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Remember the old classified ads in newspapers?
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is similar but with steroids.
Your Ecommerce ads will be placed in famous search engines like Google, and you only pay when your ads get clicks.
This is simple and straightforward and you might already know this but why India?
Well, the good thing about India is it has a large pool of PPC experts who are known to offer the best conversions to Ecommerce businesses.
The experts at PPC agencies from all over the world have no doubt too much experience but in India, you will get the same expertise and knowledge at a much lower price in comparison to other Western countries.
This makes it a win for both your wallet and website traffic.
Now, we move on to the benefits we want you to know some interesting numbers that we are sure you will be surprised by. So are you ready?

Facts and Figures For Ecommerce PPC Growth In India

Market Size and Growth

  • Ecommerce PPC spending in India is projected to reach $22 million by 2025, growing at a tremendous CAGR of 28.1%.
  • The Indian e-commerce market is expected to reach $350 billion in 2025.

Conversion Rates and Click-Through Rates

  • In India, the average conversion rate of eCommerce PPC campaigns is 2.5%. This is slightly less than the global average.
  • Click-through rates are higher than average, averaging 4-5%. This is due to factors such as cost-effectiveness, local market targeting, and other factors.

Top Performing Industries

  • Over 50% of PPC spend on eCommerce is spent in the fashion and travel sectors.
  • Electronics, consumer goods, and food & beverages are also high-growth industries.

Popular Ad Platforms

  • Google Ads, and Facebook Ads, are undisputed leaders in India’s eCommerce PPC market. They account for over 90% of the eCommerce PPC market share in India.
  • Local platforms such as Flipkart Ads or Amazon Ads have also gained traction. These are particularly useful for targeting specific online buyers within these marketplaces.

Cost Considerations

  • CPCs in India, on average, are lower than in Western markets. They range between USD 0.10 and $0.30.
  • Keywords and industries with high levels of competition can increase costs significantly.

Future Trends

  • To reach diverse audiences in India, mobile-first strategies will be even more important.
  • Automation tools and AI insights will be more important in optimizing campaigns and maximizing ROI.
  • Voice search optimization and integration with chatbots will emerge as new frontiers for engaging potential customers.

Bonus Fact: Diwali shopping season (Festival of Lights), is India’s
peak eCommerce PPC period. Campaign spending and activities often double during this time.

Impact On Your eCommerce Business Without Using PPC Services

Quiet Website

Maybe you are proud of your amazing and unique products but it will be of no use if no one is noticing it. In other words, you are getting no traffic on your website.
It will be much like a beautiful restaurant hidden in a remote forest. If the owner is not advertising it then it is most likely to be hidden forever.
The same goes with your eCommerce website if you decide not to market it then your competitors will get a chance to stay ahead even with inferior products.

Slow Organic Growth

Search engine optimization (SEO) is among the best ways to build a legitimate brand. It brings tons of visitors or sales but the harsh truth is, that it’s an extremely slow and gradual process to give you the desired results.
If you are already following it then we don’t recommend ditching it but you also understand PPC is a must for an eCommerce website.

Less Targeted Audience

Organic traffic might be diverse, but it may not always be targeted. You may attract people who don’t care about what you have to offer.
This will lead to a lower conversion rate and waste of resources. Imagine inviting all the people in your town to a party. While some may be ideal guests, others might not care about what you have to offer.

Limited Insights

Without the data generated by PPC campaigns, you’ll have less visibility into your target audience and campaign effectiveness.
It’s like sailing in the dark – you might reach your destination eventually, but the journey will be less efficient and filled with uncertainties.

Limited Brand Awareness

It can be very difficult for you to compete against top competitors in your niche without actively promoting your eCommerce website using PPC.
Apart from that, you also stay uninformed about your new audiences. When you run a PPC campaign, apart from giving you leads and sales, it helps you explore new insights that help you craft your brand according to your audience’s taste.

Slower Customer Acquisition

It takes time for organic search traffic to grow, and this initial phase may lead to a slow customer acquisition.
This can be even more challenging for new businesses that want to make sales and build their brand quickly.

Complete Dependency On Organic SEO

To build a strong organic SEO, you need to put in constant effort and have expertise.
To improve your search engine rankings, you need to optimize your site, create high-quality content, and strategically build links.

Lower Conversion Rates

While organic traffic can be valuable, it might not be as targeted as PPC leads. This can lead to lower conversion rates as some visitors might not be actively looking for what you offer.

Limited Data-Driven Insights

Without the metrics provided by PPC, you won’t have as much insight into your audience and campaign effectiveness. It is difficult to optimize your marketing strategy and identify improvement areas.

Potential Marketing Stagnation

Relying exclusively on organic reach over time can lead to stagnation in marketing. You could miss valuable opportunities for reaching new audiences and growing your business if you don’t actively experiment with new channels, such as PPC.

Benefits Of Partnering With Top eCommerce PPC Agency In India

More Traffic, More Sales

professional PPC agency promises to get more leads or qualified traffic that simply translates to more sales and more profit.
All you need to do is focus on your core product or service, keep improving it, and work on your capability to handle the number of sales.

Time and Expertise

Just like SEO a successful PPC campaigns also require time and dedication. There are lots of things that are required to be done in advance before running a PPC campaign.
If you are already packed up then this burden is lifted by a PPC agency so that you can concentrate on running your online store.
Your ad campaigns will be in the capable hands of PPC professionals, so you can sleep well at night.


As earlier mentioned PPC agencies in India are very cost-effective. You can get the expertise of top-notch professionals without spending a fortune.
We will tell you the expected cost of a PPC agency later but for now, know that you can have a Michelin-starred Chef cook your dinner for less than the cost of a hamburger! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Cutting-Edge Strategies

It is for sure that you always lag behind trends and the reason is simple you can’t equally focus on your core products or services and PPC trends.
On the other hand, the PPC agency’s basic work is to keep an eye on market trends. They stay ahead of the curve by constantly researching and implementing the latest PPC trends and technologies.
You don’t have to worry even a bit as your campaigns will use the most efficient methods to reach your target audience.

Scalability and Growth

When your business grows it is natural that your PPC campaigns also must grow. When you align with PPC work with an agency you don’t have to worry about scalability.
And the best part is you don’t have to pay anything extra until and unless you want to add something extra from your side.

Local Market Expertise

You may not believe but specialized PPC agencies understand the online market and their audience much better in comparison to regular agencies.
That’s not it they master the local audience behavior. If you want to have a successful ad campaign then targeting a local audience is the key and no need to say top eCommerce PPC agencies in India master it.

Language Fluency

Let’s admit it: Navigating technical platforms and data in PPC can be confusing even in the native language.
The best part about almost all PPC agencies in India is they offer support and communication to clients in the languages they understand.
They try to keep things simple and straightforward. This gives an advantage to people like you who are yet to understand the nuances of the PPC world.

Cultural Connection

eCommerce PPC agencies in India understand the cultural context and buying habits of the local audience.
They ensure double the clicks by crafting ad copies and visuals that resonate with local humor, traditions, and preferences.
This will significantly help your brand to create a deeper connection with your potential customers.

Quick Turnaround and Flexibility

If you don’t act quickly then you may lose all of your valuable customers. If you run an eCommerce store then you understand the value of time.
When you collaborate with a PPC agency in India they often offer quicker turnaround times when it comes to campaign setup and optimization in comparison to their Western counterparts.
Another good thing is they are also more flexible in working whenever you have any specific requirement, especially at odd times.
For instance, you want to adjust the campaigns according to something that you think works better with your target audience.

Peace of Mind and Focus

Running an eCommerce business itself is too much challenging. In this, taking out special time for PPC is not something you want to do but it is again something that is worth for the growth of your eCommerce brand.
PPC agencies make sure you focus on what you do best like product or service development, customer service, and building your brand.
Meanwhile, they work on the selling part as this is what they are good at – attracting the right customers.

What Components Are Included in Ecommerce PPC Management?

Ecommerce PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management involves various tasks and strategies aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of paid advertising campaigns for an online store.

Here are some key components typically included in ecommerce PPC management

Keyword Research 

dentifying relevant keywords that potential customers are likely to use when searching for products similar to those offered by the ecommerce store.

Ad Creation and Optimization

 Crafting compelling ad copy and designing visually appealing ad creatives that entice users to click through to the ecommerce site. Continuous testing and optimization of ad elements like headlines, descriptions, and images to improve performance.

Campaign Structuring

 Organizing PPC campaigns into logical ad groups and campaigns based on product categories, target audience segments, or other relevant factors. This helps to ensure proper budget allocation and easier management of campaigns.

Bid Management

 Monitoring and adjusting bids for keywords and ad placements to maintain a balance between cost and performance. Bid adjustments may be based on factors such as keyword performance, time of day, device type, and geographic location.

Ad Extensions

 Utilizing ad extensions such as sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets to provide additional information and enhance the visibility and relevance of ads in search engine results.

Landing Page Optimization

 Optimizing the landing pages that users are directed to after clicking on ads to ensure they provide a seamless and relevant experience, leading to higher conversion rates.

Shopping Ads Management 

Managing product listing ads (PLAs) on platforms like Google Shopping, including product feed optimization, bidding strategies, and ad performance analysis.

Remarketing Campaigns

 Setting up remarketing campaigns to re-engage users who have previously visited the ecommerce site but did not make a purchase. This can involve displaying targeted ads to these users across the web or on social media platforms.

Tracking and Reporting

 Implementing tracking codes such as Google Analytics and conversion tracking pixels to measure the performance of PPC campaigns accurately. Regularly analyzing data and generating reports to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and identify areas for improvement.

Continuous Testing and Optimization

 Implementing A/B testing and other testing methodologies to experiment with different ad creatives, landing pages, targeting options, and bidding strategies to improve campaign performance over time.

Overall, effective ecommerce PPC management involves a combination of strategic planning, data analysis, and ongoing optimization to drive targeted traffic, increase conversions, and maximize return on investment (ROI) for the online store.

Choosing The Best Ecommerce PPC Agency: Your Compass In The Digital Bazaar

We hope you are now agreeing with the benefits of the PPC agency that we have mentioned.
Well, that’s great! But before you start looking for an eCommerce PPC agency in India know that there are hundreds of available options. In this, you must remember, that not all agencies are equal.
If you want to enjoy the real taste of success then it is a must for you to pick the right PPC agency. So how could you find it? Don’t worry here are quick tips for you.

Know Your Needs

Have you defined your goals and budget? If not, then this is the right time. You must decide in advance what you are expecting from your PPC campaign.
How much are you willing to spend? How long do you want to run your campaign? If you have clear goals then it will be easier for you to find an eCommerce agency that aligns with your goals.

Do Your Research

Google acts as a savior, when we are stuck with anything but beware if you are trying to pick your first agency that pops up on Google.
Not everything that is suggested by Google is right. You need to do your research, read reviews, check out their case studies, and compare all possible things that are available on the internet.
You can reach out to previous customers just to get real feedback. The more you research more you will get clarity about your selection.

Look for Transparency

Almost all PPC agencies don’t disclose the fee structure on their website but it doesn’t mean that they are hiding something.
They are not disclosing it because all clients come with different needs and based on that company discloses the fee amount.
In this, don’t hesitate to talk with your respective agency to get a price quote.
If you don’t find any transparency even while talking to them then feel free to say goodbye to that company.

Communication is Key

If your potential PPC agency is not interested in giving you much detail then you must avoid such a company.
If a company can’t answer your initial questions than it is for sure they can’t deliver results according to your expectations.
Obviously, how can they, when they are unable to understand your basic queries? Strong and open communication is very important for establishing long-term relationships.

Trust Your Gut

Last but not least, you are required to choose an agency that you feel comfortable with and that you think partnering with them will take your business to the next level.
Now, don’t do it just randomly. You need to only do it when you have two to three multiple options and all are making a top in your potential list.

Ready, Set, Go! Conquering The Digital Frontier With Your PPC Partner

Your work is not finished yet. There is one more step that you must complete very seriously just to get guaranteed success. When you finalize your potential company you must follow some tips to make the most of your collaboration:

Be Open and Collaborative

Don’t feel shy to share your ideas even if you don’t know much about PPC. PPC is much more about understanding the audience and maybe you master the skills.
Feel free to share your insights business goals, and brand values with your potential PPC agency.
The more they understand your vision, the better outcome you can expect from them.

Provide Feedback Regularly

We know we have told you earlier that hiring a PPC agency will make your mind free. That’s true but we recommend don’t just sit back and wait for results.
May be not daily but take some time to check the campaign development and optimization process.
If you think something needs to be tweaked in ad copy, landing pages, and overall campaign strategy, just tell the team to make things much better.

Trust The Experts, But Stay Informed

While you should trust your agency’s expertise, it’s still important to stay informed about your ad campaigns.
Ask questions, understand the data they share, and keep track of every key metric whenever you get free time from your regular work.
This knowledge not only helps you to make better decisions but also helps you to optimize your future goals.

Celebrate Successes and Learn from Stumbles

Don’t be selfish and take all credit when you make good sales. Celebrate the wins and acknowledge the agency’s PPC team’s hard work.
Don’t forget to connect them personally and thank them for their hard work. On the other side don’t feel disappointed if some of your campaigns are not working well.
Instead, discuss with your team and try to know the reasons. View them as learning opportunities and adjust your strategies.

Be Patient and Consistent

You must understand that running successful PPC campaigns takes time, effort, and continuous optimization.
Here the key is being patient, working closely with your agency, and trusting the process.
Your first few campaigns might not give you the expected results so have some patience and don’t doubt your respective PPC agency’s capability.

Cost of Hiring An Ecommerce PPC Agency In India

We know you are looking for this section so here is on right time to end your curiosity. Cost is something that will completely change your decision.
So here we will find out some factors that may affect the fees of a PPC agency and how much you need to spend to hire an agency.

Factors That Influence The Cost:

Agency Size and Reputation

Established or experienced agencies that have a proven track record typically charge higher in comparison to smaller or less experienced agencies.
You can go with the same if your expectations are too high and you don’t have any budget limitations.
The best thing with experienced agencies is your chance of getting success is much higher.

Campaign Scope and Services

PPC services are categorized into many parts. Your respective agency may ask for the fee accordingly.
Maybe you just need them for basic setup or maybe for full management. If you are not clear about your requirements then you be charged high.

Budget Management Model

You need to check if your agency is following a specific model. This is not fixed as agencies set them up according to their convenience.
Agencies offer different options, such as retainer fees, pay-per-click fees, or a hybrid model.
Before choosing any make sure you consider your risk tolerance and preferred level so you will not overspend in campaigns.

Industry and Product Competition

eCommerce industry is highly competitive and your potential agency may generally require to bid on high-value keywords that simply translates to higher campaign costs.
Make sure you discuss this with your agency in advance and set a budget limit.

Campaign Performance and Delivery Time

Make sure to keep some extra budget for festivals and occasions especially if you want quick results and aggressive optimization.
Negotiating clear performance targets and timelines can help you in managing costs.

Here’s a rough estimate of agency fees in India:
Basic PPC Management: $350 – $1500 per month
Comprehensive PPC Management: $500 – $1000 per month
Advanced PPC Management (E-commerce Focus): $1000 – $2000+ per month. Remember, these are just rough figures so you get an idea about the cost. To get better clarity on the cost of a PPC agency feel free to talk with your potential agencies to get accurate quotes.

Tips To Manage Your Ecommerce PPC Cost

When you are about to finalize your PPC partner we recommend you follow the below tips. These expert tips help you to cut down your PPC cost and help you get a better deal.

Set Clear Goals and KPIs

Define realistic, measurable goals for your campaigns. Also, make sure you communicate with your agency regularly. With this, you can better control your regular campaign budget.

Track Performance Regularly

Monitor ad campaign reports and data to identify areas that require any improvement. Meanwhile, try to figure out the potential cost savings. Don’t hesitate to communicate your concerns and questions to the agency.

Shop Around and Compare Pricing

Just like regular shopping, get quotes from several agencies before making a decision. Go with an agency that has clear and transparent pricing models. Avoid agencies that are known to charge hidden costs.

White Label Ecommerce PPC Agency In India & Its Benefits

While searching for eCommerce PPC agencies you may discover some white label services too. So what are they and how are they beneficial for you?
First of all, you need to understand that the services that we have discussed yet are a kind of general PPC service that can be opted by individual small or big eCommerce owners who don’t have any expertise or time for PPC.
On the other side, white-label eCommerce PPC service can be a hidden gem for businesses that are looking to expand their service offerings without the hassle of building their own PPC teams. Here are some quick benefits of such a service:
Expanded expertise and service portfolio: Offer PPC to your clients, without the need for internal expertise. You can increase your clientele and expand your services.
Cost Effectiveness: Avoid hiring and training PPC specialists in-house. The agency can provide you with the resources and expertise of a large company without incurring overhead costs.
Scalability and Flexibility: Easily adjust to campaign changes and client needs. White label agencies can handle sudden surges in campaign workload allowing you the time to focus on your client relationships.
Transparency & Control: Select a white-label agency to allow you to brand campaigns as yours and maintain control of pricing and client communications.
Local market advantages: The Indian agency understands the nuances of Indian online markets, offering targeted campaigns with cultural insights that resonate with local audiences.

Wrapping Up!

So that’s all about how PPC agencies help you to grow and survive in the cutthroat competition. If you are convinced with us then know that hiring the right PPC agency is the key to your success. We recommend you choose your potential agency wisely. Take ample of your time to pick as it is going to be a long-term relationship.
If you ask our recommendation then we recommend hiring a professional PPC agency like Softtrix that is known to proficiently handle small Ecommerce businesses to big ones.

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