How Can I Increase Sales For My Dry Cleaning Business?

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Although there is a massive demand for professional dry cleaning and laundry services, counterattacking the market bottlenecks and overcoming the neck-to-neck competition aren’t a piece of cake. First, starting as a dry cleaning business will require you to invest substantially, even if you choose to become a franchisee. Second, operating and running the business smoothly can never be in the picture if appropriate strategies are not put in place from the very beginning. Several dry cleaners struggle to turn their business into a profitable model while maintaining the increasing exponential curve of the sales graph.

Promoting your business on social media or distributing online pamphlets are no longer the most effective ways to generate desired sales and profits. Instead, you should focus on adopting a proven and data-backed marketing strategy for laundry services that will undoubtedly yield the expected results. However, it’s easier said than done! Planning to increase your business sales requires meticulous planning and strategic execution. Additionally, the entire funnel depends on many variables, which should be considered while planning.

Hence, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide valuable insights into the critical points for turning your dry cleaning business into a high-selling and profitable model.

The State of the Dry Cleaning Industry in the United States

The dry cleaning industry in the United States encompasses a diverse range of businesses, including traditional dry cleaners, coin-operated laundromats, and eco-friendly cleaning services. According to industry reports, the market size for dry cleaning services in the U.S. is estimated to be approximately $9 billion annually, making it a significant sector within the broader cleaning services industry.

Key Players and Market Dynamics

Key players in the U.S. dry cleaning industry include large national chains and locally owned establishments. While traditional solvent-based dry cleaning methods have been prevalent for decades, there has been a growing shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning practices in recent years. This shift is driven by increasing environmental awareness among consumers and regulatory pressures to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals.

Is It Worth Investing In Your Dry Cleaning Business?

When you hit an obstacle in your dry cleaning business, the first thought that creeps up is whether it’s worth putting effort and money into it. After all, when you are stuck around the bottlenecks, many things will be at stake, and that’s where you have to make the most critical call. Whether or not to invest further in the dry cleaning business Services, hardly getting sales or meeting the expected profit margin shouldn’t be decided in a rush.

Excellent Growth Opportunities

Needless to say, the laundry market is an ever-growing region. The industry won’t stagnate since the demand for professional dry cleaning services will never die down. Apparel, from simple office suits to wedding gowns, must be dry and appropriately cleaned to retain quality and shine. Hence, you won’t run out of growth opportunities once you persevere.

Flexible Work Schedule

The dry cleaning business won’t require you to adhere to a stringent work schedule. Flexibility in timing is one of the many reasons why people still want to continue with dry cleaning services despite being exposed to market bottlenecks. Your call is if you wish to take a holiday or keep the shutters down for the rest of the day. Besides, you can simply relax while letting your skilled and experienced staff handle the work.

No Dependency On Seasons

Dry cleaning and laundry isn’t a seasonal market. In other words, no such hard and fast rule explains when you can receive heavy customer inflow and when you can’t. If your brand reputation is well-perceived, expect to have both new and return service requests for dry cleaning and laundry throughout the year.

Rooms For Innovation

With new technologies and marketing models, you can easily incorporate innovation and agility in your dry cleaning business. Innovation helps set your business apart from competitors and help you overcome hurdles with ease. Furthermore, innovation can also boost a successful business transformation model, from culture to domain transformation.

Higher Market Penetration

Another reason to persevere and invest in the dry cleaning business is the more significant market penetration. You can form strong collaborations with garment manufacturers or take advantage of the opportunities in the local consumer market to increase sales and deepen your outreach.

What Are The Significant Challenges Faced With Sales For A Dry Cleaning Business?

As a dry cleaning business owner, identifying and acknowledging the challenges your sales team has encountered is imperative and non-negotiable. Failure to do so will incur severe consequences in terms of monetary losses, reduced brand value, and customer loss. In fact, most dry cleaning businesses have to pull down the shutters permanently owing to the lack of appropriate knowledge of factors negatively impacting their sales. Hence, in this section, we have emphasized the most common challenges your sales team is facing or might face in the future.

Lack Of Potential Customers

Although the target audience base of the dry cleaning business is broad and humongous, owing to the deeper market penetration, only 20% to 30% of them can be classified as potential customers. In other words, your sales team might struggle convincing uninterested customers and turning them into potential prospects along the entire sales funnel. If that’s the case, it’s natural for your business’s sales graph to have a downward slope.


Another problem most sales teams encounter is prioritizing the customers they have to deal with. If your business follows a first-come-first-service methodology, it won’t yield efficient results in generating better leads. As the sales team focuses on uninterested customers who show no behaviour to avail themselves of your services, they miss out on prospective opportunities. This ultimately impacts the user experience, forcing those willing customers to take their needs to your competitor.

Unexpected Market Trends And Movements

Most professionals working on the sales team encounter difficulties in predicting sudden market trends and accordingly preparing strategies. Hence, they cannot safeguard their business against fluctuations, like the mass adoption of a new dry cleaning technology or a new service trend like express dry cleaning. It takes a lot of time for the business to adapt to these changes, and many opportunities get missed.

Undefined Sales Funnel

When you do not pay much attention to a properly structured sales funnel, it can cause a haywire, preventing you from implementing accurate strategies at each stage. Due to this, you won’t know the potential customers’ actions, behavioural trends, and preferences at each stage as they move along the sales funnel. It also introduces gaps in understanding the minute loopholes of sales strategies and prevents any further necessary improvement.

Non-alignment With Customer Behaviour

The ever-changing behavioural patterns of the target customers provide many valuable insights into a dry cleaning business. However, if your sales strategies are not aligned perfectly and lack adaptability to these dynamic changes, you will lose a significant section of the audience. Also, you might not be able to generate better prospective leads or retain past customers.

How To Get Customers For A Laundry Business And Increase The Sales?

The moment you see the sales dropping drastically or the graph consistently fluctuating, the first thought that comes to your mind is “How do I attract customers to my laundry business?”. Although it’s a valid question that needs an answer at the earliest, rushing into finding the solution will lead to a disaster. Truth be told, increasing the sales requires a strategic and meticulous approach based on a myriad of external and internal variables. Additionally, your decisions must be based on factual information, not mere assumptions.

So, below, we have illustrated a few practices that can help you increase customer acquisition and retention rates, thereby boosting the overall sales and revenue for your dry cleaning business.

Loyalty Programs For Consistent Customers

Gaining more customers for your dry cleaning business will automatically increase sales and profits. However, you cannot shadow your existing customers while trying to acquire and form new bonds. If that’s the case, not only will the customer retention rate drop drastically, but it won’t improve the financial numbers of your business in the long run. Hence, you should pay equal attention to satisfying your existing customers, especially those who consistently avail of your services without fail.

One of the best ways to increase sales from these users is by implementing different forms of loyalty programs. Offering exclusive discounts and rewards will automatically spike their interest, creating a compelling situation to stick with your business and not fostering any second option. Plus, the loyalty programs will also help you build strong patronage with your customers and facilitate repeat business in no time.

Encourage Word-of-Mouth Marketing Through Referrals

Although different marketing techniques are widely adopted in today’s digital realm, you can never deny word of mouth’s true potential and impact on the target audience. Imagine someone close to you boasting about a hotel service they opted for during their stay in a way that you instantly get convinced. Their words will play a crucial role in influencing your thoughts, compelling you to try out the same hotel service and experience their specialties by yourself. This is word-of-mouth marketing, where a business relies on its existing customers to spread positive reviews and thoughts amongst their peers and redirect more sales.

Implementing the best marketing practices for boosting word-of-mouth through a referral program will increase your market penetration. In return, the sales will automatically grow, and you can soon turn your dry cleaning business into a profitable model. Offering unique rewards and discounts to existing customers for spreading the word about your services will be like a cherry on top of the cake. They will actively promote your business within their inner circles, helping you increase customer acquisition at a much lower cost.

Forming collabs with local businesses

It is not just the individuals needing professional laundry services to clean and dry their clothes appropriately. Instead, a little more market research and trend analysis will reveal that businesses like hotels, clothing manufacturers, and retailers also look for a reliable and promising dry cleaning seo company. Hence, if you want to increase your customer base and penetrate the market further, forming collaborations with these local businesses will significantly help you.

  • Associate yourself with apartment complexes, hotels, and many more to leverage their natural marketing strategies and acquire more customers for your dry cleaning business. This will help you reach individuals who require credible laundry services without having to invest in B2C marketing.
  • Cross-marketing services will also help you form strong partnerships with local businesses and redirect more business. In other words, you can launch programs to promote each other’s services on the official platforms of the respective businesses to target more customers.

Leveraging Targeted Online Marketing

Targeted online marketing is one of the best ways to acquire more customers for your dry cleaning business and boost overall sales and revenues. When you focus on the entire audience base, most of your efforts and time will influence uninterested customers who will never associate with your business. Furthermore, it leads to a loss of opportunities since your marketing team won’t be able to get in touch with those customers who are most likely to become valuable prospects for your business.
This is where the concept of targeted marketing comes into play. The term implies segmentalizing the audience base based on numerous variables, like behaviours, actions, geographical reach, and other demographics and targeting those groups from where you are likely to get the fastest positive response. 

For instance, if you target apartment complexes with a built-in dry cleaning and laundry facility, you won’t be able to acquire customers for your business. Instead, you should target those complexes where residents are in dire need of a dry cleaner.

Implementing Convenient Scheduling Options

Scheduling and delivery are the two most concerning variables affecting the entire operation of a dry cleaning and laundry business. Hence, if you leave these two out of your marketing strategies, the results won’t be feasible enough to make the business future-proof and overcome further bottlenecks. Truth be told, most customers prefer a dry cleaner who can prioritize their convenience and introduce flexible scheduling and delivery options. For instance, delivering the cleaned and washed clothes on the same day will significantly benefit several customers. Hence, they will start relying on your business and increase sales and profits in the long run.

Some of the best ways to implement a convenient delivery and scheduling business operation in this fast-paced and hypercompetitive dry cleaning market.

  • Embracing new and innovative technologies will streamline workflows and increase overall business efficiency and productivity. For instance, introducing a custom pick-up scheduling module on your official website will help your customers choose a convenient time.
  • You can also introduce the principle of extended service hours during peak times of the week to offer better services to your customers. For example, if you observe a considerable rush of dry cleaning requests on weekends, you can extend the operational time by two or three hours. It automatically enhances the customer experience and makes your business more reliable and credible.
  • Express and same-day deliveries are a recent trend in the dry cleaning market that you can emphasize. Providing fast and convenient services will help you meet your customer’s specific requirements and enhance their experience.


The dry cleaning and laundry industry has encountered colossal competition, so several bottlenecks have been introduced lately. If you are not careful enough, steering around these obstacles will become impossible, severely impacting your day-to-day business. Also, the result of such fierce competition can be seen in the declining sales and profits of several dry cleaning businesses. Hence, you must meticulously plan the strategies while considering all the necessary variables to acquire more customers, retain the existing ones, and increase the cash inflows.

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Great tips for boosting dry cleaning sales. Very practical and easy to implement. Thanks for sharing!

Great article! Increasing sales for a dry cleaning business can be challenging but rewarding.

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