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A website is your first point of contact that you make with your potential customers. In the digital world, it is of extreme importance to make your website show up in the first search engine results in order to tap the attention of the maximum customers who might be looking for door and window services. While SEO practices might take a significant amount of time to show results, PPC marketing for windows and door companies can help you jump to the top results that are relevant for your business.

PPC could be a complex process as it involves a number of steps such as creating a compelling ad-copy for your business, managing your bid and targeting the right audience for your services. In this post, we will learn all the tactics that are involved in generating high-quality leads for your window and door company with the help of PPC marketing.

If you are into windows and door services, chances are you are serving local customers in and around your area.  When it comes to local services, it has been observed that 90% of the customers do not go past first page results when they look for local services for their needs. Therefore, making it even more important to rank on the first page search engine results.

PPC marketing for windows and door companies can deliver mindful results if executed carefully. Paid ads across different platforms can prove really helpful. Some of these platforms are:-

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Amazon
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Google Local Services Ads
  • Geofencing

You can get in touch with the PPC experts to create new ads for your business and if you are already running the ads, we can help you optimize these ads to help you perform better.

Different Types of Ads Suitable for Windows and Door Companies

There are a multitude of options available when it comes to PPC marketing for windows and door companies. It would be suggested to talk with your PPC specialist to choose the best platforms that best work for your business ads.  The detailed explanation of these platforms is given  below:-
  • Google Ads– Google ads are the most effective among all platforms as it  drives 4 times more traffic to your website when compared to other platforms. If your goal is to get more searches for your business, then Google Ads is the best option for you!
  • Bing– While Google is the most commonly used search engine, running a campaign on Bing can assist your Google Ads campaign. You can tap the interest of the customers who might be using Bing as their search engine platform.
  • Remarketing Ads- Remarketing ads are extremely helpful in targeting customers who have visited your website before.  These ads are a good option for you if you are already receiving a good amount of traffic but are not converting those customers.
  • Geofencing- Geofencing is another useful ad strategy that lets you reach people nearby. Geofencing can be really helpful along with Google Ads to reach more people from your targeted area.
  • Social media ads- Social media can prove to be a powerful tool in reaching millions of customers, engaging with them and emerging as a thought leader. Social media ads are highly effective in  increasing awareness of your brand, reaching more customers and broadening the client base of your business.

What is an Ideal PPC Marketing Strategy for a Window and Door Company?

A number of factors play an important role in devising a right PPC marketing strategy for your window and door company. The 8 pillars of an ideal PPC strategy are explained herein below.

Pillars of an Ideal PPC Strategy for Window and Door Business

1. Keyword Research- Keyword research is the most important aspect of digital marketing.  It forms the foundation of digital marketing.  Similarly, for your PPC campaigns to work fine, you need to have a list of keywords handy that you want to target.   You can consider answering some questions, such as:-
  • Do you want to target customers who are on the top of the sales funnel?
  • Do you want to extend your reach to the low levels of the funnel?
  • Do you want to target nearby customers or may want to extend your reach to the farther areas?
Answering all these questions would help you target the right set of keywords for your business needs.2. Conduct a Thorough Analysis on What Your Competitors Are Doing–  It has been rightly said that ‘ keep your friends close and enemies closer. Keeping a close eye on your competitors can let you know what your competitors are doing and what might be working best for them.  Consequently, you can better copy ads to outrank your competitors.3. Creative Copywriting Helps- What really helps your customers to take actions after they have landed on your website  is your creative copywriting. Therefore, utilize the greater power of words and use them judiciously to convince and persuade people to take actions.4. Management of Bids– When you create an ad campaign, you need to set the budget or the bid amount you are willing to pay. This bid amount is dependent on a number of factors such as the competition of the market, the keywords you have selected and the budget you are willing to spend.

A right PPC marketing firm for your windows and door company can help you choose the right bid amount for your business to maximize your budget and get more results without overpaying.

5. Testing of Ads-  Testing of paid ads is the fundamental aspect of any robust PPC strategy.  Therefore, consider  testing your ads to ensure your ads are working efficiently.

6. Optimization of Ads-  Optimization of ads is extremely important to ensure the ads work fine.  Creating PPC ads is not a one-time process, but it is an on-going process that involves continuous optimization. Hence, keep check if the ad copy is persuasive, the target strategy is correct and various other components of your PPC strategy are fully-optimized.

7. Management of Account- Setting up an account is the most challenging aspect of a PPC campaign. When you set an ad, your  account should include campaigns and ad groups.  The settings of your ad account needs to be tweaked regularly in order to reap the maximum benefits of your business.

8. Tracking and Analysis- Analyzing how your campaigns are performing is the crucial aspect of being informed. You need to constantly check the performance of your paid campaigns to ensure you are getting results. If you are not, you can always make changes in order to drive more leads to your business.

Our Chronicles of Success

Softtrix is a prominent name in the field of digital marketing. We have been providing our clients stellar digital marketing services to strengthen their online businesses.

There comes a point in every business owner’s life where they experience stagnation. Despite their investments in traditional marketing methods aggressively, they do not get new leads.  In such circumstances, changing your perspective and taking help of the digital marketing services can greatly help.  This is what, we at, Softtrix have been trying to help clients from window and door companies understand that digital marketing services withholds greater power to generate leads for your business and establish a solid presence of your business online.

The Objective

One of our clients who was into commercial and domestic repair and installation of doors and windows came to us with no customers or sales. They were generating only 0-2 leads hardly across all marketing channels and their strategies were not streamlined enough for the positive results. Our objective was to clear the clutter and help them generate a continuous flow of leads for their window and door company.

The Strategy

The strategy that we adopted based on the client’s services was to solidify his local SEO because that’s where his customers might try to look for him. Failing to show up in local listings might turn his customers towards his competitors.  We studied his website thoroughly and found technical issues on the website. We fixed those technical issues, optimized the content on the website, fixed meta-titles and meta-descriptions, added image alt-tags, and invested time on optimizing his social media presence too.

We also found content duplication errors on the website. Therefore, our goal was to first update the major landing pages on the website with unique copies of content. We made sure that the content was optimized with the right set of keywords and promotes the services of the client in a clear and lucid manner.

When we set up a PPC campaign for him, we had no previous data. Therefore, we had to conduct a thorough competitor analysis before setting up initial campaigns. We researched the most fitting keywords around his services and used them in running campaigns.

The Results

When the client came to us, his website had a very high bounce rate. Through our continuous efforts, we were able to decrease the bounce rate significantly. The monthly traffic on the website also increased.

PPC Marketing strategies that we adopted also showed great results in terms of lead generations. The client was happy with the results and allowed us to manage his ads for the next 6 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions About PPC Marketing for Your Window and Door Company

You are in direct charge of controlling the costs for your PPC marketing.  You can spend as much you want and stop whenever you want.  If you want to be found by the right people, at the right time, then PPC marketing is the thing for you.

PPC marketing for window and door companies is highly effective in generating leads, increasing the visibility of your business online and engaging with your customers. But if you want your website to show up in the search engine page results, you should consider getting SEO and SMO done for your business.  SEO and SMO does take some time, but produces long-term results.

The results depend on a number of factors.  But, you would be able to see results within the first few days after the launch of the campaign.

At Softtrix, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of services for your window and door company. We offer website design and development, search engine optimization, content writing and marketing, social media optimization and pay per click services.

Most window and door companies benefit from web design, SEO and SMO. However, you can consider seeking a mix of different services depending on your budget and your business goals.

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Great blog! The content is not only informative but also highly shareable. I’ve already passed it along to my friends, and they appreciate it too. Thanks for consistently posting such valuable content, and please keep up the excellent work!

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