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When it comes to App reviews that you have submitted to the Apple App store and Mac App store, you can’t always be sure if they’re genuine, or not. With so many companies having sprung up, God knows from where, and fleecing people by posting fake app reviews, there’s always a concern regarding reliability of the firm you’ve engaged for making your App reviews.Apple is very strict with the reviews that get posted on its store. Whenever it comes across fake reviews it doesn’t wait to think, but just removes it. What these fake reviews do is they unjustly help certain apps climb higher in the charts.

Softtrix Posts Real App Reviews

Our expert team of Apple App store and Mac App store reviews understands that you have a genuine concern, and to address your worry they have created a multipronged strategy that they use to produce quality reviews, which have no element of fakeness in it. Apart from that we have built a massive app review network that includes the best app developers and app fans from across the world. These app developers and app fans constantly exchange app reviews with each other. So, the quality of the app reviews posted to the Apple App store & Mac App store are never compromised. What it means is that when you Buy Apple App Reviews from us you can be sure that they are real, and unique. It also means that reviews posted by our top ”App reviews” developers are never removed from the Apple App store.

Softtrix Tech Solutions Offers Above Par Efficiency

Right from the time order is received to its completion, we keep our level of efficiency very high. We first find out if the app is performing on expected lines; our team tests the App, and then gives a genuine review. We rate each app submitted based on a set of technical, content, and design criteria. Our App reviews come with either a 4 or 5 star ratings. All these steps are taken to make the review real. People tend to like reviews that sound genuine, so when they see an original review they’re forced to read it. That helps in improving your app’s ranking in the App store. Finally this natural promotion of your app improves its visibility and its rate of downloads increase. A quality review, and natural promotion of your app are key factors that can push rankings higher up in the App store. So it makes sense to Buy Apple app store reviews from an agency, that can create a genuine review for your app, that meets guidelines set by Apple App Store and Mac App store.

Softtrix App Reviews are Developed By Real People​

Our app reviewers are spread across the globe and come from English speaking nations like USA, UK, Australia and Canada. English is their native language so the review posts they develop are top-quality material. Besides, they first use the app to find out if it’s performing as expected, and see that it’s free of offensive material. Only after they have gone through all these steps they create a review, give genuine ratings, and then post to the store.

Buy App Reviews

Increase app downloads and revitalize your business

For any mobile app development company looking to create a strong foothold in the market the challenge lies with app marketing and increasing app downloads for its clients. In most cases you admire your app for its design, intuitiveness and functionality, yet see no major changes on the download counter. The problem is with more than a million apps each on Android and iOS ecosystem, getting people to download a new app can be quite an uphill task. As an app development and marketing company, you must understand that development is only 30% of the product lifecycle. You need to ensure that your clients’ target audience are downloading these apps and using them regularly. So we come to the big question, how to increase app downloads for your clients? Here in this brief write-up we shall try and unearth the secrets of increasing app downloads.

How we Approach

Call it the social phenomenon or curiosity but most smartphone and tablet users tend to take the word of the reviewer before downloading an app or purchasing it. Identify the top review websites and blogs that are frequented by the users before they download an app. Once your clients’ app is featured on these platforms and favorable things spoken about it, you would see tons of downloads.

Quite like the review websites and blogs, users tend to give a lot of marks to the experience and ratings provided by the fellow users. In fact this is the strategy that has been used by the apps that have attracted maximum downloads. Make use of an app review plugin that would ask your existing users for their review and ratings. This can increase the value proposition of your app store page.

The look and the feel of the app store page often decides the number of app downloads. As an increase app downloads agency it is important to create a stellar app store page. It should have screenshots; specs and features mentioned. A well-written copy is a must where a few lines of text highlight the USP of the app.

While English has been adopted as the standard language in technology, focusing on other languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, French and Korean can help in making deeper inroads into the market. This helps in reaching out to a large section of technology users and increasing downloads. Some catchy slogans in these languages can also help in gathering more eyeballs.

If you are marketing a paid app you need to be very smart with the pricing strategy. Sudden price drops and their offers flashed on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks can increase apps downloads. This message can also be spread using other apps that inform users about the best deals and discounts available.

This is one strategy that has paid rich dividends to companies that have tried it. By video we don’t mean a ‘talking head’ trying to explain the USP or the app on YouTube. Very few people would watch it anyways and even fewer would think about downloading the app. If you don’t have an in-house video editor hire one along with a good voice artist. Offer them all the information, snapshots and technical specs about the app and they would do wonders.

As an increase app downloads company, this is one of the best ways to increase visibility and downloads. You can create a small and simple contest with the focus being on grabbing maximum eyeballs. Be transparent with how the winners would be selected. Once you have selected the winners you can send them money via PayPal or ship them a gift it that is feasible.

Buy Positive App Store Reviews From Softtrix Tech Solutions

Today’s Apps market is no less than a gold mine so is reason enough more and more iOs and iPhone app developers are launching so many new apps regularly for the users. Why is there a proliferation of Apps? Mainly because Apps offer so much convenience for managing our day-to-day business, and personal tasks. From locating a restaurant, to buying merchandise, to setting fitness goals, everything is carried out via apps. Alongside the spurt in App development and App use a new trend we are noticing is that most top app publishers are using app reviews as a tool to market the apps they develop. And this has led to increasing competition among app developers to gain top rankings in the App store.

Increase app downloads and revitalize your business

But can we trust all apps reviews to be genuine? The answer is no, we can’t! There are a massive number of reviews which are fake and have been created deliberately to merely raise rankings for the app. But, this technique backfires as soon as it’s implemented. Life of fake app reviews is short, and it quickly sinks into oblivion. The good way to market an app is via genuine app reviews, which are posted by real people, who are familiar about the technical, content, and design elements of an app.

Why Look to Softtrix Tech Solutions

Buy App Reviews

We are experienced players of the app market, and have been developing and reviewing apps since a decade. Our app development and app review network has the cream professional app developers and reviewers who’re based at various main English speaking countries, for example, USA, UK, Australia and Canada. The reviews that are posted from these nations are valued by app fans and app users around the world.

Buy App Reviews

That’s mainly why the app reviews posted by us are read by a large number of people. We never post fake reviews; it’s purely not the way we work. We rely on posting real reviews after using the app once or twice, to note its performance. Only after we are sure that the app fulfills the guidelines set by App store, we proceed to making reviews and giving ratings. We have real users who write real reviews and post them on App store.

Buy App Reviews

App reviews posted by real users creates a positive picture for the app. Our team then continues adding genuine reviews to the app, thus improving the ranking of your app in the App store. This gives a higher visibility to your app drawing potential buyers to your reviews page, and then to your app. With more users testing your app, your downloads improve. With increase in downloads there’s an upswing in sales, which in turn bring on higher revenues, and more profits.

Why Buy From us? includes in its network real users, and app developers who write only genuine reviews. Additionally, we also have a host of iPhone game developers working with us, writing original reviews for different types of iPhone Apps. Last but not the least we keep an eye on online communities, where consumers are learning about new products, & hearing about new hot apps. So our apps are aligned to the whims and fancies of the consumers.
Finally, it’s the consumer who has to make the purchase and we know how to present them with genuine reviews, and show them the real picture. So, if you’re looking to buy positive app store reviews then just get in touch with us; we are at your service 24×7, at our helpline. Choose us for original reviews, to get higher visibility and more downloads for your Apps. And remember our services come at the most affordable rates.

Buy Real iPhone App Reviews

Looking to buy iPhone App Reviews? Well, your search for a firm that can provide you exactly that is as good as over. You can rely on Softtrix, a top iPhone App Reviews specialist which has serviced clients throughout the world, and gained the trust of companies who’re constantly in need of app reviews. As regards volumes, we assure you that we can make thousands of app fans gather around your app, to test, rate, and review your app.An expert in this domain our team has been developing a host of unique app promotion techniques at our research lab, and have come up with some effective ones, for use in our campaigns that we undertake for our clients. So, we are an agency you can count on for your iPhone app marketing.

Guaranteed 100% Real iPhone App Reviews

The cornerstone of our app review service is that we offer 100% genuine, and affordable app reviews by real people. Yes, we have real app reviewers scattered all over the world. They will rate and review your app after using it. Therefore, we assure you that the entire app review process will be handled by genuine reviewers – means, your app will not have even a single fake review. This is a kind of trust that we have been able to build through the years that we have been working with clients. On top of that our reviewers hail from English speaking countries, such as USA, UK, Australia and Canada. As they are native English speakers their review posts are genuine, and relied by app fans and users the world over. Last but not the least our prices will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Why Buy from Softtrix Tech Solutions?

When you buy iPhone App review, from us you kill two birds with one stone. First of all you get to improve your Apple App Store ranking, and second you gain popularity. To accomplish it we follow a simple process: all reviews that we provide are given 4 or 5 stars, which are visible on iTunes and can be read by potential users. Within a short time your app starts to gain popularity. In turn your download count starts to increase and your app ends up gaining plenty of exposure.

Why Buy iPhone App Reviews?

There are manifold benefits of buying app reviews. Primary benefit is your app ranking improve in the Apple App Store. With a higher ranking your popularity soars, and as your popularity is raised, you receive more downloads. And finally as your downloads rate increases you are able to earn more revenues, due to increase in sales.


Stand-apart Features of our iPhone App Reviews:

  • Real review posts by people of English speaking countries
  • 100% Tested, and Genuine App Reviews
  • No Scope of Fake Reviews
  • Real Reviews Given After Testing by Real Users


How are App Review Process Works?

Softtrix Tech Solutions has an efficient team that starts processing your order right after it’s received. We then start posting reviews for the app you specify. We give real review and it’s completely unique. Each review is given 4 or 4 star rating. As we go on adding more reviews to your app, the ranking of the app in the App store starts improving. Finally you get to receive more visibility and downloads. And that way you start earning from your app.Softtrix Tech Solutions is a name you can put your money on, because when you buy iphone app rating or iphone app reviews from us you have the trust that they are genuine, as well as you see a boost in sales and ranking.


Add Your Heading Text Here:

  • You Get 5-Star Ratings in the App Store
  • More Buyers Get Attracted to Your App
  • Sales of Your App Improve
  • You See More App Downloads
How Long Does the Process Take?

The time needed to prepare new reviews will depend on the number of reviews bought. Our aim is to provide all reviews in a timely way and at a realistic pace. An excess of reviews in a short span of time may raise eyebrows. The key to delivering reviews lies in being “smart.” That’s why we advise you to have patience.

Why Should You Buy Android App Reviews?

Buying Android App reviews will improve the ranking of your App in Google Play Store. The better your ranking, the better will be your popularity. A boost in popularity, will dramatically boost the number of downloads you receive. This will ultimately mean more revenue and profits.

How Does the Process Work?

Post reception of your order, our team will begin processing it. We will then begin posting reviews for those apps that you specify. Each review will be completely original with a 4 or 5 star rating. With the addition of your reviews, the App’s ranking in the App store will definitely improve, thus ensuring greater visibility and higher number of downloads.

Buying App Reviews – The Indesensable Factor for Your App

Buy App Reviews

Acquiring new “App users” takes a lot of strategic planning and creative thinking. If you’re looking to obtain solid traction that can contribute to exponential growth for your App, then trust us because we can help you achieve your exact goals. Our clients are known to reach the top of the charts. Doesn’t that call for a bit of celebration?

Buy App Reviews

We have hundreds of people in our group which have Iphone and Android phone from various countries like USA (America), UK (United Kingdom), Australia, Germany, New Zeeland and Europe. They will download the game from the Iphone or Android store. Once they download the App they will post the positive review on your App. Buy IOS app reviews with just connecting us. Get app game reviews today! If you buy Iphone app reviews services then it will give positive impact on the user.

Buy App Reviews

Buying App reviews is a crucial step to promote your App. We can submit guaranteed reviews as well as submit your App to a vast number of review sites. By getting your App reviewed, you are provided with an organic wave of exposure to the targeted user.

Buy App Reviews

We will use our extensive list of contacts to ensure that your App draws attention from the best publications. Independent sources will publish each review to be read by a broad spectrum of readers. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of App reviews. Let us tackle this cumbersome process, which will ultimately help to increase App downloads. Wouldn’t you love an increase in downloads?

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