Top 9 White Label Digital Marketing Agencies in Noida, India

Top 9 White Label Digital Marketing Companies in Noida

Partnering with a white label digital marketing agency is an ideal option for startups and small businesses who lack the expertise and tools to provide a full suite of services to their clients. It helps ensure a steady flow of revenues and improved brand reputation, without the cost of hiring and training human resources or purchasing advanced tools.

Even larger digital marketing agencies are now considering hiring white-label services because it enables them to serve their clients in, a timely and efficient. When they have too many projects in hand, they can outsource an entire project or a part of it to white-label professionals. The agencies can then resell the services and reports under their brand name – often at a markup price.

So, if you are looking for digital marketing white label services, you will be spoiled for choices in Noida. Let’s explore the 9 best digital marketing agencies in Noida that provide comprehensive white-label services at an affordable cost.

Best White-Label Digital Marketing Agencies in Noida

#1: Softtrix

Softtrix is the best white label digital marketing agency in Noida that focuses on creating a holistic internet marketing strategy that resonates with your brand and also delivers results. They specialize in white-label SEO and PPC reseller services, helping maximize your clients’ digital presence and revenues. Softtrix has a team of highly skilled and experienced digital marketing professionals who can skyrocket your business growth by providing top-notch services under your own label.

By partnering with Softtrix for your white-label digital marketing needs, you can leverage their unparalleled proficiency, performance-driven strategies, and advanced technologies. They maintain 100% confidentiality and NDA compliance, working as a completely invisible partner for your agency. They provide end-to-end services, which means you can focus on acquiring more clients while your digital marketing needs are in safe hands.

Established on2009
ServicesInternet marketing, design & development, search marketing, paid advertising, reputation management
ClientsGoTreeQuotes, OnCall Solutions, GoSolarQuotes, Driver in Rome, Bang, OrbitU, Coretech Security 
Email[email protected]  

#2: PageTraffic

PageTraffic is a white-label digital agency in Noida that can help scale your business, get new clients, and increase profitability. When you partner with them, you can have the entire marketing campaign, including website design, social media posts, email newsletters, and reports branded with your company name and logo.

The team at PageTraffic stays up-to-date with the latest industry practices and trends to provide full marketing services. They provide a full suite of services while following agency-centric processes, scalable operations, and maintaining strict NDA compliance.

Established on2002
ServicesWhite-label SEO, white-label social media management, white-label website design & development, white-label content marketing, paid search marketing
ClientsHCL, Tata, HolidayIQ, Wildcraft, Nestle, ICICI Prudential, Policy Bazaar
Email [email protected]  

#3: Get Me Rank

Get Me Rank makes it to our list of top white label digital marketing agencies in Noida because of their holistic approach, professional services, and value for money. They are a result-driven, performance-based digital marketing agency that is dedicated to driving increased sales and ROI for your clients by devising strategic campaigns.

By outsourcing their white-label services, you can focus on your core business strengths to acquire more clients, reduce your overhead costs, and increase your ROI.

Company Get Me Rank
Established onN/A
ServicesWebsite audit, keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, organic link acquisition
Clients  Décor Twist, Platinum LED, Zarinama, Spine Deck, Eternal 365
Phone +91-81780-48714
Email[email protected]  

#4: Black Marlin Technologies

Black Marlin Technologies offers professional digital marketing white label services in Noida. They have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who will work closely with you to understand your client’s needs and devise a rock-solid marketing strategy based on them. They have a white-label SEO program that encompasses comprehensive search engine optimization services at the best possible price.

The agency provides full life cycle project management, including client communication, timely delivery of projects, complete monitoring & analytics, and reporting – all under your brand name. In addition to white-label SEO, they also provide a broad range of digital marketing services.

CompanyBlack Marlin Technologies
Established on2014
Services  SEO, link building, social media, paid ads, website design & development, social media, content marketing
ClientsGajah Home, L’Adobe Accommodation, Peasville Animation Studio
Email[email protected] 

#5: SpenzMedia

SpenzMedia is a reputable digital marketing agency in Noida, that provides customized white-label solutions to individual consultants, agencies, and businesses. They work as an extended team rather than a white-label agency, deriving the best value for your business. Leveraging their expertise and resources in the field of digital marketing, they will help scale your agency minus the costs involved with hiring, training, and retaining digital marketing professionals.

They do not just provide tailored solutions that meet the unique business requirements of your clients but also ensure cost-effective prices. At the same time, they also maintain 100% confidentiality and strict adherence to Non-Disclosure Agreement to keep their identity discrete. SpenzMedia has expertise across a wide range of industries.

Company  SpenzMedia
Established onN/A
ServicesWebsite development, SEO, PPC, lead generation, social media marketing, digital marketing,
ClientsFabric Studio, Ruef and Associates, Fashioncapital, Innova Communications, Steve Madden
Email[email protected] 

#6: SEMReseller

SEMReseller is a trusted Noida digital marketing company that specializes in offering complete white-label services to agencies of all sizes. They have years of experience in this field, helping clients build a strong online presence and improve conversion rates. They are passionate and innovative and focus on multiple expertise in the field of digital marketing. The agency also has a transparent reporting system and no long-term contracts.   

Established on2021
ServicesDigital marketing, website design & development, search engine optimization, paid advertising, ORM
Clients N/A
Email [email protected]  

#7: Digital Berge

Digital Berge is an SEO company based out of Noida, providing dedicated white-label search engine optimization services. In addition to SEO, the agency also provides a broad range of digital marketing services such as pay-per-click advertising, Amazon optimization, online reputation management, social media marketing, and SEO consultancy. They take a result-oriented approach to digital marketing white label services, identifying, strategizing, implementing, monitoring, and improving the digital presence of your clients.

CompanyDigital Berge
Established on N/A
Services SEO, PPC, ORM, media planning & buying, digital marketing, social media optimization
ClientsImpetus, NetCom Learning, Sheel Biotech Limited, GD Goenka Group
Email [email protected] 

#8: Digital Agency Reseller

Digital Agency Reseller is another white-label digital agency that can help grow your business without the time, effort, or cost involved with hiring and training professionals. They have a team of highly efficient digital marketing specialists who can help improve your current service offerings and provide comprehensive solutions under your brand identity. The company provides white-label services to small agencies and startup businesses. They also have specialized solutions for medium-sized businesses, enterprises, partners, and affiliates.

CompanyDigital Agency Reseller
Established onN/A
Services SEO Reseller, content writing, blogger outreach, content syndication, PPC, website development
Clients  V Pest Control, OnSpot Repair, French
Phone  +91-70113-00814
Email[email protected]  

#9: Profito Interactive

Profito Interactive is a digital marketing agency in Noida that has a dedicated SEO reseller program for agencies that want to outsource SEO services to a white-label agency. They have 10+ years of experience in providing ROI-driven SEO strategies, helping you maintain long-term client relationships. Their white-label services can be tailored to meet your unique marketing needs. Their services also include complete website audits, identifying loopholes, implementing action plans, and detailed reporting.

CompanyProfito Interactive
Established on2013
ServicesSEO, local SEO, reseller SEO, SMO, PPC, mobile SEO, ORM, content writing, app store optimization, brand reputation
ClientsThe Cleaning Experts, Americas Wish, ISMS
Email[email protected]


Choosing the Best White Label Digital Marketing Agency in Noida

White label digital marketing is a great way for agencies and individual consultants to strengthen their brand presence, provide new services, attract more clients, and improve their bottom line. However, white-label marketing requires maintaining high levels of confidentiality and discreteness. To know that you are partnering with a reliable white-label agency, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Check for how long the company has been in the industry and what is their market reputation.
  • The white-label agency should have a thorough understanding of your business and goals.
  • Know if they provide customized solutions that meet your unique needs.
  • Check if they follow Non-Disclosure Agreement and maintain anonymity for their white-label services and reports.

Compare our top white label digital marketing agencies based on these parameters and choose one that provides the best solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Softtrix is a leading digital marketing agency in India, with over 14 years of experience catering to businesses of all sizes. Leveraging their vast industry knowledge, resources, and expertise, they have set a strong footprint in the digital arena spanning India and the USA.

If you want to partner with the best-label digital marketing agency in Noida, Softtrix is a name you can rely upon. They have a proven track record of successfully completing  500+ successful projects in the fields of creative design & development, search engine marketing, branding, and paid search advertising.

Softtrix is the most trusted name in the digital marketing arena, providing a full suite of services tailored to your unique business needs. Some of the leading brands across the world count upon Softtrix for their branding needs.

If you are a digital marketing company looking to expand your service offerings in a cost-effective way, then hiring a white-label agency can be your best bet. It enables you to provide end-to-end internet marketing services under your branding while utilizing the expertise and resources of another company. It is a great way to scale your agency and attract more clients.   

An experienced digital marketing manager in Noida can expect a salary of around ₹14.0 Lakhs per annum.

A digital marketing manager in his/her mid-career, with 5-9 years of experience, can expect a salary ranging between ₹8.09 Lakhs and ₹11.1 Lakhs per annum. 

Digital marketing encompasses a broad range of practices, and the job position of a web developer is the highest paying in India. This is followed by a digital marketing manager, PPC analyst, content writer, and social media marketing specialist.

For digital marketers, India is the best choice due to its sheer population, fast-paced technological advancements, and large number of web-based companies. The country also has one of the highest rates of internet usage in the world.

To become a high-paid, future-proof digital marketer, you must have skills in technical SEO, including sitemaps, server-side settings, and server response codes. Specialized knowledge in PPC advertising, email marketing, mobile optimization, social media, and content management can further help progress your career in this field. A post-graduate degree in digital marketing can be helpful here.  

To become a successful digital marketer, it is important to measure both the pros and cons of digital marketing. The key challenges you may face are:

  • Dependence on the latest technologies, utilizing which can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Increased threat of cyber attacks and privacy breaches.
  • It can be challenging to find the right skills and expertise to perform digital marketing successfully.
  • Global competition, especially when you have a broad niche.
  • Difficulty measuring ROI

Noida is one of the best cities for digital marketing in India because it is the hub of several prominent companies and startup businesses – paving the way for lucrative business opportunities. It is some of the top colleges where one can pursue a course in digital marketing. Additionally, the salary range and career scope of digital marketing professionals in Noida are also high.

With ‘consumer behavior’ being one of the key elements of marketing success today, the future of digital marketing is expected to be technology-driven. This is with the objective to create long-lasting brand-consumer relationships. 

Honestly, there is no best age to start learning digital marketing. However, the minimum age requirement to enroll in various Internet marketing courses is typically 18 years. 

Here are the steps to start a digital marketing business in India:

  • Gain knowledge and hands-on experience
  • Find your specialization
  • Perform competitor research
  • Create a strategic plan and set your goals
  • Establish a powerful brand; build a website
  • Choose a suitable business model
  • Build a team
  • Market your services
  • Get projects, deliver timely, manage clients

The average hourly rate of digital marketers in India is between ₹ 180 and ₹ 190  in India.

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Good to know. I highly recommend Softrix for white label digital marketing agency for anyone seeking a comprehensive and enriching experience.

These top 9 agencies offer unmatched expertise, innovation, and results, making them the go-to choices for businesses seeking excellence.

Discover excellence with these top 9 white-label digital marketing powerhouses in Noida, India. Your success, their expertise.

I strongly recommend Softrix as a white-label digital marketing agency for anyone in search of a comprehensive and enriching experience.

Brilliant compilation! This list of the top 9 white-label digital marketing agencies in Noida is a real gem for businesses seeking effective solutions.

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