Everything You Should Know About Plumber Facebook Ads and Its Cost

Everything You Should Know About Plumber Facebook Ads and Its Cost

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An Overview

The modernization has changed the way business is done these days. Gone long are those days when people used to go through Yellowpages to look for plumbers or electricians.  Nowadays, people turn to Google to seek answers to their questions, look for services, and educate them. This is why it has become extremely important to rank your business on the first page of Google to gain the attention of potential customers who might be looking for products and services like yours.

Now, let’s turn the tables and look at another perspective. Suppose you are a service provider whose business does not exist online. This directly means that you would be missing out on several customers.  Therefore, the first step is to take your business online. If you already have a business online and you are not getting enough customers, then pay-per-click advertising might be the right thing for you.  If you are wondering what paid marketing is and how much plumber Facebook ads cost, then keep reading the article till the end, where we have answered all your questions and queries related to Facebook plumber ads cost.

What does a Right Facebook Ad do?

Facebook is the most prominent social media platform out there. Creating a page on Facebook opens doors to new opportunities and can help you earn leads. Plumbing business owners can learn to utilise the power of social media to create online buzz and generate positive leads for their businesses. Below are some good reasons why Facebook ads can benefit your business. You will also find out how much plumber Facebook ads cost, along with some good reasons.

Helps you find the Right People- With the help of Facebook ads, you can target people in your vicinity who can become your customers. You can choose who you want your ads to be shown to, in what regions, to what kind of customers and more. For example, if you run a local plumber business, there is no need to show your Facebook ad to people who live 100 miles away because they might not call you and may prefer who operates within their neighbourhood. A good plumbing ad should be shown to the homeowners and landlords within your neighbourhood.

Conveys Your Business Message- An ad is your first chance to build trust with potential customers. It will help you reach thousands and inform them about you and your business. They will learn about your business’s operating hours, whether you offer free estimates or guarantee your services and more. A company’s goals, values and ethics can go a long way in building the customers’ trust and providing them with first-class services.

Generates New Leads for Your Business- With the help of Facebook ads, you can generate new leads for your business. A good Facebook ad can get the name of your business out there and generate meaningful information for your business. You can also link your website URL or contact details so people can communicate with you quickly.

Measurable Results- With the help of Facebook Ads, you can measure the results you are getting. These ads come with track analytics which lets you track the performance of your ads. You can know how much engagement you are getting, how many referrals you have received and more.

What are the Different Types of Facebook Ads for Plumber Business?

Mentioned-below are different types of Facebook ads that can benefit your plumber business.

Image Ads- These are the most common ads that can be seen online. It allows you to create compelling images for your ad to garner the most clicks and engagements.

Video Ads- Videos can also showcase your products or services. You can use the most enchanting videos of your work or your team members, accompanied by audio and subtitles.

Page Post engagement- If you have created a Facebook page for your plumbing business and it’s getting little traffic, then you can post page engagement to lure people to your business page. This type of ad is suitable for earning more attention and interactions for your Facebook page.

Lead Forms- If building a database is on your mind, then running lead form ads to capture data can be helpful. You can add a lead form to your Facebook ad, and when an interested customer visits the ad, he will fill in those details, making it easy for you to take the next step.

Instant Experience- Formerly known as Canvas ads, these ads can also be utilised to present instant mobile videos to attract your audience’s attention. It allows users to engage with videos, photos and carousels in a single ad.

Carousel- If you want to show multiple images in the News Feed, you can use carousel ads. You can add up to 10 photos or videos of your choice to the ad, creating a separate link for all of those. Carousel ads are the best for you if you want to promote multiple services in a single ad.

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    What should be the Objective of Your Plumber Facebook Ad?

    Every ad that you create must serve your business goals, which could be launching a new website, launching new services, generating new leads for your business, or getting more traffic. Mentioned below are some objectives that your Facebook ad must fulfil.

    Awareness- The objective of your ad should be to create interest in your plumbing services and make them aware of your business offerings, promotions, service guarantees and more. There is no denying that awareness increases popularity and showcases brand value to your products.

    Consideration- This objective lets users think about your overall brand. You get into their consideration by providing them value for their services. The aim should be to encourage customers to visit your website, explore your services and book an appointment.

    Conversions- Depending on the goals of your business, you need to track conversions of your business. If you are in the initial stage of your business, your goal should be to make people aware of your business. When you start getting new customers, your goals may progress towards capturing new clients. In all this, you also need to pay attention to your budget, which may increase when your goals progress to new stages.

    Where Is The Right Placement of Plumber Facebook Ads?

    You do not have the authority to show Facebook ads wherever you want. But you get specific options for Facebook ad placements, which are mentioned below:-

    Stories- Users can now show temporary photos in their accounts. These story ads usually take up the entire screen and are shown momentarily in between images. Not just Facebook, but story ads are also shown in Facebook’s acquired Instagram platform.

    Feed- When you are casually browsing your Facebook feed, and you see a ‘sponsored post’, be mindful that you are viewing a ‘feed ad’. When targeted to the right set of people, this placement of ads can prove to be highly beneficial. These ads are shown on both desktop and mobile computers.

    Messenger- You can send sponsored messages to someone whom you might have contacted before, and you want to follow up with a discount offer. These ads are beneficial in reaching out to people interested in your services.

    Right Column- Placing your ads on the right column of Facebook might be the appropriate placement because they don’t interrupt users’ feeds and may seem less irritating to the users. The only con is you would not be able to reach mobile users as they are limited to desktop use only.

    How Do You Do the Budgeting for Facebook Ads for Plumbers?

    This is the most critical question since everything that you choose would be dependent on it. You have two options, you can either choose an overall budget for your campaign, or you can allocate funds to each ad set. Mentioned below is the list of Facebook Ad budgets for your plumbing business.

    Campaign Budget- Facebook’s in-built CBO utilises the campaign budget automatically. This is a handy tool as it helps advertisers focus on other areas, whereas the tool is responsible for managing the budget for your campaign.

    Ad-set budget- Manual ad-set budgeting can be helpful for companies that have dynamic objectives and do not want themselves to be involved in the process. However, you can also allocate a budget to each ad set, enabling you more control over your campaigns.

    Daily Budget- It defines how much you want to spend on each campaign. Allocating your campaign’s daily budget can help you achieve consistent results. It frees you up from the complications of allocating separate fund amounts each day.

    Lifetime Budget- As the name suggests, it defines how much you want to spend on a campaign for its entire span. These budgets have a hard cap. These budgets work best for you if you do not want to exceed a specific amount.

    How Much Does Facebook Plumber Ad Cost?

    How Much Does Plumber Ad Cost could be the most important question if you are looking to invest in plumber advertising. To answer this question, let us first know the Facebook plumbing ad cost of interest ‘plumbing’. Interest plumbing has over 82.21 Million audiences on Facebook, and the average CPC, as recorded in 2020 for the interest ‘plumbing’, is $0.51, and the average CPM is $9.82.
    Plumber82.21 M$0.51$9.82

    When you advertise, you can use these Facebook interests in the keywords.

    Mentioned-below is the ad cost of the top 5 countries with the most audiences.

    United Kingdom4.85M31.67%4.68%

    On average, Facebook ads cost $0.79 per click. Unfortunately, there are no exact numbers to determine how much Facebook ads cost, but the benchmarks set by the industry will give you a little idea. Before we dive into those details, let us first understand the Facebook Ads Pricing Models.

    Cost-per-click model- Cost-per-click is the most common pricing model, which charges you for each click you receive. According to the data collected in May 2023, the average CPC was $0.79. The average cost depends on factors such as industry, ad quality, targeting options, etc.

    Cost-per-mile model- The cost-per-mile (CPM) model charges you for every 1000 impressions you get on your ad. If you want to increase the awareness of your brand, then this model works best for you. The same study suggested that the average CPM in May 2023 was $11.01, which was relatively high as compared to the CPC model.

    Cost-per-lead model- Cost per cost-per-lead model focuses on the cost of lead acquisition. If your campaigns are centered towards lead generation and acquiring customer information, then this is the best model for you. This is again an expensive pricing model because the average cost for CPL ads, as recorded in May 2023, was $9.57.
    The average costs for all these models are not fixed. These are charged according to your industry and the competition. According to the report shared by Wordstream, the average CPC for apparel is $0.45, whereas the CPC for finance and insurance is $3.77.

    Facebook Ads package

    Features Basic -$300Intermediate -$500Advanced-500+ ( Based on Needs)
    Account setup and configuration
    Audience targeting
    Ad creation and testing
    Campaign management and basic optimisation
    Advanced audience targetingX
    Ad testing and campaign optimisationX
    Campaign management and basic optimisationX
    Creative developmentX
    Conversion trackingX
    Full account managementXX
    A/B testingXX
    Advance Funnel PlanningXX
    Strategic planningXX

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      If we go by the statistics, you will find that 60% of the businesses prefer posting on Facebook atleast once per week.  Therefore, you can see that the pressure is real. If you do not make efforts to grab the power of social media, you may lag behind the competition. At Softtrix, we will put a special emphasis on Facebook and devise our marketing strategies in such a way that all of your marketing needs will be met in an effective manner.

      Listen to What Our Experts Have to Say!

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      Frequently Asked Questions about Plumber Facebook Ads Cost

      Yes, they do! You would be able to see the reports to help you understand how your campaigns are performing. If you think your campaigns are not successful, you can make changes and try again.  It’s just a matter of crafting the right campaign with a powerful message to get the best outputs from your Facebook campaigns.

      Facebook ads are extremely useful for small plumbing businesses. It does not matter whether your goal is to generate leads, increase brand awareness or give exposure to your business, you can strengthen the presence of your small plumbing business with the help of carefully crafted ads.

      Turning off Facebook ads at night is not recommended because when you do so, the ads lose their optimisation. When you start them again, you must re-optimise them and start fresh. The ads should only be paused when they are not performing well to be optimised again for better results.

      The answer to this question is simple; spend as much as your pocket allows. You can allocate a test budget to your ads to see their performance. Ideally, you should spend somewhere between $1000-$2000 monthly on Facebook ads for plumbers.

      Facebook ads are rated on a scale 10, where 1 means inferior performance and 10 means success. Apart from looking at the metrics, you also need to see if you are getting an increase in traffic, purchases or phone calls.

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