Impact of iOS 15 On Facebook Ads – How to Navigate Through This Challenge

Impact of iOS 15 On Facebook Ads

For years brands and agencies that create a white label Facebook ads have leveraged user data to run targeted campaigns. However, the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR has imposed strict privacy guidelines. The latest iOS 15 updates have made it difficult to track users, their locations, and search history to run targeted Facebook marketing campaigns.

For starters, iOS users would now have the option to hide their IP addresses and prevent the tracking of pixels for Facebook campaigns. Furthermore, Facebook won’t be able to track the email addresses of the users. In short, you won’t be able to track user behavior or gather insights into their buying desires and interests.

Impact Of IOS 15 Update

These updates are enough to make you wonder whether your Facebook marketing campaign would generate revenues. Or in other words, is it even worth running ads on Facebook? Will you be forced to shoot arrows in the dark?

Now for some good news. You can navigate through this challenge by streamlining your campaign. Let’s find out how it can be done.

The Way Out

Segmented Marketing

As an internet marketing agency that has been navigating through this challenge, we suggest turning your attention to segmented marketing. While iOS might have served you a severe blow you need to turn your attention to Android users. Given the market share of Android, it offers a fair share of opportunities for your campaign. However, Android might follow suit given the compliance challenges all Internet businesses are facing.

Facebook Domain Verification 

Have you verified your domain on Facebook? If you haven’t it should be your top priority. Whether you run brand ads or white label Facebook ads you need to verify your domain especially in cases where domains integrate pixels or in other words where the same domain is shared by different business owners. Domain verification would establish your connection with the brand. This improves tracking and overrides some of the obstacles related to the recent iOS 15 updates.

Apple’s AppTracking Transparency Framework allows tracking of eight conversion events for every domain and domain verification is a prerequisite. Apple chooses these conversion events randomly for a domain. However, you have the option of manually selecting conversion events based on your business needs with a Facebook-verified domain.

Value Optimization

If you foresee a drop in conversion rates in the light of new iOS 15 updates, you can explore Facebook’s value optimization feature. This ad feature isn’t available to all advertisers but if you are eligible you must go for it. With Value optimization, Facebook optimizes your ads to achieve higher conversion rates, and this saves your marketing team from the manual task of optimizing the ad campaigns to reach high-value customers.

Value optimization ensures that your ads are ads to people who are likely to buy your products or convert by other means. Hence, even if you experience a drop in the visibility of your ads on iOS devices it would be compensated by higher conversions. Value optimization improves your sales volumes and revenues.

Update SDK

Facebook suggests updating to the latest version of the SDK. Anything below version 8.1 would make your campaign ineffective for iOS users. By updating to the latest version, you will have access to the latest features on your campaign and improve the stability of your ads.  These features include a guide for creating ad campaigns and a page management feature. In doing so you will stay ahead of your competitors and generate more eyeballs and clicks on your ads.

Independent Tracking Systems

Not all Facebook marketing strategy comes from Facebook. You can bypass the loss of insights from Facebook ads by integrating independent tracking tools on your website. Leaning on self-generated data allows you more room for maneuver. This would allow you to track the behavior of your users on your website.  You will generate key inputs about their needs and their intent. This data can be used for highly targeted campaigns. In other words, if you have ditched Google Analytics for your Facebook campaign, it’s time to kiss and make up.

Wrapping Up

Tracking users has become increasingly difficult across the board. As we enter the cookieless era next year challenges for marketers would multiply. In this environment, it is important to align your Facebook marketing campaigns with the changes. The tips above can help you overcome the crisis that iOS 15 has thrown at you.   

If you are looking for experts who can help you navigate through these challenging times, SoftTrix Tech Solutions can help. We are a full-service internet marketing agency and have expertise in white-label Facebook ads. Our team keeps track of the latest changes in the market and optimizes your campaign accordingly. Book a free consultation by writing to us at and we shall bring your Facebook marketing campaign back on track.  

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