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Softtrix helps mobile apps to rank better in app stores.  As a renowned mobile SEO company, we provide quality services and strategic SEO to make sure their apps rank highly on search engine results. Integrate mobile app SEO in your advertising campaign to maximize your return and app installs. Stand out from the competition and get your app the desired installs.

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Give your Mobile App an “install boost” with Softtrix's Advanced Mobile App SEO

Sofftrix provides expert-led strategies to optimize mobile apps for better visibility and reachability in major app stores. With over 2 million daily app installs from the Google play store and over 1 million app installs from AppStore, discovering your app is one of the most significant issues. Leave these hassles with us and enjoy greater numbers of app installs.

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What is Mobile App SEO?

Mobile App SEO is an iterative process to improve the visibility of your app in mobile app stores. Like websites, mobile apps also need to optimize for better visibility on the major app stores like AppStore and Google Play store. Creating an app is far easier than promoting it and hence, the biggest struggle for marketers. With more than 6 million mobile apps available, you need skilled professionals to get your app “noticed” in the market. Optimizing the correct elements with strategic research and planning can yield results.

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Why combining SEO and ASO is a good option for your App?

SEO is optimizing the critical elements of your site for higher ranks in the SERP and ASO or App Store Optimization is optimizing apps for better discoverability of your app. Both marketing strategies are dependent and crucial in getting your app noticed.

Our SEO experts plan and create a perfect mix of creativity and strategy to get you the most installs. ASO is effective only when SEO is optimal. Getting yourself a trusted SEO professional can boost your marketing campaign’s visibility. 

Besides boosting visibility, applying SEO strategies to your mobile apps can 

  • Increase the website’s speed
  • Improves user experience 
  • Decrease website bounce rate
  • All-device Responsive 
  • Improved mobile conversions. 

Sounds promising? Include our specialized SEO strategies for your app’s ASO and witness a high-growth journey. 

Softtrix SEO Strategies for ASO

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Our advanced SEO plan for ASO includes
Keyword Research

Our SEO team leaves no keyword unused in your ASO campaign. We are experts in SEO strategies for a reason. From comprehensive keyword analysis to refining the targeted keywords, our team provides result-driven keywords for higher online visibility.

App Title and Url Optimizing

Unlike websites, mobile apps can only have 30-character-long titles for better optimization. Our team ensures maximum use of keywords in the app titles and URLs to stand out and maximize the results.

App Reviews and Ratings

App reviews and ratings are crucial for users to build trust in your app. Our team devises SEO strategies, including in-app notifications, pop-up notifications, email notifications, and push notifications, to target the right audience and make app surfing a personalized experience.

App Indexing

Indexing lets your app open links directly from the mobile search of Google. Our SEO specialists ensure proper and regular indexing of your app to appear in your target audience’s searches. 

Audience and Location Targeting

Our research team indulges in thorough and strategic analysis and segregation of your target market and location. The SEO team further plans the ASO campaign, keeping in mind these elements.

Mobile App Audit

Our experts conduct a comprehensive technical SEO audit of your app to ascertain the areas of improvement and optimize them.

Virtual Assistance Optimization

We are always ahead of your competition with advanced technical VA optimization to facilitate Google searches from Amazon Echo and other smart speakers. 

Meta Title and Description

Our content team creates unique and memorable meta titles for your app by using keywords in both title and description to communicate the app’s intent to its users. 

We give the results that matter to you

Softtrix, with its talented team of SEO experts, delivers results-driven approaches to boost your app’s online visibility. We work hard to yield you the results you’ve been hoping for.

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Impressions refer to the number of times your app was viewed in the app store for more than one second. Our strategies are impression-centric to yield you a higher number of downloads. 

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Shares are the times your app is shared from the app store. A higher number of shares means growing fandom for your app.

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Downloads We carefully monitor all the installs and downloads to ascertain and target your audience comprehensively.

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Rankings We work strategically to get your app higher rankings and positive customer reviews. 

Case Study

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