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Our experienced digital marketing team is well-versed in SEO to foster trust and loyalty among potential patients about you. With our unparalleled strategies for dental practices, we contribute from ranking to a website’s user experience.

Get Yourself Discovered and Spread Smiles Everywhere

The world has gone increasingly tech savvy in the last decade and people rely on the Internet when buying products or while accessing services. Internet has become the go-to place for all information. As a dental office you can’t afford to live in oblivion in today’s digital world. It is important for you to have a strong presence on the local search results to find new patients and assure existing ones of your skills and professionalism. And mere presence of a website doesn’t guarantee you the mileage you are looking for. Search engine visibility often determines how well your business run and this is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization is your window to success.

Taking Dental SEO Marketing To The Next Level

At Softtrix Tech Solutions we have been offering cutting-edge dental SEO marketing services to clients around the world. Our aim is to take your dental SEO marketing strategy to the next level. With more than a decade of experience in digital marketing we have been generating quality leads and would strengthen your presence on the search engines. Our vast knowledge around this industry has helped us become the most sought after SEO for dentists in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America and we are slowly expanding our footprint elsewhere.

The digital marketing industry is fast changing with all major search engines coming up with regular algorithmic updates to refine the search experience for the users. Our team keeps abreast with the latest updates to ensure your campaign follows the best practices as required for higher ranking on these search engines. While Google contributes maximum organic traffic to any website our team equally focuses on other major search engines such as Yahoo and Bing to ensure you do not lose out on any potential business.

Our Rewarding Strategy

On-Page Optimization

It is the most vital element of your SEO campaign. Here our experts would carefully audit your existing site and take corrective measures against any shortcoming. Competitor Analysis is the next important task on our list as this helps us understand the nature of competition and deliver a campaign that would help you edge past it. This is followed up by thorough keyword research to identify the opportunities in the search trends and capitalize on keywords and key phrases that have high potential. The chosen keywords and key phrases are used in your Content, Meta Description and Title judiciously to boost your odds in organic search.

Link Building

It is a proven digital marketing strategy that allows your website to become a authority in your niche. Using White Hat linking building technique we curate quality inbound links that assist in building trust and improving your site’s online visibility. We audit and analyze all your existing inbound links and also the inbound links of your competitors. This allows us to develop a link building strategy that would address the goals of your campaign. This is followed up by submission to local search directories and authority sites that can deliver quick results.

Mobile Search Optimization

The advent of Smartphones and Tablets has changed the Internet landscape completely. For most people they have become the chosen device to browse the Internet. Hence it is important that your website is optimized for mobile searches. Apart from making your website mobile friendly we also optimize the site as per the trends in searches on mobile devices.


Dental services are increasingly local and hence there is added focus on localization in terms of city, county, state province etc. As a part of our strategy we focus on ensuring that your website features on the local search listings across all the major search engines. Our writers make sure that all content in your website carries reference to your location. Along with this we also add your business to Google Maps as this lets your patients to easily find and reach you.

Why Choose Softtrix?

Experience in Dental SEO

The success of a search engine optimization campaign rests on inherent knowledge about the industry. It is important to have answers to the following questions – Who are the target audience? What do they need? What are they likely to search for? We have narrowed down our focus to a few industries with dental website SEO being one of our focus areas. Our dental SEO experts would research on the most potent keywords and localize the campaign to suit your needs.


Research Driven Approach

SEO isn’t a formula based marketing strategy. Every website is different, all clients have different goals and most importantly the marketing strategies should be able to beat case specific competition. As a client centric company with a strong reputation we stress on quality research before coming up with a tailored strategy. We gather signals from a number of sources and take a deep look into your competition before building your dental search engine optimization campaign.

End To End Service Provider

SEO is only a part of the entire digital marketing process and should never be seen in isolation. The best campaign would yield minimum dividends on a shabbily developed website. It delivers results when synchronized with other arms of digital marketing such as seamless Web Development, Social Media Marketing, and Pay per Click Management. We are an end to end digital marketing agency and help buying the most rewarding campaign. Our expertise in web development allows us to dig deep into your site to ensure it would offer the perfect foundation to your campaign.


Content That Communicates

Content is the most powerful part of your website. It helps in delivering the message and generating the right emotions in the minds of the audience. With extensive knowledge around this profession our writers are able to create the most captivating content that arouse interest about your services among your target audience.

Why We Stand Out?


You aren’t the same as your competitors and would neither want to ape their apps and solutions. ‘Exclusivity’ is the buzz word at SoftTrix as we strive to develop apps that are unique and meet the niche requirements of your business



We have always believed app development to be marriage between creativity and technology and our developers ideate and come out with the most creative solutions. Take a look at one or our apps and you would be impressed with the look and feel we have created. Whether you want classy graphics or more sophisticated ones, our designers would deliver it to the last pixel.



An app is as good as the number of times it is downloaded and the dividend it offers. We see success in black and white and have always equated effectiveness of our apps with the return it offers to our clients.


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