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Increase your leads and revenue from your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign with our expert-led PPC consulting services. We know how to yield maximum conversion rates and devise efficient and effect strategies to get promising results. Maintain full ownership of your accounts and enjoy growing sales with our strategically designed PPC consulting plans. 

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PPC Consulting Services that yield Results

What is PPC Consulting?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click Ads campaigns are one of the fastest growing digital avenues to get scalable results despite the business’s size or nature. More than 49% of small business owners find PPC ads beneficial and yielding. With the growing fandom of PPC advertising, PPC consulting roles became popular. 

PPC consulting services include hiring a digital marketing professional to promote your brand and increase online sales. An experienced PPC consultant will oversee everything related to ad sales and provide professional insights to your PPC campaign to get the desired results. 

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Why Hire a PPC Consultant?

Hiring a PPC Consultant can significantly increase your ROI through strategic audience targeting and proven PPC tactics. With PPC consultants, you can take advantage of their potential ad placement strategies in the right user settings. From offering suggestions to taking command of the entire PPC campaign, a PPC consultant can be a total game-changer for your business. Backed with adequate knowledge and expertise, a PPC consultant can bring the right amount of focus and optimization to any PPC ad campaign.

Softtrix takes pride in offering the best PPC consultant team that works relentlessly to deliver the promised results. Talk to one of our PPC experts and get your high-growth journey started.

Metrics you Love to See Grow

Our PPP consultant will monitor, track and improve the metrics that matter to your PPC campaigns. Some of these are:

  • Click-through Rate
  • Cost-per-Click
  • Conversion Rate
  • Return on investment
  • Impressions
  • Cost-per-Conversion

Services Included in our PPC Consulting

Softtrix is a leading PPC service provider with more than 100 clients and proven results. Our numbers speak for themselves. Our PPC consultants understand how to approach your target audience at each stage of the buyer’s journey and make them connect with your brand.

Some of our few avant-garde PPC consulting services include:

1. Keyword Analysis

Our PPC team conducts extensive keyword analysis on your products and local and global markets to target industry-specific keywords that yield higher conversion rates. 

2. PPC Bidding

Our PPC experts manage all businesses alike. Whether you are a small business owner or a big brand, we give custom-built quality services. We manage your bids so that your ads appear in all the prominent search engines.

3. Creative Copywriting

Our Content team is a pool of talented and creative writers who know how to create perfect ad copy. We offer creative copywriting solutions that strengthen your brand identity and send the right message across to your target audience. 

4. Target Audience Analysis

With our ultra-modern advertising software, we identify and target the customers most likely to interact with your ads. This process involves creating positive brand awareness and establishing a yielding bond with your target audience.

5. Landing Page UX

We aim to elevate conversion rates and focus on keeping your customers glued to your products and website. Our experts develop engaging landing page optimization strategies to help keep your customers on your website.

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Why Partner with Softtrix for PPC Consulting Services?

Softtrix is your one-stop destination for all things PPC related. We align your paid search with your organic and content marketing campaigns to appeal to customers who engage with your brand across different platforms. 

Our dedicated expert PPC consultants can help you create high-quality ads to target the right keywords and offer an optimized buyer’s journey.

Boost Brand Awareness

We focus on creating positive and lasting brand awareness among your customers. With carefully designed brand awareness strategies, we aim to achieve all four levels, from Zero awareness to brand recall, brand recognition, and brand dominance.

Boost Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the key to the success of any PPC campaign. Our talented PPC consultants ensure positive customer engagement, prioritizing the ongoing customer experience.

Boost Conversions

Our PPC consultants significantly improve your conversion rates by targeting the areas of improvement in your landing page and can change the entire route of the PPC campaign to yield promising results.

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