From 0 to $250K Monthly Sales for Beauty Brand: Google Ads Case Study

$250K Monthly Sales for Beauty Brand: Google Ads Case Study

Presenting a comprehensive suite of advertiser tools, Google Ads provides beauty brands with an excellent opportunity to get their products or services in front of a huge audience base. People are 4x more likely (63%) to click on paid search ads on Google than on any other platform.

According to WordStream, the average click-through rate (CTR) on Google Ads paid search is 4-6%. For the beauty and personal care industry, the average CTR stands at 5.44%.

As industry experts state, beauty is highly conversational, personal, and increasingly digitized today. In this scenario, it makes more sense for brands to provide consumers with dynamic and customized content that meets what they are precisely looking for. And this is where Google Ads can deliver improved value and greater ROI for your beauty brand.

Here, is a quick overview of how Google Ads can help beauty brands:

  • Huge brand exposure potential that can help create awareness in the local as well as the global market
  • Retarget your ads to past or existing customers, or those who are interested in your brand but did not convert into sales
  • Use Google Ads primarily for your beauty brand’s awareness and prospecting campaigns
  • Helps successfully close customers that fall under longer purchase cycles
  • Lower cost-per-click (CPC) with higher click-through-rates  

Still, wondering what is the importance of Google Ads for beauty brands? Here, we will discuss the Google Ads case study of a beauty brand that started from scratch and garnered $250K in monthly sales within just 6-9 months of integrating Google Ads into its digital marketing strategy.

Let’s get started with analyzing the eCommerce PPC case study.

Brand Challenges  

Here, we are discussing the PPC case study of a U.S.-based beauty brand that primarily deals with nail polishes and nail powders. They had set up an eCommerce store and were looking for brand awareness to drive increased footfall to the website. With this objective, they consulted an experienced eCommerce PPC agency that specializes in Google Ads.

Upon studying the business and the eCommerce store, the following key challenges were identified:

  • There was no digital marketing strategy in place and the eCommerce store started with $0
  • Lack of brand awareness
  • No audience targeting  
  • The eCommerce store was unable to drive traffic or break through the profit margins. Hence, there were facing challenges in achieving their ROI goals

Developing a Google Ads Campaign

Keeping the bottlenecks and challenges in mind, the PPC agency took a holistic approach to building a Google Ads campaign from scratch. Let’s understand the Google Ads case study of the beauty brand in detail to know what strategies the PPC agency developed to deliver proven results.

1. Setting Up a Google Merchant Center Account

Signing up for Google Merchant Center helps open up lucrative opportunities for eCommerce businesses – ensuring that your store and products will be available to your target audiences when they search for something similar on any Google property. The PPC agency had set up a Google Merchant Center account, uploaded accurate and engaging product information, and used both paid and free channels to publish the info. This made the beauty brand and its products appear across Google, Shopping Ads, and other Google services. Hence, the reach was maximum which helped drive increased eCommerce traffic and sales for the business.

2. Dedicated Campaigning for Each Product Category

The product categories under the beauty brand were pretty diverse. Therefore, the PPC agency took a unique approach to Google advertising and set up dedicated campaigns for each category. Once the product category campaigns were running successfully, they created dedicated campaigns for each product. This allowed the brand to have a comprehensive take on Google Ads, ensuring more exposure and higher sales.

3. Competitor Analysis

As the brand was completely new in the field of digital marketing, extensive competitor research provided valuable insights. The PPC agency thoroughly monitored what brand marketing and PPC advertising strategies the competitors were following and the results generated.  Based on the analysis, they developed a more optimized and ROI-focused Google Ads campaign for the beauty brand.

4. Leveraging Google Analytics for Meaningful Data

For successful Google Ads campaigns, it is important to derive meaningful insights from Google Analytics, identify and fix the loopholes, and further improve the campaigns to achieve your ROI goals. Keeping this in mind, the PPC agency gathered valuable data based on competitor research, target market, related keywords, etc. This data enabled them to split the ad campaigns and target the audiences based on their age groups.

Once the campaigns went live, Google Analytics data was further collected and analyzed to understand which campaigns were working and which weren’t delivering quality results. More importance was given to optimizing the ad campaigns that were delivering proven results.

5. A/B Testing

Split testing multiple Google ads are the key to creating more targeted campaigns that convert. To drive qualified leads and boost sales, the PPC agency tested different ad creatives, content, and landing pages to identify the ones that were most engaging and relevant for the audiences. This helped drive decent growth in revenues for the brand.

6. Display Campaigns were Set Up

In addition to PPC ads, different display ad campaigns were also set up to target different sets of audiences, even though they were not directly searching for the products that the brand offers.

7. Optimising Google Shopping Feeds

After implementing the above strategies, the business was seeing pretty good sales figures. However, the cost-per-click (CPC) was still high. To address this challenge, the Google Shopping ads were further optimized. This resulted in a significant rise in sales but at the same time, the CPC was also cut down.

The Results

A tailored approach towards Google Ads and proven strategies helped achieve excellent results for the beauty brand. Within 6-9 months of implementing the ad campaigns, the following results were seen:

  • There was a significant boost in brand awareness which was the primary challenge of the company
  • Brand-related keywords were optimized which helped improve the search engine visibility of the ads and drive more traffic
  • Monthly sales of $263K 
  • Significant increase in conversions, indicating a value of $2.2K

The Final Words

The above Google Ads case study clearly indicates the importance of Google Ads in maximizing brand exposure, reaching the right audiences at the right time, and driving immediate sales. Through continuous optimization and in-depth data analytics, it is possible to develop proven strategies that deliver results. One of the best things about Google Ads is they help achieve immediate results. So, if you are looking to derive the maximum value for your business and generate more sales, it is important to integrate Google Ads into your digital marketing strategy.   

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This Google Ads case study showcases an impressive journey from zero to $250K in monthly sales for a beauty brand, highlighting the power of strategic advertising and digital marketing.

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