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PPC Packages India

Affordable PPC (Pay per Click) & Adwords Packages

In today’s tech savvy world having strong online presence is non-negotiable. Most customers do considerable online research before choosing products and services. If you don’t exist in the virtual world, you don’t exist at all for most customers. To stay ahead of the competition you need to digitally market your products and services. Among all the digital marketing strategies, PPC or Pay per Click advertising is the most rewarding way of marketing and helps you achieve immediate results. It helps in driving highly targeted traffic to your website. We set up your Google AdWords account for your paid marketing campaign. Our team provides initial keyword research and budget analysis to maximize your PPC exposure and boost conversions.

Delivering High ROI

The aim or our Google AdWords PPC Reseller packages and other PPC packages are to deliver high ROI through innovative campaign management techniques, constant monitoring, testing and rewarding targeting of keywords. The rules and standard practices in PPC marketing keep changing and our team is in sync with the changes in these strategies. This allows us to outsmart competition and help brands reach out to their target audience. We are the preferred PPC marketing managers for different businesses ranging from start-ups to established brands. Irrespective of your budget and needs we have the right packages for you. Whether you are looking to fulfill your short-term goal or want to market your business aggressively through paid search campaigns, we will make every dollar of your adspend count.

Google AdWords pricing

Google AdWords as known till now is the most popular and most trustworthy platform that optimizes a pay per click model. This is the method in which users auction on keywords and pay for each click on their advertisements. Each and every a search is stepped on, Google goes and digs into the stock of bidding AdWords advertisers and selects a set of winners to come in the ad space on the search of result page.

Few factors play a very important role for the winners chosen that include quality and smoothness of their keywords, text as well as the size of their keyword bids. For example – suppose if the keyword PPC software is bidden by the wordstream then our ad might be seen on the very top place on the Google results page.

If seen properly whatever appears on the ad and wherever it is based on an advertiser’s ad rank, a metric is figured by multiplying two factors – CPC bid and quality store. The highest price an advertiser wants to spend is known as CPC bid whereas quality score is a value that keeps check of your click via money, relevance, landing and page quality. It is a system which helps in attaining the advertisers to get to the potential customers at a rate that adjusts their budget.

The good thing for advertisers is that in the route of giving the search engines whatever they want, one is also delivering the gold advertisements to the people who are actually looking to your product. This is a victory and victory is pay per click marketing which is accurate for you. The AdWords management price holds a good budget for the businesses and industries and it is a great platform for advertising.

PPC pricing and management cost

The price discussion is an obvious thought and it surely comes to every mind when one is doing some business and marketing. When talking about the AdWords management price, one listens each and every time and especially from the freshers to this paid search market. It is very obvious because those who are fresh to PPC are mostly interested in proceeding to advertise on Google and also that whether they will be able to afford it or not. Unluckily, there is no one regular answer. The most relevant answer to the price of AdWords depends on few points.

Google AdWords is fully based on a bidding system that rewards industries and businesses with high quality ad campaigns with low price and excellent placement. A tight control over the AdWord budget can be exercised by some tricks like ad scheduling, geo targeting and device targeting. The average pay per click price is placed between dollar 1 and dollar 2 on the search network. The most costly keywords in AdWords and binge ads cost 50 dollars or more per click. High businesses spend up to 50 dollars per year whereas small businesses spend 9000 to 10, 000 dollars per month on paid search.

When it comes to businesses, then the question of investment on PPC also comes. Firstly, one needs to have a look at the entire invested data by industry. If we have a look at the CPC data then one can notice the most competitive terms and they can be seen in the insurance, legal, financial services. Softtrix has analysed the whole investment of all these and other industries and our team has seen a degree of overlapping between the average CPC of a keyword category and total investment in that field. The pay per click price every month varies widely. For example, some people spend one thousand dollars for pay per click price every month. It is still a great amount of money for many small businesses whereas there are many who spend thirty thousand dollars per month such as the PPC management agencies that take PPC management prices.

There are other various factors that are involved in the pay per click pricing. Your budget will always be the highest that will be associated with the PPC campaigns. The ad budget is very important but it is not the end but some other potential pay per click management pricing needs to be got considered and it all depends on your business, individuals and the marketing goals. Google AdWords for Pay-Per-Click advertisements and marketing.

The importance of keyword research for pay per click marketing campaign

This research can be time taking but it is also very important. The whole PPC campaign revolves around keywords and the most demanded and successful AdWords advertisers grow continuously and also filter the list of PPC keywords. If once the keyword research has been done at the time of creating the first campaign then one is probably skipping out millions and zillions of valuable, long tail, low rated and highly perfect keywords that can get traffic to your site.

According to Softtrix, an effective PPC keyword needs to be these three:

  • Relevant
  • Exhaustive
  • Expansive

The google AdWords budget is a common phase where many freshers to the paid search find themselves and it is when their budget for the advertisement gets spent very much fast and they hoped. Many people end with a misunderstanding that it is very expensive but it is not always the case but one needs to understand the budgeting work. The first way to start PPC is to budget the google pay per click prices and PPC budgeting depends on the basis of per campaign. Each campaign needs to have its own daily expense.
If you are thinking to opt for a monthly budget for the google pay per pricing then only thing you need to do is have an estimate of the whole breakdown of the daily budget for every campaign and then distribute the funds on the basis of the priority of your campaign.

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The way of using the search engine advertising to obtain clicks to your site rather than gaining the clicks by yourself is known as pay per click marketing. You have always seen those sponsored ads at the results page on the top of the Google search with a yellow label. It is an advertisement of pay per click also known as google AdWords PPC. Now we will explain about how PPC works! Whenever your ad is clicked which means a visitor to your website, a small fee is paid by you every time. This is the only reason of calling it a pay per click. A well designed PPC campaign runs very smoothly and the PPC price you pay is very low because each and every visit is always more to your business than what you spend for it. Luckily, pay per click marketing is beneficial for everyone. At SoftTrix we are one of the leading PPC marketing companies from India catering to customers around the globe across different business verticals. With a proven track record we have established name for ourselves thanks to a dedicated team of professionals with extensive industry experience. Our PPC consultants have experience in managing PPC campaigns on Google, Bing Ads and various other platforms. We have priced our packages attractively to offer you best value for money and at the same time helps in improving the conversion rates.

PPC Packages India

Our PPC Reseller Program Includes

  • Regular campaign supervising and modifications
  • Bid management techniques to make sure ROI
  • Click hoax monitoring
  • Keyword analyzing
  • A/B Split-testing of ad copy
  • Negative match keyword monitoring
  • Complete phone and e-mail support
  • Performance and conversion tracking

How Much Does It Cost?

The needs and the goals of every business are different. While some such as ecommerce companies massively rely on PPC marketing for generating sales and revenue, others use PPC to complement other online and offline marketing strategies. At SoftTrix we understand that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and hence offer you a wide selection of PPC management reseller packages to suit the niche needs of your business. You can pick one of our Pay Per Click packages that best fits your business. We have priced our packages attractively and they start all the way from the $100 mark. But you need not worry as you aren’t locked in any of our packages and are free to switch packages based on your experience and the changing needs of your business.

PPC Packages India
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