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Offshore Digital Marketing Agency

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Agree or not, outsourcing can be a great way to help businesses as they progress through various stages.  Some of the leading names in the world consider outsourcing some of the work they do to manage their resources better and maintain steady growth.  It helps them find the right balance of resources.

Why Partner With an Offshore Digital Marketing Agency?

If you feel you are in a constant crunch in managing your daily digital marketing operations, that’s where an offshore digital marketing agency can help.  An offshore agency can provide business owners peace of mind that their work will be handled with extreme professionalism and care.

Below are specific reasons why partnering with an offshore digital marketing agency can help your business.

Offers an Opportunity for Growth– As companies progress through various stages, having an extra set of hands can be extremely useful.   This is even more helpful if you can’t afford the expenses of hiring and managing full-time employees.   This can save you from limiting your growth potential and saving a lot of time and effort.

Offers you the Expertise- Seeking help from an offshore digital marketing agency offers you the expertise you need to accomplish digital marketing tasks effectively. The offshore digital marketing companies are specialized in technical aspects and have an all-rounder mindset.

Offers you a competitive edge- Working with an offshore digital marketing agency gives you an edge over the competition.  The agencies will be provided quality work to motivate their clients to keep returning for more.  All of your quality parameters will be fulfilled with the help of strategic planning offered by the digital marketers of an offshore agency.

Fast Turnaround Time– An outsourcing team is dedicated to working 24/7 to meet the requirements of your business, ensuring high productivity.  Their turnaround time is generally high because they are experienced in what they do and can provide quick solutions and answers to your problems.

Round-the-clock availability- On-time availability could be a hindrance when working with digital marketing experts from different time zones. However, this is not true when working with the experts of a reputed offshore digital marketing agency.  The companies use a pool of available resources whenever you need them.  The team members will be employed for you according to the time that suits you the most.

Control of business operations– Handing over your business operations to skilled digital marketers offers you better control of business operations.  You can better concentrate on your in-house staff, provide them with better instructions, train them and work on everything you want to do.  An outsourcing digital marketing agency offers more flexibility than managing and building your in-house team.

Some Astonishing Facts about Offshore Digital Marketing Agencies

  • 64% of marketers invest in search engine optimization
  • 70% say that marketers are actively investing in content marketing
  • 37% believe that digital marketing plays a vital role in increasing brand awareness and improving the presence of their brand
  • 54% of companies say that offshore digital marketing companies have greatly helped their business

Why is Digital Marketing So Important for Businesses?

There is no denying that digital marketing is the strategy of the 21st century.  The industry is expected to be worth $786.2 billion worldwide by the end of the year 2026. Despite its popularity, some business owners and companies are still doubling their expenses on traditional marketing strategies without trying their luck in digital marketing.

If you do not try to understand the benefits, you may miss opportunities that could prove highly beneficial for your business.  Once you know the long-term benefits that digital marketing offers, you will be in a better position to utilize it and create a winning strategy.

Below are some of the significant benefits of digital marketing for today’s businesses and why creating a data-driven, thoughtful approach for your business is essential. No matter what stage of your business, it’s always good to review your marketing plans and ensure they are designed to offer you maximum outputs.

Offers you global reach- Traditional marketing methods are limited by geography.  On the other hand, digital marketing provides you access to a worldwide audience across different time zones and locations.  Instead of limiting yourself to a specific group of people, you can expose yourself to your target customers worldwide.

On the other hand, traditional marketing strategies are expensive and may cost you a fortune to promote your business across different channels.  On the contrary, digital marketing methods such as email marketing, content marketing, social media, and more make it easy for companies to reach potential customers across the globe.  This would help you scale your business and increase sales.

Effective targeting- Traditional marketing offers no control over who sees your content.  In ideal circumstances, you pay for an ad in a leading magazine, and you can’t even be assured that everyone reading or buying that magazine is your potential customer.

Whereas digital marketing lets you target the best audience for your ads/messages.  Not just this, you can even collect data from your digital campaigns to see which content works best for your customers.  If you are in the early stage of your business, these insights can prove to be highly beneficial in refining your campaigns and gaining valuable data.

Increased User Engagement– Traditional methods of marketing offer one-way interactions online.  You can write a compelling message and share it with your audience, but there is no way to know if your audience has taken an action or responded to it.  It creates a barrier between you and your targeted audience who you are trying to reach, which can lead to reduced engagement.

However, digital marketing strategies are different.  The marketers of an offshore digital marketing agency would ensure that you can have honest conversations with your customers.  You can reach your customers through email, SMS, social media, or blog comments.   All these are opportunities to delight customers, know their thoughts, and fine-tune your campaigns based on their inputs. These conversations also act as guiding lights to increase conversions and sales.

Offers you flexibility– With the help of digital marketing methods, you can choose from different strategies. You can choose between different approaches and channels depending on your business goals and unique business requirements.  Experimenting with other techniques teaches you about your customer behaviors, likings, and interests.

Different Types of Digital Marketing Strategies to Choose From

Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is an effective way to reach out to your potential customers.   The digital experts of an offshore digital marketing agency can help you determine which social media channels are best for you according to your business needs.   You can update those channels regularly with high-quality content to build lasting relationships with your customers, engage with them, and know them better.

Email Marketing- Email marketing is proper if you want to send regular updates to your clients.  With this marketing platform, you can easily send automated messages to your customers regularly and offer them a personalized experience.

Remarketing– This is a part of paid advertising where you can target customers who might have shown interest in or might have visited your website to encourage them to take action or re-engage with your brand. Some other types of paid advertisements that can prove helpful are- display ads, search ads, shopping ads, social media ads, and more.

Influencer Marketing– Influencer marketing is booming currently. This marketing method is best suited for B2B and B2C businesses.  In this method, businesses usually reach out to popular influencers and seek help promoting their products or services.   Influencers or content creators can be paid to promote your business offerings to their followers across various channels such as social media, podcasts, and websites.

Video Marketing- Video marketing is booming these days due to its myriad benefits.  It is an excellent way of packing content and visuals together engagingly.  Videos can help you make lasting impressions on your customers.  It enables you to target specific people while paying minimal fees compared to traditional market methods.  You can also utilize platforms such as YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram to reach people worldwide.

Paid Advertising- Paid marketing helps drive relevant traffic to your website and generate positive leads.  Some major advertising platforms are- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter and more.  Paid advertising can be highly beneficial in driving traffic to your website, generating relevant leads, and targeting specific people.

What Are Common Offshore Marketing Models?

The model you choose depends on several factors, such as your budget, the scope of your marketing goals, and the future marketing aspirations you hold for your business. Based on these goals, mentioned below are three major types of offshore digital marketing models you can choose for your business needs.

Hiring a Freelancer- You can offshore your digital marketing needs to a freelancer for your specific project needs.  For example, if you want to get off-page activities done for your business in the US, you can hire an SEO specialist from India to get the job done.  Offshoring is highly beneficial if you need more time and resources and find it challenging to maintain the quality of your projects.

Hiring a team- If you have projects that require multiple tasks, you can hire a dedicated team of marketing experts to bring the best results for your clients.   The offshore team will work as a part of your company and deliver results and reports on time.  Hiring a group can offer higher returns on your investments.

Hiring for a project– If you have a project that requires execution, you can hire experts from an offshore digital marketing agency to get the tasks done.  The payment can be made hourly or per day, depending on the project’s requirements.  All these terms must be defined while creating the contract so there are conflicts.

Top Offshore Digital Marketing Agency

If you want to grow your business without an added expense, then Softtrix could be your absolute offshore digital marketing partner. We understand that companies these days are under constant pressure to deliver impressive results to their clients.  It does not end here, the evolving customer demands and ever-changing digital landscape make it even more challenging to survive the competition. That’s where our digital marketing experts can help. We possess more than two decades of experience in the field, and we know how to stay competitive with our proactive and future-proof strategies. We use effective, scalable, and latest digital marketing strategies that would definitely impact the business’s flexibility, scalability, and performance, providing them an opportunity and room to grow and excel.

With us, you can tap into a pool of talent as we have a team of highly experienced digital marketing experts. Working with a talented team of digital marketing experts like ours lets you scale up your business without spending money on hiring resources and building office space.  With the strong backing of digital marketing experts, you do not need to worry about up-skilling, training, and buying expensive software and equipment for your team members.

How Our Agency Can Generate More Traffic & Sales For You!

  • SEO: Maximize traffic with top-notch SEO Services. Watch real results!​
  • PPC: Ignite instant lead generation with my team of PPC experts.
  • Content Marketing: Unleash my team of storytellers who craft share-worthy content, attract traffic, and pull in valuable links.

Listen to What Our Experts Have to Say!

Frequently Asked Questions on Offshore Digital Marketing Agency

At Softtrix, we tailor our services depending on the businesses’ needs, budget, and marketing goals. We specialize in working with companies from e-commerce, healthcare, finance, real estate, general contractors, and technology.

We understand that communication is essential for any business. This is why we take it seriously.  We will provide you with a dedicated project manager who will always stay in touch with you. We will walk the entire process with you so that you can keep involved in the project.

Yes, we specialize in pay-per-click services.  PPC is a sure-shot way of generating positive leads for your business. We are experienced in running paid campaigns on all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, Bing, and more to drive traffic and leads and boost conversions.

We set various metrics that are later used in evaluating returns on investments. These metrics include website traffic, lead generation, conversions, sales, etc.  The data will be collected regularly to assess the progress and change the strategies for maximum outputs.

Yes, we pay attention to the Google webmaster guidelines. All the content/backlinks created will be generated according to the guidelines mentioned in the Google Master to ensure that the website is properly indexed and crawled by Google.

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