Google Ads for Dental Business 2023

Why Google Ads is Important For Your Dental Practice

The competition is cut-throat in the field of dentistry. There are over 188,074 general and specialty dental practices in the U.S., all trying to get new patients. If your practice wants more visibility to improve brand awareness and attract a steady flow of patients, then Google Ads for dentists is one of the most effective and fastest ways to get results.

Google is the leading search engine that witnesses a staggering 6.9 billion searches daily. With such colossal traffic potential, dental practices can gain maximum exposure and generate new business through Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The little “Ad” you see above organic search results on Google generates the largest reach and ROI than any other ad network.

Google Ads for dentist

In this blog, we will give you an overview of Google Ads lead generation for dentists and why it is important for your dental practice.

Why Google Ads is Important For Your Dental Practice?

Google Ads is a cost-effective and powerful tool for dentists, enabling them to create tailored campaigns to reach target audiences at the right time. It helps target prospects who are already looking for dental services, allowing dental practices to effectively reach potential patients and save money. Additionally, dentists can have complete control over their ad campaign budget through powerful analytics.

Check out some of the reasons why PPC for the dental business is important.

  • Attract specifically targeted audiences at the right time: Google Ads rules the game when it comes to audience targeting. It allows you to target your ads to prospective patients based on their demographics and the services you offer. Most importantly, the ads appear right at the time when potential customers are looking for dentists near them.
  • Get faster and more proven results: One of the biggest advantages of Google Ads for a dentist is it delivers immediate results. The ads are highly targeted at prospects who are searching for dental services and therefore, you can see results right away. You can use the ads in a variety of ways and therefore, the chances of clicks are higher. The conversion rates are also higher. Google Ads visitors convert 51% more than organic search results.
  • Powerful analytics: Leverage Google Analytics to monitor campaign performance, eliminate bottlenecks, and improve the ads to achieve effective results.

How Does Google Ads for Dental Clinic Work?

To set up search ads on Google AdWords, users bid on target keywords for which they would like to show up on search engine results. Ads that have the highest bid and are relevant to the search query shown in search results above organic results. Google Ads for dental dentists allows you to place texts, images, and videos on Google and partner websites.

Google takes into consideration various factors such as location, intent, past browsing history, customer preferences, relevance, etc. to best match an ad to the search intent. The more specific the keywords are, the more relevant the ads will be to the searcher. And the higher the relevance, the more likely the ads are to rank.

An effective Google Ads PPC strategy for dental practices has an average click-through rate of 5.15% as of 2022. If used efficiently, it can be a powerful tool to generate quality leads for your dental business.

Why Google Ads Generate More Quality Leads for Dental Business?

Digital marketing for dentists brings a broad range of options; however, Google Ads is the most effective type of advertising on any other platform. One of the biggest reasons for this is it is a form of pull marketing. It targets searchers who have an intent. This means Google Ads enables you to reach audiences who are actually searching for dentists or dental services.

Rather than browsing the internet casually, they are actively looking for dental practices – they have a clear intent. Google AdWords for dentists targets these searchers by showing them ads that match their intent.

Google Ads For Dental Practice

Hence, by showing the ad right at the time when users are searching, Google Ads are actually pulling potential patients to your dental practice. Users can click the ad and get directed to your website where they can know more about your practice, browse services, and schedule an appointment.

Unlike other ad platforms that typically follow a push strategy, Google PPC advertising creates urgency or tries to address a problem that a user has. Another advantage is that Google Ads is more cost-effective. You pay only on a per-click basis. Additionally, the ads target potential patients directly who have an urgency and therefore, they are more likely to click. Hence, you can be assured of better returns for every penny you invest.

Which Type of Google Ads Campaign Work Best to Generate More Leads to Dental Practices?

There are various types of Google Ads campaigns that you can run for your dental business. These are:

  • Search ads, including call-only, responsive, and dynamic
  • Video ads
  • Display ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Local ads
  • Performance max
  • Smart (Search and Display)
  • Discovery

Google Ads for dentist

Image 3

However, which campaign will work best depends on your advertising goal. Typically, Search ads are the best option for dentists, allowing them to get their practice in front of high-intent customers at the right time. If brand awareness and lead generation are your goals, you can use Display ads or Smart ads. These allow you to use highly engaging creatives to reach your prospects across 3 million sites and apps.

Local ads are also one of the best options for dental practices to showcase their business, rank for local keywords, and reach potential customers. And if you are looking to get more phone calls for patient inquiries and appointments, Call-Only ads are the right choice.

Strategizing Google Ads for Various Dental Services 

 How you strategize your Google Ads campaign will vary depending on the services you offer and the keywords used. The popularity and ticket size of the specialty will help determine your ad budget and other strategies.

  • Dental Implants: It is a high-value ticket product that converts at a higher rate. On the other hand, the keywords in this niche have a lower CPC (cost per click). Hence, the budget strategy would be different for this dental specialty. It will also vary based on targeting, age group, etc.
  • Dental crowns: Dental crowns are also a highly popular niche, with millions of Google searches related to this dental service. There is also an excellent variety of keywords in this field. Hence, the Google Ads campaign and budgeting have to be highly strategized

Cost of Google Ads Lead Generation for Dentists

 There are various factors influencing the cost of Google Ads for dental practices. These include keyword complexity, targeting, dental services you offer, etc. Typically, the cost of PPC for dental business starts from $400 per month.

Top Best Practices for Setting Up Google Ads for Dental Practices

Discussed here are quick tips to set up a Google Ads campaign for your dental business:

  • Bid on location keywords. For example, “Dentists in Austin” or “Dentists near me.”
  • Use demographic targeting.
  • Have a minimum budget of $1500 for your monthly Google Ads campaigns. The more you invest, the more conversions you can expect.
  • Allocate more budget to campaigns that have high search volume keywords.
  • A/B test multiple ad copies.
  • Create a highly engaging & relevant landing page with high conversion potential.

A good PPC agency for a dentist can help devise a result-driven Google Ads campaign that drives maximum conversions at a minimum cost.

Google Ads Case Study for Dentist

The following PPC case study for dentist will help you understand how Google Ads can reap profits for your dental practice.

A dental business was running Google Ads campaigns but was unable to derive quality results. Despite spending $1000, they witnessed only three conversions. In analyzing their ad campaigns, the following loopholes were identified:

  • The use of broad match keywords was driving irrelevant traffic
  • No negative keywords were being used
  • Poor ad copies
  • A/B testing was not practiced
  • Poor quality score
  • Lack of bidding optimization
  • Call-only campaigns were not set up

Based on the study, an expert PPC agency restructured the campaign and focused on keyword research. They set up campaigns for each dental service the client offers and also used relevant ad extensions. As a result of PPC campaign optimization, CPA was reduced from $300 to 30. On the other hand, the number of leads increased from 3 to 300.

Best Software to Use for Dental Google Ads

Here is a quick overview of different types of software you can use for Google Ads dental business:

  • SEMRush for effective competitor research
  • Canva creates highly engaging and visually appealing ad creatives
  • Unbounce to build conversion-driven landing pages
  • Swydo and Dashdish for powerful analytics and reporting
  • GoHighLevel CRM to automate messaging and track your leads
  • CallTrackingMetrics and CallRail to track call data

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads is a powerful digital advertising platform with high conversion potential and faster results. With a dedicated strategy, you can see significant growth in your leads.

Typically, Google Ads for dentists deliver immediate results because you target specific audiences right when they are searching for dentists near them. So, with the right targeting strategy and budgeting, you can see quick results.

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