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Generated $2.5+ Million with 25X ROI for Pet Store

Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website

$2.5+ M


Generated Revenue For Ecommerce Website


Return on Ad Spend

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About our Ecommerce Client

Jumbo Pets is an Australian pet supply company that has everything you need in a one-stop online pet shop. From pet food to pet accessories, Softtrix was assigned to handle the “Jumbo Pets” project. We took charge and helped the company not just save money, but solve all of the efficiency problems they had previously been experiencing themselves.

The Challenge

  • One of the issues was that the budget wasn’t being spent efficiently. We had low spending in certain areas and this caused some problems down the line.
  • The structure of the campaigns was not up to par, and it seemed as if none of the campaigns had any detailed targeting or proper naming conventions. This needs to be fixed so that the campaigns can be set at a proper pace.
  • Another challenge that the account faced was acquiring new customers and optimizing the campaigns to generate new customers.
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