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Restaurants Reputation Management in Services India

Restaurants have always had their business through recommendations. In the past people would listen to their friends and colleagues before choosing a restaurant, today they trust online reviews. Whether you are a fine dine restaurant or a take-away the success of your business solely rests on your reputation. Browse through the Internet you would come across dozens of sites that let users publish their reviews and ratings on restaurants from around the world.Restaurants that enjoy high ratings on these platforms enjoy brisk business and the reverse of it is equally true. Bad ratings and reviews on the Internet can deliver a death blow to your business. In a world that is increasingly going social, people like to follow the crowd. If the crowd says you are bad, you are bad irrespective of the tastes, the variations in menu, the striking ambiance and attractive price on the menu. While this may seem unjust, it is the sad reality that you have to live with. The invasion of mobile apps has made this phenomenon even more dynamic as most users quickly scan through the ratings before picking a place to eat.


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Making The Right Noise

At SoftTrix we take charge of your reputation and ensure that your restaurant does brisk business. No, we can’t alter your menu or tastes, but we definitely ensure potential customers develop the right perception about your brand! We have been in the game of Online Reputation Management for many years and have helped several restaurants overcome the losses suffered in wake of negative reviews. We help in removing all the negative content and replace them with positive reviews. ORM for restaurants is a niche territory and requires account managers to understand the vitals of this industry. Our team has spent many years identifying the platforms and websites that most of your potential customers are likely to use to search for a restaurant.



What We Do in Restaurants Reputation Management?


  • Removing Negative Content – If negative comments and reviews are worrying you, we would help you get over the problem. While these reviews cannot be removed permanently from either the search engines or the review platforms we hide them with positive content. Our expertise in search engine optimization allows us to push such negative content out of the first page of Google and other search engines.
  • Publishing Reviews – We publish positive reviews about your restaurant on the top review platforms including Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google and Urban Spoon etc. Our content developers would write captivating content that would arouse the right sense of desire among your potential customers. Most people take a look at these ratings and review before picking up on a place to dine out or host a party for their friends and family. Though we have our preferred platforms, we also publish reviews in a local or niche review platform of your choice.
  • Using The Social Media – Social Media has become the go-to place when it comes to searching for reviews of restaurant. A positive image on the social media can do wonders for your business. We create the right kind of pages and publish the right content on these platforms to market your restaurant.

We ensure that potential customers who are in search for your specialty would find good reasons to visit your restaurant.

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Restaurants Reputation Management Services India

Salient Features Of Reputation Management Services

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