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When it comes to hiring an attorney or seeking legal help most people turn to the Internet. Whether they have been accused of an offence or want to fight a legal battle for their rights, for most Internet has become the first source of information. Naturally law firms that don’t have a strong online presence are slowly losing out on inquiries and initial consultations. However having a website won’t offer you the edge you are looking for as for your website to generate strong leads it needs to be visible. It is similar to having your banner or signage in a place that attracts maximum eyeballs. What you need is Law Firm SEO that improves your visibility and adds to its marketability potential.

In today’s world where information is available at fingertips you can’t afford to not optimize your website. Irrespective of your reputation and record as an attorney without SEO you are shutting the door potential clients. At SoftTrix Web Solutions we aim to open all such closed doors for our clients and play our part in their success. Our goal is to make sure your site is found by people who are actually looking for your area of practice and within your location. With a team of battle hardened optimizers, writers and marketers we have been riding on strong results for more than a decade.

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What to Expect

  • Get Discovered – The main aim of our law firm SEO services is to strengthen your online footprint. Thousands of searches are being made every day looking for attorneys for your specialization and location. It is our aim to help you get discovered and rank high on the search engine results pages for such searches. We combine the best of on-page and off-page optimization strategies to deliver results. We carry out thorough audit of your site and also carefully research on your competition to execute the most engaging and rewarding campaigns. As a lawyer you would know the importance of abiding by rules and as optimizers we adopt the best practices as per the latest algorithms of the search engines.
  • Become Powerful – As experienced marketers we have realised that there is more to SEO for attorneys than mere online visibility. With a well-planned and executed marketing campaign it is possible for lawyers to become powerful and build a strong reputation for themselves even in the offline world. This is where our seasoned copywriters would create the most captivating and engaging content for your blogs and other platform that helps in establishing your authority over your subject area.
  • Stay Ahead of Competition– It is easy to scale up the ladder on the search engine result pages it is difficult to sustain it. Your competitors are likely to come hard and dislodge you from the pole position in the rankings. As the leading consultants for law firm SEO we always work on a long-term road map that helps you stay ahead of the competition. We would regularly and subtly carry out different on-page and off-page activities that lets you to always stay ahead of your rivals. We don’t rest on our laurels but believe in widening the gap.

The SoftTrix Advantage

  • We Love Challenges – SEO for attorneys is challenging. With every law firm having built strong web presence the competition is stiffer than many other sectors that we work with. This competition brings the best out of our team. When the challenge is stiffer the victory is sweeter. Even if you rank in the inner pages of the search results at the moment, we would thrive on the challenge you present us with.
  • Expertise In SEO For Lawyers– You aren’t the first client from this industry that we would work with and you won’t definitely be the last. Over the last decade we have worked with a number of attorneys and law offices and this has helped us develop insider’s knowledge about this industry. This deep understanding of the industry reflects in every state of our work process whether it is researching on the high value keywords or writing content that offers solutions to your potential clients’ problems.
  • Quality over Quantity– Modern search engine optimization is quality driven and we ensure your site is visible where it matters. For instance if you practice in Oklahoma you would want clients looking for attorneys in Oklahoma to come to your site. Similarly if you are DUI expert, clients looking for Bankruptcy lawyers coming to your site won’t pay any dividends. Hence success isn’t defined by the number of leads but their quality and maturity. Being a client centric agency we have always measured our success on the quality of leads we generate.
  • We Hate Rigidity– As a passionate team of marketing experts we know there are is no guarantee in the digital marketing world. We constantly review our marketing strategy for your website and take note of what’s paying dividends and which strategies are falling short of desired goals. In the event of any shortcomings or scope of improvement you can be rest assured we would do whatever it takes to help your site rank high.
  • Know Where You Stand– You need to see the tangible benefits with our SEO campaign and hence we send you regular reports highlighting the progress of your campaign. These reports come with key performance indicators and easy to comprehend numbers. We hate ambiguity as a part of our work culture.
  • Comprehensive Campaign– We are an end-to-end digital marketing company and along with SEO we also offer you host of other marketing services helping build a strong online footprint and staying ahead of your rivals.

As a lawyer the only thing you should focus on is your clients. That’s the only thing you should have in your mind as our team at SoftTrix would handle your search engine optimization campaign seamlessly. Wondering how it feels to rank at the top? We will take you there in quick time.

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