Premium Pet Supply company witnessed $2.5 million in sales by Reinventing Their Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO Case Study

Meet our client- Jumbo Pets 

Jumbo Pets is a premium Australian pet supply company that has everything you need in a one-stop online pet shop. They make caring for your pet as easy as possible by availing you of almost everything that your big or small pet might need. From premium food and medications to toys, treats and grooming products, you will get it all at Jumbo Pets. 

The great thing is they would only bring to your table the product that they would use for their own pets. That’s why their products like pet foods and treatment supplies are from premium providers like- Black Hawk, Royal Canin, Hills Prescription Diet, and Hills Science Diet, Nexgard, Spectra, Advocate, and other reputed partners.

Do visit their online store if you love your pets big time too!

Generated $2.5+ Million with 25X ROI for Pet Store

Brand Challenge 

Despite being fully equipped with the best products and services, Jumbo Pets was facing serious sales and marketing troubles. Their marketing strategy wasn’t working for them and they were not getting what they rightfully deserved in terms of market success and enhanced clientele. This is why they approached Softtix Tech Solutions and we took it up as our responsibility to make Jumbo Pets a million-dollar brand and we proudly did!

Upon our detailed study of the marketing strategies and structure of the brand, we found some major strategical digital marketing issues like-

  • No Social Media Presence 
  • The campaign structure wasn’t at par. In a sense that it was not impactful, and efficient enough to help to enhance the brand value.
  • The marketing budget wasn’t allocated and spent efficiently.
  • The previous campaign structure wasn’t aimed to acquire new clientele which was a big hurdle for any expanding brand.
  • Most sales were coming from only one source i.e., brand campaigns, which needed to be diversed.
  • The audience was not targeted clearly, hence, there was a lack of Clear Marketing Messaging & Tone.
  • There was an urgent need to reduce CPC.

How we turned the tables around with our digital marketing strategies!

Our Approach

Softtrix’s recommendation was to work on one thing at a time but be time bound about it, create a holistic approach, and build everything into one seamless system that would work without fail for our client.

  • Since the existing brand campaign was the only main source bringing in sales, there was a non-consistent growth from month to month and year-over-year. To help acquire new customers, we diverted some of the marketing budgets to other revenue-generating sources like Google shopping ads.
  • We began restructuring by adding new campaigns to their account with specific & Detailed Targetting.
  • We quickly scaled the account by uncovering hidden potential in long-tail keywords. Hence, we launched different search campaigns in the account to cover all searches on the search network.
  • We used various impactful cost-cutting methods that brought down costs in their account. 
  • At Softtrix we believe not one digital marketing solution would fit all, which is why we went ahead with testing new things, Identifying Targeted Audiences, and embarking on Clear Marketing Messaging & Tone to generate a high conversion rate and ROI on the website.
  • Our experience with Google Shopping Campaigns showed us the true potential that these campaigns hold in making your products visible. Therefore, we recommended our client to spend some of the marketing budgets on Product Listing Ads (PLAs) because they take advantage of a powerful new route into the search results where consumers can discover your excellent products. 
  • We presented an omnichannel strategy which led to the client creating strong brand awareness. 
  • Also, ahead with A/B testing wherein, we tried different landing pages for various ads. 
  • Used a dual approach for the targeted audience. Instead of keeping all the products and services under one head, we went ahead and further categorized the main category. This approach allowed more targeted customers for the clients as it catered to both unique content, that implied a certain category and an approach to general categorial terms like “Cats ” or “Dogs “.
  • We pinpointed our ads towards specific terms using AdWords’ keyword tool which helped us to improve the overall clickthrough rate by allowing us to tag our product links with relevant words that people searched for. That’s how we became sure that our ad campaign was hitting its intended targets and collected results as they were first intended.
  • Website Conversion rate optimizations – Since, not everyone who visited the website ended up buying the product or service, we started A/B testing. Under this method, we split our campaigns between mobile and desktop audiences to gather enough data to determine the most cost-effective areas. Upon finding that desktops have a better conversion rate, we allocated more budget towards the desktop audience.
  • We also focused on improving the mobile phone conversion rate simultaneously.
  • After witnessing consistent growth in sales, we started reducing our costs per acquisition (CPA) which helped to improve our ROI. We did so by excluding high-spending, non-performing products and adjusting our bids at the demographic level.

The Results

The results were just marvelous. It lifted our spirits as well along with our client. 

  • Generated 25X ROI, i.e., we successfully generated $2.5million in sales just by spending a total budget of $100 thousand in one year. This data marks a 20% increase in Overall Yearly Revenue 
  • The total click rate rose up to 4.7K
  • 4X Increase in the Number of Conversions 
  • 2X Decrease in Cost Per Conversions
  • Build a very strong brand presence

Often times taking up challenges in digital marketing open up new opportunities and shows us newer ways to serve our client and prospects better. We look forward to reinventing your business with our unique digital marketing strategies too!

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