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Benefits of Freelancing PPC and AdWords Management

Are you seeking lucrative pay-per-click PPC or Google AdWords Management services in order to lower your bid prices and give a boost to conversion rates? Choose Softtrix Tech Solutions, which offers bespoke freelance services that are one-of-its-kind in this unique form of web advertising and marketing, which features cutthroat competition. We are a premier PPC management freelancer and Google AdWords management freelancer.

Thanks to Softtrix Tech Solutions top-notch and cutting-edge freelance services, you stand a chance to benefit from the best PPC management as well as ongoing consultancy services in order to boost paid-search links, conversions of sales, and ultimately online profits. Needless to say, we carry out our operations in the most professional manner, making us arguably the best Indian freelancer in this highly-specialized domain.


Let us take a closer look at some of the best benefits that freelance agencies like us offer to both national and international clients

1. PPC Advice & Consultancy

Are you seeking reasons as to why your ad campaign is not performing as per expectations? If yes, it is time to enjoy the services of an expert freelance paid-search marketer, such as Softtrix Tech Solutions. We are always there to answer all your questions and provide advice to your team on the best practices when it comes to PPC and Google AdWords. We also provide recommendations that will help you save money each month.


2. PPC and AdWords Campaign Optimization

With affordability being one of our most alluring features, you should enhance your present PPC ad campaigns and generate more online leads and sales with your current budget through continuous competitor and keyword research, improvements in campaign configuration, split testing of ads, and tracking conversions to generate more sales.


3. PPC Keyword Research

Softtrix works with standard paid-search tools and services in the industry at affordable prices to obtain the most optimum keyword phrases. This is a vital part for optimizing AdWords Campaigns. What’s more, you will collect those potential customers that you lost out on through new, uncovered, lucrative niches.


4. Advertisement Split Testing

Do you make assumptions as to needs and wants of customers? Softtrix Tech Solutions being a dynamic agency with immense domain expertise helps you discover which products, features, and benefits get the maximum response from potential customers. What’s more, we will help you witness the manner in which split testing numerous adverts with diverse ad copies bring extra clicks with the same budget.


5. Analysis of PPC Traffic

Softtrix helps you with constant reporting and regular data analysis of your PPC or Adwords campaign statistics, which can be a huge money spinner with regard to acquiring the search market insight and business intelligence. This allows you to make sound decisions when it comes to which phrases and clicks will result in a majority of online sales.


6. PPC Competitor Research

We carry out an in-depth study with regard to the advertisements placed by your online competitors. Very few digital companies will indulge in such a practice. We try to understand which ads receive more impressions and clicks. We offer a wide range of tools as well as the best features of your competitor advertisements, which can work wonders for your brand, too.


7. Optimization of Landing Page

Are you directing a majority of your paid traffic to your homepage rather than a specially-designed landing page? Softtrix knows the ins and outs of landing page optimization. Therefore, get scores of new sign-ups and sales conversions with highly-optimized landing pages, which will translate to efficient user journeys via paid search sales funnels.

PPC and AdWords marketing can be extremely expensive unless your ad campaigns are thoroughly optimized. With expert freelance advice and training on AdWords campaign strategy, the marketing process can be streamlined. Softtrix is a leading freelancing firm, holding immense domain expertise when it comes to PPC and AdWords marketing.
When you look for a “PPC Freelancer India” or an “AdWords Freelancer India, on the internet you’ll run across an infinite number of freelancers in this domain, but you cannot trust each and every one of them! Always choose Softtrix for hassle-free, expert services that are worth your every penny.

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    An app is as good as the number of times it is downloaded and the dividend it offers. We see success in black and white and have always equated effectiveness of our apps with the return it offers to our clients.

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