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The carpet cleaning industry is continuously thriving in both the residential and commercial sectors. It is estimated that this business will observe a market boom and may reach USD 937.59 million by 2027. This highlights great investment opportunities and the challenges of bringing in more customers which can help you outgrow your competitors and expand your business. But this also points towards the urgency of utilizing a powerful marketing weapon namely Search Engine Optimization to get ahead in the race. And also help transform carpet cleaning companies like yours into everything that you have desired. Sounds impossible?

Well, what if I tell you that through Search Engine Optimization you can reach your potential clients by ranking at the top of the search results and attract more customers simultaneously? Yes, it’s possible, SEO is a reliable digital marketing strategy that can help carpet cleaners like you improve brand awareness which means that the audience will recognize your business after it surfaces at the top of the search results and click on your website to explore your services. It also helps you to stand out in the competition by generating leads and driving profitable returns.

Now, you must be curious about how carpet cleaning SEO can help your business reach every household. Keep reading to find out!

How SEO Is Important For Your Carpet Cleaning Companies Growth?

Attract Clients For Long-Term Growth

Do you know what helps your business to keep growing? It’s the customers that can impact your business growth which makes it even more essential to invest in this marketing technique. Search Engine Optimization helps you drive 1000% more organic traffic than social media by enhancing your digital presence. It optimizes your website to make it more relevant for the users which makes it easy to discover your company. This improves your brand awareness as well, bringing in more clients who will be compelled to click on your website and explore your services.

Seamless User Experience

Do you think your audience stays on a website that takes a long time to load or has technical issues? No, right! As that particular website fails to provide a good user experience which is why Search Engine Optimization helps you through it. It optimizes your website to avoid any issues that could hinder the experience of your website audience. It optimizes the content on your website as well, to ensure that all the information is relevant and valuable to the audience, bringing in more customer queries. Thus, providing a seamless user experience that encourages the audience to keep visiting your website.

Cost-Effective Solution For High ROI

As compared to traditional marketing which includes cold calling, print advertisement, and huge investment, SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy that works towards boosting your visibility. It helps you to enjoy a long-lasting ranking with a high conversion rate that can produce a high return on investment (ROI) for your business.

Convert Prospects Into Hot Leads
SEO helps you to reach your potential customers who are already searching for your carpet cleaning services. They are the prospects who will surely end up on your site to take the required action. For this to happen, Search Engine Optimization optimizes your content with targeted keywords and clear CTAs which helps you generate leads. Thus, helping you to generate high revenue.
Gain Customer Loyalty With Credibility And Trust

Do you trust the first few results while searching on Google? You do, right? You trust these websites to seek the solution to your problem or required information for your queries. So does your audience. Ranking among the top search results helps build trust and credibility among visitors. This is where SEO comes in, as it helps you to rank at the top of search results which informs the prospects that your website has the rug cleaning services they were looking for. This results in customer engagement and loyalty.

How Does SEO Work In Eliminating The Competition For Carpet Cleaners?

Target Relevancy Through Keyword Research


A keyword is a user search query that you can target to acquire a higher search engine ranking. But, how to know which keywords must be targeted? Good keyword research can help you as it analyzes and finds phrases and terms that searchers use while entering a query. It also provides useful insights including market trends which tell you which keywords you must incorporate in your content. These keywords may include seed keywords which help you in brainstorming a list of all the possible terms your target audience is searching for, the competitor’s keywords where you can analyze the terms that are making your competitors rank and long-tail keywords which are the specific terms, that have less competition, but makes you rank on the top.

Now, let’s explore some of the elements of keyword research that will help you understand the game of keywords on search engines :

Search Volume

Search volume lets you examine how many times a keyword has been searched in a period of time. It determines which keywords can help you reach potential clients i.e. the keywords with low competition and approximately medium to high search volume can be more beneficial for you than the terms with super high competition. The search volume also depends on the size of the business and the competitive niche which means that if you have a small business, then opting for keywords with low to medium search volume will be more profitable as it has less competition.


Search engines rank websites with relevant content that matches the search intent i.e. the goal of users behind their search. Understanding this intent lets you look for the targeted keywords that can help you improve your rank.


Authoritative websites are given more importance by search engines as they help your rug cleaning company to be more visible to your target audience. You can be one of these sites by delivering informative content and earning backlinks.

After knowing the elements, you can use the following keywords to draft an efficient keyword strategy:

Relevant Keywords Avg. searchesCompetition
carpet cleaners 301,000High
carpet cleaning companies near me 201,000Medium
carpet wash near me 201,000Medium
carpet shampooing near me 201,000Medium
carpet rug cleaning near me 201,000Medium
carpet cleaning close to me 201,000Medium
carpet cleaner rental 110,000High
rug cleaner rental 110,000High
rug cleaning companies near me 60,500Medium
rug cleaning near me 60,500Medium
carpet and rug cleaning near me 60,500Medium
carpet cleaning services 40,500Low
carpet rug cleaning services 40,500Low
best carpet cleaner 33,100High
best rug cleaner 33,100High
best rug cleaner for pets 12,100High
oxi fresh carpet cleaning services 12,100Low
carpet cleaning company 9,900Medium
carpet cleaning services near me8,100Low
car wash carpet cleaner 1,900Low
carpet cleaning usa 1,000Low

Be One Step Ahead Of Rivals Through Competitive Analysis


Competitive Analysis involves evaluating your competitors’ marketing techniques to know their shortcomings and strengths. It gives you the competitive advantage of employing the required tools to ensure that your marketing campaign is outperforming them. It helps you discover potential threats while establishing a benchmark against which you can measure your growth.

The following are some ways in which you can conduct competitive analysis:

Identify Your Competitors

You can identify your competitors by examining the websites that appear in the search results after entering keywords that your target audience uses while searching. This helps you prepare a list of around 5-10 competitors who are offering the same services.

Conduct A SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis helps you determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the competitive market. It can help you identify the areas in which you need improvement and help in making smart decisions.

Analyze Competitors' Customer Journey

You must analyze your competitors’ customer journey by evaluating the different CTAs your competitors’ sites have to encourage clients on how to proceed. It also assists you to monitor the kind of user experience your competitors provide to their website visitors.

Measure Your Competitors' Marketing Efforts

You can create or improve your campaign by analyzing your competitors’ marketing efforts. For this, you must observe which marketing programs they opt for, the sites they publish on, and the kind of presence their business has i.e. digital or traditional. Thus, helping you to compare their marketing efforts with yours.

Pay Close Attention To Audience Engagement

You must ensure to analyze how customers are engaging with your competitors’ business. You can look closely at the audience interaction by examining the reviews, reactions, and employee reviews for a better understanding of how your competitors are performing in the market. This also helps you find out the services that your rivals are not providing so you can grab the opportunity to meet the unmet needs of prospects.

Examine Your Competitors' Business Structure

You must examine your competitors’ business structure to observe how equipped they are to gain market share and earn customer loyalty. This can be achieved by reviewing their websites, examining the size of the company, seeing how many years it has been since its establishment, and which areas they have expanded.

Enhance Visibility Through On-Page SEO


On-page SEO optimizes your website to improve your rank while helping search engines crawl and index your web pages. This improves the click-through rate while providing a long-lasting page value.

The following are some aspects of on-page Search Engine Optimization:

Title Tags

Title tags come under the HTML code that specifies the title of your webpage, informing your target audience and search engines what to expect. It must have relevant keywords as it will impact your ranking and the number of clicks your website can get.

Meta Description

Meta Description is a crucial element that gives a brief gist of the content to the visitors. This information is highlighted under meta title by search engines which makes it even more necessary to optimize it as it affects the decision of visitors whether they want to click on your carpet cleaning website or not.

Heading Tags

Heading tags(like H1, H2, and H3) help in forming a proper content structure by separating the headings and the subheadings. This improves the readability of your content while giving it more context by incorporating keywords. Thus, highlighting the important parts of your content.


URL should be simple and must align with the page title. This helps in maintaining your site hierarchy, making it easy for potential clients to navigate through different web pages, blog pages, and other internal pages.

Alt Tags

Alt tags give the context and information to depict the purpose and give a description behind an image when they fail to load. It also helps users with visual impairments to interpret your images which improves your web accessibility.

Internal Linking

Internal linking points to other relatable pages of your website by adding them in anchor text(clickable text). It allows Google and your potential customers to discover new content and understand the context. These links positively affect your carpet cleaning website by presenting your users with more information. Did you know, that adding at least two links can improve your conversion rate!

Content Optimization

Optimizing your content is essential as users mostly click on websites to look for the needed information. This tells the search engine that your website content is relevant, making you acquire the highest ranking. This is why you must include keywords and relevant images to make it more reliable. Additionally, you can also keep adding new pages of content or new blog posts as it shows Google how active you are. You must remove duplicate content (i.e. similar content published on different pages) as well, as it can confuse search engines while making your web page rank. Optimizing your content can make your website more relevant and authoritative than the other sites.

Page Speed

Page speed analyzes how fast a web page loads because if it takes too long then the users may leave your site. Are you aware that around 53% of users leave a web page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load? This points to the urgency of optimizing the speed because search engines view this aspect as the ranking factor. Thus, having a great web page speed can encourage users to spend more time on the site and engage more with your services.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

You must ensure that your website is mobile-friendly as more than 62% of users conduct searches from their smartphones. However, if your website is not optimized for mobile users then you can miss the opportunity of acquiring a high rank and attracting all the potential customers. This is why, you must optimize your website by checking whether the button sizes are apt for mobile or not. You must also ensure not to use pop-ups as they will hinder the site navigation and check for a good responsive design suitable for mobile phones.

Build Authority Through Link Building


Link building involves actions to increase the number of backlinks to your website from other sites as it helps boost your visibility. Therefore, you can either build links by reaching out to other sites to ask for backlinks (through blog posts, and infographics) or manually add your site’s link to other sites (through blog comments, and online directories). Another way of getting backlinks is by earning them organically which means that other website links to your web pages without you asking them to. These links are very important as the more links your web page will get, the more you will rank.

Further, it is only beneficial for your carpet cleaning business if you receive backlinks from authoritative and ranking websites as it denotes credibility. The placement i.e. where the link is positioned matters a lot as the anchor text can help search engines and the users know what the linked page is about.

The following are some backlinking strategies that can help in flourishing your business:

Nofollow Vs. Dofollow

Nofollow is one of the link attributes used in the page source code when some site owner wants to link to others’ sites but does not want to promote their page. Dofollow, on the other hand, are the links that can pass on authority which does not happen in nofollow links.


Outreach is where you can ask for links as it helps people to discover your website. It helps in increasing referral traffic and increases credibility.

Excel As The Primary Source

You can easily receive links by being the primary source for others. This will lead others to link to your website which can help you acquire a higher rank.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is where you can look for broken external links so that you can ask them to link them to your site. This can result in many backlinks coming your way.

Create Linkable Assets

Linkable assets are the different content that can earn backlinks naturally which makes it important to understand what your audience is looking for.

Look For Unlinked Brand Mentions

You must look for websites that have mentioned your brands but haven’t linked to your site as you can easily push them to convert that unlinked mention to a backlink.

Examine Competitors' Backlinks

You can analyze the link-building strategies of your competitors which can inform you regarding the type of content that can make you earn more backlinks. You can find out which websites are providing links to your rivals because they will much more likely link to your carpet cleaning site as well.

Reclaim Lost Backlinks
The risk of losing links is a common one as you can lose them if they get removed from the linking page if the linking page stops existing, and if the page gets redirected. You must reclaim these lost links by looking for the reason why you lost them because if the linking page gets redirected or removed, you can let it be but if other sites have replaced and linked to some other link then you can reach out to them. It can help you figure out the areas where you can improve as well.

Shield Your Brand Name With Online Reputation Management


Managing and maintaining Online reputation is to ensure a positive public perception of your company. It works towards tackling the negative views and rebuilding your brand name by improving how your clients perceive your brand. It allows you to monitor your business’s reputation and the overall engagements with the media channels as well. These channels include earned media (blog posts, reviews on other websites, third-party listing) which receives coverage from other websites and shared media caters to reviews and comments that you receive from your brand account on social media. Owned media, on the other hand, can improve your ranking and give you control over your website, social media profiles, email list, and blog.

But, are you aware that around 63% of users avoid buying from brands that are deemed untrustworthy? Well, negative reviews can affect your business in this way too which is why you need proper online reputation management (ORM). It can easily influence the customers’ final decision as around 78.5% of people view reviews before opting for any services. It provides informative feedback as well i.e. if you keep seeing complaints regarding your services, then you can make the required changes to improve customer experiences.

The following are some ways in which you can manage your reputation:

Perform ORM Audit

You must conduct a proper audit as it can help you find out what your potential clients think of your company. You can use this information to examine what you are doing right and in which areas you need improvement.

Build A Reputation Management Strategy

ORM strategy is vital for shielding your brand name which is why you must include the following pointers:

  • Prioritize which brand mentions or ORM tips need your immediate attention. You can determine how to prioritize your tasks by using an impact matrix which includes quick wins (high business impact), big bets( takes more effort but has a high impact), fill-ins(easy to implement but has low impact), and thankless tasks(difficult to implement and have no impact).
  • Developing policy and communication guidelines can help you decide whether to respond to urgent reviews (including reviews on popular sites and negative reviews by famous local prospects) or non-urgent reviews (including testimonials and reviews regarding minor issues).
  • You must have a tone of voice with your clients. You can build this tone of voice by understanding your target audience and how your customers communicate.
Monitor Brand Mentions

You must keep tracking and analyzing your band mentions so that you can respond to negative reviews without wasting any time. This helps you eliminate any risk of spoiling your brand image.

Prepare A Crisis Management Strategy

Crises can happen anytime which calls for having a reliable crisis management strategy. You must look out for the changing market trends and the media channels that your target audience uses, as it can prepare you in advance regarding any situation that may arise. Thus, having some monitoring tools can alert you on time, and keeping draft responses can help you to respond quickly to any negative reviews.

Encourage Customers To Review Online

You must encourage customers to leave reviews on websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Home Advisor, and many more as it can help you rebuild your brand reputation. These positive reviews will encourage other potential clients to choose your rug cleaning company for your services.

How Does Local SEO Bring "Near Me" Customers For Your Rug Cleaning Company?


Local Search Engine Optimization is a great way of attracting “near me” customers by appearing at the top of local searches and map listings. As per the stats floating around, 79.5% of the local audience who conduct the nearby-related searches, mostly visits the businesses physically. Therefore, you can attract foot traffic with the help of various local SEO services which can help you outperform your competitors as well.

Now, you must be wondering, what are the local Search Engine Optimization services, and how it can help you conquer the market? But, before that let’s understand why local Search Engine Optimization is needed by carpet cleaners like you:

Why Is Local SEO Needed?

Local SEO is a cost-effective technique to reach your local audience through geotargeting and by appearing in map listings.

The following are some crucial reasons you need local Search Engine Optimization:

  • It helps you increase your online visibility by making it easy for your potential customers to discover you.
  • It brings customer footfall to your carpet cleaning company as post-COVID, local audiences are more inclined towards supporting local businesses.
  • It can help generate quality leads and may boost conversion rates.
  • It improves customer engagement and generates high revenue.

Get A Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile (GBP) allows you to control how your business appears to your target audience. You can also add relevant information like the opening hours, address, and contact details to your profile, making it easy for your potential clients to find the location of your company. You can also include images as it can make your GBP more attractive. It boosts your visibility and improves credibility by encouraging customers to leave reviews which increases audience interaction. This points towards the need to optimize your GPB which may contribute to generating leads.

The following are ways in which you can optimize your Google Business Profile:

  • You must ensure that the NAP (name, address, phone number) information is consistent everywhere.
  • Ensure to include images. It may be the images regarding the work team, and the exterior and interior appearance of the company.
  • You can create Google posts as well either to give offers, to update your customers regarding new services, or regarding any promotional events.
  • You must include questions and answers to tackle the most commonly asked queries of your target audience.
  • You can depict the unique aspects of your carpet cleaning company by using highlights and attributes.

Establish Presence In Directories With Local citations

Local citations are references regarding your NAP information which mostly appear on third-party websites and online directories i.e. the online list of influential businesses. It can connect your business with potential customers i.e. through local citation building, you can distribute your business citation and establish your presence in the local directories. It includes a local listing which comprises business details where you can rectify the information if it’s incorrect. Thus, increasing your brand awareness and the reputation of your company.

Let Customers Locate You Through Location pages

Location pages contain information regarding all the areas in which your business is situated. Creating location-specific content can also help your target audience to find you. Thus, bringing in more foot traffic.

The following are some crucial aspects that a location page includes:

Paragraph-Form Content

Paragraph-form content can help you provide location-specific information to the audience by focusing on the storefront description. You can include diluted value in content to talk about your customer services and unique value by describing the location and the landmark. This helps your local audience to discover your brick and motor, making it easy for customers to visit you.

Location Attributes

The location attributes help your potential clients to plan their visits to your rug cleaning company. These attributes are found in GBP as well where they are divided into two types i.e. factual attributes which can be managed by you and subjective attributes which are mentioned by Google based on customers’ opinions.

Staff Profile

Do you know which factor makes businesses completely different from others? It’s the staff i.e. the team that can make all the difference because if they are helpful and polite then customers would likely visit again. This is why staff profiles help search engines and users know what to expect when they arrive in your company.

Hours And NAP Information

The working hours and the NAP information are the minimum content that you need to mention in your location pages. This information can be accompanied by an embedded map so that your customers can quickly get in touch with you.

Visually Appealing Images

You must add images in your location pages to give a proper experience to your audience with what they can get when they reach your storefront. You must avoid adding generic images that are not near the real appearance of your company as it can cause disappointment and frustration within your customers.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) that provide in-depth and valuable information can help you in improving user experience. You must ensure to ask for unique responses rather than generic ones as it can make your carpet cleaning business more reliable.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is a form of language that assists search engines in understanding the content of your web pages. It gives context regarding the elements that make your business important which can help you to outrank your competitors. It can also assist search engines to index your content faster and appear in the featured snippets.

Nearby Locations

The nearby locations work best if you have more than one storefront in close proximity. These can be added to the existing maps, as their own module or dedicated to an entire page to avoid any confusion for the targeted audience.

Offers And Discounts

The offers and discounts can be the same for every location as they are geographically relevant. Thus, building additional value for your local customers.

Specific Services

Including your services on your location page can influence the next action of your clients as it shows them that your business provides a particular service that they are looking for.

Is Your Business Website Not Visible On Google?
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    How Video Marketing Can Prove To Be A Game Changer For Rug Cleaners?

    Imagine if you could capture your audience’s attention and generate leads at the same time. Sounds amazing, right? Well, you can experience it in reality through video marketing, a new-age technique, that connects your carpet cleaning business with your audience to promote your services. Through educational, inspirational, testimonials, branded, and entertaining videos, you can reach a wider audience that is interested in your rug cleaning services. You can target these prospects through the second most popular search engine, famously known as YouTube where you can enjoy a high conversion rate.

    You must be curious about how the most popular platform i.e. YouTube can help you yield the desired results. Well, we will explore the various aspects that can increase your business video views but before that let’s know how Video Marketing is the much-needed solution to outgrow your competitors:

    Why Is Video Marketing Needed To Survive In The Current Market Scenario?


    Video marketing is very crucial especially when it comes to educating your customers regarding your services as 98% claim that it can improve brand awareness and can result in a high return on investment (ROI).
    The following are other reasons why video marketing is essential for carpet cleaners like you:

    • It helps you to expand your target audience by being visible for a long time on social feeds and ranking at the top of the video search results.
    • It captures the attention of viewers, bringing in an influx of customers.
    • It generates leads by 85% which gives you a competitive advantage in the market.
    • It increases informational retention as through your videos, your potential clients can more easily grasp the relevant information regarding your services.
    • This builds a personal relationship with your customers by getting your business more exposure.

    After understanding this, let’s move towards how SEO and YouTube work together:

    YouTube SEO

    YouTube Search Engine Optimization works towards optimizing your videos to rank higher in the search results. It can bring more views and organic traffic your way as well.

    The following are the effective tips for YouTube Search Engine Optimization:

    Include Cards And End Screen

    Cards are the boxes that ask you to watch other related videos, bringing in qualified traffic. End screens, on the other hand, appear towards the end of the video which boosts interaction and encourages them to check out other videos and playlists. Thus, builds trust within the viewers.

    Improve Navigation Through Timestamps

    Including Timestamps in your video can inform YouTube regarding which parts of your video are important. It can also appear in the key moments which is why you must add them in your description as well, making it easy for your viewers to navigate through the content.

    Prepare Categories

    You must create categories where you can group your videos into broad topics. This helps YouTube to identify the best channel for producing quality content.

    Lure Viewers Through Thumbnails

    You must create visually appealing thumbnails as they affect the clicks and the views that your video will receive. This is because thumbnails can help you stand out and encourage viewers to view your videos.

    Embed Videos In Your Blog For Better Ranking

    Are you aware that embedding relevant videos in your blog can boost your SEO efforts as it carries a positive impact? Yes, it enhances your presence by making you rank at the top of the search results.

    Incorporate Relevant Hashtags
    You must use relevant hashtags so your videos can reach a large group of your target audience, including them in the title, and descriptions as they are clickable. This will result in receiving more views on your videos as these hashtags can also be used separately for searching any query. Thus, increasing your chances to acquire a higher rank.
    Target Relevant Keywords For Your Videos

    You can target the relevant keywords by conducting keyword research as it can help you find terms that viewers entered in YouTube’s search bar. These keywords may include primary keywords that have high search volume, secondary keywords with lower search volume, and long-tail keywords that are niche-specific. You can also strategically incorporate these keywords in your videos like in the filename, title, description, tags, video chapters, and title cards. Thus, increasing the relevancy of your video which makes it easy for users to find and watch it.

    Boost Engagement Through Captions

    Captions are a vital part of YouTube videos as they help provide context, especially to those with hearing impairments. Recent reports have shown that around 83% of viewers prefer watching videos with captions. It contributes to filling the audio gaps and improving your user experience. Thus, you can either add them manually through text transcript or let YouTube automatically add them to your video.

    Myth: You Can Acquire A High Rank By Adding A Large Number Of Keywords

    Adding a great number of keywords that can make your website rank higher is one of the most common misconceptions. In reality, it is known as overstuffing which comes under the black hat technique (unfair means to improve rank). Thus, negatively impacting your business ranking.

    Myth: You Must Avoid Putting Long Gaps Creating Content

    The myth of not creating content or giving it less importance can take you to a lower rank. Therefore, you must keep creating content with valuable and relevant information as it helps your audience to find you.

    Myth: Not Obtaining First Rank Means Your SEO is Failing

    Many carpet cleaners like you expect to obtain the first rank while beginning the SEO campaign or to consistently rank at the top, which is not possible. Your carpet cleaning website can not constantly rank at the highest rank. Consistent efforts are required like optimizing your content and website to monitor the results which can help you improve your ranking in the search engine result pages.

    How Our Agency Can Generate More Traffic & Sales For You!

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    Clear Your Path Of Success With Softtrix’s Reliable SEO Services

    Clear your path to success by eliminating your competitors with the help of SEO, one of the most competent marketing strategies that can help your carpet cleaning company enjoy profit-oriented results. It is one of the most reliable digital marketing strategies that contributes to expanding your business by driving organic traffic and generating high revenue.

    So, what’s the delay for? Invest in a Search Engine Optimization campaign now with the help of our professional experts at Softtrix who can handle all the technicalities for you. While you enjoy 24×7 calls demanding your carpet cleaning services. Contact us to book a FREE consultation and turn your dream of conquering the market into a reality.

    Get in touch with us now and experience the unexpected!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can promote your carpet cleaning company through Search Engine Optimization which is a powerful weapon. It enhances your visibility on the search engine while improving your brand awareness, driving foot traffic, and generating leads. It also results in your website getting more clicks where the prospects can explore your services.

    SEO can help you bring more customers by making you rank at the top of the search results. You can get a Google business profile and mention relevant NAP information in online directories while encouraging your existing customers to leave reviews. This brings in new clients who will trust your company based on the positive reviews that they read. Thus, helping you earn more revenue.

    You can generate leads by optimizing your website and content to make it more relevant for your target audience. Video marketing is another way of driving potential leads your way as it impacts and engages prospects.

    Performing SEO on your own is one of the myths as it involves various technical aspects like backlinking, on-page optimization, and many other services that can only be performed by an SEO expert. You will need proper skills and expertise to enjoy organic and growth-oriented results.

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