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Softtrix is a name you can trust for your SEO needs, thanks to our expert grasp of search engine optimization techniques and proven success record. With our experts-led team, we at Softtrix aim at the USP of our clients, target the right audience and bring your ad searches to the top. Our PPC experts help your dental practice to reach the potential patients, build the traffic to your dental practice’s site, generate leads that convert and maximize ROI.

Join forces with us to produce relevant leads and profitable sales. 

Strategic PPC Approaches that lets your Patients find you.

Have you ever wondered why other dental offices in your location attract more clients though you have better infrastructure and more experience? Digital marketing is the answer to your problem. In today’s world most clients prefer researching about dental clinics before paying a visit. If you aren’t actively marketing your services in the digital space you are likely to see your business run dry.

Whether you have years of experience riding on your back or have just entered this profession you need to market your services and become visible in the digital world. While you may have launched your website or tried your hand with search engine optimization, its time you shift your focus to paid search marketing or Pay per Click Services.

PPC or paid search campaign as it is popularly called is the most powerful way of driving quality traffic to your website. While some dental offices see it as expensive the return it offers in terms of client acquisition is incomparable.

At Softtrix Tech Solutions we are one of the leading agencies in the world offering dental Pay Per Click Services. With deep insight on the needs of dental practitioners we are able to run highly targeted ad campaigns that immediately grab attention of your clients and convert them into leads. With more than a decade of experience in this trade and a hand-picked team of PPC experts we have always offered maximum returns on every dollar spent by our clients. With us onboard you can expect your investment to improve the bottom line. 

A dental PPC campaign is a formidable marketing tool, but it needs planning and a lot of expertise. At Softtrix, we strategize how to enhance your Google Ads’ efficacy and achieve the best ROI.

What is Dental PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising charges you a fee each time your adverts are clicked online. With this tactic, you’re acquiring visitors to your website rather than generating them naturally. Compare this with other types of online advertising, where you pay per impression or how often your adverts are seen.

Dental PPC advertising is a cost-effective approach that could significantly impact whether your website is new or you just need to get the online attention you desire.

The most well-known type of PPC is search engine marketing, such as Google Ads for dentists.

Benefits of Dental PPC

Beyond the financial benefits, PPC ads can boost your bottom line by connecting with more potential patients online. The following are the main benefits of PPC marketing for your dental practice:


Better Visibility

The quickest and most straightforward way to top search engine results is through PPC advertising. Paid advertisements immediately put your website at the top, saving you from waiting weeks for search engines to rank it naturally.


Surpass the Competition

Reaching the top search engine rankings can seem complicated in a highly competitive sector, especially if your website is relatively new. Your PPC advertising will receive the most exposure from Softtrix and will be displayed directly above the competitors.


Targeted Website

According to studies, only 4% of searchers click on paid advertisements, yet 4% are far more inclined to hire services than the ordinary Internet user. This highly interested 4% might translate to at least 12 new patients each month if you’re running advertisements for a topic searched at least 300 times each month.


Limited Spending

Specify your maximum daily budget to ensure you only pay what you intend to when running PPC advertising. A further benefit is that you can cancel the advertisement immediately if you find they are less profitable than you had intended.

Outline (Specific) Keywords

The keywords you want to target are determined when you create any advertising campaign. This makes onsite optimization easier and lets you specify the terms for which you want to be known.


Our Dental PPC Services

Softtrix has a team of certified PPC professionals known for their PPC strategies of getting high conversion rates. The other reasons which make Softtrix provide the best PPC services for Dentists are: 

  • Our primary goal is to deliver high-quality ads with the most effective keyword placements.
  • Our PPC experts are concerned with more than just the caliber of the advertisements. Nonetheless, we know how to make landing pages and ad copy relevant in the best way possible.
  • Create dental clinic campaigns such that only your ads receive quality scores of 9 and 10.
  • Our experts have worked in this field for over a decade.

Dentists significantly impact everyone’s life. If you know that you are the greatest in your field and offer the best dental care, we promise you remarkable results with conversions. The next step is to expand your dental clinic’s geographic reach. 

Contact Softtrix at any moment to receive the best PPC services for dentists.

Why We Deliver Results?

Thorough Marketplace Research

It is important to gain deep insights into your landscape before we get going with your campaign. Our team would conduct a SWOT analysis on your website, your business and that of your competitors. Once this is done next we would match our findings to industry benchmarks and this improves your results immediately.

Meticulous Bid Management

Bid management is the most crucial and toughest part of creating a powerful PPC strategy. With the use of advanced keyword research tools we are able to find out the best keywords that offer decent chances of growth and cost you minimum. We focus on the local search factors to bid on the most promising keyword of group of keywords and key phrases that would help you immediately get discovered immediately and meet your business needs.

Getting The Budget Right

There are no limits to how much you can spend but every business has got its own spending prowess. Getting the budget spot-on is one of the most important decisions in successfully managing a PPC campaign. Keeping it too low doesn’t help reach desired goals whereas overspending dents the ROI factor. You can trust us to set the right budget taking into account your needs, your competition and other market dynamics.

Crafty Advertisements

Crafty ads make your campaign and you can trust our team to come up with the most creative and engaging advertisement that immediately attracts attention of your target audience. Each keyword and every bit of text that appears on your ad needs to hook your audience and our vast experience in dental pay per click services allows us to create tailored ads that keep you ahead of your competition. We also create the most authoritative landing pages that would immediately cast a strong impression on the minds of your visitors.

Eye on The Bigger Picture

While ROI in terms of client acquisition is always the most important thing on your radar our team always focuses on the bigger picture. This is where we love investing in strategies that creates strong awareness about your brand in the minds of the clients. This not only helps them with their decision making but also turns them into your brand ambassador which is the ultimate aim of any marketing campaign.

Why Dental Pay Per Click Services?

Targeted Traffic

As we have already mentioned with PPC you would be able to attract highly targeted traffic. You won’t drive tons of irrelevant traffic to your website and instead meet the eye of only those people who are looking for specific services that you have on offer. You could have multiple ads running on specific time of the day to ensure it reaches only your intended audience.

More Visibility

Search engines and other paid search platforms place PPC ads prominently which tend to attract maximum eyeballs. And here you would compete with a handful of competitors for specific keywords instead of hundreds that you compete against when it comes to search engine optimization. This improved visibility ensures more leads and translates into more clients.


Quick Results

Unlike other methods of digital marketing that often take months to show tangible results with PPC you would see immediate results. In fact we have seen many of our dental clients receive calls within hours of running the campaign. The fact that these ads appear immediately on the search results page and other pages helps you gain fast results.


Cost Effective

Does that sound bit of an oxymoron? Not quite so as PPC is one of the most cost effective digital marketing strategies. You would have complete control over your spending. Irrespective of your budget you would be able to run a campaign that improves your online visibility and leads to more inquiry calls.


Measurable Data

You always want to measure the success of your campaign and this is easy as you would get measurable data that offers you deep insights into your campaign. These reports can be used to spot the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign that allows you to fine tune it and improve your internet footprint.

At SoftTrix, we have kept our goal simple and that is to help you in every stage of your marketing endeavor. We don’t look at PPC as from the narrow prism of client acquisition but see it as a strong element that differentiates your services from others.

To discuss the possibilities of your dental PPC campaign write to us at

Why We Stand Out?


You aren’t the same as your competitors and would neither want to ape their apps and solutions. ‘Exclusivity’ is the buzz word at SoftTrix as we strive to develop apps that are unique and meet the niche requirements of your business



We have always believed app development to be marriage between creativity and technology and our developers ideate and come out with the most creative solutions. Take a look at one or our apps and you would be impressed with the look and feel we have created. Whether you want classy graphics or more sophisticated ones, our designers would deliver it to the last pixel.


An app is as good as the number of times it is downloaded and the dividend it offers. We see success in black and white and have always equated effectiveness of our apps with the return it offers to our clients.


Why Choose Softtrix for your Dental PPC?

When it comes to offering PPC services, Softtrix is a well-known company in the business. Our stats are self-evident.

Some of our unique PPC services are as follows:

Brand Awareness

People will only choose your practice if they are aware that you exist. On average, it takes five impressions for individuals to start recognizing your brand. We can help you build brand recognition. We use a variety of strategies to strengthen your brand.


Targeting Patients

You can target people using PPC advertising if you know their age, gender, where they live, and how much money they make in their household. You may even show up on the websites they visit.

You can save a lot of time and work by using precise aiming. Only those who require dental care will see you. As a result, you might improve your conversion prospects.

We can assist you in identifying your best target market. It can also assist you in creating identities for your large audience.

Always Competitive

Long-standing companies can afford to invest more in promoting dental offices. It’s acceptable if you have a limited budget! You can still create a successful digital marketing plan.

Long-term, working with us can help you save time and money.


Individuals are increasingly turning to their phones for the information they require. A chance to connect with potential patients may pass you by if you are not employing mobile marketing.

Work with us beforehand; we’ll assist you in building a website responsive to mobile devices. It would help if you optimized for mobile in your PPC campaigns. Your social media marketing plan can benefit from it as well. Increase your reach by utilizing geo-targeting and other mobile-based tactics.

We can help you advance your dental practice and yield higher ROI on your PPC campaign. Schedule a consultation session and see how it works!


Are You Struggling To Generate Sales?
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  • High conversion rate
  • Boost in Return On Investment (ROI)

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