Does SEO Work for Roofing Business? A Definitive Guide to Roofing SEO

Does SEO Work For Roofing Business A Definitive Guide to Roofing SEO (1)

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If you are from the roofing business, you already know that your industry is competitive.  If you do not make efforts to gain the attention of your ‘potential customers’, somebody else will. Therefore, there is an urgent need to get SEO done for your roofing business, so that you can stay ahead of your competitors.  

If you are wondering if SEO works for your roofing business? The answer is, yes ! If done correctly, it does work wonders for roofing businesses. In this guide, we will find answers revolving around this question and a lot more about how SEO can boost online visibility, build a good reputation and generate leads for your business.

The business world is highly competitive. Your competitors must be looking for the same customers as you. Therefore, you need to up your digital game so that you can gain the interest as well as attention of the clients who must be looking for services like yours.

What is Roofing SEO and Does SEO Work for Roofing Business?

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization is a process of utilizing various techniques that help your business stand out of the competition and attract more clients for your roofing business. SEO strategies can help your roofing website rank higher in the search engine results, hence opening doors to new opportunities.

The reason why SEO is important is because 85% of the customers use the Internet to find answers to their questions, solutions to their problems or look for new products or services. Therefore, if you want to reach those 85% of the users, you may need to streamline your marketing efforts accordingly.  If we go by the statistics, SEO is extremely helpful in converting 8.5 times more leads than traditional forms of marketing. Therefore, it can be said that for every single client that a traditional form of marketing brings to you, digital marketing can bring 8 times more.

And if you think ( because most business owners do) that you can be a roofing expert as well as a digital marketer, then you are wrong. You should focus on what you do the best, i.e roofing and leave the geeky stuff in the hands of the professionals. 

The success of your roofing business is completely dependent on the type of work you do. Offering clients great experiences through quality work will lead to client referrals and repeat businesses.

4 Tips to Get Started with SEO for Your Roofing Business

If you have not taken your roofing website online yet, here are 4 tips that will be helpful to your business.

  • Start with a Website– You’ve decided to take your roofing business online. Congratulations!  Now, the first step is to create a compelling website for your roofing business. A website is the first point of contact that you make with your potential customers. Therefore, that contact has to be solid enough to make ever-lasting first impressions on your customers. Write high-quality and SEO-optimized content on your website which is able to provide a clear message about your business and engage with your customers.
  • Research Keywords Relevant To Your Business– Keywords research is a process of finding the right set of keywords for your business. It is very important to target the right set of keywords for your SEO strategies to work fine.  The right set of keywords makes your website show up easily in the search engine results. The keywords must be chosen for every stage of the funnel. This would help you target more people who might be at different stages of the funnel.
  • Optimization of your website– The optimization of your website prepares it for better user-experience and makes it search engine-friendly.  By optimization, we mean that the website should incorporate the right set of keywords for better SEO. The website should be  easily compatible with all the mobile devices such as the desktop, laptop, smartphone and more.

    You also want your website to load faster, therefore, pay attention to the page loading speed of your website. Your website also needs to be crawler-accessible. If it cannot be crawled by the search engine bots, it might not show up in the search engine results.
  • Focus on Quality Content-  What you write on your website says a lot about your business. Content alone is highly capable of doubling your conversions. It provides you with an opportunity to emerge as a thought leader by sharing valuable content with your customers, which encourages them to  make a successful transition from user to customer.

Sharing industry knowledge on the blogs section is an excellent way of providing useful and free knowledge to the customers. This is because 80% of the customers turn to free guides, blogs and tips for acquiring knowledge on roofing and roofing problems. Moreover, it would also help you earn more trust from your customers.

How to Measure if SEO is Working For Your Roofing Business?

The success of any SEO strategy depends on the kind  of strategy you follow for your roofing business.  Before you chalk out any strategy for your roofing business, it is extremely important to write down your business goals, things you want to achieve (whether you want more leads, more sign-ups or more customers to your website) and form a strategy that streamlines all of your business goals. It is very important to keep your expectations realistic because nothing works overnight in the digital world. You need to keep making efforts consistently in order to achieve the results that you might be looking for in your business.

Google Analytics is a reliable platform that helps you track the measure of  your SEO efforts. It lets you track the number of people visiting your website through your SEO efforts, the number of people converting and the calls generated from your webpages. Whatever SEO strategy you plan out for your roofing business, you need to give it some time because SEO does take some time to show bigger results.

Our Success Stories

At Softtrix, we have an abundance of success stories to share with you. Here is one success saga where we exceeded the expectations of one of our roofing clients. When this client came to us, his website was in the initial development stage.  When we had a chance to look at the website he was making, we realized that it was not created keeping the SEO standards in mind. Therefore, our first challenge was to make the website SEO-friendly.

The Strategy

The strategy that we suggested for his roofing business was to strengthen his local SEO because that’s where he will find the majority of his customers.  Therefore, we strategized following a robust content marketing and optimizing his website for local clients.  After following this strategy continuously for a few months, we were very happy to see the results in the form of increased traffic to the website by 30% and the organic traffic to the website was increased by 150%.

You can hear what all strategies we applied and what results we achieved for our client in this video:

More Helpful Videos:

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO For Roofing Business

It is very important that the SEO professionals that you hire must have knowledge about the roofing business. The experts who are knowledgeable about the roofing business are able to plan out better strategies for your roofing business to grow. Since they know your industry inside out, they can prepare you for the challenges and complexities that you might face.

An ideal SEO strategy for your roofing business must include technical SEO, on-page and off-page as well as focusing on user experience. Modern problems require modern solutions. Therefore, your SEO process must be focused around holistic strategy which should include experience execution.

SEO is not one-size fits all. Since every business is unique in its demands and requirements, it requires unique strategies best catered to their demands. If you follow the right strategy for your business, you would not face any hiccups. The entire process would work like a breeze and everything would fall into its right place.

There is no denying that SEO takes time to show the results. You know you have implemented a right strategy when you start seeing results in the form of increased online visibility, increased number of visitors on your website and increased number of conversions.

No, it’s not! If you think like that, then it’s not for you! SEO is a continuous process of improving the visibility of your business online, strengthening the standing of your business and generating more leads and more traffic.

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SEO is a must in today’s digital landscape, and this article offers practical tips to get started and measure success. Thanks for sharing!

Great information. This guide on “Does SEO Work for Roofing Business? A Definitive Guide to Roofing SEO” provides valuable insights for roofing businesses looking to enhance their online presence. It thoroughly explores the significance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the roofing industry, highlighting specific strategies tailored to this niche.

Fantastic information! SEO is important online, and this article has practical tips to start and measure success. Thanks for sharing!

Absolutely, in this digital age, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is absolutely essential. This article provides valuable insights and actionable tips to kickstart your SEO journey and effectively gauge your progress. Thanks for sharing these insights!

An article offers practical tips for getting started with SEO and measuring its success in today’s digital environment. I appreciate you sharing this!

From local SEO tactics to roofing-related keywords and content ideas, these insights are invaluable. This blog post is a must-read for roofing professionals looking to harness the power of SEO. Thank you for sharing this comprehensive guide!

These insights are priceless when it comes to local SEO strategies, roofing-related keywords, and content ideas. For roofing industry experts wishing to leverage the power of SEO, this blog post is a must-read. I appreciate you sharing this thorough manual.

A reputable digital marketing firm, SEO Strategy Pros focuses on SEO, SEM, SMM, website design, and development. With effective digital marketing campaign methods, we assist customers in gaining a competitive advantage over their online rivals.

It is an informative read that breaks down roofing SEO into manageable steps. Valuable for roofers eager to excel online.

I’m grateful for the practical advice and the encouragement to take the first steps. Your insights are incredibly helpful. Thank you!

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