led to an outstanding $87,000 in sales.

    These consistent improvements demonstrate the campaign’s effectiveness in driving sales while maintaining a strong return on investment.

    First Month Sale

    First Month Sale

    Fourth Month sale

    Fourth Month sale

    As you can see in the table below, the key performance indicators (KPIs) for our PPC campaign show remarkable growth and effectiveness over a four-month period. In the first month, our sales reached $7,000 with a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 2.8X, while we spent $2,500, resulting in a cost per conversion of $83.33. We achieved 30 conversions with a cost per click (CPC) of $0.70 and a click-through rate (CTR) of 1.39% from 1,750 clicks. Our ads were displayed 125,736 times.

    However, after four months of continuous optimization and strategy refinement, our sales rose to $87,000, with an impressive ROAS of 9X. Our expenditure increased to $9,600, but our cost per conversion dropped significantly to $46.15. The number of conversions skyrocketed to 208, driven by a lower CPC of $0.58 and a higher CTR of 1.75% from 16,550 clicks. Our ads reached a vast audience, with 943,640 impressions. 

    These KPIs demonstrate the substantial growth and improved efficiency of our PPC campaign over time, reflecting the effectiveness of our strategy and management.

    KPI’sFirst monthAfter four month
    Sales $7000$87000

    NOTE: The figures mentioned above cover the costs associated with running your PPC ad campaign. The professional expertise comes with an additional charge.

    If you are considering starting a PPC campaign, you can begin with a budget of $1,500, which includes $1,000 for advertising costs and $500 for service charges. By partnering with a professional like Softtrix, you will gain access to a range of valuable services and expertise.

    Effective PPC Management Strategies To Redefine Your Business Growth!

    • Competitive Analysis

    A market analysis is crucial to keep your business competitive in this digital landscape. 

    We will thoroughly examine your local competitors, scrutinizing their advertising strategies to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This in-depth analysis will enable us to craft a strategy that not only matches but surpasses their efforts. 

    Our goal is to outperform your business rivals and secure a prime position in the search engine result page, ensuring your continued success and growth.

    • Crafting Data-Driven ads

    In order to craft ad copy that entices users to click, we conduct keyword research to understand exactly what and how your customers are searching for your services. 

    Additionally, we incorporate branded keywords featuring your specific brand name, ensuring that your PPC ad prominently appears when people search directly for your brand. To guarantee that your ad only appears in the most relevant searches, we carefully mark negative keywords.

    Creating compelling ad copy for high-performance ads is our specialty, and we will handle that for you. Furthermore, we will conduct split testing on the ad copy to fine-tune your campaign and ensure you achieve the best possible results.

    • Monitoring PPC performance

    Google Ads provides a comprehensive range of metrics that offer valuable insights into the performance of your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads.

    To ensure the success of your advertising campaign, we conduct continuous monitoring of these critical metrics. Our monitoring includes tracking the click-through rate (CTR) to assess the engagement level of your ads with your customers. Additionally, we keep a close eye on the Cost per Click (CPC) to allow for effective budget optimization.

    Furthermore, we diligently monitor leads, sales, and campaign relevance to comprehensively evaluate campaign effectiveness. Our goal is to refine your campaign continually and maximize Return on Investment (ROI). With our expertise, you can confidently navigate the dynamic landscape of PPC advertising and achieve your desired results.

    • PPC Campaign Optimization

    Achieving success in Paid ad campaigns demands a multifaceted approach. We optimize and improve bids for your ad campaign, ensuring your budget is allocated effectively to maximize results.

    As I said earlier, we keep a watchful eye on critical metrics, such as the position of your ad, CTR, CPC, etc. These metrics offer valuable insights into campaign performance and help us make data-driven decisions.

    We continually assess and fine-tune various aspects of your campaign including ad copy targeting and ad extensions. 

    Our constant effort to make your campaigns work even better ensures you get the most value from your advertising investment. Our goal is to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them.

    Wrapping Up!

    According to a report, over 40% of the traffic is directed towards the top 3 PPC ads. And Softtrix knows precisely how to secure the top positions on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for your ad campaign.

    What’s even more exciting is that we are offering a $500 coupon for your new Google Ads account, which you can use for Google advertising.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Team up with Softtrix today and watch your leads soar and your sales skyrocket. Do not miss out on this incredible chance to take your automotive business to new heights!

    If you have any further requirements or questions, please feel free to let us know. We are here to assist you in maximizing the success of your advertising campaigns.

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    Softtrix has nailed it again with this comprehensive guide to Automotive PPC Ads! A must-read for anyone in the auto industry looking to boost their online presence. Thanks for sharing the valuable content. Keep up the good work guys.

    This is an excellent, comprehensive guide to automotive PPC advertising. Covers key strategies and best practices for Google/Facebook ads to drive more leads and sales. Highly recommended read for auto marketers.

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    An outstanding guide for automotive PPC advertising, encompassing vital strategies and best practices for Google/Facebook ads to maximize leads and sales. A must-read for auto marketers!

    This comprehensive guide to Automotive PPC Ads with Softtrix is a must-read for anyone in the automotive industry looking to boost their online presence and drive targeted traffic to their website.

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