Why Calls Aren’t Converting – How You Can Optimize Your PPC Campaign?

Optimize Your PPC Campaign

Amid fast-paced Smartphone penetration, consumers are constantly looking for ways to connect to businesses in a quick and seamless way. Given the option to call, a majority of searchers will directly call a business they are interested in. This is especially true for local businesses, such as hotels & restaurants, local stores, service providers, etc. Most customers will search online and call businesses directly before they make an informed decision. For best results, you need ppc campaign optimization.

But how many of these calls convert into sales?

In most cases, businesses may receive several phone calls but only a few of these result in sales. One of the primary reasons behind this may be that the PPC ad campaign is not well-optimized. Hence, businesses may get leads but they may not convert them into sales. So, if you are wondering why your calls aren’t converting, then it is time for your PPC campaign optimization.

Discussed here are 7 ways of PPC campaign optimization that can get your phone ringing and drive increased sales.

1. Write eye-catching and engaging call-only ad copies

Google AdWords call-only ads campaign is the best option for local businesses or those who want to drive qualified leads via mobile searches. However, PPC ads allow only a limited number of characters to entice and engage your audiences. Therefore, make the best use of these characters to attract the attention of the viewers.

A compelling and relevant ad copy will give your potential customers a complete understanding of your business and how you can add value for them. It should engage them meaningfully and encourage them to call your business. At the same time, make sure the customer care team addresses customer queries satisfactorily to generate leads that convert into sales.

2. Incorporate call-centric keywords and location targeting

Including call-centric keywords is one of the best ways to optimize your PPC campaign strategy. Keywords with locations such as street or city names can help drive relevant traffic and boost sales. Identify the latest market trends and what customers are searching for. Use keyword research tools to discover keywords that target high-intent users.

Location targeting is another strategy you can use to drive customers to nearby locations. This strategy works best with local businesses. For location targeting, you can include a local phone number that allows customers to call your business immediately.    

ppc campaign optimization

3. Schedule the ads at the right time

One of the biggest turnoffs for customers is when a business does not answer their calls or they are directed to the IVR. This can significantly reduce the likelihood of these customers turning into sales. Therefore, it is important to schedule the ads when your team is available for answering customer calls. This will ensure you do not miss a single lead.

ppc campaign optimization

Ad scheduling also plays an important role in reaching your audiences at the right time. Your ads must show up at a time when your target audiences are most likely to see them. Only then they can give your business a call and end up paying customers.   

4. Set up call-tracking metrics

Simply setting up call-only PPC campaigns is not enough; you need to analyse the calls regularly. This is because the quality of calls you get is more important than the quantity. Monitoring call tracking metrics will help you keep a tab on the number of calls you receive as well as the call intent.

Some tools also allow you to record these calls and analyze them to understand customer queries and pain points. Setting up different call tracking metrics also helps determine the quality of services your customer care team is providing – how well they are able to cater to customer queries and add value to them. You can use the data for training purposes as well.

Another advantage of this PPC campaign optimization strategy is you can easily set up your ad budget. Allocate more budget to campaigns that are performing well and you can save money by discontinuing underperforming campaigns.

5. Track the length of a call based on the keyword

Typically, longer customer calls emphasize better quality – and a higher chance of converting into sales. You can use various tools to measure call length at the keyword level. This will give you valuable insights into which keywords are generating longer calls.

Here, it is important to remember that the knowledge and expertise of your customer care executives play an integral role in converting calls into sales.

6. Incorporate targeted Calls-to-action

Including a targeted CTA is one of the most advanced PPC strategies that will help ensure your prospective customers take an action. This is an important step you should not miss as it triggers the audience to connect to your business in some way or the other. For phone-only PPC campaign optimization, you should design the CTA in a way that encourages the searchers to call you.  

Some examples are “Call Us to Know How We Can Help You.” “Call Today for Free Consultation,” etc. With clear, concise, and compelling CTAs, you can derive better results and convert customer calls into sales.

7. Create high-converting landing pages

Today, customers crave good-quality and in-depth content that gives them a good knowledge of what they are looking for. If they click your ads and get directed to sloppy landing pages, you may lose potential leads and your sales too. High-quality landing pages serve as excellent selling tools that can get you more phone calls and better conversions.

For instance, you are in a restaurant business and put up a compelling Google PPC ad. But when your users land on your site by clicking the page, they find only photos of your restaurant – no quality information about your opening hours, menu, specialties, ambience, customer reviews, etc. This will turn off your potential customers and they will switch to other restaurants that provide quality content.

Therefore, it is crucial to create landing pages that give valuable information, engage your audiences, and compel them to take an action – make a phone call, schedule a demo, close a sales deal, etc.


According to PPC experts, phone calls have higher conversion rates than clicks. So, if you are looking for quality call optimization strategies, then here are some proven techniques to follow. These strategies will not only help you get your phones ringing but will also drive better conversions. However, PPC optimization for better results can be cumbersome. Hiring a PPC agency can help devise a successful calls-on PPC strategy that will not only get you more phone calls but will convert these into sales. They will leverage advanced tools and proven strategies such as call metrics tracking to drive great results for your advertising budget.   

32 replies on “Why Calls Aren’t Converting – How You Can Optimize Your PPC Campaign?”

Invaluable insights! This blog explains why calls aren’t converting in PPC campaigns and offers optimization tips. A must-read for businesses aiming to maximize PPC results. Thanks for sharing!

Great insights! It’s essential to analyze why calls aren’t converting in PPC campaigns. Optimizing keywords, ad copy, and landing pages can make a significant difference. Thanks for sharing these tips.

Invaluable insights! This blog explains why calls aren’t converting in PPC campaigns and offers optimization tips. It’s definitely a must-read for businesses looking to maximize their PPC results. Thank you for sharing!

Excellent information! In addition to providing optimization advice, this blog explains why calls in PPC ads aren’t converting. For companies aiming to maximize their PPC results, it’s unquestionably a must-read. Many thanks for sharing!👍👍

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