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Boost ROI Through Googe Ads

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Boost ROI Through Google Ads

What are PPC Services & How do they benefits?

How we can increase the ROI

At SoftTrix we are one of the leading offshore PPC services company based in India catering to small and large business around the world. Operating from the global hub of PPC industry we have excelled in all challenges that have come our way.

Our handpicked team of PPC specialists manages well-conceived campaigns with a methodical approach. We stay updated with the latest trends and strategies in the market and employ best practices in our everyday job.

This has allowed us to move beyond the realms of ordinary Internet Marketing campaign and offer extraordinary results to our clients. Every business has its niche requirements and hence we approach it with an open mind and develop a tailored strategy that offers results in the short and long term.

A productive PPC campaign is empowered by effective strategies and hence we devote quality time in researching on your brand, competition and the market and create a well-weaved formula that addresses your core business goals and complements other online and offline marketing campaigns.

As a leading offshore PPC agency we always strive to maximize your ROI and make every single dollar spent on the campaign count.

Flexible PPC Campaigns with SoftTrix

Drive your business growth with Google Ads


We don’t do different things; we just do it differently. Our PPC campaign covers all aspects of the Search Engine Marketing Life Cycle. We start by conducting a detailed research of your business, competition market dynamics and opportunities.


This helps us define the goals and objectives of the campaign. Our team puts in time and brings out creative ideas that help you stay ahead of time.


Campaigns are designed to meet your niche needs and monitored regularly to gauge their performance.


Here is what the campaign involves – Detailed research to mine targeted keywords, Comprehensive market and competitor analysis, Custom content, banner and retargeting strategy, Optimization of Ad Copy and Landing Page, Integrated campaign with robust bid management tools, Result evaluation using conversion tracking tools.

Our Success path

Our Success path with PAID SEARCH

Online advertising and promotion acts as oxygen for a business’ survival and relevance in today tech savvy world. In a market environment which is extremely competitive with hundreds of products and service providers, businesses are finding it quite challenging to stay ahead of the competition. While a number of Internet Marketing strategies are being employed, the returns can often be slow and in most cases difficult to measure and speculative to put them in correct words.

PPC or Pay Per Click is a fast, effective and efficient way of attracting targeted traffic to your products, services and brand. Often termed as ‘paid search’ service it allows you to take your message to the niche group of your target audience, engage with them and increase the conversion rate of your campaign. It is a highly cost effective advertising technique where you exercise complete control over campaign and budget.

What Softtrix can do for you?

Softtrix is an internet marketing and web designing expert company which can help you to provide with the best services at a low cost to meet your business goals effortlessly. We provide our consumers with timely services and superior marketing techniques. This Indian based company can help to kick start your business with some of the world’s best web designers.

Softtrix helps to outsource pay per click service so that your company can work to produce more profit.The team at Softtrix works according to your business model and strives to achieve the targeted policies laid by you. Nowadays, it is very difficult to appoint well qualified and trained employees to carry out online marketing services. So, it is better and cost effective to appoint some new faces to be trained. Softtrix offers many services to their clients and is certified by many big search engine companies like Google, Yahoo, MSN, hotbot etc. Before starting off with any project, Softtrix has a detailed conversation with their clients to know more about their company, their competitors, their business so that we can work with more unique and creative concepts.

What Softtrix can do
Our PPC Reseller Program Includes

Our PPC Reseller Program Includes

  • Regular campaign supervising and modifications
  • Bid management techniques to make sure ROI
  • Click hoax monitoring
  • Keyword analyzing
  • A/B Split-testing of ad copy
  • Negative match keyword monitoring
  • Complete phone and e-mail support
  • Performance and conversion tracking
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