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Last year, Facebook advertising remained one of the most effective ways for brands to connect with consumers and drive sales. But with algorithm changes, evolving platforms, and targeting rules, plus 800+ million active advertisers competing in the same space – managing successful campaigns is no easy task.
That’s why more companies have turned to top Facebook advertising services agencies as their secret growth partner. These experts exclusively focus on simplifying the platform’s complexities to achieve strong ROI through campaigns uniquely tailored to each brand.
In this, hiring a Facebook advertising agency might be the best thing in the current situation. But that’s not easy as the number of agencies promising Facebook/Instagram advertising leadership has exploded and only very few consistently deliver good results. Started freaking out?
Don’t worry, with our comprehensive guide we will tell you how you can easily find the right and genuine Facebook advertising agency that actually helps you to grow your business.

Facts You Must Know About The Social Media Market

  • The global social media advertising market is expected to reach $286.74 billion by 2027, with Facebook representing a significant portion of that.
  • The estimates of an average ROI vary, but studies suggest an average ROI of 3-5x for clients utilizing agency services.
  • A 2023 Clutch report found that 86% of clients were satisfied with their Facebook Ads agency, with expertise and transparency cited as key factors.

After reading the above facts you definitely don’t want to lag behind and if we are not wrong then ‘budget’ is something that is running in your mind, right?
Well, before budget it is recommended to think about your goal but real life scenarios are a bit different so let’s start off with the most burning question.

Insights Into Determining An Appropriate Starting Budget For Facebook Advertising

If you know your Facebook advertising budget then nothing could be better than this. By clearly knowing your budget you can simply save yourself from over expectations. To give you better clarity check the key insights that help you to determine the starting budget.

1. How Much Should You Invest Upfront?

  • Recommended minimums often fall around $500 per month for campaign needs including ad costs and fees.
  • Some agencies have minimum contracts starting around $2,000 for 6 months to demonstrate ROI.
  • The budget should be proportionate to business size, revenue, and visibility goals
  • Be open about current finances and investment ability to avoid any miscommunication while planning the budget.

2. How Budgets Impact Performance

  • Low starting budgets typically deliver inconsistent data and very slow traction.
  • Momentum often accelerates with $1,000+ monthly spending commitments.
  • Peak performance usually achieved with $5,000+/month investments and beyond.
  • But the results speak for themselves and justify increased funding.

3. How Budgets Impact Agency Approach

  • Limited budget leads to very narrow targeting, less creatives testing, slower optimizations.
  • Moderate budget allows for expanded audiences, campaign variations, broader content development.
  • Higher budgets enable large-scale testing of audiences, multiple ad formats, ongoing innovations.

4. Balancing Investment with Expectations

  • Return expectations should correlate to starting spending commitment.
  • Be realistic on likely traction based on goals, history, and spend.
  • Reinvest revenue generated to fuel momentum month-over-month.
    Make a note that the numbers we have described above can be lower or higher depending on a number of factors like the agency’s experience.

Typical Facebook Advertising Agency Onboarding Process and Timeline

The full onboarding cycle can range anywhere from 2-6 weeks from contract signing to campaign launching, depending on agency bandwidth and needs for strategy development. But here’s a general overview of common steps in the initial ramp-up.

Week 1

  • Kickoff call to discuss goals, existing marketing efforts, target audiences, and other contexts essential for crafting an effective new strategy.
  • Initial data and asset collection including access credentials, creative guidelines, brand guides etc to support campaign development behind the scenes.
  • Contract paperwork finalization and collection of deposit/prepayment for included services based on the customized plan created for driving your goals.

Week 2

  • Strategy presentation outlining the planned structure, ad formats to leverage, content approach, audiences, and more for your review and feedback before ad creation begins.
  • Provide access credentials so the agency can begin setting up the technical tracking, optimization, and analytics foundation vital to results measurement.
  • Finalize initial budget minimums and campaign calendar based on recommendations and seasonal insights.

Week 3

  • Delivery of initial ad variations, draft copy, and creatives for your feedback while custom audience creation and tracking finalization continue in the background simultaneously.
  • Iterative refinement of content based on responses before moving items into the testing phase.
  • Optimization checklist development highlighting goals and benchmark metrics to inform ongoing performance analyses.

Week 4

  • Start testing the first batch of newly developed ads once any necessary creative edits are submitted, technical setup is completed, and budgets/bids are in place.
  • Ongoing performance conversations as initial statistical data starts populating in the first 1-2 weeks of tests to begin driving insights.

So in summary – be prepared for an approximate month from the contract to the campaign’s formal launching, assuming no delays or complicating factors!

Expected Facebook Ads Reporting Frequency and Metrics

When partnering with a Facebook ads agency, there are typical reporting frequencies and metrics you can expect to receive on a regular basis to quantify performance. Here’s an overview.

1. Reporting Time

  • Most agencies provide monthly recap reports covering all key stats and takeaways.
  • Some may also share weekly digests highlighting high-level results.
  • Ask about getting real-time dashboard access to monitor data daily.
  • Schedule QBRs (quarterly business reviews) to assess progress.

2. Key Facebook Metrics Included

  • Impressions: Number of times ads were on-screen.
  • Reach: Total unique users that saw ads.
  • CPM: The cost-per-thousand impressions.
  • CPC: The average cost-per-click.
  • CTR %: Click-through-rate percentage.
  • Conversions: Count of desired actions from site traffic.
  • ROAS: Return on ad spend valuation.
  • Engagement Rate: Likes, shares, comments etc.

3. Other Helpful Data Provided

  • Top-performing ad imagery and copy.
  • Highest converting audiences.
  • Trends related to device, age, location etc.
  • Campaign budget pacing analysis.
  • Recommendation to improve underperforming elements.
  • Future optimization opportunities.
    Having those consistent performance reports and stats will provide tremendous visibility into how your ad investments are performing over time. Most Facebook advertising agencies will also review results with you to provide added context and planning.

Best Practices For Setting Facebook Ad Campaign Goals and KPIs

Defining clear campaign goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial for ensuring Facebook advertising success. Here are some best practices.

1. Goals

  • Get specific – “increase sales” is vague, “generate 50 additional online orders per month” is concrete.
  • Limit it to 1 or 2 primary goals per campaign to maintain focus.
  • Align to overall business objectives & growth plans.
  • Balance short-term conversions with long-term branding.

2. KPIs

  • KPIs quantify progress to inform optimization.
  • Common marketing KPIs: conversion rate, cost per lead, ROAS.
  • Useful: clicks, impressions, CTR, reach, engagement rate.
  • Funnel KPIs show pathway stage progression.

3. KPI Target Levels

  • Research benchmarks in the industry for context.
  • Set an aspiration stretch target.
  • Account for seasonality fluctuations.
  • Review monthly and readjust as learnings dictate.

4. Optimization Link

  • Meeting/missing KPIs signals whether campaigns need minor tweaks vs. major change.
  • Let performance against KPI targets guide appropriate optimization response.

5. Tracking

  • Confirm agency sets up thorough goal, funnel and event tracking.
  • Use Facebook pixel and UTMs for monitoring key actions.

Having those well-defined goals and benchmark KPIs empowers the agency to make data-driven optimization decisions that best support achieving your established targets month to month. Be sure to discuss your current business objectives and metrics priorities early in the onboarding process!

Content Development Process and Asset Management For Facebook Ads

The content development process and asset management approach used by Facebook ad agencies can vary, but usually follows a similar flow.

1. Creative Brainstorming

  • Initial calls discuss brand messaging, audiences, campaign themes to spur ideas.
  • Agencies explore different formats – video, images, carousel, stories, etc.
  • Strategists research competitors and industry trends to identify what engages target users.

2. Asset Guidelines

  • Creative brief shares ideal specs – aspect ratios, file types, branding rules, etc. to allow easy editing.
  • Brand asset libraries house logos, fonts, images, and other files useful for ad creation.

3. Content Creation Options

  • Completely outsourced to the agency team.
  • Collaborative development with client’s designers.
  • Client creates, agency optimizes for placement.

4. Testing & Feedback

  • Share initial ad variations for client input before launching tests.
  • Review statistical performance together to guide refinement.

5. Asset Management

  • Use platforms like Dropbox for consolidated storage.
  • Build processes for easily accessing the latest ad templates.
  • Ensure asset accessibility remains if contract ends.

6. Ongoing Development

  • Create new campaigns, promotions, sales funnels through the year.
  • Continually test new creatives against existing ones.
    Find your fit in this process or simply ask your potential agency when you have a great idea to share.

Common Campaign Management Structures

Here’s an overview of some common campaign management structures used by Facebook advertising agencies.

1. Single Campaign, Multiple Ad Sets

  • One overarching campaign housing all efforts.
  • Broken into multiple ad sets focused on specific offerings, audiences or goals.
    Example: main campaign for an ecommerce site, ad sets by product category.

2. Multiple Campaigns By Goal

  • Separate campaigns created based on business objective.
  • Such as a “Lead Gen” campaign and an “Engagement” campaign.
  • Ad sets within each campaign aligned to specific audiences.

3. Campaigns By Branding Theme

  • Unique campaigns developed around brand topics/messages.
  • Enables consistent creativity and personalization.
    Example: messaging campaigns on quality, sustainability etc.

4. Campaigns By Product or Service

  • Dedicated campaigns promoting key products/services.
  • Tailor targeting, offers and messaging for each one accordingly.
  • Good for lead gen or purchase pushing.

There can be decent flexibility in how overarching campaigns and underlying ad sets are architected within Ads Manager. Be sure to discuss options with your agency partner to determine best practice for your business. The primary goal is crafting an automatic structure optimized for scaling efforts over time. Evaluating ad reporting breakdowns by campaigns vs ad sets helps assess what models make data analysis easiest.

Ad Testing Approaches and Optimization Processes

Rigorous ad testing and ongoing optimization is integral for Facebook ads success. Here’s an overview of best practices most agencies have.

1. Testing Fundamentals

  • Minimum 3 ad variations per test for statistical significance.
  • Test one variable at a time – image, copy, CTA etc.
  • Run each variation on equal budget for 2-4 weeks.
  • Evaluate data trends to identify winner.

2. Testing Types

a.) Creative Testing

  • Images, video, captions, headlines etc.
  • What content inspires most clicks?

b.) Offer Testing

  • Discounts, freebies, bundling etc.
  • What incentives convert best?

c.) Audience Testing

  • Interests, behaviors, demographics.
  • Who responds strongest?

d.) Placement Testing

  • Facebook vs Instagram.
  • News Feed vs Stories.
  • Automatic vs managed.

3. Optimization Process

  • Plan a Test.
  • Determine Goal Metric (clicks, conversions etc).
  • Create Ad Variants.
  • Run Simultaneously.
  • Wait 2-4 Weeks+.
  • Evaluate Performance.
  • Identify Winning Variant.
  • Adjust Campaigns Based on Results.
  • Continually Re-test and Optimize.

Risk Factors Associated with DIY Facebook Ads Management

Thinking of running Facebook ads yourself?
Well, it might be not a good idea especially if you are not getting ample of free time from your day-to-day operations. Managing Facebook ads and campaigns yourself without agency expertise definitely comes with some inherent risks and challenges. Here are some risks that you must know.

1. Wasted Spend

Without thoughtful ad targeting, optimization, and testing, budgets can be wasted showing ads to the wrong people which leads to excessively high costs and low conversions.

2. Missed Opportunities

It’s unlikely you’ll stay on top of the latest advertising options and placements like a specialized agency does. This means missing key opportunities to test emerging ad formats or platforms where your audience is active.

3. Underperforming Creative

Even if targeting the right audience, lacking compelling and professionally designed creativity significantly limits performance potential and ability to stand out in the crowded newsfeed.

4. Analysis Paralysis

Sorting through the platform’s extensive data dashboards across multiple campaigns requires expertise to draw the right insights. Information overload is common without frameworks for analysis.

5. Buggy Setups

One small pixel, tag, or tracking misconfiguration can wreak havoc on ability to pull accurate attribution, reporting, and optimization. On the other hand, technical complexities are endless.

6. Strained Resources

Managing digital marketing in addition to your actual business spreads teams thin and distracts from their core functions and productivity.
In summary – lacking the right level of skill set, time, and singular focus to properly execute Facebook advertising carries inherent downsides and lost revenue risks that must be considered.

Questions To Ask Facebook Ads Agency Prospects Before Hiring

When you finalize your potential list of top Facebook agencies the next step is generally having a conversation with them. If you ask the right questions from your agency then you definitely get a good deal but what are those right questions?
Here we have a set of some key questions that we recommend asking your potential Facebook ads agency partners before making a hiring decision.

1. Past Performance

  • What success have you achieved for other clients in our industry?
  • Can we see some case studies or examples?
  • What results can we expect in the first 3 months?

2. Offerings & Specialties

  • What specific services do you provide related to Facebook & Instagram advertising?
  • How customized will our campaigns be based on our business’ needs?
  • What makes your agency stand out from competitors?

3. Process & Operations

  • Walk me through what the setup process looks like.
  • How involved will our team be vs. handling things independently?
  • How often will you report performance metrics to us?

4. Team & Resources

  • How large is your ad management team?
  • What are the backgrounds and experience levels?
  • Will we work with just an account manager or others as well?

5. Billing & Budgets

  • How do you develop media budget recommendations?
  • What are your various fees based on?
  • What are your billing terms and payment methods?
    Above questions will give you a great sense of an agency’s overall expertise, strengths, and capacity to support. They’ll also reveal process particulars to set alignment. Comparing a few prospects’ responses makes evaluating best fit easier.

Red Flags Indicating An Agency May Not Be An Ideal Fit

When evaluating potential Facebook advertising agency partners, there are a few red flags to watch out for that may signal it’s not an ideal fit.

1. Vague Answers

They avoid specifics about past client results, capabilities and performance metrics. Raises doubt.

2. Cookie-Cutter Solutions

They promote a one-size-fits-all approach vs customizing based on your business needs and audiences.

3. Upselling Too Fast

They push expensive add-ons and premium services before fully understanding current situations and goals.

4. Overpromising Results

Guarantees of unrealistic metrics and KPIs within unreasonable time frames scream caution.

5. Underwhelming Portfolios

Very limited examples of past ad creative and campaign content they developed is concerning.

6. Limited Ad Account Access

Restricting platform access and analytics can inhibit transparency important for some clients.

7. Poor Communication Practices

Slow response times and opacity around behind-the-scenes happenings strain trust and visibility.

8. Rigid Contract Terms

Locking into overly restrictive long-term contracts with unclear outs inhibits flexibility.

9. Negative Online Reviews

Multiple complaints about shoddy service or hidden fees are a large red flag when exploring options.
If prospective agencies trigger some of those warning signs during the discovery process, take your time and keep looking around. There are plenty of amazing Facebook marketing partners out there worthy of consideration for your business!

Rights regarding ad account ownership and creative assets

Defining the ad account ownership and rights to creative assets upfront is crucial when partnering with an agency for clear expectations. Follow the below tips to get the most out of it.

1. Facebook Ad Account Ownership

  • Typically remains in the client’s name with the agency added as an Advertiser role.
  • Agency may request additional ‘Admin’ access for full control.
  • Get guarantees on what level of account and campaign visibility you retain.

2. Creative Asset Ownership

  • Usually, client owns and retains rights to all created imagery and copy.
  • Agency may request limited license to continue using certain assets.
  • Ensure easy transfer of files if the partnership ends.

3. Things to Address Contractually

  • Asset ownership split.
  • Account transfer processes.
  • Continued metric access.
  • Handling outstanding ad spend.
  • Creative reuse allowances.

4. Best Practice Guidance

  • Review rights terms closely to protect branding and data access.
  • Create independent client Ad Manager login.
  • Don’t fully relinquish control without informed evaluation.
  • Get guarantees around asset delivery and cross-use boundaries.

Handling these ownership details upfront is crucial for risk reduction later down the line if the relationship sours or dissolves. Transparency and clientele comes first!

Terms To look For In Facebook Ad Agency Contracts

After finalizing your agency you need to sign a contract with your respective Facebook advertising agency. Before signing the contract you need to look for following key contract terms to ensure trust and transparency.

1. Results Clauses

  • Guarantees on specific metric or KPI minimums.
  • Performance evaluation frameworks.

2. Budget/Billing Transparency

  • Clear breakdowns on fee structures.
  • Outline of minimum ad spend commitments.
  • Terms on changes to monthly costs.

3. Intellectual Property

  • Define asset ownership split.
  • Creative licensing allowances.
  • Data visibility permissions.

4. Account Access

  • Specify login abilities.
  • Dashboard visibility expectations.
  • Analytics access degrees.

5. Termination

  • Needed notice periods by either party.
  • Continued metric access post-termination.
  • Ad credit reimbursements.

6. Transitions

  • Timeline for asset transfer post-contract.
  • Account & creative migration details.
  • Ongoing metric visibility.

Having clear terms upfront on performance expectations, costs, account and data access, dissolution procedures etc. prevents misunderstandings down the line. Scrutinize proposed contracts closely and negotiate tweaks to ensure optimal partnership terms!

Top 5 Facebook Advertising Services Agencies

We know you want to finish the reading part as soon as possible so you can start researching your potential ad company. Meanwhile, you definitely got an idea that it is not going to be easy and it will take you some days to even weeks to find the right fit.
Don’t worry about it as we have the best recommendations for you. Save your time by start contacting any of the below companies and getting promising results.

Softtrix is amongst our top recommendations because it is a company that fits with all the positive parameters that we have mentioned above. Despite being a big company, the pricing models are quite affordable. They are not just into Facebook ads but offer all kinds of digital marketing solutions with a promise of guaranteed ROI.

2. Mind Ad Media

Mind Ad Media is our next recommendation that has a quite good track record. They are known to run effective Facebook ad campaigns. Apart from that, they also offer full digital marketing solutions. Reach them out to get promised results.

3. PPC Boost

PPC Boost is a USA-based company that offers their services with no contract boundations instead they prefer month to month policy. If you don’t want long-term contracts then PPC Boost can be your choice.

4. Think Social Media

Think Social Media can run targeted ads so your brands get more traction and leads. You can consider hiring them as they have a large team of Facebook experts who help your brand reach new heights.

5. Three Beacon Marketing

If you have a big pocket size then you can reach out USA based company Three Beacon Marketing. They are definitely a good company and help you to get great results but the pricing is the factor that may stop you from choosing this company.

Grow With White Label Facebook Advertising Services

If you are among the businesses that are already into digital marketing but you are not growing because of less number of experts in your team then we have a great solution for you.
All you need to do is tie up with a Softtrix like agency that is offering white label services too.
But, what is white label service?
A white label service gives you the freedom to expand your offering without hiring a team. You will always be a front face and your clients will get all the work without knowing you are outsourcing it to another company. The beauty of white label service is your client will never know what happening behind the screen. 

How Our Agency Can Generate More Traffic & Sales For You!

  • SEO: Maximize traffic with top-notch SEO Services. Watch real results!​
  • PPC: Ignite instant lead generation with my team of PPC experts.
  • Content Marketing: Unleash my team of storytellers who craft share-worthy content, attract traffic, and pull in valuable links.


Onboarding a Facebook ads agency is next level work so we have helped you with the best guide. We tried our best to keep it short and crisp. When you partner with an agency you compromise with lots of things like trust, your business numbers, accounts etc. so you need to be very careful while selecting your agency. If you have any queries or want to have a word with the Facebook Ads Expert at Softtrix, feel free to get in touch with them anytime! 

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Discovering the top Facebook advertising services agencies can truly redefine success for businesses seeking to maximize their online presence. With the best agencies at your side, your brand’s reach and impact can soar to new heights. Excited to see how these experts elevate digital marketing strategies!

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