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We provide the clients with

  • More productive ad costs
  • Reduced cost per lead
  • Improved advertisements
  • Better conversion rate of site visitors
  • Smooth navigating landing page

Internet has revolutionized the way business happens these days. Gone are the days when advertisements, radio/TV slots or hoardings/pamphlets would help you gain clientele. This is the age of internet marketing. With advancements made in the computer world, the way marketing of products/services is done has also changed. This is the age where digital marketing through different forms such as email, social media and search engines etc. helps garner moolah for your business. PPC or pay-per-click is a unique method of advertising your products/services. Our dedicated team of PPC experts designs great Advertising campaigns which helps the entire pay-per-click marketing experience more lucrative. With the advent of eCommerce, small businesses have got a decent chance of succeeding; thanks to the Internet revolution. We help in building your brand by offering you complete Shopping PPC services. We make the client aware of how our experts help them overturn their business fortune using Shopping Campaigns. We design audience-targeted pay per click ads which appear as sponsored ads on various search engines such as Google or Yahoo or Bing or Facebook! They help promote your business organisation to your target clients with detailed information about the product or services they are seeking.

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Google Certified Agency

Softtrix is Certified PPC Company which helps design pay-per-click campaigns by holding deep discussion with the client. We understand their needs, their target audience and their budget to prepare a well-designed PPC advertisement dedicated to keyword research so that the target audience click on the client’s ads instead of their competitors. Pay-per-click advertising costs the client money every time their PPC ad is clicked on. We design campaigns using such keywords/keyword phrases which enable the customer to purchase your product/service once they click on your ad. Apart from targeted advertising, well studied and planned PPC campaigns also generate a surge in customer base as well as transactions.

Why We Stand Out?


You aren’t the same as your competitors and would neither want to ape their apps and solutions. ‘Exclusivity’ is the buzz word at SoftTrix as we strive to develop apps that are unique and meet the niche requirements of your business.


We have always believed app development to be marriage between creativity and technology and our developers ideate and come out with the most creative solutions. Take a look at one or our apps and you would be impressed with the look and feel we have created. Whether you want classy graphics or more sophisticated ones, our designers would deliver it to the last pixel.


An app is as good as the number of times it is downloaded and the dividend it offers. We see success in black and white and have always equated effectiveness of our apps with the return it offers to our clients.

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