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Softtrix web solutions provide PPC reseller or white label PPC services. As a Google Adwords Certified Partner, Softtrix Web Solutions has made and handled a number of successful PPC reseller programs for businesses of all sizes and types.Pay-Per-Click campaign positions an advertisement for your company straightforwardly in front of the individual who are dynamically searching on internet for your services and products. PPC Campaign is much more intricate than it might seem. The “DIY (Do It Yourselfers)” and “untrained PPC” firms generally make several expensive errors and see very less or approximately no ROI (Return on Investment). As the White label PPC services agency, The PPC anaysts at Softtrix Web Solutions have the desired experience and techniques. Softtrix Web Solutions have dealt with campaigns on the popular search engines approximately since the introduction of Google PPC. We keep a track of latest trends in the world of PPC and discover new advertising platforms that most likely have reduced bid requirements as compared to Google and others that have been around for a short span of time. Social media advertising, which comprises Facebook, Twitter, and several other sites, has been in much trend these days. We have got that covered as well.

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1. We analysis your business website and build up a list of keywords that describe your products or services in the best way. 2. We generate extremely targeted ads invented to tempt your probable clientele to click on your ad instead of the other service providers. 3. The advertisement for your business displays on the search engine results page of Yahoo!, Bing Google, and other chief search engines. 4. When a client looks for a keyword incorporated in your campaign, the ad is displayed on the result pages of these search engines. 5. While a customer clicks on your business ad, we take him or her to the web page on your website that has the details which best harmonizes their search.

Softtrix Web Solutions White Lable PPC Process
Softtrix PPC Reseller Services

Softtrix Web Solutions is a power house with no shortage of expertise when it comes to driving PPC campaigns for profitability with Google Adwords.

Our PPC reseller services are customized for small to medium size business houses. Not only are we Google partners for Pay Per Click but also carry Google Badge. As one of the renowned names for Google Adwords and PPC resellers we have experience of handling clients of all sizes, from thousands of dollars in ad spend a month to a few hundred per month. Our efficiency and defined process helps us to deliver optimal results over a short span of time. We deliver results on reseller campaigns from ideation to execution. We don’t believe in short cuts. Our belief is to work right the first time and every time. All the campaigns are setup properly from understanding the mind of the consumer, finding the most relevant keywords and creating Ad copies that relate with the target audience.

As PPC resellers our sole aim is to deliver best possible results. With our spotlight on conversion tracking and reporting, along with our expertise to enhance conversion rate, Softtrix is making the world notice about its PPC reseller services.

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Why Softtrix Web Solutions for PPC Reseller?

Unlike customary marketing and advertising formats, the return on investment in case of a PPC campaign is 100% calculable. PPC experts at Softtrix Web Solutions are available 24×7 for your help who will inform you what will exactly happen if a visitor clicks on your service ad and arrives at your website. During this process, you will come to know which clicks, phone calls, or sign-ups have been converted into sales. You can easily measure all these things. Moreover, we will keep you updating about the things through regular email updates and at the end of month, you will get an inclusive report of your PPC campaign.


1) Regular campaign supervising and modifications

2) Bid management techniques to make sure ROI

3) Click hoax monitoring

4) Keyword analyzing

5) A/B Split-testing of ad copy

6) Negative match keyword monitoring

7) Complete phone and e-mail support

8) Performance and conversion tracking

Softtrix Web Solutions Google Adwords Reseller Services
Once we have built your PPC Ad campaign and it starts running on different search engines, we keep a keen eye on the results and will keep you informing from time to time. We regularly look for new keywords, create new advertisements, and amend bids. Our white label PPC management set up receives a data feed from the chief paid search suppliers, thus, enabling us to swiftly evaluate the data as per the goals that we have set up for your PPC campaign. Outsourcing PPC to Softtrix Web Solutions in India will let you achieve new heights of business in your particular field. To learn how our up-front PPC strategy and enduring white label PPC management can set on or assist get your existing Pay Per Click campaign on the right track, just get in touch with Softtrix Web Solutions.

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