How to Claim $500 Free Google Ads Credit?

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With approximately 8.5 billion searches hitting Google every day, a strong business presence on this search engine platform Matters A Lot! But, a mere digital presence is enough to drive quality leads and sales? Well, no. Growing your pipeline of qualified leads and conversions at a large scale is only possible through Google Ads. Today, many businesses are using Google Ads to promote their businesses, which means if you are ranking organically for a search query, your results will be pushed down the page that too under your competitors. So the more budget you allocate for Google Ads, the greater ROI you will generate. Therefore it’s important to plan your advertising budget well because for startups paid advertising may seem a little expensive initially, but truly worth every penny spent. Moreover, to help reduce the advertising budget stretch, you are offered a promo code by Google that gives a Free $500 Google Ads Credit with a new account.

Yes, you got that right! So, for those who think that Google Ads is an expensive way of marketing, you should think about it again! 

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s dwell on the details! 

What Is Google Ads $500 Promo Code?

Serving as a catalyst for many businesses, Google Ads strives at reaching their target audience quite effectively. By securing a prominent spot for your business at the top of SERPs. Google Ads provides instant visibility of your products and services thereby driving a surge of relevant traffic to your business website. Its advanced targeting options ensure that your ads are showcased to the right audience leading to increased chances of conversions while minimizing your ad spend. 

The flexible budget options available in Google Ads are a boon for startups and businesses who are very particular about spending their financial resources. The platform also offers in-depth analytics and reporting tools that help in optimizing the campaign performance for optimal outcomes. Google Ads’ reach extends beyond the confines of the search engine, incorporating vast Google Display Network and YouTube, offering a multifaceted approach to engage potential customers across diverse channels.

Now let’s know about what can help you have a win-win game!

The Google Ads $500 promo code is a marketing incentive offered by Google to encourage business owners to use its advertising platform. This promotion typically provides eligible businesses with a credit worth $500, which can be used to run ads on various Google platforms, including Google Search, Google Display Network, YouTube, and more.

So, if you are spending $500 on ads, and you get a coupon worth $500, then your first-month expenditure will turn out to be ZERO. 

The primary purpose of this promo code is to attract new business accounts, especially small and medium-sized businesses, to try out Google Ads and experience its benefits without the immediate financial burden. The promo code essentially acts as a financial boost, allowing businesses to kickstart their online advertising efforts and reach potential customers through Google’s extensive network.

Who Is Eligible For The Google $500 Promo Code?

The eligibility criteria for the Google Ads $500 promo code can vary depending on the terms and conditions set by Google. However, here are some common factors that determine eligibility:

  •  New Account: Typically, the promotional code is available for new Google Ads accounts. If you’re creating a brand-new account, you might be eligible for the promo code. 
  • Spend Requirements: Some promotions might require you to spend a certain amount on advertising within a specified timeframe, i.e. $500 to unlock the credit. 
  • Meeting Terms and Conditions: The PPC experts you hire for this, must adhere to the terms and conditions outlined by Google for the specific promotion. This may include guidelines on how the credit can be used, what types of campaigns are eligible, and more.
  • Adherence To Policies: Google has strict policies regarding advertising content, landing pages, and user experience. Your PPC agency must ensure that the campaigns comply with these policies to be eligible for the promotion.

How Does The Google Ads 500 Credit Promo Code Work?

The promo offer is exclusively designed for new Google Ads users, with accounts that are not more than 21 days old. To get a $500 free ad credit, you would first need to spend $500 on ads. Once you run the first ad campaign and start generating clicks, Google Ads will add the free credit to your account. In the promotions tab, you can check whether or not $500 has been credited.  Although you need to spend $500 to get the Google Ads promotional code, it provides a lucrative opportunity to stand ahead of your competitors with this additional $500 credit to spend on your ad campaign. Additionally, you will get 60 days to spend the ad credit.

How To Claim Your $500 FREE Google Ads Credit?

The promo code is exclusively designed for new Google Ads account users, that are not more than 21 days old. To get a $500 free ad credit, you would first need to spend a minimum of $500 on ads. Once you run the first ad campaign and start generating clicks, Google Ads will add the Free Credits to your account. Navigating through the promotions tab, you can check whether or not your FREE $500 has been credited or not.  Although you need to spend $500 to get the Google Ads promotional code, it provides a lucrative opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors with this additional $500 credit to spend on your ad campaign. Moreover, you get 60 days to spend the ad credit, which means you have ample time and budget to run your ads.

Let’s walk through a detailed process so that you do not miss this golden opportunity.

1. Check If You Meet Google Ads Terms & Conditions

If you are wondering how to redeem Google Ads credit, then first it is important to meet the terms and conditions that Google Ads outlines. One of the most crucial criteria you must fulfill is – you must have a new Google Ads Account.

Existing account holders are not eligible for this promo offer. Additionally, the billing address of your business should be United States. Only one $500 free ad credit promo code is available to one account holder. The promo code is unique and cannot be transferred.

2. Activate Your Promo Code

If you are a new Google Ads advertiser, you will need to click the link or button associated with the offer for the code to be automatically added to your account. You can check this by logging in to your Google Ads account and going to Settings >> Billing >> Promotions. If the Google Ads promotional code is applied to your account, you can see that in this section. To activate the offer, click “Claim your credit” just below the promotional code.

At this point, it is important to keep in mind that the promotional offer must be applied to the Google Ads account within 14 days of the first ad being published from that account.

3. Earn Your FREE Google Credit

Merely having the promotional code added to your account does not mean you have earned the ad credit. Before you can use the additional credit, you would need to spend at least $500 on your Google Ads advertising campaigns. This is exclusive of any applicable fees or taxes.

Additionally, your ad campaign must have spent $500 within 60 days. Google will also track the advertising cost towards $500 once the promotional code is applied.  

4. Get Google Ads Credit

So, now the Google Ads $500 credit promo code is activated and you have earned the credit by fulfilling the criteria in Step 3. After this, the credit will typically apply to your account within 5 days. And will show in the Billing Summary of your Google Ads account.

It is important to keep in mind that the free ad credit will expire 60 days after it is applied to your Google Ads account. The credit applies only to your advertising costs in the future – you cannot use it for costs accrued to your ad campaign before the promotional offer was applied to your account.

Once the free ad credit in your account gets exhausted, additional advertising costs will be applicable as per your payment terms. No additional notification will be sent for this. If you do not want to advertise, Google Ads gives you the flexibility to delete or pause the campaign at any time. To be eligible to use the ad credit, it is crucial that your advertiser account is billed successfully by Google Ads and that it remains in good standing.

How To Check Your Google Ads Promo Code Status?

  •  Access your Google Ads account by signing in.
  • Click on the tools icon and navigate to “Billing.” From there, choose “Promotions.”
  • On the “Promotions” page, you will find a complete list of all promotional codes that have been linked to your Google Ads account within your manager account.

Possible Statuses For Google Ads Coupons:

“Active”: The reward linked to the coupon has been applied.

“Redeemed”: The coupon has been successfully redeemed.

“Processing”: The spending requirement (e.g., “Spend $500, get $500”) has been met, and our system is in the process of validating the awarded reward amount.
“Expired”: The coupon expired after it was redeemed but before the spending requirement was fulfilled.
“Invalidated”: The coupon was found to be invalid or has been invalidated due to some reason.

What Is The Benefit Of Getting Google Ads Promo Codes?

So, what are the advantages of this $500 free ad credit you get for your Google Ads campaign? Let’s understand a few of them:
  • Earlier, Google Ads offered ad credit for only 30 days. But now, new account holders have 60 days to spend $500. This is a huge benefit for local marketers who typically focus on regional targeting or have limited audiences. For most businesses, spending $500 on a one-day ad campaign isn’t too much, hence paving the way for lucrative digital marketing opportunities.
  • Google Ads isn’t just an effective tool to drive brand exposure and awareness, but also an excellent opportunity to generate increased sales and ROI for your company. With additional credit, you can successfully run more ads than your competitors, earning an edge over others.
  • Previously, new Google Ads users would get $100 free ad credit. But this has been increased to $500 which is a huge boost for startups and small businesses. This way they will feel more inclined to advertise using Google Ads and grow their business.

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  • Attract targeted potential audience
  • High conversion rate
  • Boost in Return On Investment (ROI)

    Wrapping Up!

    Google Ads promo code is an excellent opportunity for businesses like yours to embark on the online advertising journey with reduced financial barriers. By offering initial credit, these codes enable advertisers to explore massive audience reach and targeted capabilities of the Google Ads platform. 

    After knowing all of this info, are you on the hunt of top advertising agency, that can help you launch spot-on ads and urge your customers to hit the “Buy Now” Button! Then, Softtrix is your one-stop solution! Hop over a call with us and get ready to encounter exploding sales with Google Ads. 

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