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SEO for Construction Companies: Building Your Online Presence


Were you a popular construction company in the past and now stuck without a clue on how to propagate your services when little to no flow of clients is coming your way? If yes, then your company needs a reliable marketing strategy Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to double the customer traffic your way, and sign as many contracts as you can, and rebuild a flourishing name for yourself in the construction industry.

Marketing has come a long way! From traditional word-of-mouth communication and advertisements to modern-age digital marketing – how businesses reach and engage with potential customers has changed considerably. This is true even for construction companies, which are typically B2B and B2C focused. Hence, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the heart of a powerful digital marketing campaign that helps bring quality traffic to your company by ranking at the top of the search engine result pages.

Now, you must be wondering, what is SEO for a construction company and how its result-driven strategies help you to enhance your online presence.

Keep reading to find out!

What Is Search Engine Optimization For Construction Companies?

Are you struggling to reach your target audience? Do you find it difficult to generate quality leads for your construction business? If yes, then construction SEO is the cost-effective solution that helps you reach your audience by acquiring a higher rank. As per the stats floating around, the first search engine result gets 12x more clicks which results in lead generation. These clicks help you to observe how many users are visiting your website to explore your services. This helps you to move your construction website up in search engine rankings to attract organic traffic which may convert into high-paying clients.

The main goal of Search Engine Optimization is to ensure that your site rises up the search engine ladder and attracts maximum traffic while delivering a seamless user experience. Thus, helping you to generate quality leads and double your revenue.

After knowing what SEO means for your business, let’s explore exactly how important it is to grow your construction business.

How Important Construction SEO Is In Rebuilding Your Company’s Growth?


Be Recognizable Through Brand Awareness

Are you aware that around 6 million users search for the “best construction company” and its services? Sounds appealing, right? Well, your brand can also enjoy this attention by increasing your online visibility to rank among the top searches. This increases the possibility of getting more clicks by 70% as SEO improves your brand awareness so your potential clients can easily find and contact you for your services. This results in brand recognition as the searchers will see your brand name every time they search for similar services. Thus, you will receive more customer queries from prospects.

Stay Relevant To Attract Prospects

Search Engines like Google provide relevant solutions to users’ queries which increases the need to make your website and content more relevant. Search Engine Optimization does that for you where it increases your relevancy by optimizing your website and making it rank among the high search results. This builds trust among the audience which results in driving organic traffic your way as it is observed that around 56.3% of web traffic comes toward construction contractors’ websites from organic searchers. You can also increase your relevancy by incorporating similar user queries or phrases in your content which is employed by your audience searching for your services. This increases the relatability and builds credibility among your targeted audience for your building business.

Monitor Quantifiable Results

SEO is an ongoing initiative and provides quantifiable results that you can constantly monitor to improve your existing campaigns. These results can be analyzed by tracking the changes in your ranking, traffic, backlinks, page speed, conversion rate, etc. The conversion rate can be evaluated by examining the leads that may convert into high-paying clients. You can monitor these insights through tools like Google Analytics which provides you with valuable information like which pages your potential customers have engaged with and the particular actions they took in their customer journey. Thus, allowing you to make the required changes.

Aim For Financial Growth

The main aim of construction contractors like you is to enjoy high revenue for a long time. Search Engine Optimization helps builders achieve this by attracting a great number of prospects who will be willing to opt for your services. This results in generating profitable results for your business growth.

Outgrow Your Competitors

SEO is a reliable technique that can help you outgrow your competitors. You can outrank them and snatch away their customers by performing an in-depth analysis as it lets you understand the shortcomings and strengths of your competitors. It also allows you to analyze the gaps which provides you with opportunities to take advantage of your competitors’ weaknesses by studying the various marketing techniques they follow.

What SEO Strategies Prove To Be The Game Changer For Construction Contractors?

Tap On Your Target Audience With Keyword Research


A Keyword is a user search query that you can find and analyze by conducting proper keyword research. It helps you understand different market trends, your target audience, and what keywords they were searching for so that you can incorporate specific keywords in your content to drive organic traffic your way. Thus, helping your website to be easily discovered by your audience.

Wondering about the type of keywords you should target to reach your potential clients? Well, we are here to help you out on the same, keep reading with us!

Seed Keywords

The seed keywords are the short-tail terms that can be used as the starting point to find more relevant terms. It can easily be generated either by brainstorming, looking at your competitors’ keywords, or by observing the queries users employ while searching for a query.

Long-Tail Keywords

With the advancement in the digital era, users are self-aware of what they are looking for. This means that they enter queries that are specific and lengthy like the long-tail keywords. So, targeting these keywords increases your chances of improving your rank as they are less competitive and attract an audience with specific intent. Let’s understand this more clearly with a few examples:

Relevant Keywords Avg. Monthly SearchesCompetition
construction contractors near me 165,000Medium
contractors near me 165,000Medium
roofing contractors near me 201,000Medium
fence builders near me 165,000Low
metal home builders18,100High
Search Intent Keywords

Intent keywords are the terms that your potential customers use while entering any query indicating their likeliness to take the required action in their buying journey. This includes informational keywords where the audience is looking for valuable information, navigational keywords where users are trying to find a particular website and commercial keywords where potential clients need to do more research in order to take the final action. On the other hand, transactional keywords are where the clients take the final action.

Niche Keywords

These are the specific keywords that have the maximum traffic potential and relate to your particular niche which makes it easy for you to rank well in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Incorporating these will bring small but highly qualified prospects within a short period of time.

Competitors' Keywords

These keywords are mostly targeted by your competitors which you can also employ to improve your visibility. For this, you can perform competitors’ keyword analysis by researching keywords used by your rivals, terms that make them rank, and analyzing their ranking difficulty.

Here’s How To Get Started:
  • Create a list of all the targeted keywords by studying their search volume as it tells you how many times a keyword is searched on search engines.
  • Search for the related keywords as they will help you discover other keywords
  • Ensure to use tools like Google Keyword Planner that can help generate more quality keywords.
  • Prioritise the keywords that have medium to low competition as they can improve your ranking especially if you have just started a business or are a part of a competitive market.
Relevant Keywords Avg. Monthly SearchesCompetition
construction companies near me 74,000Low
concrete contractors near me60,500Low
builders and contractors near me 8,100Medium
commercial construction contractors near me 5,400Low
deck builders near me 49,500Low
new home builders near me 49,500Medium
home improvement contractors near me 14,800Low
builders near me 14,800Medium
metal builders near me 12,100High
best roofing contractors near me 12,100Medium
garage builders near me 14,800Medium
general steel buildings 5400High
patio builders near me 4,400Medium
residential general contractors near me 6,600Medium
bathroom remodel contractors near me 8,100Low
concrete driveway contractors 4,400Low
licensed contractors near me 4,400Medium
concrete contractors near me 60,500Low
consolidated construction company 9,900Low

Rank Higher By Performing On-Page SEO


On-page SEO helps improve your rank by optimizing your web pages. It includes different elements to ensure that your pages are relevant and match the user intent. Thus, providing a better user experience to your target audience.

Curious about what these elements are? Well, let’s explore these on-page elements that can enhance your online presence and provide long-lasting ranking:

Be Search-Engine Friendly Through HTML Elements

HTML Elements are the codes that provide important information like which part of your content is relevant to search engines for SERP display. These include Title Tags which inform your audience and search engines what your web page is about. Headers is another HTML element (consisting of h1, h2, h3) used for better understanding of visitors regarding the structure of content, and meta description is the brief gist of your web page’s content, shown under the title tag, influencing whether your page will be clicked or not. Structured markup is yet another element that helps search engines to understand and categorize your information.

Provide Better Experience With Site Architecture Elements

Site architecture is the element that helps search engines easily crawl and index your web pages. These includes simple page URLs which helps you to keep your site hierarchy consistent and internal linking helps you to provide link in your content to your other pages containing relatable information. These elements also ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and has a fast site speed so that visitors stay on your site to explore your services.

Captivate The Audience Through Image Optimization

Images are an essential element that helps captivate potential customers and helps them engage with your website. This makes it more important to optimize your images by ensuring faster loading speed and incorporating the targeted keywords in their filename to add more value to them. Including Alt text is another way to optimize your image as it informs search engines regarding what your images are all about.

Here’s How To Get Started:
  • You must ensure to conduct an SEO audit.
  • Ensure that you have a value proposition for each web page.
  • Identify your target audience and plan new page titles and meta descriptions.
  • Ensure to upgrade content regularly.

Build Website Authority Through Off-Page SEO


Off-page SEO positively impacts your ranking through all the efforts and actions done outside the website like link building, and review building. It helps search engines to know that your website is important which results in building your website authority and bringing referral traffic.

The following aspects can help you build credibility among your potential clients:

Bring Referral Traffic Through Link Building

Links are an essential part of off-site SEO as they include natural links that come directly to your site without conducting any outreach. It also includes those links that come from outreach like the built links where constant efforts are needed and then there are created links that come from self-submission on online directories. The created links are considered as black-hat SEO (i.e. unfair means of ranking well) which goes against search engine’s guidelines.
Link building or backlinking is where one site links to your website which may attract referral traffic your way. However, it holds more significance if that site is authoritative and ranks well as it will bring potential clients your way. While link building, you must pay close attention to the total number of referring domains and the relevancy of a link as these backlinks determine your site’s trustworthiness and authoritativeness.

Boost Your Reputation With Review Building

Building positive reviews on third-party sites or search engines plays a crucial role in building a site’s credibility. This is why a suitable automated system is required for outreach in order to encourage your clients to leave reviews on sites like Google, New Home Source, Houzz, Yelp, etc. You can also keep track of all the clients who leave positive reviews to retain them, build case studies with their help, or simply rely on them for customer reference calls. This is an efficient way of boosting the reputation of your company.

Here’s How To Get Started:
  • You must ensure to do blogging as it is a great way of generating linkable and relatable content.
  • Boost your SEO efforts by being present on social media.
  • You can start writing for external publications as it will help in promoting your site as well as establishing authority in the market.

Locate "Near Me" Customers With Local SEO


Local Search Engine Optimization helps you acquire a higher rank in the local search results and in the map listing where you can target the “near me” customers of a specific location. This improves your chance of increasing conversion rates and surpassing your competitors with the help of various local SEO services.

Curious about these Local SEO services? Well, you will soon find out but before that let’s understand the following reasons why local SEO is needed by building contractors like you:

Why Is Local SEO Needed For Construction Companies?

Do you know that approximately 89% of users search for local businesses online? Yes, shocking right? Therefore, this highlights the need for this powerful strategy for the following reasons:

  • You can enhance your online visibility by optimizing Google Maps listing as it is observed that around 33-43% of users easily discover your business through Google Maps.
  • It helps in driving foot traffic for builders like you.
  • It generates quality leads which may result in a high closing rate.
  • It boosts your construction company’s reputation in a specific location.

Now, that we have seen how it helps in making your business grow, Let’s focus on the various local SEO services that you must choose right now to dominate your local market:

Get And Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile (GBP) allows you to connect with your target audience by giving you control over how your business can appear on local searches and map listings. It lets you share all the relevant information like the working hours, contact details, address, etc with your potential clients where posting images boosts your engagement. Incorporating Q&A and encouraging your customers to leave reviews on your GBP also helps build credibility as 99% of the audience opts for reading reviews before going to any local business, and influences their buying decision. Verifying your GBP listing is another way to increase your influence.

Build Your Space In Online Directories Through Local Citation

Local citation includes any online mentions of your company’s NAP (name, address, phone number) information which can be found on online directories (i.e. the online list of all the influential companies of the same niche). You must ensure that this information is the same in all the sites and directories including Yellow Pages, Home Advisor, Yelp, Angi, etc., as it can help you rank at the top of search engines. This assists Google in understanding the services that you provide in order to connect you to your target audience accordingly.

Bring Customer Footfall Through Targeted Location pages

Location pages include the details regarding your business’s location situated in a particular region. It helps search engines rank such pages for the “near me” search queries such as “construction company in Los Angeles, builders in Beverly Hills, building contractors in Malibu”, etc. where it lets the audience find the best construction companies. Thus, enhancing your location’s online presence so that you can attract more customer footfall.

Here’s How To Get Started:
  • Perform a local SEO audit including GBP optimization, on-page SEO, citation, and website audit.
  • Regularly improve your internal linking structure.
  • Create local content according to the geographical location you want to target.

Did You know that you can opt for outsourcing local SEO while residing in any part of the world? Well, now that you know, why don’t you transform your business with our professional experts?

Engage With Your Customers Through Content Marketing


Content marketing is a reliable strategy that creates and shares relevant content in the form of blogs, videos, and infographics to retain and attract your clients. Under blog content marketing, there is a lot of scope for creativity where you can promote your internal and external content to describe all the services that you offer and in infographic marketing, you can present the relevant information in a graphic form that is easy to understand. Video content marketing, on the other hand, can provide an engaging way of presenting information which may generate leads that could be converted into buyers and increase return on investment(ROI). Thus, helping you form personal relationships with your customers.

Topic Clusters

Topic Clusters are web pages related to a specific topic that may help in improving your ranking and authority. It consists of the pillar page that covers user intent that will compel users to click on it and start their journey. It also includes other web pages that talk about the relatable topic in more depth where you can provide internal links from the clustered pages to the main pillar page.


E-E-A-T stands for experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness which comes under the Google search quality guidelines. Here, the experience is always viewed through quality content, created with first-hand experience. This highlights that the content has been well-researched and tested, improving the authenticity of the content. Under expertise, the search quality raters determine whether the writers have the required qualifications, knowledge, and topical expertise to provide the relevant information. This helps in establishing the authoritativeness which is checked by the Quality Raters, by analyzing all the aspects including the writer, content, and website. These aspects are then taken into consideration which helps in establishing the trustworthiness of content, ensuring factual and site accuracy. This assists your site in appearing in the top three searches and acquiring backlinks.

Here’s How To Get Started:
  • You must identify your target audience.
  • Choose the type of content and the channels through which you can distribute your content.
  • Ensure to set a proper schedule to publish content.
  • Keep track of how your content is performing.

Get Discovered Through Featured Snippets


Featured snippets are the special boxes appearing at the top of the search engines, providing quick answers to searchers’ queries. These contain the website links from where the snippets have been taken which helps in improving the click-through rate (CTR). It helps you to capture the audience’s attention and increases the possibility of them contacting you for your services. One of the common snippets are the paragraphs where brief definition and information is presented to the searchers.

But, these snippets are not only restricted to the paragraph or text form. There are other types of featured snippets where you can also get featured. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

Video Featured Snippet

Videos are the most engaging way of providing solutions, especially to the audience’s “how to” queries. These are taken from the second largest search engine – YouTube and presented at the top i.e. “zero position” spot. You can also acquire this spot by creating videos to target the users’s queries.

Image Featured Snippet

Including images on your website can help you appear in the featured snippets where users can view them whenever they search for something with the related keywords.

Table Featured Snippets

This type of snippet is useful in viewing the data and the comparisons. Are you aware that Google contains a high percentage of table-featured snippets? Well, you can target to acquire the top rank by providing your users with valuable data related to your construction company.

List Featured Snippets

Lists provide useful information in the form of steps and processes. This type of snippet includes both the ordered and unordered list which makes it the perfect opportunity for you to appear in it by listing the different services that you offer.

Here’s How To Get Started:
  • Find the relevant keywords that can help you acquire the “zero position.”
  • Create objective, precise, and informative content with relevant headings and subheadings which makes it easily readable.
  • Include structured data as it will improve your chances of appearing in the featured snippets.

Provide Hands-Off Facilities Through Voice Search Optimization

provide-hands-off-facilities-through-voice- search-optimization

Voice search optimization lets you appear in the top search results for voice search queries as it provides hands-off facilities, enhancing accessibility to all users. Optimizing your web pages and content for voice search helps you reach more potential customers who may use different languages to enter their search queries through their voice. Therefore, not opting for this multilingual strategy will be like missing a great opportunity as it mainly deals with “near me searches”. Moreover, more than 57% of users opt for voice search to locate nearby businesses. These voice searches account for around 53% of all the other searches which points to the urgent need to opt for it.

But to optimize your content for voice search, you must be aware of the following tips that can help you rank for voice search results:

Include Conversational Queries

Voice search queries are different from standardized text searches so you must optimize your content accordingly. Voice searches are mostly directional, in a questionable and conversational style which makes it easier to rank for these searches.

Enhance Your Local Presence

Enhancing your local presence by appearing in the Google Business Profile listing helps you rank in the voice search results. This also helps users to know about your company by showing them the GBP listing which contains all your business information.

Rank For Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are the “little” text excerpts that attract audience attention and drive in traffic. Appearing in it is very beneficial for you as any virtual assistant including Alexa, Siri, etc will read out these search results as solutions.

Here’s How To Get Started:
  • You must target relevant keywords especially questions or user queries and long-tail keywords. This is because users speak in long and specific sentences where they mostly ask questions.
  • Ensure that your website has a responsive design or is mobile-friendly as only then you can rank for the voice search results.

Is Your Business Website Not Visible On Google?
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  • Google #1 page ranking for targeted keywords
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    How Video Marketing Utilizes Its Potential Of Capturing Audience’s Attention?


    Video marketing is a competent tool for promoting your services through video format. These include commercial videos that highlight the features of your company, educational videos that provide valuable knowledge to your potential clients regarding your company’s services, and testimonial videos that help build trust by letting satisfied customers share their positive experiences regarding your services.

    Sounds interesting, right? Well, there is a lot more to discover, so continue reading!

    Why Is Video Marketing Needed?

    Video Marketing is very popular in this digital era as it can attract around 80% of traffic your way.
    The following are some reasons why this new-age digital marketing tool is needed:

    • Videos tend to appear at the highest rank of search engines which can boost your brand awareness.
    • It can help you to generate leads which may boost your revenue.
    • It helps you to stand out in the competition.
    • It helps in information retention as videos are more impactful than written content. It can increase your target audience’s understanding of your services.
    • It helps in improving customer engagement which may lead to customer loyalty, encouraging them to continuously view your videos, and browse through your business. Thus transforming into customers.

    What Techniques Are Used For Effective Video Marketing?

    Set A Video Budget

    Setting a video budget is very crucial especially when creating a video marketing campaign as it will require different video equipment, software, editors, etc.

    Communicate Your Brand Story

    Videos work best if they project a story or message which implies that you should share your brand story. For instance, how your business began, what message you want to communicate, and what makes it different from your competitors.

    Create Shorter Videos For Boosting Views

    Creating short videos helps in capturing and sustaining your audience’s attention. It is extremely powerful as it is very engaging and puts the point across.

    Improved SEO Efforts

    You can improve your SEO efforts by Including videos on your website as it improves the CTR and helps increase the time spent by visitors on your site. You can embed your videos in your FAQ page and around your content in your blog as well. If you are consistent with posting them then it can boost audience interaction and generate leads.

    Now, that you know how video marketing affects SEO, let’s understand how videos can rank higher on search engines like YouTube and Google:

    Make Your Video Irresistible To Watch Through YouTube SEO

    YouTube SEO helps users to discover your video on YouTube through different techniques. These may include adding relevant keywords in the video, captions to add contexts, and using cards and end screens to promote your other related videos. You can also add timestamps as it will inform search engines regarding the important parts of your content or building categories can help your viewers to find the related videos. Videos with appealing thumbnails and hashtags can encourage viewers to click on your video which will increase your views, giving you a competitive advantage.

    Here’s How To Get Started:
    • Identify your video goals by understanding what your target audience wants.
    • Decide the content of your video as it can be regarding your customers’ pain points and how your services can help them.
    • You must set a timeline and choose the best platform like YouTube where your videos could get the best audience response.

    How Much Does SEO Cost For Your Construction Company To Conquer The Market?


    Search Engine Optimization is a low-budget ongoing initiative that helps you enjoy long-lasting ranking and high ROI. It works continuously to guarantee business growth and help you conquer your target market.

    The average monthly SEO price for construction companies ranges between $350-$1500. But, this price is not fixed as it majorly depends on various influential factors as listed below:

    • Your website’s current position on the search engines affects the pricing but the time and the efforts required to improve it also impact the cost.
    • The geographical location of your company determines the construction SEO price. This means that if your business exists in more than one location then you will need location pages that will have different local Search Engine Optimization services.
    • The competition in your niche and the level of expertise that is required to outgrow your competitors majorly influence the price.

    Which Competent Tools Monitor SEO Performance For Your Construction Business?

    Google Analytics 4

    Google Analytics 4 (GA4) helps you to track and monitor your SEO performance of existing campaigns by studying the customers’ journey. It does so by analyzing user behavior i.e. how long they spend time on your site, which pages they visited the most, and which actions they took. It also provides you with important insights regarding how users are interacting with your site, which content is performing the best, which pages have the lowest CTR, and other data that gives you a clear picture of how well the SEO efforts deployed are performing.

    Google Search Console

    Google Search Console is a competent Google Tool that helps you examine technical issues, thus helping you improve your website’s digital visibility. It also monitors index coverage, and organic traffic data and evaluates your website for any issues regarding website responsiveness, page speed, etc. through a performance report where different technical metrics are tracked and taken into account while assessing your website performance.

    Google Keyword Planner

    Google Keyword Planner is yet another Google Tool specifically used to discover relevant keywords by analyzing their search volume and the competition to rank for each term.

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    You can promote your construction company by optimizing your website and building a keyword research strategy that can increase your relevancy on search engines. This will help your potential customers to find you more easily. Another way is by being mentioned in online directories and third-party websites from where your target audience can find you and all the needed information regarding your company.

    Engaging in local Search Engine Optimization can bring customer footfall to your construction company. Creating a Google Business Profile and posting the NAP information with relevant images can attract web and foot traffic.

    You can rank at #1 by conducting a proper website audit, fixing all the technical issues, and posting high-quality content. Your optimized site and relevant content on it can help you obtain the highest rank in the search engines which may encourage visitors to click on your site.

    Search Engine Optimization helps your construction company by converting the traffic into quality leads which may generate high revenue. Another way is through Video marketing or YouTube SEO not only generates leads but also converts them into high-paying clients.

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    Building Your Online Presence”: This comprehensive guide outlines essential SEO strategies tailored specifically for construction companies, helping them establish a strong online presence, attract leads, and win more contracts in a competitive industry.

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