Private-label Digital Marketing-Delegate the Work to the Right People!

Private-label Digital Marketing-Delegate the Work to the Right People!

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An Overview

Do you need the assistance of a digital marketing company to strengthen your digital presence? When you are on the path of growth, there comes a time when you need to delegate the work to the right people. Hence, partnering with a private-label digital marketing company can help you grow your business. This partnership can bring skilled and experienced people to do the work quickly and professionally. It is beneficial for small agencies as it will provide them with the push for more growth.

How Has Digital Marketing Landscape Changed in 2023?

  • The studies suggest that the digital marketing industry reached USD 594.4 billion in 2022. More and more businesses are implementing digital marketing strategies to give an edge to their business. As a result, we can expect continued growth in digital marketing services in the coming years.
  • Compared to traditional marketing, the investment in digital marketing has increased. The total expenditure spent by businesses on digital marketing in 2021 was $436 billion. Whereas only $196 billion was spent on conventional advertising.
  • The budget for digital marketing campaigns varies from business to business and industry to industry. According to the report shared by Gartner in 2022, the percentage of the digital market budget has increased from 6.4% to 9.5% in 2022.
  • Digital ads are widely used by businesses to increase brand awareness and get relevant leads. Businesses are found to spend up to $197.05 billion on digital ads.
  • A survey conducted by the CMO found that digital spending is more prevalent than other channels. Approximately 72.2% of the marketing budget is allocated to digital channels.

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    What is Private Label Digital Marketing?

    Private-label digital marketing refers to providing services to meet the client’s unique needs under its brand name. Consequently, the marketers will work exclusively with the company and offer excellent digital marketing benefits. To become a trusted source of private-label digital marketing services, you must develop credible business branding and deliver high-quality services to meet clients’ expectations.


    Private-label digital marketing services are highly beneficial when you are looking to expand the list of your services, boost your online reputation and get more work done. Private-label digital marketing services offer a cost-effective way to expand the list of your services without hiring new staff, software or equipment.
    In this set-up, you will find partners who will get the work done and help you grow. This practice is more common than you might think! Companies widely offer white-label or private-label services to get more customers and build a solid reputation for your business.

    What are the Advantages of Private Label Digital Marketing Services?

    If you are a small business owner, partnering with a private-label digital marketing service provider can prove highly beneficial. Doing so allows you to work with the leading clients and build lasting relationships without significantly influencing your day-to-day operations.
    Mentioned below are some of the significant benefits of private-label digital marketing services:-

    Expand the list of services you offer- To understand this better, let’s take an example here. Suppose you offer search engine optimisation services and get clients requiring PPC services. In circumstances like this, you can contact a private-label digital marketer to provide you with PPC services to meet the PPC needs of your client. These services help you build lasting relationships with your clients without influencing your daily operations.

    No Set-up Costs- The most significant benefit of private-label services is that you do not need to spend money on setting up your business, hiring resources or training the team. You will be offered high-quality services at no added expense. By doing so, you can sit back and focus on the core competencies of your business.

    Increased revenue- More services offered to clients means more revenue. When you deliver exemplary services to the clients, you can build good relationships with your clients, which means more work. The increased workflow will lead to increased revenue.

    Increased Flexibility- Partnering with a private-label company enables you to accommodate more clients. It frees you up from the hassle of doing work. Consequently, you can focus on bringing more clients and expanding your digital marketing agency.

    Private Label Digital Marketing Services That You Will Be Provided

    Search Engine Optimization Services 

    Pay-per-click Management Services

    Social Media Marketing Services

    Video Marketing Services

    Search Engine Optimization Services

    Partnering with a private-label SEO service provider can drive organic growth for your business and allow you to scale up your agency’s services.  You can free up time to focus on your core competencies and offer your clients a broader range of digital marketing services. You can provide your clients with world-class services without the added expense of hiring new resources, software or equipment.

    Services Offered Under Search Engine Optimization

    Website Audit– Website Audit includes a comprehensive review of your website’s performance, including technical issues, content quality, usability, broken links, loading times, duplicate content, keyword optimisation and more.

    Keyword Research- Keyword Research identifies relevant keywords for the business based on certain factors such as competition, user intent and search volume. It is the most essential aspect of a search engine optimisation strategy, as choosing the right set of keywords would help you optimise the website content to attract traffic and improve search engine rankings.

    services-offered-under-search-engine -optimization

    Technical SEO- Technical SEO includes finding and fixing technical aspects of a website that are essential for improving the website’s ranking on search engines.  The various aspects of technical SEO include- website speed, mobile-friendliness, structured data, website architecture and URL structure.

    On-Page Optimization– On-page optimisation is the process of optimising the on-page aspects of a website. These include- Meta title and meta-description, content quality improvement, internal linking, keyword optimisation and more.  On-page Optimization is crucial as it helps search engines understand the relevance of your website and rank it accordingly.

    Content Creation – Content Creation involves creating content in different formats for different platforms.   Some critical aspects of creating good content include- understanding the target audience, creating a content strategy, and writing content in other formats such as blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, social media and more.

    Website optimisation– Website optimisation is the process of optimising your website for search engine optimisation.  It helps search engines crawl your website more efficiently and improve user experience and rankings.

    Pay-per-click Management Services

    Choosing the right private-label digital marketing agency can be a game-changer for your small business. You can be assured that you will be offered comprehensive, data-driven ad campaigns for your clients without investing much time and resources.  This also means you can focus on your core competencies and offer your clients a wide range of services.  You can increase client satisfaction, grow your business, and drive customer retention by providing your clients with PPC management services.


    Some of the PPC management Services that are offered under private-label digital marketing are:-

    Keyword Research- Effective keyword research is essential for the success of a PPC campaign.  The highly experienced, skilled and knowledgeable team of private-label digital marketing agencies can help you find the most relevant keywords for your campaigns using the data-driven approach.  This is done to ensure maximum ROI and drive high-quality traffic to the website.

    Campaign Management– Campaign management includes all the aspects of setting up a campaign, optimising it for success, managing it and analysing its performance.  The experts will monitor your campaigns to ensure they are optimised to deliver the best possible results.

    Ad Copy Writing and Optimization– A private-label digital marketing agency’s highly skilled and experienced professionals will write ad copies to capture your client’s attention. They will perform ongoing creation of ads, optimisation, testing and fine-tuning of ad copies to ensure maximum click-through rates and conversions.

    Conversion Rate Optimization- A wide range of optimisation techniques, including A/B testing, heat mapping and user testing, ensure maximum conversion rates for your clients. With the help of conversion rate optimisation, one can get the highest possible ROI by driving high-quality leads for your clients.

    Landing Page Optimization- The experts will design landing pages that are high-converting. They will start the process by conducting in-depth research and analysis and creating landing pages with the most effective design and messaging for your client’s messaging needs.  The process does not end here, the experts will carry out extensive A/B testing to improve and refine the performance of your ads continually.

    Remarketing – Remarketing ads are run to catch the attention of the users who might have visited your website or explored your services before but have yet to take action.  The experts will understand the user behaviour and demographics to create remarketing ads that can deliver the right message to the people.

    Bid management – To ensure the optimum performance of your bids, you need to pay attention to bid management. The experts have the expertise and knowledge to review bid data and make strategic adjustments to enhance the performance of your ad campaigns.

    On-going analysis and reporting- This is one of the most important aspects of PPC management. On-going analysis and reporting can keep you informed about the performance of your campaigns.  With a private-label digital marketing agency, you will get transparent, detailed and easy-to-understand reporting with accurate updates.

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      Social Media Marketing Services

      Paying attention to social media marketing has become extremely important to stay ahead of the competition. A private-label digital marketing agency can help you expand the list of your services and provide your clients with stellar social media marketing services.  You can help your clients build a consistent brand image and take your small agency to new heights.

      A range of social media marketing services offered by a private-label digital marketing company include:-

      Setting up social media accounts– The first step to marketing is to create well-optimized social media accounts.  It will help you connect with your audience and establish a strong presence in your business.  The experts will set up your social media profiles on popular channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Extra attention will be paid while setting up your accounts using high-quality banner images, profile pictures, and feed pictures to give them a professional and attractive look.

      Creating a Strategy for Your Social Media- To make a successful strategy for your social media, we will need to acquire a deep knowledge of the business, market and your competitors. We work closely with the needs of the clients while developing a strategy. In-depth research and analysis help us better understand the needs and objectives of the target audience and create strategies that can help you stay ahead of the game.    

      Content creation and planning- This is the most essential part of social media marketing. Creating high-quality content can attract new audiences as well as retain existing customers. The private-label company has the strong backing of content creators and designers to develop custom strategies that resonate with your audiences’ needs.

      Creating Quality videos and creative– There is no denying that visual content is more engaging than text content. We have the strong backing of graphic designers and video editors to create high-quality content to help your business stand out. We ensure that every creative that we make is unique in all manners and aligns with your needs.

      Social media management– Social media management includes managing all the aspects of social media marketing, including content creation, scheduling, performance tracking and more.  Social media management is necessary to build a consistent business presence, engage with your audience and grow your brand.

      Social Media Tracking and Reporting– In this, we provide our clients with actionable insights into their social media performance.  The tracking and reporting of your social media accounts includes analysing data, tracking key performance indicators and generating reports. These metrics help you gain a deeper understanding of your audience and pinpoint areas for improvement.

      Video Marketing Services

      Video marketing has seen an immense surge in the last few years. The reason is, that people prefer consuming video content more than text content.  Videos are considered as one of the most influential and powerful means of sharing information and explaining complex topics.  Video marketing is extremely beneficial in reaching your potential customers, improving brand awareness and leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

      The list of significant services covered under video marketing would include:-

      Channel Creation- The experts will start the process by creating channels on various platforms. Your videos will be uploaded or live-streamed on these channels. We will ensure that we use the correct details of your business so that it is easy for your audience to get service details from your channel.

      Video Optimization– The videos we create for your business will be optimised for optimal performance. We will create keyword-rich titles, descriptions, Meta tags, descriptions, audio features and more to make your videos reach your targeted audience efficiently.

      Video Organization– Choosing and organising videos on different channels is essential to deliver the details of your business more efficiently.  Regular organisation of your videos is critical to have your message and share your business values with your customers.

      Decide the type of videos – Every business has a unique audience to meet their needs.  A specific category of videos works best for certain audiences, hence, we will conduct thorough market research to understand which type of videos will work best for your targeted audience. Some of the significant types of videos are- explainer videos, product demo videos, corporate videos, interview videos, animated videos and more.  

      Common Platforms to Market Videos

      • YouTube
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
      •  LinkedIn
      • Facebook
      •   Snapchat and more!

      How Can Softtrix Set You Apart From the Rest?

      Improving the visibility of your website over the major search engines has become extremely important. It not only lets your customers find you but also increases the awareness of your brand. To help you secure higher positions on search engines, we bring you expert private-label digital marketing solutions to improve your online visibility, brand awareness and credibility.

      With the strong backing of some highly skilled, talented and knowledgeable professionals, we can perform services meeting the highest quality standards. We take the time to understand the long-term goals of your business and then draft solutions that can meet both your long and short-term business goals. We adopt proven SEO strategies and methods, increasing your website’s page results.

      Following Google’s rules and regulations is essential to reap long-term results. That is why all our strategies and methods are ethical and can boost your business. Our On-Page and Off-Page techniques perfectly blend innovativeness, authenticity and credibility.  We will make your website appear on all those portals, platforms and places where you can quickly grab the attention and interest of the potential customers.

      Our proven methods and strategies will bring positive results to your business. You will notice an increase in your business’s top and bottom lines. When everything goes right, you can focus on more productive projects and assignments for your business, without worrying about your website’s visibility.

      Understanding the concerns of our potential customers , we have extended our services to 24*7. Whether it is midnight or a festive holiday, you can always have peace of mind that one of our professionals will be available to answer your questions and queries that might come along the way. We have served a long list of happy customers with our meticulous services. Satisfied customers have regularly reported that we are the best service provider in the region. Positive reviews from happy customers testify to our expertise and professionalism.

      It has become increasingly important for your website to secure higher positions on search engines.  It gives you an assurance of improved sales, increased profits and enhanced revenues, but also gives your website a competitive touch.  If you also want to reap all these results, join hands with us and give us a chance to work for you.

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      Frequently Asked Questions about Private-Label Digital Marketing

      There are several reasons why you should consider getting private-label digital marketing services. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:-

      • It increases your capability to widen the range of services offered by you
      •  It lets you focus on what you do the best
      •  It saves time and money
      • Partnering with private-label digital marketing services is easy and quick
      • The private-label experts have the knowledge, experience and skills to offer high-quality results.

      You can think of private-label marketing experts as your extended marketing team.  We might not sit in your office, but we will be just a call or a message away. We will discuss the terms and conditions of the project during our initial meeting and will work the way outlined in the contract, which you will discuss and approve.

      We are okay if your clients do not like being involved. We will ask your team members to collect the crucial information and essential assets required to carry out the information.

      The process of getting started with digital marketing services would begin with understanding your business, your target audience, your competitors, your market and many more things.

      • We will conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors as well as the market
      • Based on the data gathered, we will research the most suitable keywords for your business
      •  We will chalk out the recommendations for content
      • We will plan out the entire work strategy to meet your business goals

      Private-label reports are professionally prepared reports that contain valuable information, insights and data related to the progress of your business. These are either directly delivered to the client or the agency.

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