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Grow your business with Google Ads Services. Whether you want to drive more leads, website visits, call inquiries or increase app installs, Google Ads is the answer. Google “knows” how to reach your target audience and yield revenue. Magnify your traction and pay only for results with Softtrix’s expert-led Google Ads Services.

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Certified Google Ads Service Provider

At Softtrix, we have certified leading Google Ads Management professionals, targeting the keywords that will drive buyers to your site. With the industry’s best tools and marketing techniques, we provide the right amount of strategic push to your advertising campaigns to get the most returns. With more than 10 years of experience and 1000+ happy clients, Softtrix is your business growth companion. 

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Google Ads: Explained

Google Ads or Google AdWords is Google’s most powerful Advertising Service provider platform. Google ads are Pay-Per-Click advertising services used to get the maximum returns from an advertising campaign and have now become synonymous with PPC. 


Google Ads helps you to increase website traffic, sales, leads, conversion, and brand awareness and promote your business. Backed by Google’s intelligent AI and modern marketing approach, Google Ads provides the results like no other advertising platform. 


Google Ads helps you create, manage, and monitor your business ads and place them in search engine results, mobile apps, videos, and other non-search websites like Youtube.

Some Astonishing Google Ads Statistics
  • More than 80% of businesses worldwide use Google Ads for their PPC campaigns.
  • The average Google Ads CTR for first-position ads is around 8%
  • 63% of people click Google Ads compared to any other advertising platform.
  • Google ads have an 8:1 ROI
  • Users who visit the website through Google Ads are 50% more likely to purchase.

Why Use Google Ads?

The statistics speak for themselves. Google Ads is the name the industry trusts for increasing sales, revenue, and traction. Have a look at some more benefits
Technological Edge

Google is Google because of its clever AI. Leverage Google’s intelligent tools and strategic approach to drive more sales and increase your ROI.

Easy to Use and Monitor

Google has developed this advanced advertising platform keeping ‘users’ in mind. Everyone can understand and use Google Ads tools and services from beginner to advanced.

Build Audiences

Google understands your needs and targets the right customers searching for similar keywords or products like yours. Accurate Audience targeting is what makes Google ads a result-driven platform.

Pay only for Results

Google ads’ biggest perk is that you get to pay for the results. You only pay the price when a customer visits your website, installs the app, or clicks the product through Google Ads.


Achieved your advertising goal, or are you tired of monitoring the performance of ads? Google’s super-flexible approach covers you. Resume your journey anytime you want—no need to sign up for long-term contracts. Stay flexible with Google Ads.

We Offer
Google Ads Services

Softrrix takes pride in its quality services and works with you to achieve your dream numbers. We are a results-driven, collaborative digital media agency catering to all your advertising needs.

Services we offer include
Keywords Research

‘It’ all starts with keywords. We know the vitality of keywords in a good SEO plan. A list of comprehensive keywords can break or break your entire PPC campaign. Hence, we apply advanced marketing techniques to get a list of the most targeted keywords. 

Unique Ads

Our team of experts knows what it takes to make an engaging google ad. Access unique ad copies strategically designed to drive traction with Softtrix Google Ads Services.

Google Ads Experts

 softtrix is a team of highly professional and experienced personnel from the industry. We are best at what we do because of our expert team. With softtrix, you get a dedicated campaign manager to guide you every step of the way.

Google Ads Offer
Targeted Customers

we strategically design your google ads campaign to increase leads and conversion rates. We target the ‘right’ customers looking for similar product searches like yours.

Google Ads Offer
Beat the Competition

Our experts will keep an eye on the competition and constantly optimize the campaign to give you a competitive edge in the market.

Why Choose Softtrix?

Managing a Google Ads Campaign requires consistent and strategic efforts to yield higher click-thru-rate and conversion rates. Our Google Ads plan includes everything you could want in an advertising campaign.

Our advanced Google Ads Plan includes
Increased Online Visibility

Significantly increase your online visibility with our proven techniques and persuasive ad copies to target your customers.

Advanced Google Ads Campaign Bidding

We help you choose the right bidding strategy to reduce ad spending. Our experts carefully analyze your advertising needs and select a bidding campaign from automatic bidding and manual bidding to maximize your ROI.

Expert Help in Campaign Selection

Google offers five different types of ad campaigns to cater to diversified advertising needs. Our Google Ads specialists will help you select from these categories of Text ads, Display ads, Video ads, Search ads, Shopping ads, App ads, and Local ads.

Campaign Analysis Report

Our monitoring team keeps a keen eye on your campaign progress and shares detailed reports to analyze the strategic effects of the campaign elements. 

Brand Awareness

We aim to increase your brand’s awareness in your target market. Our Careful ad placement enhances your chances of appearing in the right places, significantly improving your ad ranks.

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